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Before I post anything else, first and foremost I have to show all the love in the world to Sonequa Martin Green. This woman is so underrated as an actress and her portrayal of Sasha was a great source of inspiration. Another representation of a strong, brilliant and resilient black woman, her significance to TWD cannot be devalued or underestimated. In the face of unspeakable odds she managed to push through and that’s a struggle that so many of us face every single day. Michonne and Sasha represent the magic within black women and the validation that comes from that is indescribable. I think TWD did a great job with sending Sasha and Sonequa out with pride and dignity. This is only the beginning for Mrs. Martin Green. Shine on queen. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us. 🙏❤👑


Smutty one-shot (porn without plot)

Words: 1798

Fandom: The Walking Dead

Characters: Simon x You, Simon x You x Negan

Warnings: Dirty talk, Fingering, Masturbation Oral, Voyeurism, Threesome

Scented tendrils rose from the steaming hot water that filled the bathtub. You sighed wistfully as you let yourself sink into the soothing depths, instantly feeling your muscles relax as the heat seemed to seep into your bones. The small bathroom was only illuminated by candles placed throughout the room, giving it a dim, muted kind of look that was perfect for daydreaming. Closing your eyes, you let the soft sounds of classical music lull you into a light sleep.

You were ripped from your slumber when you felt a warm, large hand settle on your shoulder that gently coaxed you to lean forward. Blinking sleepily, you saw Simon smile down at you, before he settled into the tub behind you and drew you back against his muscular, slightly hairy chest. You sighed contentedly when he started to massage your tense shoulders for a few minutes. Afterwards his corded arms wrapped around your middle as he swept your hair to one side and pressed a soft kiss to your shoulder before his calloused hands slowly drifted upwards.

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It straight up hurts my soul that there are people out there blind to this woman's beauty.

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So she has gray hair.   So fucking what.  Most of us out there are going to have it someday, and hell.  Some won’t even make it out of their 20’s without it. 

Tell me something.  Does the color of your hair define who you are as a person?  Because it absolutely shouldn’t.  I’m sorry, but the very idea that it would is bullshit. 

Melissa McBride, from all accounts, is a wonderfully genuine person.  She’s well loved by her peers, and she has this amazing talent that allows her to speak a thousand and one words without saying a word.  She’s creative and kind and a precious gift to The Walking Dead fandom.  Her portrayal of Carol Peletier has transcended genres and made people that would normally shun shows like TWD take notice. 

And oh, yeah.  She has gray hair. 

But you know what else she has? 

A special sort of chemistry with her costar Norman Reedus.  A sparkly kind of something that is pretty rare on television because in the absence of unambiguous evidence of the true nature of their characters’ love (and it’s love, dammit…fight me), she’s drawn you in.  Admit it.  Even if you balk against the very idea of romantic love between Carol and Daryl, you cannot deny they are special to each other.

And why shouldn’t they love each other like that? 

Oh, I forgot.  It’s the gray hair.  That somehow renders a person a used up has-been around these parts.  That negates any desire to have a loving emotional and yes, sexual connection with the person they are closest to in the entire post-Apocalyptic world. 

Really people? 

Melissa McBride and her character are fucking gorgeous, and you know why?  It comes from within.  Don’t get me wrong.  Both of them rock the gray hair like nobody’s business–I can only hope I do the same one day, and thanks to MMB, I’m not so afraid of it anymore, but even if they didn’t, I’d still look up to them for so many reasons that I won’t go into right now. 

I’m not even going to address the absurdity that she’s somehow not a good match for Norman’s Daryl because she has gray hair and therefore, she must be old.  They’re literally the most age-appropriate couple in theory on the entire show besides maybe Carl and Enid.  They’re contemporaries.  And you know what? They look absolutely gorgeous together, but that’s not even the best part.  Their chemistry is a thing of beauty, and Carol’s and Daryl’s hearts?  Know each other.  They recognize each hard-earned beat. 

So don’t come at me again with this ageism fuckery.  Because it makes me sad that the people in my fandom can be so shallow, for them and for this adorable lady who deserves nothing of this. 

Look at her.

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 Y'all should be ashamed of yourselves, and I feel…I just feel sad that this is a thing. 

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Stepping off my soapbox now.  I can’t take the credit for the gifs of this lovely human.  That goes to the gif-makers.  I hope you don’t mind my borrowing them. 

Love, From OQ Master Fic post!
  • By the Grace of Fire  @the-notsoevil-queen’s gift for @gonewasanytraceofit
    synopsis:  Outlaw Bandit with a dark twist - When Regina met Tinkerbell, she found herself lead to a tavern where a man with a lion tattoo, her second chance, waited for her. She took a chance on love, and ran away from the King with Tink by her side. But the Queen has kept the truth about her dark magic a secret, even from Robin, and it may just put everyone she loves in danger.

  • A Valentines Day Surprise @believingispowerfulmagic‘s gift for @sweetsmiles1 
    Synopsis: Regina makes a birthday wish for Robin to come back.
  • A Kiss to Set her Free  @ariestess’s gift for @rcgalbeliever
     Synopsis:  For the first time since that fateful night in the stables, Regina feels a stirring of hope that love could be hers again as she finds herself standing outside a village tavern.

  • Signed Sealed Delivered: Valentines Day  @audreysl0ve‘s  gift for @the-notsoevil-queen
    Synopsis:  Set in the Signed, Sealed, Delivered verse: First Valentine’s Day after getting back together as a couple

  • Wildflowers @ofpumpkinspices‘ gift for @Illseeyouthrough (deactivated)
    Synopsis: Regina owns a flower shop.  Robin is a frequent customer, who also becomes an employee of sorts. :).

  • So This is Love blt_tana (twitter) gift for @spiral-nebula
    Synopsis: Robin and Regina have a sexy, (not quite so) lazy morning

  • Post-its and Paperclips: Valentine’s Day @brookeap3’s gift for @repellomuggletum15 
    Synopsis: Set in the Post-its verse, Robin and Regina celebrate their first Valentine’s Day.

  • There’s Something There (That I Simply Didn’t See): @dee-thequeenbee’s gift for @theonewithoutaclue 
    Synopsis:  A Play in Two Acts – Where Love Overcomes Hate, and Two Lonely Souls Find Each Other

  • I Don’t Think I Can Say Goodbye: EmeraldHardy8 (twitter) fic for @queenmills101 
    Synopsis:  A Valentine’s Day inspired OQ AU. Love is all around us even when one of us won’t be here for very much longer.

  • Happy Valentines: Evil_Outlaw (twitter)’s : gift for @ankareeda
    Synopsis: Missing Year Valentine’s Day. Lots of DimpesQueen

  • Moments: FraiseDandelion (twitter)’s gift for @lala-kate
    Synopsis: The Hood-Mills family have a domestic moment, while Regina thinks about their struggle to get to where they are today.

  • Before Sunrise @ghostofstartraveller776s gift for @jenningz 
    Synopsis:  Coffee before dawn and long work days can wear on anyone—even a superwoman like Regina Mills, single mother and business executive. She finds quiet solidarity for her hectic days from an unusual source: the nameless resident in the building across from hers who seems to share her unholy schedule. (Modern/Non-Magical AU)

  • The Dark Forest @glindalovesshoes’ gift for FraiseDandelion (twitter)  
    Synopsis:  “A man is lying on the sheep’s wool, unconscious, bleeding. His face looks as pale as the white wool, which is already drowned in blood from the wounds on his body. The shaft of an arrow is sticking out of his shoulder, the shirt he is wearing ripped and soaked in blood. Regina bites her lip before she makes a decision. What does she have to lose?” OQ AU
  • As Long As We’re Together @gonewasanytraceofit‘s gift for  @audreysl0ve
    Synopsis: Canon Valentine’s Day: Regina and Robin have a heart to heart about Regina’s inner fears/insecurities.

  • My Songs Know What You @the-alpha-incipiens‘ gift for @glindalovesshoes  
    Synopsis: DragonOutlawQueen. Mal, Regina, and Robin make a sex tape that David accidentally finds (and watches)
  • My Grumpy Valentine @gray-autumn-sky‘s gift for @believingispowerfulmagic 
    Synopsis:  Henry explains Valentine’s Day to Robin, and that Regina has never much cared for the holiday.  Robin is intent on changing her mind.

  • Happiness Can’t Be Arranged @gray-autumn-sky‘s gift for @ghostofstartraveller776
    Set during the Regency Period, Henry and Cora arrange a marriage for their daughter in an effort to save their family’s name and estate.

  • Heaven Sent a Hurricane @idoltina‘s gift for @mysterious-song 
    Synopsis:  After a spectacularly terrible Christmas, a hidden gem of a New Year, and a surprise meeting, Robin finds the course of his life in Holiday Land vastly altered. By the time Valentine’s Day comes around, he’s more miserable (see: overwhelmed, terrified, doubtful) than he ever wanted to or thought he would be. And while the prospect of a night in may make a rather dull holiday for most, Robin finds that coming home to Regina might be just the thing he needs 

  • Coffee  @illseeyouthrough’s gift for @Evil_Outlaw (twitter)
    Synopsis: A Valentine’s Day set up that goes terribly…right? Outlaw Queen AU.

  • Valentine’s Day inlovewithlanap (twitter) gift for blt_tana (twitter)
    Synopsis: Regina works in a flower shop and Robin is a frequent client who finally summons the courage to ask her out.

  • Capturing Light @yamariah  gift for rockchalk4583 (twitter)
    Synopsis:  He never thought he’d capture the moonlight again. She never thought she’d capture the sunlight again. But when Robin and Regina meet via grief counseling, “never” becomes a word they’d forget.

  • An OQ Mixed Tape @jenningz’s gift for @sydsorbet 
    Synopsis: Robin surprises Regina on Valentine’s Day

  • Storm Front @lala-kate  gift for @starscythe
    Synopsis: A thief goes in desperate search for a cure for his son, and finds a resilient queen whose broken heart is in equal need of healing

  • Untitled @littlejoregal gift for politeregal (twitter) 
    Synopsis:  Takes place right after 6x10. Spoilers from the promo of 6x11 included.  

  • Blooming Most Recklessly @loveexpelrevolt gift for @belleoftheballpoint
    Synopsis:  Five universes, five something-like-love stories; Or, four times Regina and Robin deal in flowers and one time they deal in hearts. [Storybrooke, pre-curse, Missing Year, Camelot, Outlaw Bandit]

  • I Love You LucyLovesOQ’s (twitter) gift for @ouater Synopsis: Set in the missing year,  as the castle prepares for a Valentine’s Day Ball, Robin and Roland care for a grieving queen

  • Stumbling @oparu’s gift for @brookeap3​ 
    Missing Year DOQ: Maleficent and Regina struggle with losing their children, and seek comfort in each other, Robin, and Roland.  
Blu-ray Review: The Girl with All the Gifts

The Girl with All the Gifts presents a slight twist on the classic zombie formula. The infection is caused by a fungal disease, so the fast-moving ghouls are engulfed in nasty spores. They primarily track their prey via smell, allowing humans to go undetected when wearing a scent-masking gel. But carnage at the hand of the flesh eaters is the main selling point. Like many of the most effective zombie movies, this one uses the familiar genre set-up to frame a human story.

All Melanie (Sennia Nanua) has ever known is a dank bunker. When confined to wheelchairs in a makeshift classroom, she and the other children are locked in cells. She doesn’t question the odd behavior of the adults, who take a liking to the shrewd girl. The environment might be mistaken for some cruel prison for adolescents at first glance, but it’s apparent that these kids are different. Not until halfway through the movie is their exact affliction revealed, although it’s clearly connected to the recent zombie apocalypse.

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Hey, this is my entry for @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash Negan Writing Challenge! The prompt I chose was Negan x OC with a physical disability and this one-shot is a bit of a prequel to my story Visitation if you wanna read that first! (I veer more towards the comic version of Negan than the JDM version, but feel free to picture whatever Negan you prefer!)

Title: Gifts

Pairing: Negan x OFC 

Rating: NSFW (smut, language) 

“Daddy’s home!” Negan’s voice boomed from the door of the wives’ parlor, “And he’s got presents!”

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“The Gift” Negan X Simon (GIFT)

gift for @vizhi0n :D if you havent already, you should go follow her! she’s sweet and a great writer! This is for your birthday ^u^ sorry it’s late but i hope you enjoy! 

It was noon one day at the sanctuary and it was a special day for Negan and Simon, today was their anniversary. Negan knew how much Simon would want to go all out and usually this would be the day Negan and his lover to be gone for the whole day, but today was different as Negan planned something big for Simon.

Dwight is helping unpack the truck and Negan comes over putting a hand on his shoulder, “hey Dwighty-Boy” he says, “You got the thing right?”

Dwight nods, he heads over to the front of the truck and grabs the box, “I’m sure he’d like it” he smiles. Negan looks inside the box and chuckles, “hell yeah he would” he smirks and jokes, “and he’ll also like me fucking him tonight.” Dwight rolls eyes a bit and pats his back, “to much info” he says. Negan just smirks and walks off with the box.

Meanwhile inside the Sanctuary, Simon is in his room doing sketches of flower. He was pretty bum out how Negan didn’t take him out today; in fact Negan seemed neglectful. Suddenly a knock comes from his door, he gets up and walks over, seeing Negan.

Negan comes in and closes the door, “I got a surprise for yoooou” he sings. Simon eyes widen a bit, blinking as he makes a wide grin, “s-surprise?” he squeals, “wow and I thought you forgot about… this day” he laughs nervously. Negan wraps one arm around him and looks at him, “why would I?” he makes a smile and kisses him. Simon kisses back, touching his cheek.

Simon pulls away and smiles, “growing out your beard again?” he asks. Negan shrugs, “it’s getting cold anyways and also I know how much you like it when we cuddle. Simon smiles and hugs Negan, Negan gladly hugs back and sniffs him smiling, “smell like alcohol” he chuckles. Simon chuckles, “it spilled.”

“Sure” Negan replies in a sarcastic way. Simon pulls away from the hug asking, “So what’s the surprise?” Negan grins and spanks Simon, “idiot it’s called a surprise for a reason,” he says. He lets go of Simon and starts to walk out, “be at my room tonight” he winks and leaves.

Later that night Simon did walk over to his boyfriend’s room. Ever since he told him about the surprise he’s been trying to figure it out what it can be. Simon is also holding his gift for Negan; he takes a glance at it and then knocks on the door.

Negan gladly opens the door having a small smirk, “happy anniversary” he says. In the room Negan already made a fancy dinner with Simon’s favorite drinks on the table and the bed have rose pedals on it to show Negan’s romantic side. Simon smiles as he walks in and chuckles, “wow… fancy” he says. Negan, “ah whatever! I tried to be nice be grateful you fuck!” Simon smiles and says a thank you by smooching his cheek.

The two men had a great time, eating and cracking jokes. They were just enjoying each other’s company and sharing memories. When it was getting late and Negan knew most of everyone in the Sanctuary is asleep, him and Simon start to cuddle on the bed.

Simon smiles as he nuzzles with Negan, he suddenly jolts up, “oh I forgot!” he says as he grabs his gift. Negan raises a brow, “you gave me a gift last week!” he says. Simon chuckles, “but its our anniversary silly!” he says as he hands it over. Negan grabs it and opens it seeing it’s a portrait of him, he jokes, “that’s me? Damn I’m ugly!” he chuckles. Simon laughs a bit, “Oh shut up, we both know how full you are of yourself!” Negan lightly elbows him.

Simon chuckles and rubs where he elbowed him “look at the back” he says. Negan turns the back and sees there’s a love note of Simon writing his feelings and how he thinks of Negan and why he loves him. Negan smiles warmly, he leans over and kisses Simon, he nods looking at the note, “I-I’m speechless Si… damn! You have a way of words.” Simon just smiles, “well… it’s just the truth.”

Negan starts to sit up, “well… I feel like that to you too… maybe more.” He gets down and pulls the box from under his bed and hands it to Simon, he then sits back and puts hands behind his head. Simon opens it, only to see another box, then another. There was two more other boxed before getting to the last one, it was smaller than the others. Simon opens the small one only to see a small ring; he gasps and looks at Negan straight in the eye, “a-are you serious?” he says. Negan licks lips, “it’s as serious as it gets” he replies. Simon grabs him in a big hug, squeezing him, making Negan groan. Simon also gives him a big smooch; “I do Negan!” he smiles. Negan smiles and grabs the ring, putting it on him, “I knew you’d say that” he smiles and starts to kiss him. Simon holds him close and starts to lie down, pulling him on top as they begin to make love.