the walking dead fangirl

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Kendra u should know better. U come for walking dead white guy and the fangirls start to lose their shit. cant have anyone insulting the greasy motor oil smelling redneck

OMG,,,,,,,, i’m argumentative, i cannot be stopped and i like a challenge

Writers: Here is a new troubled, confused and unloved character


THIS IS ALL I WANT ARGHHHHHHH I WANT CARYL TO HAPPEN ALREADY SCREW THE SAVIORS..I WANT A CARYL REUNION..NOW NOOWWW can we make this happen..i said please ^^ ( also not sure who made this gif..i love it..please let me know if you know :) ))

Trying to talk to normal people about a tv show like
  • Me: who is your otp? I NEED to know that
  • Person: ...
  • Person: my what??? What is an otp?
  • Me: you know, when you ship two people and-
  • Person: when you what??
  • Me: URGHH