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Requested imagine by an anonymous Negan lover!

Giving In

Summary: Negan wants you. Plain and simple. His problem? You are deliberately playing hard to get. Your problem? His wives. But you should have known better than to cross him.

This story is rated E for Explicit. This ain’t for the faint of heart. I’m not even kidding. This is very graphic.

Smutty smut!

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Can we talk about this moment?
How Daryl’s loyalty is just screaming from this scene. The devotion to his group. He is willing to give his blood in order to save what’s left of his family. Remember, he just thought everyone was dead after prison. Seeing Rick, Michonne… just imagine.
Daryl just went full Christ mode, willing to sacrifice himself to redeem the sins of people he loved. 

These wings on his vest are not only for sheer aesthetic effect, I tell you. 

Daryl Dixon is a saint. An angel. He will go down, sacrificing himself for what he loves.

(Edit: thanks people for such enormous reactions on my post. Note that the gif is from @hypernovadust ;) Love ya, guys. Fight the dead!)