the walking shelter

the idea of just adopting a shelter dog without thinking about breed is so harmful. Like, there are people who just walk into a shelter and say “this one is cute I’ll take it” and then pat themselves on the fucking back because “adopt don’t shop” but then be 100% unprepared for that dog’s breed specific needs. A Herding dog will be energetic. A Bull-breed will have a high chance of dog reactivity. A Sighthound will have a prey drive. A Nordic breed will be vocal. These are all things you need to think about BEFORE you look for a dog. Don’t go into an adoption blind, rescue or not you are doing yourself and that dog no favors.

remember back when tony was portrayed as being generous to an actual fault like there was none of this “tony is only SECRETLY a good person” stuff everyone around him used to be literally like “tony will you stop being a Boy Scout for 2 seconds and REST???” and tony’s like “ok *personally picks homeless people off the street and walks them to shelters and does shopping for charity while out on a date*” the whole Façade thing was a character tragedy exactly because it was so dissonant with who tony was/became and a lot of his reputation had to do with people’s willful misreadings of him and unwillingness to see past their preconceived notions and and and and i miss good comics lmao

In the Mist - Chapter 1


Nowhere in Particular

Most people had horses or wagons to get them from one place to the next, but all Jamie had to rely on were his own two feet. He was an avid horseman, and he had ridden and trained more horses than he could count. But here, he had few things of value and none of them would give him enough for a horse.

He didn’t have any real destination, so he simply took a step, and then another. Eventually he stumbled onto what he assumed to be a main road. It was evident that many people came through there, based on the abundance of hoofprints and footsteps. He hoped that if he followed it long enough, he would come across some sort of community.

It was already dark when he left the station, and there was no telling what sort of danger lingered in the brush in daylight, let alone the dark. He walked until he found shelter in a hollow tree just off the main road. It wasn’t much, but it was dry and he was well hidden from prying eyes. He hoped that it would also be enough to protect him from anything lurking in the shadows.

He was no stranger to living outdoors, but that was a place he knew well. He knew nothing of this place apart from what he’d seen in the short time he’d been here. This was a world of all new fauna, people, customs, and traditions.

He pulled the tartan from his pack and wrapped himself in it. The highlander way of life had been wiped out long before he was born, but highlander he was. The wearing of kilts had been outlawed in Scotland, but this was a whole new place. The whole purpose of people coming here was to live freely and the way that they wanted.

Still, he didn’t want to draw attention to himself, already a stranger in strange place.

“One day.” He smiled as he ran his fingers across the fabric, remembering all those he left behind.

He took solace in the night sky, small specks of light littered among the empty void. Proving that no matter what, there was light. That there would always be hope.

Black gave way gray, and the birds came to life in song, signaling the start of a new day.

The forest floor was shrouded in a heavy fog, reducing visibility to a minimum. Jamie would have to wait until it cleared just a bit before he resumed his journey.

But there was something there, barely visible.

He thought it must’ve been a squirrel making it’s way from tree to tree, but the closer it came, the clearer it was.

It wasn’t a thing, but a person. A woman.

She was dressed in a white garment that was hardly modest. Dark curls surrounded her head, as wild as the world around them. Her pale skin seemed to glow, just a bit. He couldn’t make out her face, but he imagined it was just as perfect as the rest of her.

It looked as if she were dancing, blissfully unaware of her surroundings. Perhaps just happy to be alive.

And then just as quickly as she appeared, she vanished.

He rubbed his eyes and looked again, but there was nothing but the mist.

The fog had cleared, and once again Jamie was headed into an unknown future.

He couldn’t help but think about the woman he saw in the early hours of the morning. Or if he had even seen her at all. Perhaps she had never even been there, and his mind made her up out of painful solitude.

What did it mean? Was it a sign? A vision? Or was being alone simply driving him mad?

Either way, she wasn’t likely to leave his mind any time soon. He had no idea who she was or what she was, but by God she was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen. His heart fluttered as his mind wandered back to the moment when he’d seen her.

He shook his head, laughing at himself. “Yer a fool, Fraser.”

After what felt like days of walking, Jamie finally, finally, found paradise. A small tavern with a few outbuildings surrounding it. He received many sideways glances and looks of disgust, but he was so tired and hungry he didn’t care.

“What can I get you?” Came a soft voice from behind the bar.

“Anything that’s edible.” He laughed, while searching his pack for the little money he had left.

When she returned with his meal, he was so focused on the food, he hadn’t even looked up.

But after a few bites he finally glanced at the hand that fed him, and nearly choked as a result.

It was her.

That morning, he hadn’t even seen her face. But he was sure it was her.

“Are you alright?” She asked, trying her best not to laugh at his ridiculous face.

“Fine.” He choked out, along with wet eyes and a red face.

It hasn’t even been ten minutes and ye’ve already made a fool of yerself.

She crossed her arms and smiled as he took a swig of ale. “Good, It’d be a shame if you died without paying.”

He had finished his supper long ago, and they were the only two who remained. She was everything he imagined her to be, and more. She was no ordinary woman, and with each passing minute, she only became more interesting. More beautiful. More perfect.

“So where are you headed?” She asked with her head propped in her hand.

“Nowhere in particular.” He smiled as he gazed into deep amber eyes, losing himself in them. “To be honest, I haven’t any place to go.”

She frowned and paused, deciding whether or not to speak her mind.

“Well, I have an extra room upstairs. You’re welcome to stay there until you figure it out.” She hardly knew the man. He had come out of nowhere, resembling the lowliest of beggars. Yet there was something about him, something that drew her to him. He was handsome, and charming. There was no doubting that. But it was as if he didn’t even know it. He was so kind and genuine, nowhere near the same as the other men that came through.

“I haven’t anything to pay ye with!” He exclaimed, eyes wide. He never wanted to leave, but he wouldn’t take advantage her like this.

“Well I can’t let you just sleep in the dirt, can I?” She smiled and turned to clear away the mess of her departed patrons.

“Aye, ye could. I could be a killer for all you know.” He quipped.

“Are you?” Her voice was steady, confident.

“No…” He mumbled.

“Then there’s nothing to worry about.” She flashed him a smile and motioned for him to follow her once everything had been put away.

He clenched his jaw, bit his tongue, and did as he was bid.

She lead him to the back of the tavern, up some stairs and stopped outside a large door. The room was small, but it had a bed and a fireplace, which was more than Jamie could have asked for.

“You can stay here until you have a place.”

He stood there, completely dumbfounded.

“I have nothing to give ye.” He tried again, he didn’t want to impose. He had nothing to pay her with, and she was willingly giving him food and board. And to a stranger at that.

“You will.” She smirked, and turned to leave, but hesitated, glancing at him over her shoulder.

“What’s your name?”

“James, but ye can call me Jamie.”

“Goodnight, Jamie.” She smiled, and then disappeared into the confines of her own room.

“Goodnight, Sassenach.” He whispered into the empty darkness. He didn’t even know her name.

If Only Dreams Came True

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She loved him.
He loved her.
But it would never be that simple.
It never is.

It was a rainy day. Some people were outside, all on a mission to get where they were supposed to go, regardless of the weather. Some people were inside, afraid to get wet. You weren’t sure where you were just yet.

You were standing by a building with a small roof, enough to prevent you from getting soaked. Mother always told you that proper ladies do not go out into the rain.

That was why you stepped into the rain and walked away from your shelter. A little rain didn’t frighten you.

You walked as fast as you could to the MACUSA headquarters, stopping every once in a while to catch your breath and enjoy the scenery. New York City never failed to amaze you.

When you finally made it to HQ, you were greeted by Mr. Abernathy, who was standing by the door like a hawk waiting to eat its prey. “Late again, Ms. L/N?”

“The rain was dreadful, Mr. Abernathy.” You kept walking to your “office” (it was really just a spare broom closet that no one cared about), ignoring the rants the  blubbering idiot behind you kept yelling. You would get revenge later by “accidentally” spilling some gigglewater into his coffee at his very important meeting.

“Hello, Y/N. Awful weather, we’re having, aren’t we?” Queenie, your colleague greeted you, all while balancing a trayful of steaming hot coffee on her wand. You didn’t understand why someone as powerful as her was stuck in an awful job as a secretary, but you never tried asking her.

“Yeah, it’s terrible.” You muttered out a response. Queenie was used to these small responses, she understood that you weren’t really the talking type after what happened to you. Sometimes, you felt guilty, but you could never muster up enough courage to talk to her more.

Before Queenie left, she smiled at you, “To answer your question, I’m quite fond of this job. Tina’s more of the career girl in our family.”

That woman never failed to amaze you.

After a few hours of suffering through Abernathy’s lectures about proper behavior and handing out coffee mugs to tired Aurors, you were off for the day. The rain had finally stopped and the sun was slowly coming back into view.

You waved at Queenie before you left the busy workplace and finally saw the sun for the first time in weeks. Usually, it just kept raining and snowing, but today was different.

Little did you know, the weather wasn’t going to be the only difference in your day.

You felt a bit spontaneous that day, so you took the more scenic route back to your quaint apartment. On the way, you grabbed an apple and a few treats for your owl. Y/O/N would probably peck you to death if you didn’t give them food of some sort. You learned that the hard way.

You were thinking about spilling some firewhiskey into Abernathy’s drink, when a woman’s voice brought you out of your daze. Curiously, you went closer to the noise.

A woman was speaking harshly about witches, each word becoming more and more venomous, as if she wanted to scrub the word “witch” from her vocabulary. Some people around you snickered and laughed at the woman’s insane words, but you didn’t. This was the group MACUSA was scared of.

The NSPS had been trying so badly to expose the magical community. You knew their plans would probably end in failure, but some people were worried. Better to be safe than sorry.

You were about to leave and walk back to the safety of your home, when a man handing out leaflets offered one to you. The man was hunched over, trying to make himself as small as possible, as if he would rather be anywhere else than here.

Feeling sorry for the guy, you took a few to help him get his job done faster. He looked up towards you, surprised, but he didn’t say anything. Just a surprised stare.

You noticed he had big, dark brown eyes. They were filled with fear, sadness, and pain. They haunted you.

“Hi…” was all you could say, squirming under the young man’s gaze.

Quickly, the boy regained his composure and went back to trying to make himself look smaller. He avoided your eyes. “T-Thank you.”

You smiled at him, trying to show that you meant no harm. But before he could speak, the woman, (Mary Lou, you guessed from the flyer) called his name.

Credence. A peculiar name, but it suited him perfectly.

You were brought out of your daze by the angry exclamations of a middle aged man, and you remembered you were in the middle of a busy sidewalk. You quickly shrugged off your thoughts and went on your way.

On your path home, you thought about Credence and how his eyes were so hauntingly beautiful. They were so painful, so miserable. You fought the urge to come back and help him. But something in the back of your head told you to wait. You’ll come back tommorow.

You didn’t get any sleep that night. Neither did he.

Requests are open 

Might be a part two!


IN 1953 a crazy 50 year old bitch named Mildred, prompted by mystical visions, set out on a walk.  She vowed to only carry what could fit in her pockets.  She carried no money and would not even ask for food or shelter.  She walked like this for 30 years, crossing the United States more than 20 times and also became the first woman to walk the entire Appalachian trail.  I tear up every time I think of her.  After Mildred Norman, there are no more excuses.


‘Twas in another lifetime, one of toil and blood
When blackness was a virtue and the road was full of mud
I came in from the wilderness, a creature void of form
Come in, she said
I’ll give ya shelter from the storm…

Tyler Seguin Imagine - Puppies (requested)

“Do you seriously think that Marshall and Cash need another friend?” Jamie asked me as we pulled up to the animal shelter. “I mean, Tyler is basically a puppy himself. You really want another one to take care of?” He continued.

“Oh stop. He’s a great dog dad, he talks about getting another puppy all the time!” I explained.

“Seriously, what are you going to do when you guys have kids?” Jamie asked.

“That’s a good question. We’ll need a bigger house and he’ll need a bigger contract with the Stars I think.” I said with a laugh.

“Alright, what kind of dog do you think you want?” Jamie asked as we walked into the shelter.

“Preferably a lab or a german shepherd. Something big for sure.” I told him.

“Looking for a lab?” A woman asked us. We both nodded. “What a coincidence. Those puppies down there at the end just got here last night. They were left in a trailer in Tennessee. They are 12 weeks old, and our vet here said they are full bread Labrador retrievers.”

“Oh my goodness. They are perfect!” I exclaimed as I walked over to their cage.

“Are you looking for a boy or a girl?” The woman asked.

“What do you think Jamie? Should I change it up?” I asked him.

“I feel like Marshall and Cash would be really protective over a little sister. That would be kind of cute. Get a girl!” He suggested.

“Okay, girl, please!” I told the woman in an excited tone.

“There’s only two girls in this litter. We haven’t even had time to name them!” The woman told me as she handed me two very tiny, sleepy, puppies.

I looked at both of them and completely fell in love.

“Oh no. I know that look! You’re not going to be able to pick one.” Jamie said with a laugh.

“I think you’re right. I mean, we can’t separate them. They’ve been through a lot together and they’re the only girls. I don’t want to just leave one of them here.” I explained.

“Both of them?” The woman asked.

“Please!” I said.

Jamie held both of the puppies as I filled out the paperwork and made my donation for them.


“Alright, we’re good to go. Let’s think of some names!” I said as we got into the car with the dogs.

“I know they’re girls, but Tyler is not going to be cool with them being named something super girly and fem. They need some badass names. They are going to get pretty big, too, so it wouldn’t be that weird.” Jamie began.

“What about Bombshell and Stitch?” I asked. “Those are cool names.”

“Damn, that was fast! Yeah those are some cool names. I like it. Do you know what time Tyler will be back?”

“Yeah, like an hour.” I told him. “So we have to be quick at the pet store.”

Jamie and I quickly ran through the pet store, picking up pink collars, pink beds, puppy food and some new toys.


“Alright, good luck. He’ll be back soon! Bye, babies!” Jamie said as he got out of the car in the driveway.

“Thanks for all the help Jamie!” I called after him as he climbed into his car.

“Alright let’s go girls!” I said to the dogs. I placed them both in the backyard and let Marshall and Cash outside so they could get used to each other. They all seemed to be having a great time when I heard the garage door open. Tyler was home!

I quickly ran inside to greet him. “Hey, baby!” I said as I saw him in the kitchen. “How’s your birthday so far?” I asked.

“Better now that I’m home with you.” He said as he pulled me in for a deep kiss.

“Well good. I have two surprises for you.” I told him.  “Come with me.” I said as I grabbed his hand and lead him outside.

“I’m so excited!” Tyler said.

“Okay, babe… please don’t be mad that I did this, okay?” I said as we reached the back door.

“I won’t… I think?” He said hesitantly.

“Alright. Go take a look at who Marshall and Cash are playing with.” I said as I opened the door.

Tyler quickly ran over to his large labs. “More puppies?” He shouted excitedly as he picked up both of the girls!

“Not just puppies, girls.” I said.

“No way!” He said with a smile. “Have you named them yet?”

“Yes, Bombshell and Stitch.” I told him, taking Bombshell from his arms.

“Best surprise ever. We needed more girls in the house, I think!” Tyler said with a smile. “Thank you so much babe.”

My school adviser, after hearing that I am depressed and that I lost Padme’, suggested I both adopt a kitten and check myself into a psych hospital. 

I’m not even sure how to respond to any of that.

A/N: I just did preferences since it was easier.

Altaïr: He was really unsure about adopting a pet, he had no idea how to care for one and felt like you were making a spur of the moment decision. But when he looked into your eyes and saw how determined you were to make it happen he couldn’t have stopped you even if he really tried. The two of you ended up bringing home an adult cat, and Altaïr fell in love with it.

Ezio: He was rather excited to go and adopt a pet with you. He couldn’t stop talking about how you two were going to care for it and how often he’d play with the pet. When you two got there he took a long time deciding on what to bring home. But eventually he settled on a young playful kitten

Connor: He was ecstatic when he found out you wanted to adopt an animal from the shelter he volunteered at. He couldn’t contain his excitement when he walked into the shelter as a pet parent and not a worker. He couldn’t decide between adopting an older dog, saying, “All pets deserve love.” And a young rambunctious puppy. You decided the two of you would get both of them.

Edward: “Of all animals you want a bird?” You asked Edward on your way to the shelter. “They’re colourful and cool okay?!” He argued back. Edward was drawn in by the exotic birds but ended up bringing home an African Grey since he wanted to teach it a bunch of words. Honestly he was such a child at heart sometimes

Arno: “This is the pet you want?” you asked as you eyed the small guinea pig in Arno’s hands. “Please?” He pleaded at you with the best puppy eyes he could muster. Sighing you walked over and gave the small animal a pet before nodding at your smiling boyfriend.

Jacob: “You know, I thought you would have wanted some sort of big strong dog or something.” You said to Jacob. “Nope! I want this one!” Jacob said as he help up the small munchkin cat, who was currently mewling at its new parents.

Evie: “So what pet were you thinking of getting?” Evie questioned as she eyed the various animals around the shelter. “This one!” You cried as you held up a soft white bunny. “This one? Are you sure?” You nodded eagerly at her and she smiled at you as you two went to fill out fo the adoption papers.

Pet related OC questions/prompts

• Is your OC:
- a dog person;
- a cat person;
- a bird person;
- or other?
• If your OC ever got an exotic, unusual pet, what would it be?
• Imagine your OC swapped bodies with their pet (if they have one). How would it happen, what do they do, and how do they resolve the problem?
• Create an OC inspired by your favorite pet.
• Imagine what would happen if your OC suddently gained the ability to talk to animals, specifically their pet(s).
• Imagine someone suddently made your animal-hating OC take care of 5 kittens, 2 puppies, a full grown dog, 7 birds and a snake. How would they do?
• Would/does your OC go dog-walking for an animal shelter?
• Do any of your OCs have phobias of any pets?
• Would/does your OC feed animals stuff they shouldn’t feed them? Why?

“How long do you think?” Kate jerks her chin towards Bucky and Steve who are running or as Kate likes to call it we can’t do anything without flirting including exercise.

“How long til what?” Sharon leans against Kate. They have been doing civilized morning things, like outdoor yoga and walking shelter dogs because Sharon’s landlord is a monster who doesn’t allow pets.

Kate responds with an eye roll before offering an actual answer. “Before Bucky proposes. Duh.”

“You think Bucky is going to propose? Well, that’s wrong. It’s going to be Steve.”

“You call yourself a secret agent? That’s terrible. That’s so wrong. I feel much worse about our national security now–gah!” Kate ends on a shriek as Sharon’s cold fingers sneak under the hem of her shirt.

This leads to Sharon chasing Kate for a bit, until Kate climbs a tree.
“You know I can just wait for you to come down,” Sharon pants.

“I’m a bird,” Kate informs her, perched on a branch. “I’ll call my Falcon friend and have him help me fly away. Or there’s a kite up here…I could just glide away, flying squirrel style. Doreen would like that,” she muses, and Sharon knows well enough when Kate is actually thinking about doing the stupid thing. Time to distract.

“You really think Barnes is going to propose first?”

“Uh, yeah.”

“Enough to bet on it?”

Kate tears her gaze from the sun-faded kite to regard Sharon with narrowed eyes.

“If Steve proposes, you come to book club–”

“Uuugh, what? No, I hate–”

“And if Bucky proposes, I’ll have Mom teach you how to make her cannoli.”

Kate’s lips thin into a hard line before she drops down a few branches, landing in front of Sharon. “You strike a hard bargain, Carter.” She thrusts her hand out, and Sharon shakes it.
“What do you think?” Barnes tosses a box at Sharon’s head that she catches out of instinct.

She opens it, staring uncomprehendingly at the circle nestled in velveteen. “It’s not really my style.”

“For Steve.”

“Oh! Right. Yeah, that’s really nice, Bucky.”

“Good.” His breath exits him in a whoosh. “I mean, Kate thought it was good, too, but she’s a Hawkeye, and I didn’t know if I should trust someone who loves purple that much.”

“On one hand, yes, true, but on the other…” Sharon shrugs. “Manhattan socialite. She’s good with jewelry.”

“I thought the ring she picked out was pretty good, but I told her she picked it out too big.” Bucky tilts his head towards Sharon like this is supposed to mean something. “So you and Kate set a date yet?”


“Yeah, you know. Going to the chapel and we’re gonna get married,” he trails off. “She…hasn’t….asked you…yet?” He says it like a man slowly realizing that he really fucked up. “Oh, goddamnit.”

Stupidly, the only thing Sharon can think is Kate knew she would win the bet, how do I always lose bets to her?

Oh my god,” Kate’s voice descends from the ceiling. “Barnes, you are the worst goddamn spy ever.”

“I’m not a spy, I’m an assassin!” He shouts up in Kate’s general direction.

“Don’t yell at my fiancée!” Sharon yells before actually processing what she’s saying.

There’s a sharp gasp from the ceiling, followed by a dull crack followed by, “Aww, futz,” followed by Kate falling through the ceiling tiles.

“Hi,” Sharon leans over Kate. “Did you have something you wanted to ask me, Hawkeye?”