the walking dead reunion


Hi there people! My first Caryl video! I hope you’ll enjoy! Go check it out, leave a thumps up if it’s good! ♡

I HOPE this is even just a tiny bit like how you wanted it. I tried to do the together, apart thing like they have on POTC, and include a son, but I dunno, bit unsure about this. 🖤

You and your boyfriend had joined the group way back when the apocalypse had started and that’s when you’d met Daryl and his brother Merle. It had all started with stolen glances between you and Daryl, then little moments when no one was looking like a brush of the hand. You could have sworn you recognised him from somewhere, but maybe it was because when you two spoke, you felt like you’d known him forever. Your boyfriend started to notice you distancing yourself from him and wasn’t happy, so he ended up storming off from the group when you had found Herschel’s farm. He hadn’t been seen since, and Daryl was there for you.
Something blossomed between you two, and a relationship finally formed just before the farm got overrun by walkers. The prison was a sanctuary for you all and you managed to get into a daily routine. As you were clearing out walkers from another cell block, Daryl had popped the question. You’d just stabbed a walker in the head and thrown it over the railings onto the floor below when he turned to stare at you in awe.
“(Y/N), will ya marry me?” He asked, continuing to take out the dead along to balcony.
“Yes!” You’d gasped, letting go of yet another body over the railing. After a quick kiss, you’d gone back to clearing the place and then asked Herschel if he’d marry the two of you like he had with Maggie and Glenn. It was just you three when it happened, and only Rick knew afterwards. Then the prison had been attacked and Daryl was no where to be found. You’d got out with Rick and Carl, but you desperately pined after Daryl. You had no idea what had happened to him and all you wanted was to feel him next to you again.
“Hey, look at this,” Carl says, spotting a sign by the side of the train tracks you were walking along.
“What is it?” Rick asks, trying to see the words through the vines that had grown over it. Carl moves the leaves out of the way and reads aloud.
“Sanctuary for all. Community for all. Those who arrive survive. Terminus.”
“Do you think the others might have seen these?” You ask hopefully.
“Maybe. Do you want to check it out? We’re close, so we’ll go through the woods from this point onwards,” Rick instructs.
“Lets do it,” you agree, and all head into the trees for cover. Arriving there everyone seemed friendly; too friendly. Soon enough you were shoved into a train cart and locked in.
“(Y/N)?” You heard a familiar voice, although slightly hesitant. You turn around a Daryl steps into the slither of light coming through the crack in the door.
“Daryl,” you breathe, barely audible. You walk towards each other and can’t quite believe you’re together again. His hand automatically goes to your cheek and you close your eyes leaning into it. You place a hand on top of his and hold it to your face, feeling his calloused fingers against your skin once again.
After escaping terminus with the help of Carol you finally found yourselves together again. The road to Alexandria was a long one and it was the ultimate struggle for all of you. Daryl was constantly by your side, attentive as ever, protecting you from all he could. When Aaron found you and took you all to the town it was a fresh start, and you both had a house to yourselves. Your relationship only grew stronger, the lover deeper, and you both decided to try for a baby.
Now here you are, pregnant and without your husband by your side. Maggie lost Glenn when Negan came, and Sasha lost Abraham. You lost Daryl as he was taken as Negan’s prisoner. All you do now is walk around in circles through the streets of Alexandria, lost without him. You don’t know whether he’s alive or dead, and it kills you.
“Hey, (Y/N), are you okay?” Aaron asks as you pass him, wincing slightly in pain.
“I’m fine, just some twinges,” you reply.
“Are you sure? You look very pale,” he frowns. Suddenly you fall to the floor in pain, clutching onto your stomach.
“Okay, I’m not fine,” you groan, “this is really painful.”
“HELP!” Aaron shouts, and Rick comes running out of his house as soon as he hears him. Carl follows and they both rush to your side.
“(Y/N), what’s wrong?” Rick asks, holding onto you. You look at him with tears streaming down your face and shake your head, trying to breathe deeply.
“She was walking around, in pain I think, said she had twinges, then collapsed on the ground like this,” Aaron explains.
“Shit, (Y/N), I need to see what’s going on, is that okay?” Rick asks, looking right into your eyes. You nod in response and lean back. Luckily you were wearing just a maxi dress as it was the only thing that fit you right now. Rick looks up your dress and sees the baby’s head poking out.
“Fuck! I can see the head!” He yells. You instantly look up at him with terrified wide eyes.
“WHAT?” You scream. Aaron then takes his jacket off and puts it behind you to try and make you more comfortable on the ground. “I need Daryl,” you cry. More and more people come out of their houses to help and after hours on the pavement, a little baby boy appears. Rick hands him to you all wrapped up in a blanket and wipes his tears away once you’ve taken him.
“He’s beautiful,” Rick sniffs.
“He really is,” Carl agrees, leaning over to take a look at his little face, “Daryl’s going to love him so much.” You look at Carl and smile, then look back to your baby boy.
“Just you wait until you meet your daddy,” you whisper to him, “he’s going to spoil you rotten.”
“What are you going to name him?” Carl questions, holding his little foot that’s sticking out of the blanket.
“Daryl junior,” you laugh, “not very imaginative is it?”
“It’s perfect,” Rick smiles, knowing Daryl would be over the moon. The next few weeks went quickly and you started to lose hope in seeing Daryl ever again. Rick wanted to go to the hilltop to recruit them to fight with you all. You agreed and took Daryl junior with you to see Maggie. Once you got there she was all over the baby.
“Oh my goodness, look at him!” She cooed.
“It’ll be your turn before you know it,” you smiled.
“Don’t remind me! What’s his name?”
“Daryl junior.”
“It’s perfect,” she smiled, handing him back, “I think someone needs to meet their daddy.” She stepped out of the way and you saw Daryl standing behind her. His eyes filled with tears after hearing you tell Maggie the baby’s name and he ran towards you.
“He’s here,” he breathes, tears rolling down his face. He looks down and his tears fall onto the little face between you both. You lift him up and Daryl takes him from you, looking in awe at this tiny bundle in his arms.
“He’s missed his dad,” you say, voice cracking from crying. Daryl silently looks at you and smiles, then leans down and kisses you, your hands finding their way into his hair once again.


Talk to me about Daryl dealing with the trauma of what he had to go through. How does someone like Daryl cope?

The way Daryl deals with that is he buries it deep within himself and grits his teeth. He doesn’t wear his heart on his sleeve until he comes in contact with someone he cares about. Carol is one of those people. It’s interesting to watch someone try not to cry, and he’s trying not to cry like all the time. He’s always had to be tough. He had to hide it. When he comes across certain people, it starts to leak out, it’s just a flood. Mesissa is one of those people that comes and does that with me, actually.

I remember reading the script and being like, “Yes! Finally!” This whole season I’ve been separated from everyone and finally I have been getting to be with everyone again. There are certain actors I’ve been with a while and totally trust and we have that rapport, we know it’s going to be good, and Melissa is one of them. We can throw rocks through windows and it’ll be great. It was like two kids on the first day of school.

I don’t even know if that hug was in the script. Our first rehearsal of that scene, everyone was crying. Everyone on set was waiting for that to happen. We were waiting for it to happen as much as everyone on the show was. Everyone was like, “F—, finally.

—  Variety, Oriana Schwindt, 19 February 2017, “Norman Reedus on Daryl and Carol’s Reunion on ‘The Walking Dead’”