the walking championships

imagine jeremy deciding that to help jean with his panic attacks regarding riko, he wants to connect the scars on jean’s body with positive experiences instead of negative ones 

so the first time jean manages to hold himself together instead of breaking down and lashing out like he desperately wants to, jeremy glides his hand into jean’s hair and touches the scar from the time riko pushed him down the stairs and his head hit the concrete

after the trojans win against the ravens, jeremy kisses the scars in the palm of jean’s right hand where riko ordered him to break his own fingers

the first time the trojans win the championships, jeremy walks off the court with jean’s left hand in his, thumb gently caressing the crisscross scars

and the first time jean allows himself to admit ‘i think i’m going to be okay’ jeremy leans up to kiss the scar near jean’s mouth from the very last time riko had hurt him and smiles ‘i always knew you would be’

so i went to the gma and before the taping happened roman, nikki and brie came out for a bit to go over things with the pds.

say what you want about nikki and roman being overrated and not deserving of what they’ve accomplished but when i saw a little girl with her big championship belt walk up to roman, i have never seen a bigger smile come on his face. when he first came out he was all suave and composed but as soon as she shyly walked up to him he was just beaming, talking to her and just being a literal ray of sunshine.

there was also this little girl in front of me dressed up in all nikki merch really really nervous about seeing her (cause her mom was telling her it’ll be okay before they came out) and nikki immediately made a beeline for her and gave her a huge hug and made sure she was right next to her the whole time. it was really heartwarming to see it.

so yeah this got really long but i just wanted to say that it’s complete bs to even speculate that these two don’t deserve every ounce of the accomplishments they’ve gotten.