the wall 35

Israel said Sunday it will purchase 14 additional next-generation F-35 fighter jets for approximately $3 billion. The deal adds to the fleet of 19 U.S-made jets already purchased in 2010, the Defense Ministry …

I seem to remember that Israel was for a time quietly banned from the F-35 development group of nations because of stolen F-35 plans and technology delivered to China by Israeli spies.

And today, the Israeli spys are still hard at work delivering U.S. military secrets to god knows who, for a price, of course.  Israel has spied on the U.S. ever since its creation— jew spy Jonathan Pollard did huge damage, delivering U.S. secrets to both Israel and Russia— and numerous Israeli false flag operations against Western targets have been swept under the rug for fear of endangering a peace agreement and settlement between Israel and the Palestinians.  Yeah, we are still waiting on that one. 

Fact is, the jew spies are like a nest of maggots infecting the U.S. defense, intelligence, military, technological, and industrial sectors.  These spies are being protected at high political levels in the U.S. government by powerful jew lobbies, organizations, and money interests.  Why else would a U.S. president (Johnson) sweep the USS Liberty incident under the rug, even calling off naval assets sent to aid  the ship while it was under attack? 

The United States has given, and continues to give, Israel billions in aid, and what have we received in return from our supposed ‘ally’?  Nothing but false flag attacks (going all the way back to the Lavon affair); Israeli jew spies stealing everything except the kitchen sink (better check on that, though, it might be missing by now); getting drug into fighting Israel’s enemies by Israeli propaganda, lobbies, political manipulation, and false flags; the wonderful multicultural agenda and cultural Marxism designed by the jews to destroy the White race in its national homelands; and that nest of jew usurers and perverts running U.S. and global banking, the Federal Reserve, the top Wall St. finance houses, the Hollywood movie and TV industry, the music business, the pornography industry, the news media and media publishing (to name just a few jew dominated institutions).  

It’s time to cut off all financial and military aid to Israel, and to expel and/or imprison all the Israeli spies.  That’s for starters.