the walking dead 103

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Hey c: Could you do #166, #168 and #103 from the promt list ? For Dwight please x

#166 “ Have you been crying? “

#168 “ It’s midnight, what do you want? “

#103 “ I had to see you again “


You were in you room sleeping after a long and hard day, until you heard someone knocking on the door of your room, you didn’t want to woke up, you just wanted to go back to sleep but the person insisted, knocking again. You got up, slightly mad that someone want to see you since it was the night, you opened the door and saw Dwight, you were surprised to see him here.

“ It’s midnight, what do you want? “ you snapped, wanting to go back in your bed quickly

“ I had to see you again “

“ At midnight, are you kidding me? Normal people should sleeping! “

“ I know and I’m sorry that I woke you but I really needed to see you.. “ Said Dwight, something was wrong with him, you could tell it by his look

“ What’s happening Dwight? Have you been crying? “ you asked right after you saw his red and puffy eyes

“ It’s just… I can’t do it anymore Y/N, I’m going to leave “ 

“ What? Why? “

“ We’re the bad people… And it’s not who I am, I need to leave. “ said Dwight

“ I’m coming with you then “

“ Are you sure? It could be dangerous you know.. “

“ I don’t care, I’m coming with you “



day two favorite episode → season two epsiode seven