Also pls go follow @mayrothwell bc she’s an IRL friend who I sadly moved away from, who I met when she was 11 and I was like DUDE YOU LOOK LIKE CLEM FROM TWDG and she was like ??? What??? And after me harassing her, she’s now one of the biggest fans of games that I know and literally the best clem cosplayer. I’m sorry I ruined your life with video games and trashy ships also. I 10/10 recommend you follow her, she posts a lot of LiS stuff, ships pricefield just as hard as I do and she’s into Steven universe, which I know a lot of you are :)
P.s. If you need another reason to follow her just look at her goals af lips and face.


I got this new eyeshadow palette with neutral matte colors and I decided to try out some stuff for my grown up Clementine cosplay. I think it turned out pretty good~ I still need some hazel contacts though. I really like the picture with Clementines walkie talkie (some throw back action) so I included it in this post✌👀✌