the wall of huy

Cube Confession - Yoo Seonho Requested Scenario


Summary: in which Yoo Seonho confesses to you

Genre: fluff

Message?: i miss Seonho interacting with people


As I walked into the training studio on Monday morning, it was different. It was weird. The atmosphere was…

Not normal.

Everyone went quiet as I set a foot in the room, all eyes were on me.

I chuckled slightly, not sure what was going on.

“We all—”

I began to speak but got cut off by two of the girls that I train with dragging me to a chair in the middle of the room.

She motioned for me to quiet before everyone walked out the room and a bright light appeared on the wall.

Pentagon soon appeared and I began fangirling.

“Y/N,” Hui said, “I believe that you aren’t that good being single. Honestly.”

The other nine boys all nodded.

“So, who should be with you?” Hongseok asked.

“Wooseok?” E'Dawn asked as they all looked to Wooseok before shaking their heads.

“Guanlinie?” Wooseok asked before everyone shook their heads again.

“Seonho?” Jinho asked and they all violently nodded their heads.

I smiled, blushing slightly as BtoB appeared.

“I think we agree with Pentagon,” Minhyuk began, “ah the people who want to date you.”

“But of course top of the list is Seonho,” Eunkwang said.

“Think about it,” Peniel said in English, pointing at me.

I laughed, slowly beginning to understand as HyunA appeared.

“Now of course Y/N, all women could make on their own,” HyunA said, clapping her hands, “but some women look better with someone on their arm. Could that someone be… Seonho?”

I shook my head, now grinning massively as Guanlin and the girls who I train with appeared on the screen.

“Seonho needs someone, please Y/N, I’m beginning to pity him,” Guanlin said.

“Y/N unnie!” the girls shouted, “you’re so cute with Seonho!”

I began giggling as I blushed furiously.

The screen went blank and the light disappeared as I heard footsteps behind me.

Turning around, I saw Seonho. Behind him, every single person in the video holding a banner saying ‘Y/N! Please date Seonho!’

I stood up, laughing so hard as I walked over to Seonho and wrapped my arms around him.

“Of course!” I exclaimed, kissing his cheek.

Everyone cheered in the background, the banner waving around.

“Seonho and Y/N! Seonho and Y/N!” they began chanting making me laugh and Seonho start dancing.

Ah, I’m dating a dork.

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"Ate dinner at 3 PM" Resident Grandma and Grandpa, idk I love that for some reason lmao

They didn’t have much sunlight in their house so they went to bed super early :O

As opposed to Jefferson who just throws mirrors all around the room and cut huge ass windows into the walls and ceilings

The Edge of the World - Pentagon Hui Scenario

“Come on, we’re almost there!” You shouted as encouragement.

“You don’t have to carry the backpack,” Hui replied, leaning on the wall to take a break. He was at least twenty steps behind you. He made a good point, too. The backpack, which you’d convinced your ever-so-chivalrous boyfriend to carry for you, was weighed down by lunches for each of you and your precious camera.

You looked ahead. Only three more flights of stairs to the top of the mountain. Already, you’d climbed five flights of stone steps hewn from the mountain itself.

“I thought you were supposed to be in good shape from all that dance practice,” you teased.

“Dance practice doesn’t involve climbing a freaking mountain,” he pointed out, continuing to climb the stairs.

You waited for him to catch up, then walked at his pace up the next twenty stairs. “Well, neither do my gym workouts.”

He huffed, and the two of you marched dutifully up the remaining steps. Reaching the top left you both panting from the decrease in available oxygen at the higher altitude. Wordlessly, you both leaned against the wall to catch your breath. You were the only ones up here.

When you caught sight of even a little bit of the incredible view waiting for you at the other side of the viewing platform, you left the wall behind and went to get a better look. There was a semicircular niche cut out from the rest of the viewing platform that extended almost three feet over the side of the mountain. Below it, the mountain dropped away sharply, but since the platform was made of thick stone, you stepped onto it confidently.

Mountains marched away to the horizon, rising and falling in steep, green, tree-covered lines. Clouds floated among them, drifting and hovering like sheep grazing on the mountainsides. Sunshine, only slightly chilly, streamed down from a mostly-cloudless sky.

You breathed in deeply. Up here, you felt like you could accomplish anything. Here you were a goddess, presiding over the world as it went on with its mundane business below your feet.

Hui’s arms snaked around your torso, and you felt his head rest against yours. He, too, had been rendered speechless by the view. The two of you stood in silence for several minutes, content to bask in the sunlight and each other’s presence.

You had only been dating Hui for a little while. He’d agreed to let you set the pace of the relationship, since he was far more comfortable with this whole dating thing than you were. But that didn’t mean you weren’t comfortable with him.

And while the two of you had gone on some incredible dates and gotten to know each other really well, you hadn’t kissed yet. What better place or time than now, with the world at your feet and nothing but open mountain air around you?

His arms stayed around you as you twisted to face him. His eyes were already trained on yours, watching you like he knew what you were doing. Nothing about him said he was going to stop you from doing this. In fact, he’d probably been ready for this already, and just waiting for you to be comfortable with it.

Instinctively, your hands rested on either side of his head, as if to hold him still, as you kissed him. There was nothing shy or tentative about it, but neither was it lustful and passion-pressed. It was just you, and Hui, and the sky, and your lips against each other.

When it was over, Hui hugged you against him, warm breaths stirring your hair. You felt a little short of breath, but then again, you felt that way when Hui so much as smiled at you. Your lips tingled, perhaps confused by the sudden transition from cold, to warm, and back to cold.

Hui stepped back, and began to rifle through the backpack he’d been carrying. “I’m looking for the camera,” he explained. “You wanted to take a few pictures, didn’t you?”

You nodded, and he pulled out the camera.

“Wait there,” he requested when you reached for it. You watched him get the camera ready. When he raised it for a photo, you stepped out of the way, thinking he was going to take a picture of the view, in which case you were in the way.

“Where are you going, princess? I want to take a picture of the view,” he said.

“But it’s-”

“You’re all I see, princess.”

Blushing, you went back to where you’d been standing, and stood patiently while he snapped picture after picture. You were about to tell him he didn’t need to take so many pictures of you, but he stared to ask you to pose. His smile and enthusiasm were contagious, and you found yourself shooting the camera hearts and winks as he continued to snap pictures.

“Alright, alright, my turn,” you eventually said, taking the camera from Hui and directing him through several poses as well.

Warning: memory card almost full.

“Hui, we have to take pictures of the mountains now! We almost used the whole memory card!” You exclaimed, showing him the little warning message on the screen. He laughed, and backhugged you as you snapped pictures of the mountains until you received another warning message that this time, the memory card really was full.

The two of you sat on a bench outside of the viewing niche and dug into your lunch together. You clicked through some of your photos before putting the camera back in its protective pouch.

“Hey Y/N, one more picture!” Hui requested, holding up his phone for a selfie. You put down your sandwich and smiled at the lens. But Hui surprised you by holding your chin and directing your lips to his, snapping a picture right as they touched. “Perfect.”

••• Ari

(Alright this is one of my favorite scenarios that I’ve written. I’m just enchanted by the idea. Beautiful views and beautiful men. Does it get much better?)


Detail of a wall painting in the tomb of Amenhotep called Huy, who was the Viceroy of Nubia during the reign of Tutankhamun.

It shows  the appointment of Huy as Viceroy. Tutankhamun sits on a throne placed on a dais, under a richly carved canopy supported by lotus form columns. He wears the Blue Crown, holding the crook and flail in one hand and an ankh in the other.

The Pharaoh’s cartouches were in front of him, but have been scraped away and severely damaged.