the walking with the wounded crystal ball

Pisces ~ Ocean’s Daughter

To love is to be wounded, to cherish is to confront betrayal,
to nurture is to face loss,
no sign understands the fatality, the delicacy, and the duality of life better than mutable Pisces. Every perspective of the crystal ball is viewed
in diamond kaleidoscope eyes, and so Venus exalts where all the tears
of the world flow
into the Pisces ocean. Pisceans have memories of a better place, a life before this one, where they were unconstrained and free, they were flying,
and now it can seem at times they are drowning, or dwelling in a world they have walked through before,
trying to repair in their own humble way. But Venus is also bliss and joy, and the Pisces can indulge in a heavenly high, swim in a honey sea of serenity, a happiness channeled
by the laughter of angels, for their melancholy to sink so deep below is the capacity for their delight to swing them from star to star
in some sort of divine rapture. No Pisces can be a surface dweller, without feeling hollow or empty, no Pisces can stand alone without
falling into the arms of the Source without suffering rage and emotional instability. The Pisces spirit is limitless, they are an alter
of spiritual nectar and profound sorcery, the manifestation of miracles and immeasurable potential. The duality of Pisces can be expressed through the martyr and the redeemer.
She could be a nurse who suffers a mental disturbance of her own. She heals others, she is a lighthouse of therapy and intuitive guidance,
but then she is worn down, unbalanced from the static of absorbing circulating wounds, and in pursuit of medical intervention herself. And this sort of
theme provides a good insight into the paradox of Pisces. Little is really known about this sign, or it’s 12th house kingdom, it is locked away,
in a private box filled with dreams, soul music, and visions from the eyepiece of God. They are a form of holy water, a divine cleanse, a slice of heaven, generous and infused with every colour of the rainbow. The ocean’s daughter is celestially exquisite


[art:Nicoletta Ceccoli]