the walking dead outfits


Effy Stonem Apocalypse

This is what I think effy would wear during a zombie apocalypse. She would wear a black leather jacket, the one above is from Zara with some sort of graphic or plain tank top or muscle tee, the one above is from urban outfitters. Pair with some really ripped black jeans, if there is a real apocalypse though I would wear something with less rips lol. For shoes go with any brown boots, to emulate effy’s style best go with docs. Finally, she’d accessorize with black plastic bracelets, necklaces would probably be too much of a hassle during an apocalypse.

If the 2P!Axis had tumblr blogs


  • URL: m-afioso
  • Title: Stay Classy.
  • Blog content: wines, suits, city photography, rings, watches, guns guns guns knives world domination but not really, geography, studying tips, economics, wanderlust posts


  • URL: all-hail-hitler-lmfao-jk
  • Blog content: stupid textposts that somehow get a lot of notes, vines, funny things, dogs, biker chicks, hip hop, memes, rickrolls


  • URL: factsofjapan
  • Title: dipshit land
  • Blog content: supposed to be facts of japan that his boss told him to make, is actually full of shitpost, hentai, guro, random japanese stuff everyone wants but can’t get like kotatsus, cats, samurai swords, martial arts, is secretly the creator of history of japan


  • URL: ultra-fab-sassmaster
  • Title: Hotter Than You ( ˘ ³˘)♥
  • Blog content: selfies, his outfits, fashion, hair tutorials, quotes, girly aesthetics, models (both male and female), jewlery, scarves, nail art, TV dramas


  • URL: lord-of-darkness666
  • Title: H I G H W A Y  T O  H E L L
  • Blog content: CLASSIC ROCK BANDS (AC/DC, Guns ‘N Roses, Led Zeppelin), satanic stuff, witchcraft, astrology, tarot, goth, the Walking Dead, American Horror Story, snakes, raven-haired models, Metal Mulisha outfits, peacoats, The Nightmare Before Christmas


  • URL: celestialparadise
  • Title: only good vibes
  • Blog content: positivity posts,  motivational quotes, hipster aesthetics, fandom shipping, funny posts, sweet couples, cute animals, pastels, anxiety/ panic attack coping tips, beautiful art, anything to hide that he’s unbearably sad and lonely inside

sedumbhun-is-my-bae  asked:

OKAY! ANOTHER ONE! RFA+V+SAERAN HC TO MC LOOKING NOTHING LIKE THEY IMAGINED, I AM AGAIN GOING FOR THE BADASS MC! like we all know how MC looks in the game, long brown straight hair in brown and those clothes. nah gurl.. Like two different things please: one for like badass buisnessclothes MC, like stilettos ripped jeans and a button up and at the party like superrr tight backless minidress with killer eyeliner and stuff like that. YAS GIRL WE GOTTA FUCK IT UP! sorry :) lots of love for your blog

a/n: i’m just sort of… disregarding routes and having them all meet for the first time at the party lmao (w/ the exception of Saeran).


  • this boy didn’t really know what to expect when he met you
  • he had a few ideas floating around but nothing concrete
  • but BOI when he finally saw you he just abt died
  • doesn’t even realize it’s you at first
  • ur so put together;; he thinks you’re a model tbh…
  • he sees you coming towards him and is like so convinced you’re going for someone behind him
  • “Hi, Yoosung!”
  • did she just say my name??????? “H-hi?” he doesn’t understand at all
  • “It’s me; MC!”
  • u done it now… he almost faints
  • the whole party he can barely put a sentence together and he’s just….. perpetually red


  • now Zen just knew you were going to be cute as hell
  • he was so sure he was gonna be able to pick you out of the crowd
  • so when he saw this drop dead gorgeous woman in this absolutely killer outfit walking towards him, he didn’t have a clue
  • like Yoosung, he thinks ur a model… just another guest at the party
  • didn’t find odd that you were coming to talk to him tho, beautiful people mingle together right?
  • “Hello, Zen!” again not surprised that you know his name i mean cmon why he like this
  • “A pleasure to meet you, Ms.?” he grabs ur hand and bows and just god Zen again why he like this
  • “Ms. MC…” you tell him and tbh ur laughing at him
  • he drops ur hand and his face is just !!?? :0 ?!
  • tbh u tease him the rest of the party and he’s still just so dumbfounded that he doesn’t even care


  • since she’s checking off guests as they come in, she meets u first
  • she’s so busy that she doesn’t lift her eyes from her clipboard
  • “Yes, hello. What’s your name?”
  • “Jaehee? It’s me; MC.”
  • she’s so excited and then she looks up and abt drops all her stuff
  • ur… breathtaking? she had expected you to be beautiful, but this??
  • she stares for a second but clears her throat quickly
  • “Of course! I’m so happy to meet you!”
  • she ushers u inside and once ur gone she just…. she’s gotta fan herself


  • he sees you before you see him and boi he is captivated
  • u radiated beauty to him, your outfit is elegant and he truly admires the fact that it isn’t even slightly revealing but somehow still downright sexy
  • he decides to go introduce himself out of sheer curiosity
  • “Hello, my name is Jumin Han. I’m one of the hosts. I hope you’re having a good time so far.” boiiiiiiiiiiii
  • you laugh a bit and he’s Confused of course
  • “Jumin… It’s me. MC.”
  • “Oh. Forgive me, MC. I didn’t realize.” he acts totally cool but… is that a pink tinge you see on his cheeks?
  • steals glances at you the rest of that party, lowkey upset with himself for making a fool of himself


  • he already knows what you look like ofc, but still he wasn’t prepared
  • pictures, and even the cctv, didn’t do you justice honestly
  • thankfully, he saw you first… he knew it was you but g o d
  • is it even legal to look like that??
  • he basically admired you from afar the majority of the party
  • u could say he was nervous but it wasn’t really for a reason you’d expect honestly he wanted you to have a good time at the party and thought he’d somehow fuck it up for u
  • meanwhile ur asking abt him like where is this boy is he avoiding you
  • u find him tho thinking he’s being sneaky and totally surprise him
  • “Seven! Have you been avoiding me??”
  • u scare him lmao like he jumps
  • cue nervous laughter while he’s trying to come up w an excuse
  • “H-ha.. Haha! You have won the game, MC. Congratulations!!” dork…..
  • u know this boy is lying but you’ll worry abt that later


  • didn’t have much of an idea of what you’d look like honestly
  • of course he knew he wouldn’t be able to see you very clearly
  • he saw someone coming up to meet him, had no idea who it was honestly
  • as you got close to him, he saw how stunning you were, if a little blurry
  • “V, it’s MC. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”
  • honestly isn’t surprised that it’s you, bc of course you’re gorgeous… it suited you
  • he’s the only one who openly compliments you
  • “The pleasure is all mine. You look beautiful.”
  • honestly he’s such a gentleman throughout the party…. nd ofc he’ll eventually ask to take a picture of you


  • like seven, he already knows what you look like, just not in person
  • so when he shows up at the apartment to take you to paradise, he is a bit shocked
  • normally he wouldn’t pay much attention to such a thing
  • but you were something special
  • finds himself forgetting everything he wanted to say
  • honestly gets mad at himself bc he’s letting you distract him
  • it doesn’t get any easier for him then on, he’s just perpetually confused and upset abt it lmao