the walking dead alphabet


(!!! for smut) 

Marvel/The Avengers


TVD/The Originals 

The Hobbit 

Suicide Squad/Justice League

Criminal Minds 

Stranger Things 

Walking Dead 

These are just the ones I’ve done so far, and will be updated regularly. I don’t have a set list of fandoms I write for, but I can write for a ton that I haven’t already! Don’t be afraid to ask! 

And I can do … 

  • Ships 
  • Smut 
  • NSFW Alphabet
  • Headcannons
  • Oneshots
  • OTP requests

and just about anything else, so don’t be afraid to ask! xo

Super-Who-Nerd’s Masterlist

Requests Open! (BTS, Supernatural, Doctor Who, Marvel, DC, Harry Potter and The Walking Dead)

Request Template

NSFW Alphabet Challenge Masterlist

Dating ___ Would Include… Masterlist 


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Supernatural Preferences:

Dean Winchester:

Sam Winchester:

Castiel Novak:

Crowley MacLeod:

Harry Potter:

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Draco Malfoy:

Ginny Weasley:

Severus Snape:


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Peter Quill:

Loki Laufeyson:


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Last Updated: 11/27/2017


The Walking Dead . Every Character from a to z

After finishing a TV show some objects stand out more than they used to..

Pineapples are everything.

The Loser “L” is actually cool.

Literally the words: “Once Upon A Time” gives you goosebumps

When someone says supernatural you don’t think of ghosts-

When someone talks about zombies-

and if you’re really committed.. Any word in the alphabet is a reference for you!