Clem has survived all by herself for days after her babysitter died when she was 8.

Clem, after just seeing her un-dead parents, managed to drag a grown ass man to safety at 9 years old.

Clem sewed up her own arm with no assistance while locked up in a shed. Something most adults wouldn’t have the balls to do

Clem took and raised a child that wasn’t even hers like he was her own, and loved him like he was her own. Even though she had no obligation to do so.

Clem, even after losing pretty much everyone close to her, still manages to stay strong and still keeps finding a reason to fight, even when she didn’t want to. If that’s not a strong character then I don’t know what is.

Long story short, Clementine is amazing and I love her.


I cosplayed Clementine’s first appearance in Season 3 at Dutch Comic Con 2017! Not only was it a lot of fun to make most of the cosplay happen in one week, but Telltale Games actually reposted my picture on their Instagram!

The 4th picture was taken by the girl that also cosplayed S3 Clementine (9th picture)! You can see more of her work in the future on her Instagram!