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Sheep in wolf’s clothing

You were captured by the Saviors after a year of making it on your own out in the woods, on the one year anniversary as independent. Funny thing is, they all think you’re a young boy named Michael.

Part I - Run boy Run

Characters: Negan x Female Reader

Words: 1520

Warnings: Language (also should be a warning that this is my first time writing stuff like this, so it might turn out shitty, you have been warned)

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The sun was about to set when you found the opening meadow deep in the forest. You had pretty much been on the move all day since early morning and your feet were starting to kill you, and so were your head. You were drained, both physically and mentally.

Putting down the backpack you looked around, planning out where you could put out your ”walker-warners”, as you proudly named your own invention. Slowly walking around, searching the area for potential dangers you also found a big raspberry bush with lots of pinkish red berries, a brook with what hopefully was clean water, and some dry wood on the ground, perfect for a campfire. This place was absolutely perfect and you clapped your hands in excitement. ”I need to celebrate!”

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Name: Jess
Age: 16
Country: Ireland

Hey, I’m Jess! I’m 16 and I love TV shows, films, clothes, makeup etc. My favourite TV shows are Sherlock, The Walking Dead, Supernatural, New Girl and so on.

My music taste is quite broad, I love anything from today’s top 40 to 50’s, 60’s, 70’s era music and movie soundtracks. I tend to like songs more so than bands but ya know.

I’m really interested in history, languages an culture!

Preferences: Any race, religion, sexuality, gender is welcome but I’d like to talk to anyone between the ages of 15-17 please.

Little Gift pt 1

“Little Gift”
Pairing: (Carl Grimes x Reader)
Warning: Negan being Negan, Reader is treated as an object by Negan but not by other characters
Description: Negan shows up to Alexandria with a “gift” for Carl

A musical knock sounded on the front door of the Grimes home and everyone inside knew exactly who it had to be.
“Why would Negan be here? Isn’t he not supposed to come for three more days?” Michonne asked as she stood. Rick shrugged and went to go open the entrance. There stood the black haired villain, just as expected.
“I come bearing gifts!” He yelled and strolled right in the way he usually did. “Where’s the little serial killer? This one is for him.”
Rick looked over at Michonne as Carl slowly lifted himself from the couch.
“I’m here,” he murmured quietly and Negan clapped a hand on his shoulder.
“There’s my boy.” He grinned “So I was thinking, the female selection here may be a little scarce for you here so I have a little present to help you out.” He paused for dramatic effect and pointed to the open door with Lucille. “Bring her here boys!”
Two of Negan’s men came forward with a girl about Carl’s age with h/c hair and e/c eyes.
“Isn’t she a beauty?” He said. The girl wore hardly anything except for a floral pattern cloth tied into a skirt and a mint green bustea. Everyone’s eyes in the room were wide. Negan clapped Carl’s shoulder again, urging him to say something.
“U-uh, yeah, she’s g-great. T-thank you?” He stammered and shot a panicked look at his father.
“Her name is Doll,” Dwight gruffed, holding her forearm “Say hello, Doll.”
“Hello,” she squeaked quietly. The men shoved her forward towards Carl, who caught her to keep her from falling.
Negan grinned “You’ll have to unwrap her later, but she’s all yours, bud.” He winked and left the way he came, but stopped halfway. He wrapped a hand around Doll’s throat and she looked up at him obediently.
“Be good,” he said and then he was gone. All eyes were on Doll, who stood silently beside Carl, as if waiting for a command. When he moved, she moved, ready to trail after him. Carl sat down on the sofa, but she did not sit down, rather curled up at his feet. Odd looks were exchanged.
“S-so, Doll…” Rick started and she looked up “is Doll actually your name?”
“I-i think so.”
Michonne looked to be on the verge of tears just laying her eyes on the girl.
“Would you like some clothes? It’s a bit cold in here.” She offered and Doll turned to Carl, asking permission with her sweet eyes.
“Of course,” he whispered. Just thought of being in charge of this sweet girl overwhelmed him to no limit.

(Change of POV-obviously you’re Doll)
You followed Michonne down the hall, her hand wrapped tightly around yours.
“Would you like a shower too? Not that you smell bad, I just don’t know how often Negan let’s you bathe.” She offered
You started to turn towards the way you came “I would have to ask.” But Michonne just sighed and kept pulling you down the hall.
“Doll, you don’t have to ask Carl. He’s not in charge of you, you’re not an object.” She said.
“I-i know the way that Negan treats me is bad, his wives tell me that all the time, but I can’t risk him getting mad at me. I’ve seen what happens to girls who misbehave. He gave me to Carl, which means I have to listen to him or I’ll be misbehaving.” You told her. Michonne nodded.
“I understand, we’re afraid of Negan too.” She gritted her teeth “I’ll go ask Carl for you, you go on ahead. I know for a fact that he’ll say yes.” You nodded and headed into the bathroom. You slowly slid off what little clothing you had on and started up the water.

(POV Change)
“Carl,” Michonne said, returning to the living room “Doll “needs” your permission to take a shower.“
Carl nodded “Of course she can. I’m not sure why she thinks she needs to ask me.”
“She said that because Negan gave her to you, she has to listen you or she’ll be misbehaving and Negan will punish her.”
“Jesus Christ,” Rick breathed “I knew that he was a sick son of a bitch, but I didn’t think he could stoop this low.”
Michonne nodded and headed back to help the young girl.
Doll eventually finished her shower and she lead her to Carl’s room where she gave her some fresh, clean clothes.

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46 “Ride me.”
48 “This? This belongs to me.”


Jealousy runs through him as he watches her with Dwight. It’s fucking stupid to feel like that, especially since she told him this morning that she loves him.
Now her head falls back and she let out a small laughter. It sounds like music in his ears and he hates himself for feeling that way. Even when he’d never tell her or anyone else about what’s going in his head.
… and his heart.
“(Y/N), back in the penthouse!” He barks, seeing her wince.
She sends him a glare like he can fuck himself and fuck off, the glow in her eyes inflame a fire in his lower abdomen. Smirking he watches her go, can’t stop himself as he slaps her ass. He snickers quietly as she turns around and shows him her middle finger.
As soon as they reach the penthouse he pushes her in his bedroom, closing the door with a kick of his foot.
“You fucking need to understand something. This..” With each word he goes closer to her, his nose almost touching her as he slides his hand under the skirt.
Harshly he grabs with his glove covered hand her pussy, educing a gasp from her. “This is mine.”
With his index and ring finger he spreads her labia to massage her clit with small circles. Her eyes falling shut and she moans in pleasure, leaning in the touch.
“Say it.” He orders quietly, his dick growing from the sight of her and the heat around his fingers.
“I-I’m yours, Ne-Negan… please.” Another moan falls from her lips.
And fuck, he loves when she starts stuttering, because her head fills with bliss he only can give to her.
“Good.” He praises her before pulling back and she sighs annoyed.
A pout is given and Negan has to hold back not to kiss these perfect lips as he steps back.
Maybe later when she earned it, he thinks with a devilish smirk.
“Now come.” He lies down on the bed, still fully clothed. “And ride your leader.”


For The Atlantic’s book review of “Lurid & Cute” by Adam Thirlwell. The novel was presented as a pulp novel for the millennial generation, where the main character goes through the book without any of his actions being questioned and managing to avoid conflict at every turn.

The two scenes described in the article are the narrator waking up next to a woman covered in blood (who isn’t dead and turns out fine) and him walking into buy new clothes at a store (where no one takes any notice of the fact he’s cover in blood after taking the woman to the hospital).

AD Lauren Giordano