the walkind dead

Helping Carl replace his bandage would include :

(Woooo more fluffy prompts! Awww Carl :3 Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

-Him still being insecure about you seeing his scar and just trying to make you leave the place but letting go as you’d persist to stay

-Him holding your wrists as you’d approach your hands closer to him, to make you stop but later letting you go on

-Him trying to hide his exposed scar with his hair, only for you to tuck it away and touch it slightly as you tell him that there’s nothing wrong with him

-Him actually enjoying to feel your touch and how gentle you would be when cleaning his scar

-Him laughing as you’d make some jokes about him being a hot pirate to you

-Him just shyly shaking his head as you’d keep complimenting him while taking care of him

-Him letting you tie his hair up to clean his scar and put on the bandage, making you smile to look at him

-Him sometimes hugging your waist as he sits down and lets you wrap the bandage around his head just because he needs it

-Him smiling and laughing whenever you would give him a lollipop or some candies for being a “good” patient

-Him feeling better about himself and just asking you for a kiss before you have to leave

Preference "When they finger you under the table during a group dinner" (NSFW)

(Sorry I only did the dudes…I didn’t want this to take too long to write…But i promise i’ll the the other way around for the girls soon :) but in the meanwhile 😏😏😏YAAAAAASS OUR FAVS!!! Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gifs not mine/found them on google/credits to the original owners.)

Negan-He’d start to finger you under the table as everyone would get quiet and be too busy focusing on eating. It wouldn’t matter to him as to what you were wearing, his fingers would find its way into your folds and he’d have his fun teasing you, making sure that you’d have to stifle your moans all while he just looks at you with a smirk. He’d get off hearing all the sounds coming from you and from looking at you struggle and grip onto the the table cloth, all while practically praying that someone catches you both. “Can’t take it anymore, Y/N? Want me to make you come? With everyone around the table? Come on, scream it and i’ll fucking make it happen…”

Daryl-He’d be shy about touching you in public but on an occasion he got jealous hearing you talk so much more to the others than to him, that he’d decide to remind you of you belonged to. He’d try his best to be subtle but his frustration would seem to show a little as his hand would quickly delve into your panties. Before you could ask him anything, he’d have you in pure pleasure and slowly he himself would forget about the others around as his eyes would be glued on you, only to whisper words to make you weak. “You’re mine, Y/N…Remember that…Ain’t no one can touch you like this but me…”

Rick-Seeing how you were dressed for the dinner, he’d be so turned on during it and wouldn’t be able to keep his hands off of you. While everyone talks and eats together, he’d try to keep your attention to him and suddenly he’d just slide his hand to your thigh to start pleasuring you. As his fingers would go in and out, he’d chuckle to look at you squirming. The urge for it to be even more interesting would come to him, so he’d ask you loudly if you were fine, only for everyone to stop and for him to smirk. “Y/N?! A-are you okay, honey? You look like you have something on your mind, care to share with us?”

Merle-He’d have the idea of fingering you under the dinner table whenever you would rather pay attention to someone else other than him. He’d distract you from your conversation as his fingers would start to pleasure you and give you no other choice but to stop talking for a little while. No matter how hard you’d concentrate on anything else, he’d eye from the corner with a smirk and go harder and harder to the point where others notice and ask you if you’re alright, only for him to answer them in your place. “Y/N? Of course she’s fine…She’s just talking to me like a good babygirl does…Am I right, Y/N?”

Glenn-He’d get the idea to pleasure you as you’d both flirt at the dinner table a little too much. As your little talk would get rather dirty, he’d get confident enough to just put his hand on your thigh and let you know of his idea, waiting until the give him a sign to let him. As you would, he wouldn’t be able to stop smiling and just spend his time giving you an unforgettable time. He’d tease you with his words and chuckle, only for you to try and stifle your moans. “I can’t believe you’re such a dirty little girl, Y/N…Oh my god…You’re so wet…Imagine if the others hear you…”

The Governor-As you both got ready for dinner he would’ve already have the urge to have you but you’d deny him to not be late and leave, making him decide to have his way with you. As you’d sit next to him, he’d glare at you and keep quiet whenever you would ask him something, only to suddenly feel his hand on your thigh, lifting your skirt away. Before you could say anything, his gaze and touch would keep you still and he’d have his fun with you just as he wanted earlier. “See Y/N…This is what you get for playing around with me earlier…Not as fun when you have to hold in your voice…”

Abraham-As you’d tease and flirt with him a little too much, distracting him from his conversation with the others, he’d smirk and start to casually finger you to put a stop to your whole act. He’d know the exact way to make you weak and try to be on your best behavior. He’d go as slowly as he can, circling you around to keep you on the edge, all while talking to the others, to distract them from you that is until you’d let your voice out a little. “Y/N…Cut it out sweetheart…I can hear you…and if I can hear you there’s a big chance they can too…”

Eugene-He’d only get the idea of doing it after you had suggested and hinted that you absolutely wanted him to do so a number of times. He’d be so nervous about it that he’d keep his eyes on everyone until he knows for sure no one is paying attention to neither of you. As his hand would travel on your thigh, you’d feel him shake and that’s when you’d grab his wrist to guide him to where you need him to pleasure you. Gradually, he’d get better, making you hold onto him to keep in your voice, all while he manages to keep a straight face.

Jesus-As you’d sit next to him, he’d notice how you seemed a little down during the dinner and he’d try to cheer you up as best as he can with his topics of conversations. As you’d still be relatively quiet, that’s when he’d decide to flirt and tease you by whispering in your ear about his plans for later and slide his hand up your thigh. Before you know it, you’d get turned on by his ideas and even more as his fingers skillfully enters you and circles you bringing you all the pleasures. “Don’t look so down, Y/N…I’m just trying to make you smile a little…Is it working? Or should i go harder?”

Dwight-Seeing how provocatively you’d dress up for the evening, he’d whisper in your ear an order to not wear any panties for the night before leaving to go join the others. As you’d sit close to him, he’d catch you off guard while in your conversation and slide his hand up your thigh as he gets closer to your ear, asking you if you did just as he asked. Feeling your wetness, he’d smirk and start to rub you just as you liked before skillfully entering his fingers in, making you try your best to not get caught. “Did you take it off, just as I asked you? Good…Let’s see how much you can take before you beg me to leave the place and finish you off…”

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Preference "How they act whenever they are excessively horny" (NSFW)

(Heyyyy, i’m back :D YAY FOR OUR FAVES NOT BEING ABLE TO HANDLE IT XD hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gifs not mine/Found them on google/credits to the original owner.)

Negan-Whenever he gets excessively horny, he’d only make inappropriate comments about his dick and how he needs some relief and just go on and on, until you’d lock eyes. He’d end up taking the opportunity to march his way towards you and continue on, only to end up whispering and bend you over to make you feel him as he slowly grinds up against you.

Daryl-Whenever he gets excessively horny, he’d just show it through his frustration over everything, until he can’t handle it and suddenly gets quiet. He’d make his way towards you and not care for what you’re doing, only to grab you out of nowhere and throw you over his shoulder and slap your ass, to make you understand of his need.

Rick-Whenever he gets excessively horny, he’d seem as if he was extremely angry, only to end up having you stay away from everyone. He’d tell anyone off and would just keep you to himself. Finally, he’d push you up against the nearest surface and desperately kiss your lips and neck, and lower himself to your body just to start giving you oral, making you realize of his need for you.

Merle-Whenever he gets excessively horny, he’d have a hard time keeping his hand off of you and really make you unable to do anything else but to pay attention to his problem. It would’t matter to him where you were, he’d grip your waist, kiss your neck and end up with his hand in your pants, as he whispers about much he wants you and all the things he’ll be doing to you.

Glenn-Whenever he gets excessively horny, he’d be rather positive and blunt about it and not care for a second if anyone hears him. He’d try his best to control it but looking at you so much, he’d walk up to you and then ask you if you have any condoms on you, and if not then that it’s fine as he has some in his pockets, only to end up telling you to join him in the nearest room.

The Governor-Whenever he gets excessively horny, he’d just have a need to touch and feel you. He’d surprise you with touches to your shoulders and down your arms as he stands behind you, before starting to bury himself into the crook of your neck. He’d end up griping your waist to him quickly and reach to make you want him just as much.

Abraham-Whenever he gets excessively horny, he’d have the need to show his “Daddy” side of him that you both agreed on and simply catch you to punish you. He’d notice a little mistake in whatever you were doing and just pull you towards him, making you lay on his lap as he gropes your ass tightly and begins to grind up against you.

Eugene-Whenever he gets excessively horny, he’d curl his fists tightly, trying to control himself and eventually get your attention to his problem. Whenever you wouldn’t, he’d take a few deep breaths, only to look you straight in the eyes to tell you to shut up and that you both just need to “fuck” each other like, “Wild Animals”.

Jesus-Whenever he gets excessively horny, he’d tie his hair up aggressively and ask you to go somewhere with him. He wouldn’t care if it would confuse you but he’d just need your attention and surprise you that way. As you’d catch on, you wouldn’t even have time to say anything as he’d already have his hands and lips all over you.

Dwight-Whenever he gets excessively horny, he’d think about you and everything that he has done to you, making him unable to function until he has you. He’d make his way to go find you and hugging you from behind, he’d start to grind up against subtly, only for it to turn into some heavy dry humping to the point where you are at least half naked.

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I Thought No One Was Home! - A Chandler Riggs Imagine (SMUT)

My boyfriend, Chandler and I were in his room watching tv. We were watching The Flash, which I hated. Not because of the show, but because we have watched every season at least 3 times and it was getting very annoying.

“Babe, can we please watch something else?” I asked him with a pouty face.

“It’s almost over Y/N.” He said, his eyes still glued to the tv.

“But we already know what happens.” I mumbled.

He didn’t even respond. I let out a sigh and rolled my eyes. I was thinking of ways to get his attention and one thought came across my mind. I got up and walked stood in front of him.

“Y/N get out of the way.” He said looking around me trying to watch the tv.

I knelt down in front of him and placed my hand on his crotch and grabbed his length through his sweats. A raspy moan escaped from his mouth as I started palming him.

“Ugh, babe” he said raspily.

I got on top of him and started kissing his neck. He was moaning which turned me on. He grabbed my waist and started grinding up against me.

“Mmm Chandler.” I whispered in his ear.

He flipped me around and got on top of me kissing my neck while sliding his hands up my shirt. He took off my shirt and made his way towards my leggings pulling them off. I was left in just a bra and a thong.

“Damn, Y/N. You’re so beautiful.” He went back down to kiss my chest.

He took my bra off and started to suck on my breasts. I couldn’t help but moan his name. He kissed down to my crotch and started to rub me through the very thin material.

“Chan, please.” I begged him.

He got the hint and took off my thong and threw it across the room. He spread my legs and started to eat me out. My toes curled as I moaned his name louder. He flipped us around so I was on top of him and I made my way down to his bulge. I took off his sweats and started to lick his length through his boxers.

“Y/N, don’t tease babe” he said weakly.

I decided I didn’t want to tease him and took his underwear off and wrapped my hand around his thick length licking the tip before going down all the way, my nose touching his pubes. I looked up into his blue eyes as I was bobbing my head up and down his shaft.

“Ahh babe let me fuck you” he said pulling me off of his dick and placing me on the bed.

He licked his fingers and stuck them inside of me trying to loosen me up.

“You ready babe?” He asked as he pulled his fingers out giving them a lick.

“Y-yes Chandler.” I said

He stuck his cock inside of me stopping when he put it all in there waiting for me to adjust.

“Go” I told him

He started to thrust and didn’t take long to speed it up.

“Ugh Chandler. More baby.”

“Fuck Y/N. You’re so wet.” He said rubbing my clit as he made love to me.

About 20 minutes went by and I could feel myself getting close.

“Ch-chan. I’m gonna cu-cum. Ahh” I moaned

“Me too baby. F-fuck” he said with a raspy voice.

Chandler, Chandler! Oh my god. Fuck" I screamed as I felt myself squirt.

“Fuck Y/N!” He yelled as he realized inside of me.

We rode out our highs and he pulled out and laid next to me.

“I love you so much, Y/N” he said as he kissed my forehead.

“I love you too Chandler” I said looking up at him.

We were passionately kissing when his brother walked in.

“Now that you two have finished; please oh please have some respect for others in this house, you nasties!” Grayson added before slamming the door and walking downstairs.

“I thought no one was home!” I said I smacked his chest.

“Neither did I” he chuckled. “Now get some sleep, I bet you’re tired.” He said sarcastically

“Shut up.” I said before kissing him.

Chandler Riggs Imagine!

Before I begin, I just want to say thanks for liking and reblogging my story “Second Choice”! It really means a lot! I have a few imagines that I will be releasing before tonight’s episode of TWD Finale 😁😭 love you guys!


I was sitting with a group of friends at a local coffee shop. I normally don’t get nervous before I have to go on the little platform they call the stage. I’ve been playing here for a little over 3 years now, so it was basically my second home. But today was the day that I finally get to meet Chandler’s parents. It was about an hour before my gig started and Chandler showed up with his brother Grayson, and his parents. I waved and walked up to them.

“Hey Chan! Hey Grayson!” I smiled and hugged him then his brother.

“Y/N, this is my mom Gina and my dad William.” Chandler says as he puts his arm around my waist.

“Hi, nice to meet you guys! I’m Y/N” I extended my hand to his dad and then his mom.

“Hi” his dad replied. His mom just stood there and had a smile on her face. The smile wasn’t an ordinary smile either. It was probably one of the fake at smiles ever.

I could feel myself getting red and turned to Chandler who placed a kiss on my temple.

“Let’s go order some coffee! They have the best coffee in town. My treat!” Chandler added trying to cut some tension.

“Sweetie, we can all pay for our own.” His mom added looking at me with that creepy smile.

“Uhh yeah, your mom’s right Chandler.” I said shakily.

We walked over to the counter and looked at the different drinks they had.

“You guys can go first.” I said trying to be polite.

“We are still deciding, you can go ahead.” His dad told me. His voice was soft and he seemed nice, but he was still intimidating.

“Okay, uhh thanks.” I added quietly not making eye contact.

Normally I’m all bubbly and just always so happy. But now I was so uncomfortable; his parents were judging hardcore and it gave me anxiety. Chandler noticed and placed his arm around my waist again.

“You okay?” He whispered in my ear.

“Y-yeah. I’m okay.” I said getting out of his grip, not trying to make things more awkward.

I went up to the barista who happened to be one of the owners.

“Hey Y/N! How are you pretty lady?” She exclaimed as she saw me. It instantly put a smile on my face.

“Hey Martha, I’m good. How has your day been?”

“Girl, it was so good, now even better that I get to see you perform tonight! Yours?” She really knew how to make my day.

“That’s so sweet of you! It’s been pretty good. Chandler is here and so are his parents.” I replied looking down as I finished my sentence.

“Lemme guess, very judgmental? "She whispered

"How’d you know?”

“Girl, I can see the mom staring at you. Want me to say something?” I laughed.

“No, it’s okay. I can handle this.” I smiled.

“Hey Martha!” Chandler said as he walked up to the counter with his family behind him.

“Hey there my little tv star! How’s it going?”

“Great! This is my mom, dad, and little brother.” He introduced them.

“Alright, what can I get you guys?”

“We are paying separate.” his mother said sternly.

“I beg to differ. It’s on the house.” Martha told Chandler’s mom.

“You don’t have to-” his dad started to say as she was cut off by Martha.

“Anyone who comes with Y/N gets it on the house.” Martha said with a smile.

“And why is that?” His mom added.

“Well, you see my girl Y/N has been such a huge part of this place. She has helped us so much, she’s family to us.” Martha said as she looked at me. I simply smiled.

“So you work here?” His mom asked me.

“Mom, stop asking all these questions and order something.” Chandler told his mom trying to stop her from being rude.

“It’s okay Chan. No I don’t work here, but I do volunteer here a lot. And at a lot of other places. For example, I volunteer at the hospital, the animal shelter, and I help out at the Salvation Army.”

“Oh. I did not know that.” She was taken aback by all the things I do.

“And she also donates all her tips from performing here to different charities” Carl added trying to talk me up to his mom.
It was time for me to go perform now. Chandler kissed my cheek and I walked up to the stage.

“Hey guys, I’m Y/N for those of you who don’t know. But by the end of the night, you will get to know the real me.” I finished then started to play my guitar.

“Thank you guys so much and God bless you all. Have a good night!”

I walked off the stage and went up to Chandler who hugged me.

“That was probably one of the best performances yet!” He said kissing me.

“Thanks. I felt like it was too!” I said proudly.

“You wrote all of those songs?” His mom asked me.

“Yes I did, Mrs. Riggs” I said politely.

“Impressive!” His dad exclaimed.

“I loved it! Good job! "His brother added

"Thank you guys, that means a lot.” I smiled at them.

“Y/N, can I speak with you?” His mom asked me. It was the first time she said my name.

“Umm yeah.” I said and we walked towards the back.

“Listen I want to apologize for being so rude. I just thought that you were dating Chandler just for his fame and his money and I thought you’d get in the way of his job. I didn’t know that you were so down to earth.” She was smiling at me.

“Well thank you. And I just want you to know that I really care for your son. I would never do anything to hurt his career or use him for fame, or take his money.” I assured her. She simply smiled and pulled me into a hug.

“So will you accept my apology and we can start over?” She said as we pulled apart.

“Of course Mrs. Riggs.” I smiled at her.

“Oh please, call me Gina, sweetie.”

“Alright Gina. And I want to let you know, I really do care for Chandler. Even if he wasn’t famous. He’s a great person and I really love him.”

“Aww you love me!” Chandler said as he walked up to us.

“I’m glad you found an amazing girl like her, hon.” Gina said and walked away leaving us.

“So you got to meet my parents finally.”

“Yeah, it was” I paused “ something.” We laughed.

“Sorry about her in the beginning. I didn’t know she would come off so rude” he said pulling me into a hug.

“It’s okay babe, she was just looking out for you.” I said looking up into his beautiful blue eyes.

“I love you Y/N.” He said

“I love you too” I said back as we kissed.

***sorry it was kinda long and boring. It was one of my first Chandler imagines I wrote! Hope y'all liked it!

Or Maybe Richonne IS a Litmus Test for Racism?

It’s like the mantra of certain TWD fandom circles: “Richonne is not a litmus test for racism.

It’s delivered, condescendingly, as if it’s the most reason-based thought in the world – it’s just a show. TV couples aren’t important. Conflating something so trivial and meaningless as not liking a TV couple with racism is so over-the-top it insults human intelligence.

Which, of course, is a wildly privileged point-of-view. TV couples can matter a hell of a lot when they offer representation rarely seen on TV.

Regardless of intention, Richonne most certainly is a litmus test, from moment one through its high and low points. Seriously, it could be used in University studies on perception and race, the buildup was so clear, yet so invisible to so many.

Since there is this prevalent idea that racism means “making a conscious choice to flagrantly hate people for the color of their skin,” I’m going to change the wording:

Richonne is a litmus test that shows how influenced you are by media that prioritizes white people.

In the US, that’s most media, so it’s not your fault if your worldview has been shaped by white priority media (WPM), among other things. 

So, if you were completely caught off guard by Richonne and have a hard time seeing them as anything but bros-in-arms or siblings, have you been influenced by years of WPM? 

Answer: Yes.  Obviously. Because it was there, and you weren’t able to see it, even though if Michonne’s arc had been given to a white actress, don’t lie – you would have seen her as a potential love interest from the minute Rick saw her by the prison wall with formula for Judith. Everybody would have.

If you never thought they were coming together as a family unit, you’ve been influenced by WPM.

If you saw Jessie and thought “finally a love interest for Rick!” or thought that arc was romantic, you’ve been influenced by WPM.

If you think it makes more sense for Michonne to be a lone badass and Rick to be with someone else, you’ve been influenced by WPM.

If you had doubts that TWD would take the risk of actually pairing them romantically and sexually, you’ve either been paying attention to the habits of WPM or have been influenced by it (or a bit of both).

If you think Rick deserves a “pretty” (read: white) girl, you’re just a flat-out racist.

Are there non-racial reasons not to like an IR pairing? Sure, but not seeing it develop when it does develop in canon isn’t one of them. 

Imagine being taken captive by Negan but Dwight falling in love with you as he takes care of you

(Sorry if it’s messy :( BUT YAY DWIGHT!! I tried my best! Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owner.)

After surviving the longest night of your life, you had found yourself trapped in one of the cells in the Saviors’ compound.

Negan and his men had taken you as their prisoner after you had caused a commotion during the line up. Seeing your friend Abraham getting his head bashed had angered you so much, you couldn’t think of anything else but to jump up and punch Negan for it.

You had wanted to keep going but was forced to stop as his men had tackled you to the ground. By then you couldn’t have realize how much of a big mistake you had made acting so rash like that.

Within a few words being said, the next thing you know Negan had bashed your older brother’s, Glenn’s head as well. You knew in that moment, you had to avenge his death and make him pay for what he had done to all of you.

You couldn’t believe what you had just witnessed. Tears and screams came out of you and even more as you tried to get out of everyone’s grasps once again, only to be knocked unconscious and taken captive

Negan had his plans for you, seeing how tough you are and had tasked one of his men to handle you from the start.


After all the tears from seeing your dear brother go that way, suffering in such pain, you had shut yourself down completely from your surroundings.

You didn’t count the days since you had gotten to their camp, but every morning you woke up to the sound of a rather annoying song.

It was put on repeat until your “caretaker” would come over to fetch you your breakfast, if that’s what you could call him.

If you could remember well, his name was David and was a complete asshole to you. Requesting the strangest things from you, angering you and making you lose your mind.

If you happened to “disobey” him, you would get beaten and strangely enough, he had the audacity to muffle your mouth with his hand to keep you from screaming your pain out.

During the time you would be out of your cell, you were forced to work by the fences keeping the walkers off with the other prisoners there. Oddly enough, it was honestly your favorite part of the day, you were away from your nightmare and closer to your fantasy.

Killing walkers, imagining them as each of the Saviors, made so much fun for you to kill. Noticing how good you were at it, David had often wanted to “reward” you with his advances, making you puke at the thought and getting yourself in trouble.

Slowly, despite that you were still drained from all of it and would give up in the end but still, you weren’t ready to die. Your brother had left a widow, you needed to take care of and a future nephew or niece for you to raise alongside with your friends, you couldn’t give up in your life just yet.


And luckily, that light of opportunity came to you when, one morning, something was changing. You opened your eyes to darkness, only to finally see the light and some boots as you laid on the ground.

You looked up to see the face you had grown to hate so much and boldly, you decided to spit at the man. This time, it really ticked him off and the next moment you knew, you received a slap to the cheek for it.

“Fucking bitch!”, he said wiping his cheek.

His blow was hard enough to knock you down and as you tried to get up, he grabbed a fistful of your hair.

“Let go of me!”, you screamed, trying to fight him off. He laughed and raised his arm up, until someone else appeared.

“Let go of her, David…I don’t remember Negan ever asking you to beat her…”

The man turned to look behind and looking at him as well, you both noticed it to be, Dwight, the guy that had taken your brother captive in the first place.

Looking at him, you wanted to hurt him even more than you did David, for all of it, thinking it was as much his fault as it was yours but David’s grasp kept you from doing anything.

He scoffed at him and told him to mind his business as he turned to look back at you, only to hear a gun being charged from behind his head.

“I said…Negan doesn’t want her to beaten…So let her go…I ain’t gonna repeat myself after this…”

You groaned at the feeling of your scalp being tightened for a moment, before being relieved from the stinging pain.

David, clearly mad, left reluctantly and promised to report to Negan, only for Dwight to shrug and press him on to even hurry and do so.

It worried you to hear his threats but relieved you from his hold. You slumped onto the floor, catching your breath and realized, Dwight was actually just bringing you your breakfast for the day.

He walked closer and crouched down to hand you the plate, asking you to sit up and eat.

Although, you would’ve eagerly jumped at him to strangle him to death, you just didn’t have the strength to sit up and that he noticed.

Not being an inconsiderate man, he approached to help you. With hatred in your eyes, you protested to him, and told him to let go.

“Don’t you fucking touch me, bastard! I can handle myself…”

He backed away slightly, out of fear, but stayed close enough to get you up. He eyed you from head to toe, and realized it was worst than he had imagined.

You were bruised all over, apart from your face, most likely because David liked it or something, he thought.


He felt bad to see you that way and knowing that your brother had been killed that night, made him feel even worst. Guilt had washed him over since your arrival and hearing your screams down the hall at night and the ruckus from your rooms only accentuated that feeling.

He had come to realize his own personal mistakes he had done to your group and had reflected on Negan’s action for a while.

From the instant he had laid his eyes on you, he admitted to having a certain attraction to you. Whether it was your sweet tone he had heard, while spying on all of you, your fighting spirit or just your humor, it was comforting to see you.


But in this state, he stared at you for a while in deep thought on how he should approach you.

Not knowing better, he shoved the plate in hand forward, making you notice that it was a rather drab meal and obviously meant for a captive like you. You wanted to throw it at him but before you could, he put his hand up.


He spoke in a hush tone and looked around to check his surrounding. You listened to him and as he looked back at you, he took out a rather fresh looking sandwich instead.

“Don’t ever eat that, again…It’s dog food…and you’re not a dog…You don’t deserve that…”

You looked at him wearily, not entirely sure if you should put your trust in him already.

Carefully, you thought about it but your stomach grumble made you take it quickly and strangely made him smile.

You looked rather frail to him but the thought of what you had done the other night, came back to him and he couldn’t help but be impress by your fighting spirit as well.

He kept staring, making you self conscious and worried.

“The hell you looking at?!”, you said, with a glare and spitting out a little mouthful towards his way.

It startled him but he smiled for a moment, only to recollect himself, as he had gotten nervous. He stuttered and looked around to distract you from him.

“Nothing…Just eat…and careful not to spit at me…”

Without thinking, his words made you laugh as you realized what you had done earlier, truly throwing him off guard.

“What?! You never heard someone laugh at you before?!”

You didn’t seem to care anymore at this point and were just genuinely curious as to why he’d be so surprised from your laughter.

He shrugged and shook his head nervously, making you look at him strangely.

“Well yeah but…I don’t know…Not from someone who was just beaten a few minutes ago…”

You scoffed and rolled your eyes at him.

“Please…It’s not the first time he’s done that…At some point I have to forget the pain and laugh too…”

He nodded along with you and let you eat for a moment, thinking about how he should tell Negan to let you in his charge instead.

He didn’t understand as to why, he hadn’t been so from the start but never really questioned it, letting it go.


As he looked at you, he realized how dirty you were as well and got up to leave, telling you about how he was going to get some new clothes for you.

It was strange to you how “kind” this guy was and you couldn’t help but think it was part of Negan’s sick brainwashing methods again.

You backed away in your corner and told him what you thought of it, bluntly.

“Oh, I know what you’re doing…Y-you’re trying to get me to say the words, aren’t you? Acting like this…”

His eyes grew dark and slowly he shook his head.

“What’s the point of doing that…You’re not going to be better…”

He turned away to go get your new clothes, leaving you to think about your words and him.


From his tone and expression, you felt like you understood a part of him. Clearly, he wasn’t alright with all of this and something in him, made you think he was on the same page as you, he wanted out of this place.

With that thought in mind, you slowly let yourself be open to him at a certain extent, apologizing for earlier as he came back.

He accepted it with a nod and had to reluctantly walk you to your work. Gripping you by your shirt, he lead you out and whispered to you, “Listen closely…David is most likely going to come up to you after and try to take you…but i’m going to stay nearby…make sure that doesn’t happen…If anything does…You run straight to me…Go it?”

You felt comforted by his words and nodded at him as you stepped outside to the fence.

Without keeping his eyes off of you, Dwight stayed nearby to make sure things would go right.

Just as he predicted, David had cause some commotion to see you and for once, you ran to a man for protection.

Things hadn’t gone smooth at all at first, up until Negan had appeared and the problem had been addressed.


You and Dwight had successfully convinced him and your new “caretaker” was in charge of you until you said the words, Negan desperately wants to hear.

Carefully, enough, Dwight had made sure to seem and appear rough and tough with you while outside your cell, wanting to make the others think he was truly brainwashing you.

However, his demeanor would change the instant you were both alone and oddly enough, you didn’t mind him as much as you did. That was until you thought about your friends but you tried to keep that out of the way, since he would bring you clean and fresh clothes everyday, as well as your breakfast, only to change for a fresh sandwich he had hidden in his jacket, as others left him alone with you.

Each passing day, became tolerable to you and for him, you were the only thing keeping him from loosing his mind over everything he had witnessed.

To your surprised and his, he had managed to open you up to him and had done the same to make you trust him even more, not to mention he protected you from people trying to harm you.

He even protected you from the worst, making you fall for him, the reminder of your brother’s death.


Upon walking the halls, to give you your supper, he heard a rather unfamiliar yet familiar sound coming your way.

You were crying, sobbing, he could tell, he remembered it so much. His heart race in worried as to what might’ve happened and made him take faster step to understand what was happening.

He felt like the hall had grown longer and darker as he tried to desperately reach you in time to alleviate your pain. He dropped whatever he had in hand and finally stood by your door, opening it wide.

“Y/N?! Who the hell was hurting you?!” He didn’t knew what took him but that was the first thing he had in mind to hear you cry this much.

All curled up in your corner, you shook your head and he couldn’t resist to approach you. Without hesitating, he wrapped his arms around you, making you do the same to him.

It was the first time you both had ever been so close and comfortable, that he couldn’t help but stroke your hair, in hopes to help you even more.

You shook your head and tried to calm yourself but nothing came out apart the sound of your ragged breathing.

It was an inexplicable feeling to see what you had witnessed and been under that no words came out.

It worried him even more, making him check around you to see if you had any bruises. None, it relieved him to know that you hadn’t been hurt that way.

He looked around again and that’s when he knew what made you cry this much. It was cruel, maybe even more than a beating.

It was the polaroid of your brother’s dead body. Worst of it all, it had the words “Your fault” on it, clearly reminding you of that unfaithful night.

It angered him to see it and even more to know how much it pained you. He couldn’t stand the idea of this kind of emotional torture, the idea of being unable to protect you from any of it and the idea of you not being fine.

Quickly, he cupped your face, making you look only at him and shook his head and looking into your eyes, he said, “No…No…No, Y/N it wasn’t your fault…It wasn’t, alright…Tell me…Tell me the sick freak that made you look at this!”

Tears kept rolling down your cheeks and breathing heavily, you took a few seconds before being able to answer properly.

“I-It…It…Was Negan! He…He came over with the others…Th-threw the picture, saying how i should redeem myself for what I had done…”

You felt like a child, saying his name so loud and crying that way. Still you hugged him again to feel better and just let it all out.

You hated yourself for all of it and you couldn’t think of anything else. Hearing you say it so loudly, truly boiled Dwight’s blood and he had enough of it.

At this point, it was clear to him. You were the choice he was going to choose.

Lifting your chin up, he whispered to you, “Y/N…Listen to me…We’re getting out of here…”

You couldn’t believe your ears, and had let it out, “R-really?”.

He nodded and wiping your tears, he inched closer. “I’ll get you home…To your family…and hopefully…They’ll agree with me…”

You didn’t understand his meaning, until he pressed on.

“That Negan needs to die…”

Thoughts about how he had lost his wife and everyone dear to him, came to your mind and truly you understood he felt just as you.

As you nodded at him, he hugged you again and kissed your hair, whispering to you about how he loves you.

Your heart skipped a beat to hear him, and as you raised your gaze to look at him, you were surprised to feel his lips and scar on yours.

He backed away quickly, just as out of breath as you and whispered to you about his plan to leave this dreaded place forever and how you’ll get ready for the upcoming war.