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This is the third episode of After the Trump, a timely show that we’re incredibly proud of at Cracked. Here are the other episodes. For literally months (November-February, buddies), we struggled with how Video would be commenting on the administration. “What is our point of view,” “How are we different,” “Can we meaningfully contribute to the broader discussion AND still be funny.” Those are the questions we were asking ourselves while we circled the drain of political discourse trying to find our place. I shot down a lot of pitches that were in the spirit of “Let’s just make a video every day talking about the latest terrifying thing that the Trump Administration either did or allegedly did and how everyone needs to call their Congressperson right now” because, as important as that is, it wasn’t new to me and, more than that, it wasn’t fun, and Cracked has comedy in its DNA. As a brand we’ll grow and become more conscious and more progressive and more thoughtful, but that doesn’t mean we need to lose the fun or the funny. That will always be in my gut, bones and balls, and that’s why I turned down a lot of pitches that aimed to just inform and outrage. And we had a lot of those.

We finally settled on a fun idea. What if the Actions of the Trump Administration were Actually Episodes of a Premium Cable TV Show and We Recapped the Events with the Annoyingly Infectious Glee of the Critics who Review Walking Dead, Game of Thrones etc? This core idea allowed us to view real world events with some level of detachment (which has been incredibly therapeutic for everyone involved) while never straying from the (now cliche) idea that what is going on right now is not normal (an episode doesn’t go by where a character doesn’t mention how “this sort of thing could never happen in real life because of checks and balances or, ya know, The Logan Act”). We finally landed on a delivery system (recap shows) to talk about all of the horrible stuff going on in a way that doesn’t feel helpless, or like we’re indulging in outrage porn. Because we didn’t want to do a show that was a bunch of people sitting around talking about how scared and sad they were, but we still wanted to get the sadness-worthy information out there. So we created a false reality wherein we could teach real world things while doing jokes, and real world things + jokes is the Cracked mission statement from way back.

I guess I’m just really excited about this show and the rest of the team is too and everyone who watches it likes it, and I just wish more people watched it. If you haven’t watched it yet because the titles were confusing (it’s a pretty ridiculous premise that is difficult to get across in a short title) or because you’re experiencing President Trump Fatigue and you’re sick of all-things-politics, I’d like to ask you to give it a chance. I think what we’re doing with this show is different and I think you’d like it.

Renewal Scorecard 2016

Which of the currently airing shows we cover will live to emotionally destroy us another day and which will soon be sleeping with the fishes? The answers are all here.

The 100 – Renewed for season four

Agent Carter – Unknown, but the signs aren’t good.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – Renewed for season four

Arrow – Renewed for season five

Daredevil – Renewed for season two, premieres March 18

Doctor Who – Renewed for seasons 10, premieres 2017

The Fall – Renewed for season three, premieres later this year

The Flash – Renewed for season three

Game of Thrones – Renewed for season six, premieres April 24

Gotham – Unknown

Jessica Jones – Renewed for season two

iZombie – Renewed for season three

Legends of Tomorrow – Renewed for season two

Mr. Robot – Renewed for season two, premieres later this year

Once Upon A Time – Renewed for season six

Orange is the New Black – Renewed for season four, premieres June 17

Orphan Black – Renewed for season four, premieres April 14

The Originals – Renewed for season four

Person of Interest – Don’t get your hopes up

Sherlock – Renewed for season four,  premieres 2017

Sleepy Hollow – Unknown, but signs aren’t good

Supernatural – Renewed until someone can find and destroy the last horcrux

True Detective – Unknown

The Vampire Diaries – Renewed for season eight

The Walking Dead – Renewed for season seven  

Wayward Pines – Renewed for season two, but we probably won’t cover it