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Under the Table [Rick Grimes x Reader]

Can you do an imagine where the reader and Rick are at a dinner party in Alexandria and the reader is wearing a dress that makes her hot and making Rick wanting her really bad? Smut please? Thanks! xx

Hope you enjoy anon! 

Warnings: SMUT, swearing, dirty talk, oral sex (female receiving)

Words: 1,522

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Here’s to Happiness (Lin x Reader)

Word Count: 3,126

Warnings: swears and angst…

Authors Note: i know its been a while yall and im really sorry! its almost been a month. I had finals just this past week and i was so drained but i managed to milk this fic out! enjoy, and let me know what you thought!!

Summary: He deserved to be happy, but so did you. 

Dedicated to: @hamilton-noodles because she’s a super good friend of mine and makes me happy.

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Finding a Dream - A Super Sons Story

Synopsis: Jon has to support and comfort Damian, who’s begun to have recurring dreams of a friend he was supposed to have…a friend that doesn’t exist in this timeline…a boy named Colin Wilkes.

This is my first serious Damijon fic, so I hope you guys enjoy :D

“Damian, slow down!”

“Ironic, considering you’re the one with super speed. I’m leaving you behind if you don’t keep up!”

Jon sighed in resignation as Damian ran ahead of him. They were at an abandoned warehouse this time, another late night out in Damian’s frenzied search for someone who seemed to never actually be there. Damian leaped atop a stack of container vans, meticulously searching for any clues. Jon trudged behind him, trying his best to pretend he didn’t want to go home. Not that Damian was stopping him, but he was too worried about his friend to even consider leaving.

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Vegas | Tease | Oops | D | Game | Mistake

Note: Here’s Vegas 3, enjoy this banter, sin, and fluff. I enjoyed writing it. I love this series so much, actually. Oh yeah, and this is only halfway edited, so don’t kill me if there are careless mistakes.

Word Count: 2293

Pairing: Daveed Diggs x Reader

Warnings: SMUT. quickie, mouth covering, trying not to get caught sex

Originally posted by matthew-daddario

“Daveed!” You yelled frustratingly from his kitchen. It was the morning after the concert and you were sore, frustrated, and most of all energy-deprived, so when you realized that you couldn’t reach the coffee mugs in his kitchen, you were already fed up.

You felt a warm pair of bare arms snake themselves around your waist and a body press itself against you from behind.

“Hmm?” Daveed’s breath was hot against your neck, creating goosebumps on your body.

You sighed, subconsciously leaning back into him. “Why do you put your coffee mugs so damn high on the shelf? You know I can’t reach them.”

“My bad,” he murmured, reaching up to grab a mug for you and set it on the counter. You knew he was smirking even though you couldn’t see him. “But it’s not my fault you’re short.”

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anonymous asked:

Hi! Whenever you get free time, may I please request a scenario with Sir Youngjae(Got7) and JB in the shower? With like lots and LOTS of dirty talk, and a daddy kink. 😆😆 Also i love you!😙okay bye bye.😶


“Hey Youngjae.” You sighed softly opening the door to drip your things on the floor with a groan.

“Hey Y/N. What’s wrong?” The male asked softly looking at you from the couch. He had worry etched on his features and lately all you had been doing was coming home to vent to your best friend. You felt a little bit bad for it because he deserved so much more. Shaking your head, you gave a soft smile moving to take off your heels and lock the door passing by the back of the couch where he was residing you ruffled his hair and made your way up the stairs towards your shower.

“Don’t worry about it cutie. I’ll be down soon.” You called out stripping your clothes and going into your room. You were grabbing all the things you would need to shower, and when you walked out from your room with a big fluffy towel around your waist and a bottle of shampoo you heard the door open and shut signaling that your other best friend and roommate was home.

“Hey Jae.” You heard Jaebum’s husked voice greet from the door and you trembled feeling a soft trace of want reside in your lower belly. Shutting the bathroom door, you turned on the water, letting it steam up the place and get warm. Your mind wandering to Jaebum and how you just wanted to see him. Play in his hair as he gave you those dark gazes. He would make everything better. Just like Youngjae would. You knew both were helpful but the problem was you were feeling both. You had found yourself may nights laying on your bed with your fingers buried deep inside of your pussy as you took turns crying out their names. It was a sinful thing to do yes but you really couldn’t help yourself.

You had all been best friends for so long. Dating back to your kiddie days and then some. They were always sort of home for you, once upon a time you called them brothers until Jae messed around and hugged you with his hands to low on your back. That was the first day you felt something, and you stopped using the term brothers and opted out for the O word instead. Usually you addressed them by names and they gave you shit for it but it was kind of charming watching them fuss and beg for you to address them as your elders. They had both grown up so well, and Jaebum hitting puberty was one of the best things that could have ever happen to him and you. But you knew they had girlfriends or flings, and you had awoken many nights, making a journey to the kitchen only to hear them giggling and watching movies or the soft bang of the headboard against the wall. So, you never admitted your feelings and some days it was hard. You snapped at them for a lot of dumb shit and often stormed off crying leaving them confused and concerned. If they tried to give you advice or help you, sometimes you shut them out like today. But you wanted to leave with them because they were home, and it was easier to pay off things this way.

Sighing softly, you let your towel unwrap from your body and press onto the sink. Moving to pull back the glass backwards you stepped into the shower immediately getting under the hot water that was shooting pellets onto your skin. Groaning softly at the pain you took it so that your muscles could relax and breathe a bit. Mind going blank for a second you dipped your head under the water letting it drench your hair out. Eyes still closed, you blindly reached for the shampoo only to remember you didn’t bring it with you into the shower. Whining rather loudly (it borderline turned into a scream) you were about to step out until you felt the cool liquid being poured on the center of your head from above. Jumping you reached out hands backwards you felt a toned body behind you, Jae’s soft laughter filling up the space.

“I called your name at least three times. How can you say you’re ok when you keep spacing out?” He asked softly moving his hands to lather up the shampoo on your scalp kissing across your shoulder blades. Your insides tightened and you felt your body was burning up and not from the water.

“Jae! Get out!” You tried to push him away embarrassed and covering up your body.

“I’ve seen you naked before kid.” He teased letting his nails scratch lightly against your head stopping half of your protest.

“Ok but I was younger! I was undeveloped.” You tried to reason as he pressed against you.

“Well I guess lucky enough for me, I stayed around to see what the final product was.” He teased with a soft laugh his voice dropping another octave. You were about to go on a tangent and rant but he pressed his hips against yours sighing softly. “Jaebum will you hurry up and get in here, princess is at it again.” He called out, your eyes snapped open to see the glass door slide open before Jaebum was joining you both in the shower that suddenly felt very small now. You opened your mouth gently watching the gorgeous male with his swooped back dark brown hair and silver studs in his ear. He leaned down to press a small kiss against your parted lips that made you even more flustered.

“Don’t do that.” You whispered softly.

“Why not?” He asked tilting his head, the water no longer hitting you, just his back as Youngjae continued to soap your head as if this was the most natural thing to be doing.

“Because.. It’ll give me the wrong impression.. And make me feel things.” You admitted looking down.

Jaebum gripped your chin making your eyes rest on his and you saw a smirk lie on his lips. “Why fight something you want to feel?” He questioned, and seeing your eyes open wide he answered your questions before you could ask them. “We have known for a while now Y/N what you feel for us. You were good at covering it up, but then your gazes started to linger a bit too long. You became too moody to always be on your period and I heard you moan our names before. At first I just heard Jae’s name so I stayed because I was going to go get him. But after a few more minutes I heard a soft call of my name. I was going to tease you more on it, wait it out but today Jae told me about how stressed you were. So, we want to make it better.” His eyes watched you. “So, before you say no think about this. Who knows what will happen after today, if our schedules will keep lining up. We are here now, you want us and we want you. Don’t fight it.” Jaebum whispered moving his hands behind his back because he wouldn’t touch you without permission. But once you gave him a head nod his lips was pressing against yours as he took a kiss from you.

He pulled you close to him tilting you a bit so that the soap from your hair would fall down your body, his hands traveling at your sides, he growled lightly biting on your bottom lip staring down at you. He looked back at Youngjae before he reached behind him to shut off the shower picking you up he tossed you over his shoulder carrying you into your bedroom. Pressing your wet body down on the bed Jaebum crawled between your legs letting your lips connect again. Youngjae stood back for a second watching the hot make-out scene before him. He was a pleasure and not being one for competition he would rather watch you feel good then demand your attention. He was soft, and Jaebum was aggressive. Jaebum kissed down your body towards your pussy spreading your legs wide and pressing them harshly towards the bed. Looking down at him, your body was propped up on your elbows, enjoying the teasing flicks of his tongue. Seeing Jae stand against the wall you couldn’t help but want him and make him feel wanted. You beckoned him towards you with two fingers and he came eagerly crawling on the bed.

“I want to taste you.” You whispered out and gripped at his dick stroking it slowly. Your mouth falling open when Jaebum let his tongue go to work on stretching out your tight pink walls, you wrapped your lips around Jae’s swollen head sucking and licking up his salty precum before hollowing out your cheeks. Bobbing your head up and down you tasted all of him letting your tongue swirl around his shaft slowly.

“You like that baby girl? You like sucking your daddy’s cock off huh, who would have ever thought you were such a dirty little slut.” Jaebum growled moving to slap at your pussy before he was crawling besides Jae, looking down at you he let his dick press into your face as well. “Come on baby girl be good and use that tiny little hand. You can get us both off.” He instructed gripping your hair harshly. Jae was a moaning mess bucking his hips against your mouth, you pressed your hand against Jaebum’s shaft slowly starting to stroke it and match the pace of you sucking onto Jae’s dick. Your mouth stretched out and you tried to give them both pleasure while Jaebum was slapping your ass kneading the flesh.

“Come on my little slut don’t keep teasing. Fucking choke on me already.” Jae grew impatient forcing your head down onto his cock, Jaebum helping by directing you with his grip on your hair. Jae reached his hand over to rub his fingers up and down your wet slit, plunging two inside of you he fucked you fast and hard with them, scissoring and stretching you out he watched you with parted lips and rosy cheeks feeling the slow buildup of his orgasm. He moved back to take himself out of your mouth, switching to move behind you he flipped you on your stomach so that your hands and knees were onto the bed. “Suck off your other daddy while I fuck this pretty pussy nice and hard.” Jae commanded leaning down to bite on your left ass cheek before smacking the flesh.

Jaebum smirked opening your mouth with his fingers he guided his hardened shaft into your mouth groaning at the wet feeling of your tongue on his flesh. You concentrated on making them both feel good, moans spilling from your lips as Youngjae entered you from behind. You rolled your hips backwards onto his dick and he moved his hands watching you. “That’s right baby, show me what this little pussy has got. Yeah you like that? Fuck daddy’s dick.” He pushed you, his hand moving to rub fast at your clit while he watched your hips slam back against his. Your ass jiggling with every thrust you fucked yourself on his cock. Your eyes staring up at Jaebum who was all the while staring back down at you making no other noises besides the silent moans feeling your lips suck on his skin. You took him deeper almost choking as you let his tip brush against the back of your throat. “Faster baby. Fuck that pretty pussy.” Jae groaned out slapping your ass turning it red. You obeyed him letting your hands dig into the sheets as you slammed yourself backwards onto his dick repeatedly feeling your flesh being stretched. Your wet walls wrapping around him you felt him twitch inside of you knowing that he was close you circle and wound your hips doing any and everything that you could until he was pulling out of you gripping harshly at your hips.

Jaebum moved back for a bit stroking his dick, he watched as Youngjae got back on the bed, stroking his dick until he was spilling his white seed into your mouth. You swallowed everything he had greedily, licking around his swollen cock that was now going limp you made sure to clean up the bitter sweet tasting white stuff. Youngjae leaned down to kiss your lips stroking your cheeks softly. Jaebum pulled you back after some time moving to sit down on the bed he looked up at you pressing the tip of his dick against your entrance teasing you as he rubbed it up and down your opening but just not pushing into you yet. “You know what I want.” He said simply, his hands wrapping around your waist until he was hugging you close to his body. His arms trapped your frame against his, nodding your head you reached behind you grabbing at his dick, letting it rub up and down your dripping center a bit more, you soon were sliding down on him taking him inch by inch until you were hissing at the stretch of his dick in your pussy. He moaned rolling his head back his body completely engrossed in the pleasure of being inside of your wet pussy. You let your hands move to press on the top of his shoulders slowly moving yourself up and down onto his shaft. Your hips snapped against his but he didn’t speed you up nor slow you down just let you take him inch by inch. His hands moved to grip at your ass cheeks slapping them he kneaded and played with them while he leaned down to suck on your left nipple. Youngjae joining on his other side he took the liberty of pressing his plump lips against your right nipple adding pleasure to your body.

Your hips started to move faster, your hands moving behind you to rest on his knees you leaned back some to slam your hips down against Jaebum’s letting them both see how well you took his dick inside of you the wet lewd noises bouncing off the room walls. It felt so good to finally have him inside of you, after all these years of longing and wanting here you were enjoying the both of them. Youngjae reached down to rub his hand against your throbbing pink clit adding to the pleasure of your erratic hips. “Are you going to be my good slut and cum for daddy? I know you want to. I know you want to paint my dick with your wet juices. You’re my good girl, right?” He asked gripping at your hair making you look in his eyes.

“Yes, I’m your good girl daddy.” You whimpered out knitting your eyebrows together, his hips rolling up a bit to meet your thrust Jaebum gave a wild smirk groaning out your name.

“Then show me how fucking good you are and cum all over my dick.” He commanded you as Youngjae’s fingers moved faster against you. Giving in you nodded your head, rolling it backwards to cry out Jaebum’s name first and then Youngjae’s you came hard on his shaft, following the instant feeling of his cum burying himself inside of you. Your hips slowed down to ride out your orgasms, stopping completely after sometime you leaned up to press kisses against his lips.

Out of the blue Youngjae was pulling you off of Jaebum’s dick pressing your face down into the mattress slapping your ass. “Well since you moaned his name first. Let’s see if we can change it this time shall we?”

My Waters Below My Hills.


Give up your waters woman, become but a husk so that you are remade from your dust. 

When I was little, I had a series of spells that would plague me at night. I would choke on my own breathe, until it felt like my body has closed itself up to world around me. Usually happening between the moments when I was just about to wake up from sleep, my body would seize as if I was stuck on the threshold of dreaming and waking. 

Here I would have visions as my eyes welled up with tears and my mouth opened in silent gasps, screaming out for the deaths that are yet to come in my family. Until my parents would come rushing through the doors, and I would gulp down honey water to choke me awake with the sudden sweetness. 

The sensation of losing your breath is as if you are becoming nothing, swimming through nothing, seeing nothing. Slowly.

When I was very little, I almost died. One of my lungs collapsed at night while I was sleeping, and liquid began to fill my throat till I could barely gulp down air. My mother heard me gasping in my cradle beside her bed, and rushed me to the Emergency Room.

Last night, I couldn’t stop drinking water and then expelling my waters until the flow became crystal clear. There came a knowing in my body that it was time for another passage into the world below and back. I filled my copper basin that have collected the ashes of my ceremonies for the past months with cold water from the tap, and sitting it in a triangle of wooden staves, floated a white candle in its depths. 

My body heats, and morphs, and changes as my skin transforms serpentine, grow scales, wings of white feathers sprouting from my back, my breathing becomes none existent and this time I let it. For I know it is the mothers sitting with me.

I fall asleep to the light of my white candle, my fetch swimming through the oceans in my soul, waiting for the dream to come, to incubate as so many of us have done in temples and cells and caves and arbours in all the days before and after us. 

You may see yourself swimming down a lake or well. You will see yourself pass through more layers or doors than you have ever thought possible, usually involving an increasing sense of claustrophobia or pressure as you get deeper and deeper. Eventually you will find yourself very close to the heart of the spiral, the ‘eye of the storm’ where things are weaved and unweaved. You will need to pass through and to do so you will need to be able to let go of everything of you that is mortal. You will also be stripped of the illusion of ‘up’ and ‘down’ and come to realize that in travelling ‘down to the bottom’ you have also reached the height of heights and are now in the stars.

- Lee Morgan’s A Deed Without A Name, page 133, from the chapter “The Water Below The Hills”.

As I woke up in the world of sleeping, I found myself inside the houses of my mothers. First I was in a small cottage by the Bayous of Louisiana, Maria making gumbo and fish head stew with black bread. The scent of her spices fill the tiny house with memories I didn’t know I had. She sprinkles a powder into my bowl of stew and whispers a prayer I can’t hear. “Time to meet your maker”, she says to me, and I think it’s my time to die. 

“Not like that baby”, she responds, “You got more than one maker”.

I take the bowl into my hands, and as I take my first dip and bit, the scenes around me shift. 

Now I am on the banks of a river, the earth yellow with minerals and nutrients rubbing warm dust beneath me. Around me are tents filled with women, they point to the rushing waters crashing against the jagged rocks, and tell me to get closer or I’ll never swim to shore. The bitter waters splash against my face, tasting of green things and ash. I am stripped down into my scales and fins, and dipping into the waters, my vision goes black. 

When I can see again, I am in my middle school classroom in China. Before me is stretched rolls and rolls of paper, and I am spending an eternity writing out line after line. My middle school teacher, stern, manipulative, who in one breath can weep in front our parents for our supposed failures and then scream and hit us with her ruler behind their backs, stood looming over me. I pick up my pen, and begin to write as I always have in the past, never stopping until the alarm clock wakes me up from my slumber.

Time to meet your maker baby.

Is she my maker? I wonder to myself, this woman who was my mother for most days when my own mother left me there in that institution each morning, and came to pick me up late at night. Was she my maker? This stern, cruel woman who’s images blurs with that of my mother’s, with that of the many teachers before her who attempted to drill into my head a mother tongue I was suppose to know but could never quiet get the handle of. I feel my arms and run my hands over the cruel lines left behind by her stings and pinches and slaps and wrenching. 

I look at the rough, thin paper under my hands, my pen scratching out symbols and characters I can no longer remember the meanings of. 

No sun shone through the windows, everything was dark except for that single fluorescent light that shone above our heads. 

Her shadow creeps through every corner of the wall, running against the lines of chalkboards that surround us, imposing their dark shadows against my body.

All those years of repetition, of stolen consent, of silenced voices. I did something I didn’t know I could do, and had never done in previous dreams like the one I am having now, in that claustrophobic classroom with that imposing teacher. 

I put down my pen, I walk up to her, I look her in the eye, and I say, firmly, quietly, “no”.

And I walk away.

She weeps as the alarm sounds and my eyes open to the sun streaming through my window, cascading onto the sea of plants lining my room.

Give up your waters woman. I did. Become but a husk so you can be remade from your dust. Was I ever a mother? Was I ever in past lives a woman with a uterus who didn’t need to hide behind the masculinity she was assigned at birth because of her genitalia? Did I ever feel the sensation of pushing life out from between the lips of my legs, feeling a piece of me slip out of my body, into my arms? Or given away to another? Or take herbs poisonous to this life suckling in my womb so that I wouldn’t need to do this?

I look to the mothers of my line, and they gently move my head to look forward into the future. 

Some things do not need to be carried with you for all the lives you will live love.

The spirit of a child I didn’t know I had been carrying within my belly laughs and gurgles with joy.

Backstory. When I was nine years old my parents told me that we were going back to China for a summer vacation. After packing our bags and taking that arduous fourteen hour plane ride back home, we began looking for elementary schools in my area a week after we landed. We didn’t come back to Canada for five years. I was placed in local elementary schools with a series of abusive homeroom teachers. They were the mothers that my own mother refused to protect me from. They placed their hands without my consent onto my body, their fingers digging into my mind against my will.

Shaping me, gaslighting me, manipulating me into the perfect little brain washed, teacher fearing, government fearing student that the communist regime in China desired from every family at the time.

I could never say no.

These past few nights have been my beginnings and continuations in correcting that mistake of the past. 

anonymous asked:

This will probably be a little different than the usual requests you get. I'd like to see reacts of the RFAs + Saeran when MC wants a break up.


-You brought it up after dinner, while the two of you were working together to wash dishes.
-He didn’t know how he managed not to drop the dish he was drying.
-You were being so casual about it. It almost scared him.
-He cleared his throat, trying to get his voice to sound just as calm.
-“M-May I ask why?”
-“I’ve realized I value you more as a friend than a partner.”
-He just nodded, not saying a word. He didn’t know how to react. Everything felt like he was walking through static- His head felt numb as his heart slammed against his chest.
-The two of you finished washing dishes. You grabbed your purse, kissed him on the cheek and told him you loved him, and you walked out.
-He just slowly got ready for bed. He slipped on his PJs, threw on his hoodie for good measure, and climbed into bed.
-That’s when it hit him. Your smell still lingered on his hoodie, his pillow, his whole damn bed. Hell, he was pretty sure he smelled like you too.
-He gripped his pillow tight and ended up quietly sobbing into it most of the night.
-He stayed off the RFA chat for a few days. He even stopped playing LOLOL for a while because of this. He just couldn’t focus on anything. Just was a husk until Seven managed to come over and help him through it.

-He’d just gotten done rehearsing for the day, and he was so excited to come over and hang out with you!
-He went ahead and pulled out his phone, leaning against his bike, giving you a heads up.
-“Hey, babe! I just got out for the day. We finished a bit early! You still on for today?”
-“Hey, Uhm. Not really.”
-“Oh, did something come up?”
-“Yeah, a bit. Uhm… Zen. I want to end things. With you.”
-He let out a nervous laugh, but when you didn’t laugh back, he felt his stomach churn.
-“You’re being serious?”
-“Yeah… I’m sorry, Zen.”
-He was quiet for a while, and before anything else could be said he ended the call and cut off his phone.
-He teared up a bit, but since he was still outside of the theatre, he just took a deep breath, climbed on his bike, and drove.
-He ended up driving for a while, just thinking about all of the reasons you could have wanted to end things. The rude comments his fans made once in a while? The idea of being known outside your friend circle? God, did he do something? Did he do nothing?
-He wanted to ask you a million questions, but instead he just went to his secret spot and smoked until 3 am.

-You brought it up one morning, while rejecting a morning cuddle session.
-He sat upright in a jolt, confused completely.
-Unlike the others, he did ask you several questions. Why? When did you decide this? Were you feeling unwell? Is it not something to be discussed? Was he not good enough?
-As you slipped into your day clothes, you gave him short answers, not looking at him.
-“Jumin, I just don’t love you anymore. Can you please just have someone drop off my things at my place? You can keep what you bought me.”
-He felt the threads that used to bother him suddenly squeeze him tightly, barely even allowing him to breathe.
-“Right. I’ll… Send someone to do that. Right.”
-He didn’t even go to work that day. He tried, but he just couldn’t focus on anything.
-It was hard to breathe, hard to talk, hard to move. Everything he did felt like it took every bit of energy from him, no matter how small the task was.
-Even Elizabeth 3rd wasn’t helping him.
-He stayed away from the chat, ignored all the phone calls, ignored Jaehee.
-Sometimes, once in a blue moon, he’d try to call you after drinking too much wine, but he’d always hang up before you could answer.

-She felt like her world was falling apart.
-Her first friend, her first business, her first long bout of happiness- All of it ended in a flash.
-You handed in your resignation, her shock making her need to close the cafe for a few days as you packed up your things. As you finished off any employee notes. As you left her.
-As you did this, once in a while you’d walk into her crying- But she quickly sucked it up and acted like nothing was wrong.
-Sending your last paychecks hurt her. She didn’t want to stop giving you any. She didn’t want to fill your position.
-She reverted back to the old C&R Jaehee. Completely focused on work and the slight Zen DVD. Even the DVDs were hard for her to take joy in. Her fondest memories were watching them with you.
-The Cafe wasn’t doing well without you, no matter how hard she worked. She was doing the work of two people. Sure, she used to do this before, but now it seemed harder, like there was a mental block.
-After a while, she would consider selling the cafe and go back to working for Jumin again. Anything to get rid of the barrier in her head. Anything to stop thinking about you.

-It hurt him so much. God, he couldn’t even compare it to missions where he had been fucking stabbed before.
-It hurt because it was his fault.
-You stood at the door, a few bags in hand, almost emotionless.
-Angry? Sad? Done? Done was the only way to describe how you were. What aura you had.
-He ended up hugging your knees, sobbing against your thighs, chanting a mantra of “Please” and “Don’t go”.
-He would change! He’d stop having those anger spells! Those days of pushing you away! Of saying he didn’t need you!
-He was just so so scared. You were the only one who made him feel worth anything. Who made him feel like he deserved to live.
-You ended up breaking down. He hurt you so much, he just wanted to pretend this never happened. Take you to space, let him hold you and never let go.
-But you pried his arms off and left, and he broke.
-He stayed in his room, he sold a few of his cars, he tried to get someone to track him down and hurt him. He deserved it, he deserved feeling nothing but pain, right? That’s what he did to you, wasn’t it?
-But he never could do it. He was too scared they’d try to track you down first, and he had hurt you enough already.

-You brought it up one night after an argument about something ridiculous. He even realized it was dumb and said he was sorry. But you realized you just didn’t have it in you anymore.
-He had his off days, he would admit that, and damn he was doing so much better than he was
-But it was so emotionally draining on you. You ended up being more stressed than when there was a bomb set to go off near you.
-So you ended it. Said you couldn’t do it anymore. You cried and he just stood there, silently crying along.
-He never felt so weak in his life.
-The one person that loved him, that wasn’t family, that loved him at his worst, couldn’t bare to stick along any longer.
-It hurt the most because he knew it made sense. He knew you needed to be okay and happy too.
-He begged you for one last hug before you went, and ended up not being able to let go for ten minutes.
-You couldn’t either.
-You said maybe, just maybe, if he was better in the future, the two of you could get back together
-He agreed, but he knew by then you would find someone who could treat you better.
-When you left, he actually ended up having to hug his brother for a while and just sob.
-Why did he have to have this life? What did he do to deserve this?
-The only bright side is that this brought him closer to his brother, and he was at least happy for that connection.

Requests are open!

I’m Going to Hurt You

Request: “Hey there!! Idk if you do Harry Potter requests, but if you do, could I request a young!Remus x reader imagine based off of the song “already gone” covered by sleeping at last, except with a happy fluffy ending? Thanks!!”

Pairing: Young!Remus Lupin x Reader

Word Count: 2008

Warnings: ANGSTTTTT and violence n stuff

A/n: First time ever writing for this character, so I hope I did okay!

Remember all the things we wanted
Now all the memories they’re haunted
We were always meant to say goodbye
Even with our face held high
It never would have worked out right
We were never meant for do or die

“We’ll always be together, right?” You asked softly.

Your head was in Remus’ lap, a billowing willow floated above as a gentle breeze sifted through the warm summer air. He was playing with your hair, looking down upon you with a loving gaze.

“You know I can’t promise that.” He whispered sadly, turning his head to look away now. “I can’t imagine you living a long and happy life if it were by my side.”

You sat up, bringing your knees up to your chest. Your head hung to the side, a pondering look spreading through your features. You flicked your eyes down to his hands, taking his in your own, your thumb running over the white lines and deep markings.

“I’m never going to leave you.” You spoke, a solemn tone laced within your statement. “You can’t make me.”

“But I can leave you.” He sighed, pulling you towards his chest. “It’s only a matter of time before something happens. I’ll do something that puts your safety at risk, and I’ll never be able to forgive myself.”

Silent tears now fell from your face, being soaked into Remus’ school tie. You knew he was right, but you wouldn’t admit it out loud. There would come a day that Remus would leave you, for your own safety. He didn’t want his condition to be the downfall of the love of his life, and so, when the time came he prayed he would be strong enough to do the right thing. To let you go.  

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2nd Time’s The Charm

Pairing: Baekyeol/ChanBaek

Genre: tutor!au, smut

Word Count: 6,334

Sypnosis: Park Chanyeol can owe his ways of brilliantly describing things to Byun Baekhyun.

Originally posted by lobbu-lobbu

Short and lean with almond brown eyes and stiff, wavy blonde hair. Those were the words that adorned the thin sheet of leaf paper tucked tightly in the palm of Chanyeol’s hand as he took heavy strides down Evie Mountain Court Dr. The paper hadn’t mentioned the three-story house he lived in or the winding cobblestone driveway he owned or the abundance of dusty Range Rovers that it donned. He’d only been given a brief excerpt of his appearance: short and stalky with brown eyes and blonde hair. Chanyeol reached his door at around seven-thirty p.m. It was a warm, careless evening as the chilly April wind lightly brushed the tall, stalky weeds of the garden. The sky wore a pale sun behind a sheet of thin clouds as cars nonchalantly drove past as if Chanyeol were some kind of invisible flower.

The door opened seconds later. Rooted to the threshold was indeed a short boy with brown eyes, blonde hair and a skinny figure. Illuminating those round eyes of his were a pair of thick horn-rimmed glasses, perched carefully upon the bridge of his nose.

“Hi,” he leaned casually against the doorframe. “You must be Chanyeol. From Mr. Evans’ English class.”

“That I am.” Chanyeol gave a curt nod and Baekhyun stepped aside, granting him entrance.

“Come on in.”

Baekhyun was one of the smartest seniors at Brooksville High. He had some of the highest test scores out of the whole alumni and Mr. Evans had personally recommended him to a lot of students, Chanyeol included. He and Baekhyun had met in school a few times: they were both in marching band, though Chanyeol rarely ever saw him except during football games and competitions when they played, but even then they barely talked. He didn’t necessarily have the normal intimidating look of a student who was very smart, but Chanyeol was just so socially awkward around everyone that he’d never really considered even talking to Baek until today when he really needed it.

Chanyeol wasn’t a very bad student necessarily, he just absolutely needed to pass his English final or else his parents would kill him and lock up his trombone. His love for music was the only thing that had driven him to take Mr. Evans’ advice and come to Baekhyun for help with his writing. Mr. Evans had mentioned that there would be a writing portion of their final where they would have to describe their lives and it seemed everyone but Chanyeol was completely content with this. He sucked at describing things, even his love of music and he earnestly needed help with properly inputting details more than anything.

Baekhyun’s house held a grand interior: the living room was longer than the entirety of Chanyeol’s house combined with multiple sofas and two flat-screen TVs nonchalantly playing football games and the like. By the oversized fireplace in the corner was a large shelf of books containing the classics: Hemingway, Poe, Shakespeare, and a whole other list of names Chanyeol only knew from listlessly perusing curriculum book lists.

“Why don’t you come over here?” Baekhyun shrugged his head towards a long, oak table beside the vast space that was the kitchen. “I’ve already got a few things ready to teach you.”

Chanyeol took a seat beside Baekhyun at the table, watching as he leafed through a few dusty course books and easily retracted thin sheets of paper all scribbled with long blobs of neat writing. He set them gently on the table, apparently in order of when he’d teach them, and then, with an air of willingness, turned to Chanyeol.

“Are we ready?”

Chanyeol nodded. He thought he was ready.

He was not.

Baekhyun was a very good tutor and was very skilled at explaining things. The problem was, although Chanyeol knew he had to absorb this information in order to pass his English final that coming month, he couldn’t get himself to focus and understand anything Baekhyun was saying. It was all going through one ear and out the other. Baekhyun, who seemed to be a very sweet and kind person indeed, was getting frustrated himself.

“Exposition!” he said for the umpteenth time. “It’s simple, see—it’s the beginning of the story. You want to get as close to the turning point and climax as possible. No unnecessary details, but don’t keep it too vague. Make it as narrow as possible, but make it necessarily narrow. Describing is key. Now, try this.”

He thrust forward a blank sheet of paper towards Chanyeol and the boy gruffly took it. “Now, I’m going to give you a prompt and I want you to write a beginning paragraph, okay? Alright, go.”

That wasn’t a success. Chanyeol’s paragraph was very choppy and messy and Baekhyun couldn’t hide the look of disappointment from crossing his face.

“Uh…okay…yeah, details aren’t your thing?” he said, with a dry chuckle. “Maybe we need to work on that.”

“Yeah,” Chanyeol swallowed, stuffing his hands in his pockets. “Sorry.”

“It’s okay,” Baekhyun said sympathetically, patting his shoulder. “Here, we’re all done. I’ll walk you out. You can take your snack with you.”

Chanyeol left the abnormally large house, bag strewn over his shoulder and a plastic bag of cookies that Baekhyun had given him to snack on for his somewhat “hard work”.

“Maybe next time, alright?” Baekhyun husked with an air of distress. “Don’t give up. We’ll figure out something else.” His eyes seemed to twinkle maliciously as the words fell from his lips and Chanyeol wondered if he’d seen correctly or not.

Baekhyun shut the door without bidding him goodbye and the taller boy hurried down the driveway, bag clanking against his legs as he made way towards the road.

Yixing, a Chinese exchange student who was good friends with Chanyeol, tediously asked him about the study session at lunch the next afternoon.

“It was fine,” Chanyeol muttered, raking bread crumbs off his shoulders. “I didn’t do too well honestly.”

Yixing fixed him with a cute expression of surprise, his eyes building to the size of saucers. “You didn’t?”

Chanyeol shook his head. “I dunno, I’m not so good at English honestly.”

“He helped me with my English-speaking skills,” Yixing said, awkwardly fidgeting with the orange on his lunch tray. “He had a really…strange method though.”


Yixing scrunched up his face as if trying to collect a lost memory. “I-It didn’t work at first—you know, his tutoring and stuff—but the next day—” His face suddenly flushed and then burned a deep crimson red. Chanyeol was unable to get Yixing to spill what had gotten him so flustered and he found himself unable to meet Chanyeol’s eye for the rest of the day.

He saw Baekhyun a few times during school as usual and responded sheepishly to the boy’s hearty waves as he amicably breezed past. Curiousity grew further inside of him as he could only wonder what Yixing had been on about. Had Baekhyun tortured him in some way? Made him feel bad about his poor English-speaking skills?

And most importantly, based on how Baekhyun had effected Yixing, what would the boy do to him?


He came back the next day at the same time. The sky was still somewhat dark and cloudy and the roads were streaming with unnecessarily fast cars. Baekhyun was waiting for him on the porch, rocking languidly in one of the white, dusty rocking chairs.

“Ah!” he exclaimed, leaping from his seat. “There you are!”

Chanyeol forced a very gruff smile. “Here I am!”

“Ready for Day 2?” Baekhyun propped his hands up on his hips.

“Definitely,” Chanyeol lied, following the boy into his house.

They started with small, simple writing practices. Chanyeol fortunately did a lot better which seemed to make Baekhyun happier. The number of suggestions decreased and more praises rang in his ears. He honestly felt happy as he watched Baekhyun’s eyes skim the words of his paragraphs, beaming with delight. Even with that, however, he felt a little disappointed. As well as he was doing and as fast as he was getting it, he wanted to know what Baekhyun’s “secret method” was to correct his poor writing.

So he failed the next one of Baekhyun’s little tests. Just to do a test himself.

Pretending to beam with false appreciation of his work, he cleanly slid the sheet of notebook paper back to Baekhyun. He watched as his eyebrows lightly crinkled beneath his glasses and puzzlement flashed through his brown eyes.

“Uh…Chan,” he chuckled dryly and Chanyeol pretended to lose his smile.

“What? What is it?”

“Well,” Baekhyun intoned, skimming over the paper. “You did everything wrong.”

“Wrong?” Chanyeol cocked his head. “What do you mean? I was getting it earlier.”

“Yeah, but,” Baekhyun seemed thoroughly confused. “Did you just slack on this or something?”

“No!” Chanyeol huffed. “I really didn’t. I guess I need more help then.”

“Well,” and out from Baekhyun’s bag was drawn another sheet of writing tips. “Use this and fix everything. If you need help, I’m here.”

Chanyeol’s shoulders sagged. More worksheets? That’s what’d helped Yixing become so great at English? Dull text just droning about facts and suggestions?

“Look, Baekhyun,” Chanyeol uttered, clearing his throat; Baekhyun snapped up his head to look at him. “Uh…Yixing told me you helped him learn English.” A proud smirk drew out on Baekhyun’s lips.

“Yixing, huh? You know him?”

“I sit by him at lunch every day.”

“How’s he doing?”

“Excellent. He doesn’t even have trouble speaking anymore.”

Baekhyun victoriously leaned back in his chair, his smile growing. “That’s all due to me. He was terrible at first, but the second time—he got a whole lot better.”

That was thing, though—what was up with this “second time”? What happened?

“H-How?” Chanyeol licked his lips anxiously. “What’d you do?”

Baekhyun curled his fingers around the edge of a paper instead of answering. “I’ll tell you later if you tell me on thing. Do you really need help, Chanyeol?”

Chanyeol thought honestly to himself. Extra help definitely wouldn’t be a burden and he still had a little trouble with creating details.

“I still need help with describing a bit.”

“Describing, huh?” Baekhyun’s eyes flickered ominously. “Well, then.” Baekhyun lifted himself from his chair with a heavy creak. He then began to advance towards Chanyeol. “Close your eyes.”

Chanyeol did as told, wondering with curiosity what Baekhyun would do.

He let out a small, shrill gasp of surprise as he felt Baekhyun’s soft hands began smoothly running up his back.

“Did I scare you?” Baekhyun’s breath lightly tickled his earlobe, planting goosebumps upon the soft flesh.

“S-Somewhat.” Baekhyun’s hands reached his shoulders, fingers lightly smoothing out the coarse fabric of his jacket.

“Since you need help with describing,” his fingers kneaded the clothed skin. “I’m gonna help you.”

Chanyeol gulped.

“I’m gonna do to you just what I did to Yixing. Just with a twist.”

The fingers rubbing his shoulders began pushing deep into the cloth of his jacket, massaging his skin. He unconsciously let out a sigh of relief, feeling the tension seep out of him. Baekhyun chuckled, massaging a little harder.


He nodded, resting his head back against the chair. “Better.”

“Alright,” Baekhyun moved his hands a little lower so his fingers were scraping the clothed skin of Chanyeol’s collarbone. “Now, I want you to describe what I’m doing to you.”

Chanyeol furrowed his eyebrows, but meekly did as told. “Uh…you’re massaging me?”

Baekhyun’s husky laugh vibrated in his ears. “I know—but how? Explain.”

“Um…” Chanyeol closed his eyes, trying to concentrate on Baekhyun’s movements. Only his movements. “Um…well, it’s not a bad massage, persay. I mean, your fingers are like…digging into my skin, if that makes sense?”

“Mmm…” Baekhyun hummed, rubbing a little harder. “Okay, not bad.”

Baekhyun’s thumbs began pressing deeper into his shoulders, eliciting a type of pleasure Chanyeol never knew possible. He had to stop a soft groan from escaping his lips as Baekhyun continued to knead and stroke his skin. “Now, describe how it makes you feel?”

“G-Good,” Chanyeol said with a sigh. “I-It spreads a kind of warm, gentle feeling through me. Like all the tension and stress is just seeping out like water.

“Interesting, interesting, okay.”

Baekhyun’s hands slightly moved lower so the tips of his fingers grazed Chanyeol’s chest. He shivered as the boy’s lips inched a bit closer to his ear so they were nearly scraping his earlobe. His fingers dug deeper into Chanyeol’s shoulders, his thumbs lightly pressing against a sensitive part of his back.

“Now describe that,” Baekhyun repeated the motion with his thumbs, making Chanyeol still against his hand.

“Um…it sends like a jet of relief to my back.”

“Excellent,” Baekhyun breathed against his shirt. Chanyeol felt his whole ear go red at the feeling of Baekhyun’s breath striking his skin. His fingers inched deeper past Chanyeol’s chest so the tips of his fingers were positioned on the region of skin right above his nipples. His felt his breath catch for a short second as it seemed Baekhyun had leaned even closer, his lips pressing lightly against the flesh of his earlobe. His fingers softly rubbed his chest, his thumbs still pressing against that sensitive area of Chanyeol’s back, making him nearly unconsciously tremble with thrill.

“How about this?” his voice was low and husky as if he was trying to directly talk to Chanyeol’s heart through the narrow canal leading from his eardrums to his rapidly beating chest.

“N-Not bad.”

Baekhyun laughed again and Chanyeol felt something inside of him shudder. “I mean describe it, Chanyeol, don’t just tell me how you feel.”

“Oh.” Chanyeol cleared his throat, squirming in his seat. He was trying too hard to hide how Baekhyun was affecting him. “W-Well…that actually feels nice, but um…” Baekhyun’s fingers pressed deeper. “Damn, I don’t know how to describe that.”

Baekhyun’s hands temporarily left his skin. “Do I need to get that outline again so you can see how to do it?”

“N-No,” Chanyeol nearly cried, reaching behind to grasp Baekhyun’s hand again. “N-No, it’s fine. I can do it.”

“Okay,” Baekhyun smirked, firmly planting his hands back to Chanyeol’s back. “Now”—his fingers roughly kneaded the skin and Chanyeol leaned his head back—“describe how this makes you feel.”

“Well, your fingers are prodding my skin through my shirt and it feels pretty ecstatic.”

“Hm.” Baekhyun’s hand slid past Chanyeol’s chest so they were sitting against his stomach. If there was any place on his body that was oddly sensitive for Chanyeol it was his stomach. And once Baekhyun’s hands reached that spot, he felt an incredibly strong stirring between his legs. Mostly when he started deeply massaging it with his hands.

“How’s that?”

How’s that? Chanyeol internally screamed inside his head. Besides the fact that you’re making me throb, it’s good.

“N-Nice,” he straightened himself in his seat, placing both hands firmly against the arms of the chair. “I mean…p-perfect, actually.”

Baekhyun began digging his fingers deep into Chanyeol’s ribs and he held his breath as a sudden pleasure seemed to mount his body. “If I went lower, would it probably feel better?”

Chanyeol swallowed a swift gasp. “I don’t know. I don’t know if I want to find out either.”

“Hm,” Baekhyun kneaded harder and it took everything inside Chanyeol not to suddenly cry out in ecstasy. How was the boy making him feel so good just by massaging his stomach? “Describe what I’m doing to you and maybe you will find out.”

Chanyeol coughed in attempt to distract himself from the seduction coating Baekhyun’s tone.

“Y-Your fingers…the way they’re pressing deeply into my skin feels really good…”

“Good, good,” Baekhyun whispered. “You’re getting better. More practice and you’ll pass that test.” His hands left Chanyeol’s stomach and he heard him begin to back away from the chair. “I think I have a good method of practice already ready for you.”

The chair scraped roughly against the ground as Baekhyun wrenched it around so Chanyeol was facing him. The boy smirked as Chanyeol suspiciously stared at him, watching as his hands slowly ran down to his jeans.

“This always works, you know?”

Baekhyun’s hand wrapped around the leather belt tightly bounding his jeans and Chanyeol felt his whole body stiffen as he popped open the buckle.

“B-Baek, what’re you—”

His words were cut off the moment Baekhyun’s jeans pooled at his feet and his eyes fell on the boy’s blue boxers. His length was painfully straining beneath it, begging to be released from the confines of the cloth binding it.

He gasped as the boxers were loosely tugged down and Baekhyun’s length fell in front of his face: long and rigid with a fine pink tip.

“Describe this.” Chanyeol was absolutely speechless.

Baekhyun’s length—his effing cock—had just fallen in front of his face and the boy was asking him to describe it.


Baekhyun chuckled at his puzzled expression. “You heard me, Chanyeol. Describe my cock.”

He didn’t know where to start.

From the bulging veins to the narrow pink tip.

Where could he start?

“Uh…it’s really firm-looking.”

Baekhyun laughed, his length wobbling lightly as he did. “Is that it?”

“Well, it’s hard…and slightly red…and pink and…long…”

Baekhyun cupped a hand around the back of Chanyeol’s neck, caressing the soft skin of his nape. “Maybe if I give you a little taste, you’ll be able to describe a bit better. Hm?”

Chanyeol felt his heart nearly leap out of his chest in surprise as Baekhyun pushed his head forward, causing his lips to automatically part around Baekhyun’s tip. His tongue instinctively ran all over the rigid flesh, tasting and flicking it. Alarm struck his brain, but only for a brief moment as Baekhyun slowly pushed his length farther into his mouth.

He’d never once had a cock in his mouth. Not once in his life. And now that the length of his tutor was resting halfway inside his mouth, he didn’t know whether to stop or keep going. A part of him wanted this to stop—they weren’t getting studying done and he definitely wasn’t gay.

But at the same time, his length was currently fidgeting in his pants as Baekhyun faintly groaned and gasped above him with pleasure. He knew the chances of him getting laid were much larger than the chances of him actually passing this test. And on top of that, how was he supposed to tell this guy he wasn’t going to suck him off without the rest of the lesson being completely awkward.

I’ll just go with it now, he internally whispered to himself. Maybe he’ll just make me suck him off and he’ll send me home. Th-That won’t be too bad, after all.

He circled his tongue heatedly around the tip, watching as Baekhyun’s face slowly scrunched up with pleasure.

“Oh, that’s it,” he pulled Chanyeol’s head back and forth, groaning and grunting with each lash of the boy’s tongue. “Good boy. Does that taste good?”

Chanyeol could only nod as Baekhyun pushed his head further, edging more of his length into his mouth. He nearly gagged as he felt the tip bump at his throat and Baekhyun briskly pulled out, a line of spit leaving Chanyeol’s mouth with it.

“Too deep?”

Chanyeol shook his head, suddenly extra keen to taste Baekhyun’s length again and he eagerly dove forward, pressing his lips to the tip. His tongue thrashed wildly against the surface and Baekhyun fisted his hair, leaning his head back in pleasure. He’d never once given anybody a blowjob before so he thought for his first time, he wasn’t doing so bad. His eyes drifted up forward to look at Baekhyun’s awe-stricken face, his mouth hanging agape and his eyes nearly rolling to the back of his head as he desperately clawed and grabbed at the hair adorning Chanyeol’s swiftly bobbing head.

“Gosh, Chanyeol,” he husked, running a hand down the boy’s back. “This isn’t your first time, is it?”

Chanyeol swiftly broke from the sturdy rod of flesh in his mouth. “Actually, it is.”

Baekhyun’s expression of surprise went unbeknownst to him as he dipped his head back towards Baekhyun’s length, taking the whole thing into his mouth. The tip barely scraped his throat and he slowly pulled back, watching as his lips heatedly ran across the surface. He felt his own length trembling with need as Baekhyun’s bulging veins throbbed beneath his tongue. He couldn’t believe he’d been the one to even get him this hard in the first place.

Baekhyun’s hand ran down his clothed back and he bent over, groping his ass through his jeans. Chanyeol moaned against his cock as the boy’s fingers gently slipped beneath his underwear, splaying across the soft skin of one of his ass cheeks. He moved his head faster, listening as Baekhyun’s moans grew louder. He reached a hand down to his own length straining painfully against his underwear and softly stroked it. Baekhyun lightly tugged his pants down to his knees and heartily smacked his ass; Chanyeol found himself groaning at the stinging pleasure spreading through his legs and Baekhyun smacked him again, hand striking against his ass.

“Tell me how my cock feels on your tongue,” Baekhyun muttered, massaging the globes beneath his fingers. “Tell me, Chanyeol.”

“It’s getting stiffer the more I suck it,” Chanyeol boldly winked and Baekhyun shivered, shakily raking his other hand through Chanyeol’s hair.

“Good boy. You’re getting better.”

Chanyeol gave a somewhat girly squeak as Baekhyun suddenly plunged two fingers into his ass. He’d never been fingered before in his life, but the feeling of Baekhyun’s cold digits sinking inside of him didn’t hurt half as bad as he expected.

“Mmm…if you feel this good around my fingers, I’ll probably explode the moment you get on my cock.”

Chanyeol nearly came at those words. He had to momentarily stop sucking Baekhyun off just to control himself: he’d definitely have to get the boy back.

“Look at me, Baekhyun,” he rasped, watching as Baekhyun’s eyes slowly drifted down to his half-naked figure. His shadowy eyes became inflamed with a dark, fiery mist of desire as their eyes slowly made contact and Chanyeol wasn’t surprised when Baekhyun heatedly gripped his hair, hissing under his breath.

“What was that, Baek?” Chanyeol repeatedly tapped the boy’s rigid length against his tongue, watching as his head lulled back. “I didn’t hear you.”

“Fucking stop it, Chanyeol,” came the strangled response. The boy tugged his hair harder and Chanyeol rolled his tongue around the tip of his length with a painful slowness that could’ve even sent himself, the source of the astonishing pleasure coursing through the boy above him, over the edge.

“Was that what you were saying?” Chanyeol engulfed the entire tip with his mouth and Baekhyun’s veins strained against his neck as a long, rich moan poured from his lips. His head dropped back down to Chanyeol’s gaze as he watched the boy’s tongue flit and lash all across his length.

“How is this your first time?”

Chanyeol was thoroughly confused himself on how and why he was enjoying this so much, but the only thing he wasn’t confused about was his need for this to continue.

He didn’t respond to Baekhyun’s frenzied inquiry; instead, he dipped his head right back to his length and nearly took the boy entirely into his mouth, his gaze with Baekhyun still intensely locked. He planted his hands on the boy’s shaky legs as Baekhyun struggled not to let his head fall back, to keep his gaze on the pupils of Chanyeol’s dark, swimming eyes. He couldn’t hide a small smirk as Baekhyun’s moans increased in quantity and in volume.

“I want to fuck you, Chanyeol,” he grunted, hoarsely. “Now. Bend over the table.”

Chanyeol gently staggered upwards on his feet as Baekhyun forced him around and pushed him roughly over the table. Chin resting against one of the very essays he’d written that evening, he listened as the cloth of Baekhyun’s shirt fell to the ground. He briefly turned his head just to look: he didn’t exactly have a model’s body, but it wasn’t bad either. He could spot the nimble outline of abs on his stomach. The boy’s erection sat above his ass cheeks as he stepped fully out his jeans.

“I’m going to get your ass nice and wet for me.”

That was the last thing Chanyeol heard before a sudden pleasure zipped through his stomach like a jet. He bit back a harsh moan as Baekhyun’s tongue ran up and down his ass cheeks, his hands gently rubbing them beneath his fingers. He could feel the boy’s tongue tearing across the very marks he’d imprinted on his ass with his hands, shrinking the pain to a minimal sting. He gasped as he sucked harshly on a particular spot with his lips. It felt strangely like the boy had just planted a hickey on his butt.

Baekhyun seeming to have read his mind, muttered, “Just marking what’s now mine.”

The words that were arranged to spill from his lips were washed down his throat as Baekhyun’s tongue carefully, almost lovingly, pried his ass cheeks apart and snaked towards his entrance. He hissed under his breath as the boy’s tongue subtly slipped into his heat, probing the inside so gently it was almost painful. He gripped his own cock in his hand, nearly collapsing in pleasure as the boy began slowly penetrating him back and forth. If getting his ass licked felt this good, he’d really have to experiment more often.

“B-Baek,” he murmured, pressing Baekhyun’s head deeper into his heat with his other hand. “F-Fuck me.”

Baekhyun slowly retracted his head, his lips slick with his own spit. “You’re not nervous?”

“A little,” Chanyeol said, honestly. “I-I’ve never been fucked before.”

Baekhyun stood up, taking his length into his hand. “I’ll be gentle for your first time. I didn’t invite you over to hurt you”—Chanyeol stiffened as the tip pressed against his entrance—“but to teach you.” Baekhyun wetly pressed his lips against Chanyeol’s ear, sucking on the supple earlobe. Chanyeol released a curt moan and Baekhyun took that as permission to start.

He tightly gripped the table as Baekhyun pushed inside of him; the tip gently broke through his heat and he issued a soft noise that could’ve been called a moan, but also a grunt of pain. Baekhyun gently ran his hands up his sides, his lips not leaving the boy’s ear.

“How’s that?” he softly whispered, watching intently as Chanyeol bit his lip.

“I-I just need to get used to it,” Chanyeol rasped, dryly. Baekhyun nodded against his shoulder and stayed still, giving Chanyeol time to adapt to his size. He didn’t feel very big and yet he also felt extremely huge inside his heat.


Baekhyun nodded quickly and pushed further inside a little too eagerly; Chanyeol groaned beneath his breath as the boy’s length seemed to somewhat stretch him wider.

“Is that too much?” Baekhyun’s voice sailed into his ears again. “Talk to me.”

“I-It’s okay,” he said, even though he felt immensely uncomfortable. “I’m okay, just stay still for a bit.”

“While I’m doing that,” he swore he felt Baekhyun’s length tremble inside of him, “describe how it feels.”

“Um…” Chanyeol didn’t know how to describe it without being incredibly awkward. “W-Well…it kind of feels like I’m taking a backwards shit.”

Baekhyun laughed and his length quivered a little. “Okay…not bad. Is the pain fading away yet?”

“A little. I’m getting used to it now.”

“Do you want me to move?”

“Just a bit.”

Baekhyun’s length inched a bit further and Chanyeol gasped; a small ounce of pleasure had suddenly struck him like a streak of lightning and he felt his legs shake as Baekhyun suddenly stopped.

“Man, you’re really tight,” Baekhyun husked, tenderly rubbing Chanyeol’s ass. “Tightest I’ve ever had.”

A question suddenly popped in his head. “Was Yixing this tight?”

Baekhyun was only briefly flustered, but a smile suddenly cracked on his face. “You figured it out, huh?”

“How’d you do it with him?”

“Do you really wanna know how I fucked the brains out of Yixing when I’m about to fuck the brains out of you?”

Chanyeol turned pink and straightened himself on the desk. “G-Guess not.”

“’Atta boy.” Baekhyun’s length slid farther and Chanyeol let out a rasp moan as the boy hissed above him.

“God, Chanyeol, I really don’t wanna say this cause I know it’s your first time, but please, I can’t wait anymore—can I fuck the shit of you like right now?”

Chanyeol flashed a cocky smirk. “Do I feel that good?”

“I usually don’t admit it,” he inched a bit further, “but fuck yeah.”

“Then, go ahead.”

Chanyeol had no doubt the entire block was probably being informed of the night’s activities: the both of them were being incredibly loud and not only that but the sound of Baekhyun’s balls smashing against his ass were probably being heard a mile away. Chanyeol didn’t even feel the least bit abashed of how loud he was moaning or how many times he’d begged Baekhyun not to stop.

He was just that good.

“God, Chanyeol!” Baekhyun’s speed increased as he forcefully lunged in and out of the boy’s heat, listening as Chanyeol’s cries for mercy grew louder. Hands still firmly planted on the boy’s hips, he thrust the boy’s body against him to match his thrusts, his own growls and moans now sheepishly pouring even louder from his mouth. He hadn’t even expected Chanyeol to be this good of a fuck. He thought his best had been that one kid from the Choir who’d come to him for desperate tutoring in Biology—Jongdae. Oh God, Jongdae had been incredible. But compared to Chanyeol, it seemed he was now absolutely nothing.

His head flew back as Chanyeol heatedly met his thrusts, grinding against him as Baekhyun insistently pulled his hips back and forth. Chanyeol’s walls eagerly gripped his length as he pounded harder, grabbing desperately at his skin. Baekhyun didn’t just want to reach his release and fall into a merciful hole of pleasure; he wanted to bring Chanyeol there too. He wanted to collapse on top of him, limbs colliding as they fell into the pits of ecstasy, screaming their voices raw.

“Chanyeol,” his voice came out in a hoarse, needy rasp. “Chanyeol, I need you to come for me.”

Chanyeol was silent, his mouth agape and his whole body still as Baekhyun thrusted harder; the boy’s walls tightly clutched at his length and Baekhyun gulped, doing everything he could to persistently slink away from the edge.

“Chanyeol,” Baekhyun felt like the need consuming his body was drinking away his consciousness. “Please, baby. Come with me.”

He bent over, heatedly reaching for the boy’s hands as he buried his face in his neck. Chanyeol let out a low, hoarse noise of sensational carnality as he tightly gripped onto Baekhyun’s fingers, biting his lip as the boy sank deeper inside of him.

“I’m gonna come,” he rasped. “I can feel it.”

Baekhyun sped up, wondering how that was even possible, as Chanyeol groaned and harshly swore under his breath, gripping Baekhyun’s hands so tightly, his nails were digging into his skin. He felt the ecstasy slowly mounting his body like a giant wave ready to crash against the sand of a beach. All he needed was for Chanyeol to take him there. For the boy to holler and scream as the heat of his orgasm reached an insufferable height.

Chanyeol let out a hoarse groan as the intense tide of orgasm surged feverishly through his whole body. He trembled weakly against the table and Baekhyun watched with hooded eyes as a streak of cum ran down his thigh. That was it. That was what he needed.

He threw his head back as a rich, prolonged moan left his lips; he couldn’t see and he couldn’t hear. He could only feel the strong waves of his orgasm furiously lapping at his stomach, building into a deep crescendo that was too insufferable to measure. He gripped tightly onto Chanyeol’s waist, unconsciously hugging him even closer. He growled deeply as he buried himself even deeper inside the trembling boy’s heat, sending another shock wave of pleasure through his intensely shaking body. He shook and quivered, his whole body going numb as he spurted heavily inside of Chanyeol’s entrance, soft moans and harsh grunts spilling from his lips.

Chanyeol chuckled beneath him as Baekhyun slowly pulled out. His length fell limply to his thigh, the tip soaked with his own cum, and he numbly raised his head just to look at the tall, half-naked boy sprawled over his table. Just the sight of Chanyeol’s red ass made him fill with desire all over again and the moment he finally caught sight of the boy’s heat leaking with his own release, he couldn’t stop himself from lunging forward and heatedly grabbing Chanyeol’s body.

“Hey,” the boy whined as Baekhyun made to spread open his ass cheeks. “Give me a minute, we just stopped.”

“Oh, I’ll give you a minute,” Baekhyun growled, rubbing his length. “I’m gonna give you a minute to get in my bedroom upstairs before I fuck the shit out of you on the floor.”

Chanyeol smiled as he rolled over and pushed himself up on the desk. “Am I going to have to describe anything anytime soon?”

Baekhyun smiled, eagerly hiking his hands up the boy’s thighs. He tenderly captured Chanyeol’s lips. “I think you’ve already had enough practice for one day.” He kissed him again and Chanyeol groaned against his lips. “I think it’s time for your test.”

Chanyeol laughed, hopping off the desk and Baekhyun planted his hands on his hips. “I’m going to walk up those stairs and count to sixty. I better see your tight ass on that bed by fifty-nine.”


When Chanyeol saw Yixing the next day, he was staggering through the school doors with a limp and was tenderly rubbing at his sore ass through his jeans.

“What happened to you?” Yixing stuffed his phone in his pocket and threw his bag over his shoulder. “You’re like ten minutes later than usual.”

“Baekhyun held me up,” was all Chanyeol could say. “He had ‘additional’ lessons.”

“Ah,” Yixing helped him across the hallway, gingerly supporting the bag hanging from his arm. “How was tutoring last night?”

“It went well,” Chanyeol said, biting back a smirk. “I figured out how Baekhyun tutored you.”

Yixing’s face suddenly burned red as he let go of Chanyeol’s arm. “Huh?”

Chanyeol laughed at the sheepish expression on Yixing’s face. “I know.”

“W-Wh—know what?”

Chanyeol gestured for Yixing to come closer and the boy did, leaning forward ever so slightly so Chanyeol could whisper in his ear.


Yixing let out a gasp as if he’d received an electric shock and Chanyeol laughed harder than ever, watching as the boy bounced back in surprise.

“S-S-So that’s why you’re—and the—why you got home so la—”

“Why didn’t you just tell me?” Chanyeol husked, straightening his bag on his shoulder. “I wouldn’t have teased you.”

“How was I supposed to know that?” Yixing hung his head, looking bashful. “S-So what’d he…do to you?”

Chanyeol chuckled. “First, he bent me over the table and eased inside of me. Then he fucked my brains out and made me describe the whole thing as he did it.”

Yixing’s mouth dropped as his head flung back up to gawk at Chanyeol. “R-Really? He did the similar thing to me!”

“He fucked you over a table?”

“Shhh! Not so loud! And…yes…”

“How’d he do it with you?” They sharply turned a corner.

“Well,” Yixing went to scratch his nape. “F-First, he made me explain in English how his…‘thing’ looked and then…he made me suck it. And after that, he made me tell him how I did it in English. Th-Then…he thrust down my pants, bent me over the table and told me if I spoke in Chinese just once, I was done for. I-I never spoke Chinese around him ever again.”

Chanyeol guffawed loudly, bending over with merriment and Yixing struck him violently against the shoulder. “I-It’s not funny!”

“Did he take you to the bedroom?”

“The bedroom?” Yixing looked puzzled. “I thought he just did people over the table.”

“Oh, I didn’t just get the table,” Chanyeol whispered. “I got the bed, the kitchen counter, the sofa, the coffee table.” He hesitantly lowered his voice. “And this morning, I rode him in the front seat of his parent’s car.”

Yixing gasped, looking appalled. “D-Did they catch you?”

“Nope. But they probably saw our cum.”

“W-What do you mean?”

“I came all over the dashboard and some of his precum leaked on the gears. We didn’t have time to clean up.”

For some odd reason it was Yixing’s turn to laugh. “Wow. Think they’ll be able to tell?”

“I know they will.”

“Hey, Chan!”

Chanyeol turned his head. Baekhyun was haughtily striding down the hall, his glasses elegantly perched upon the bridge of his nose. Chanyeol couldn’t hide a smirk from crossing his face.

“Hi, Baek.”

“Good luck in class,” Baekhyun patted his shoulder as he passed him and suddenly thrust a bawled piece of paper in his fist. “See ya, Channie.” He winked seductively and was gone down the hall in seconds.

“What’d he give you?” Yixing leaned over Chanyeol’s shoulder as he carefully unfurled the paper.

The message written in pale orange ink made the both of them gasp:

You know how seniors have a free period around 12:00 noon?

Meet me in Mr. Romano’s classroom, loverboy.

I’ve got something else in mind to fuck you on top of.

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So this happened last week. I’ve been testing the disposables in different underwear combinations and this time it was white briefs, under normal opaque tights under the disposable pants, which are pretty much a nappy/diaper. I wore the same jeans as shopping centre day and managed to hold on for three clear days. I’d also taken a few fibre supplements called psyllium husk on days two and three (thank you for all the recommendations) and it does indeed give the movements more traction, reducing their water content while still being soft and easy, and tremendously large. It was a mistake, however, as the evidence shows, to have left out the rolled up tights.

I knew I’d have some free time and with nice weather following heavy rain it was a humid day. I’d actually been hoping the rain would persist so I could get a little braver and do a walk somewhere more public, shielding my face with an umbrella if needed. It was preceded by a full days worth of sporadic resisting and I couldn’t hold on for long, just so desperate to go, and a final powerful wave hit me while I was on a fairly public pathway. There was no one close by so I could glue myself to the spot and attempt to ride it but very soon in I was beyond the point of return and I had to uncross my legs. Poops this large feel strange as although they’re coming out the urgency doesn’t really reduce for about ten seconds and I get tired and out of breath if I try to evacuate all in one go. It was soft but not super mushy like sometimes and it wasn’t noisy. With so many waves of resistance before I think I’d passed most of the gassiness. I was nervous about doing it somewhere so obvious but was half way down a long straight path with good views of anyone who might pop up on the radar. I’d also wee’d as much as possible before leaving but still lost control a bit which was absorbed effectively by the always discreet pants. The relief as I filled my underwear was substantial and it felt messy but not terribly so. It felt very warm and I enjoyed the feeling of it spreading when it reached a point of pushing uncontralably. About two thirds in and I braked as I wanted to still have some more to do in order to prolong things. The smell was very noticeable and I could feel that the puffiness of the padded pants along with the poop was bulging out pretty badly.

I took the first photo in a nearby woodland and had to hobble into position with my Jeans down which wasn’t a particularly elegant act. There was some minor leakage already contained under the tights and it was already staining the jeans a little. After the picture I pulled my jeans up and tried to push/uade the spill back into the underwear region but it just made the stain a little worse I think.

The second picture I posted was about 20 minutes afterwards near some tables and benches. There was enough poop left to cause a fairly urgent wave and it was a little mushier. The problem was that by now I also really needed to wee and the poop and wee needs were confusing, conflicting and combined. It happened in another nearby area of woodland just before I ventured to the picture location. I stopped fighting and pushed the remainder of the poop out quite slowly and then had to lean back on a slanted tree as it was followed by a long wave of wee. I felt slightly more confident than usual, wearing the absorbent padded underwear. But it was a lot of wee, so much that I needed to remain leaning backwards for at least a minute so as much of it could collect in the disposable pants as possible. But the way everything mixed together as I tried to sort of massage things to encourage areas of pure liquid to be absorbed or fuse with the mess to gain enough traction for me to stand upright meant that it was now a very dangerous situation without the rolled up tights and the inevitable happened. Very messy leg leakage on both sides. It even wetted down to the tops of my boots which I hate. This was a very bad way to be in public!

There was no effective way out. Too messy. I was the mess capital of England, probably the world at that moment in time. It was so bad that it actually made me laugh. Being like that somewhere really public would have destroyed me but I had the fail safe cardigan to tie around my waist which at least covered the worst bits and would have just revealed the wetness from my knees down. But on one side it was darker and clearly pooped.

I could see the car park but had to take a detour as there were a few people walking from it towards me that I didn’t want to get close to. On the detour my timing was bad as I joined a parallel path ahead of a couple. I only glanced at them when I joined the path; maybe early 20’s and too close to me! They saw the wetness and jeans leg staining as I noticed they’d suddenly started talking quietly so I upped my waddle to a canter. It was embarrassing and I don’t know if they’d smelled me. Without the cardigan it would have been totally out of hand. When I turned into the car park there were a few more people to negotiate but I didn’t alter my path and thought just get the hell out of here. Getting in the car was about the messiest time of the incident and it went everywhere. The bin liner I sat on protected the seat somehow but my jeans needed hosing off and pre washing for 20 minutes when I’d returned. Everything else went in a plastic bag for binning. I’ll always keep these jeans. They seem to be made of a magic material that stains always wash out of. They’re now clean enough to wear out!

Thanks for reading :)

“Please stop” *Warning: SMUT!

Request from anons: “Can you do a extremely smutty imagine for Sammy? Like for Father’s Day and like he comes home and it gets really kinky? I’m going to hell honestly! I love your account 😘” “Heyyyy can you write a Sammy smut where he wakes the girl up by eating her out??? I love your imagines btw ❤” “Can you make an imagine where Sammy is in a bad mood and very horny at the same time and torture/tease the shit out of the reader to the point where she can’t take anymore orgasms, but Sammy doesn’t care and keeps pleasuring her” “Can you make a imagine/smut where Sammy has a bad day and comes home and takes it out on the reader”


“Hey baby, it’s me. Where are you? I know you’re working but you said you’d be off early today. Look, kids are at uncle Jacks’ house, dinner is ready. Call me if you’re just not going to show up again. So I can just go be with the kids.” I hung up the phone, leaving Sam a voicemail. I put the phone down next to the plate settings on the table, waiting for Sam to come home for his father’s day dinner I promised to make him if he promised to come home on time. Doesn’t look like that is happening again. I blew out the candles at the center of the table, and started cleaning off the table into the kitchen, wrapping the dinner and putting it in the fridge. Before I headed out the door, Sam walks in, eyes drooping, hair sticking out from all over, and his chest heaving. I leaned on the wall of the doorway, looking at him, as he looks up at me with these eyes that pierced my soul. It then softens as he walks up to me, “Hi baby.” He hugs me, burying his face on my shoulder, wrapping his arms around my back. His face lifts up off of my shoulder. I feel his breaths on my neck, is face 1 inch away from mines. He pulls me closer against him, stuffing his face on my neck, leaving kisses on my neck.

I feel his breaths get heavier and heavier on my neck, has his teeth sink into my skin, making me throw my head back, slightly moaning into the air. He leaves marks on my neck, kissing up my neck to my face, onto my lips. His lips forced onto mines, licking my lips, asking for entrance. I deny his request, smirking, pushing him off, and walking away. “Fuck, come here.” He husks, running up behind me, wrapping his arm around my hips, gently kissing the side of my neck. “Kids are gone?” He says in between kisses. “Mhm.” I tried to hold myself together. “Good.” He whispers in my ear, his free hand gliding down my dress,

I gasp as I felt his cold finger tips rub against my warm, wet, pussy. His fingers start gliding on the lips, and my eyes roll to the back of my head as tingles run up my spine. His cold finger parts my lips, rubbing every inch he can, making it known that his touch will soon take over my body. He loves the feeling of teasing me, rubbing, kissing, licking, anything he can to make me crave more. He waits and takes his time till I beg for it. But tonight, I could tell he wasn’t a patient man. His lust and desires in him took over, as his lips smacked onto mines, his tongue playing with mines, and his breaths getting hotter. He pushes me back and once I felt the edge of the table against me, he leans me back onto the table, pushing me to lie flat on it. He pushes back the bottom of my skirt to my hips, his eyes hypnotized. He kisses the inside of my thighs, making me quiver at how sensitive I felt, as his lips met my lips. 

He licked the slit, making me grab onto the edges of the table. As his tongue licks between my lips, he swirls my clit in circles, sucking it, knowing it’s my weakness. As I arch my back a little, a moan escapes my lips, and a smile emerges on Sam’s face. He lifts his head up, looking at me as 2 fingers enter me, causing me to huff. “Unnnnnggg, I love that sound.” His raspy voice talking about the wetness all over his fingers to cause a sloppy sound but he loves it. As he thrusts his fingers inside and out, he curves his fingers upward a little, causing I’m to reach the spot. The spot that he loves reaching, the spot that brings me on edge, the spot tha-, 

“OH MY GOD!” I yelled, arching my back even more. “No kids around baby. Get as loud as you please.” He smirks. “Mmmmy- ahhh, shit, Sammy,” I panted. “F-faster, shhhhiii-, right there! Right th- Yes baby!” my eyes close as I can feel the numbness approach, “Bbbbaaaaaabbbeeeee,” I came all over his fingers, but he still keeps going. I shake in sensitivity, “Babe, stop. Oh my fuck, please stoppppppp,” I begged, as he slowly removes his fingers and his face from between my legs. He stands up, leaning over my heaving body, both of us out of breath, “I love you.” I say to him and he just smiles, “I love you too.” He  kisses me, standing straight up, and lifting me off the table, and walking inside our room. 

“Ready for round 2?” he bites the bottom of his lip, “What?” my eyes going wide, as he sits me down on the bed, taking off his clothes but his boxers and climbing next to me. His back against the headboard, his legs wide open, and pulling me between his legs, my back against his chest. “Sammmm,” I moan a little as he as kissing my neck. He parts my legs once again, his right hand rubbing against my inner thigh, then making its way onto my clit. In slow motion, he rubs his middle finger against my clit. My head leaning back onto his neck, breathing hard. “I know you love this,” He husks in my ear. He speeds up his motion on my clit, his circles getting smaller, and his speed going faster.

I lift up my body a little, moving my lower hips with his motion. As his fingers push more deeper onto my clit, my legs spread wider and wider, as if it’ll help me from coming. After a few minutes, I feel my body start shaking again, “Jesus Sam,” I breathed hard with my eyes rolling to the back of my head. “Cum, baby gir.” He kisses my collarbone. “Cum for me. For daddy.” He says in my ear. I try my best to not give inso fast, but the way his fingers were moving, I couldn’t help it. My eyes rolled all the way back, as I bit the bottom of my lip, and euphoria just taking over my body. I put my hands on his right hand that was circling my clit, “Baby oh shit, baby stop, please, oh fuck, stop please stop.” I begged him as my body was shaking vigorously. “Sammy! Sammy! sammy, please stopp,” My voice squeaking in desperation. He deeply chuckles n my ear, taking his fingers off of me. 

“MMM, we haven’t done that in a long time.” He smiles as I got out from between his legs and lied on my left side on the bed. “We haven’t done anything since the kids were born.” He follows my position, as we look deep into each other’s eyes. He tucks a piece of hair behind my ear, caressing my cheek after. “You are as beautiful as the day I met you.” He compliments me. He wraps his arm around me, and pulls me against him, our chests against each other. He pecks my lips, his eyes focused only on my lips. “Come on,” He whispers, “Let’s do another round.” He suggests. “I’m tired baby,” My arm around his neck, fingers running through his hair. “Maybe tomorrow or this weekend.” “Come on,” His smiles goes big, “it’ll be fun… Like old times.” He winks, remembering the times we had before we had kids. I just shook my head no, but he leans forward, slowly kissing my lips. He always kisses away my protests and it’s something I always give in to. 

As our make out session got heated, his body somewhat leaning over me, my leg lifted as his hand rubs all over that leg, from my stomach to my thigh. 

His kiss deepens and our lusts gets stronger and stronger, every second we keep doing this. His boxers no longer a reason to keep it secure, as I felt it rub against my lips. He slowly grinds his hips up and down so I could feel how hard he was getting. “Mmmmm,” He moans in my mouth. “I want you.” He grunts, separating from the kiss. “Please baby girl, I need you.” I looked into his eyes of desperation. I bit the bottom of my lip, reaching between our bodies, and down his boxers, and taking it out, pumping it a little. He kisses me again, groaning in my mouth as my hand was around it. I kept it steady, rubbing the tip against my lips. It parts my lips, as he slowly thrusts in slowly, little by little inside me. “Fuck you’re so tight..” His voice cracks. “Yeah, well,” I tried saying between breaths,  “it’s been 2 years since Jackson was born and it was before that.” I tried to rerun his memory of the last time we had sex. As he could not fit all of him inside me, my juices helped lubricate, making it easier for him to slowly but surely put his full length in me. He lifts his body up, hovering over my body, thrusting in and out, kissing me still. 

I run my fingers through his hair, feeling satisfied about having sex again. “God, I love you,” He grunts one inch from my face. I pull his face down, kissing him again, “Fuck me like we are back on our honeymoon.” I triggered him to thrust in faster. He grinds his hips faster and harder onto me. I can see something in his eyes, he’s wanting something, something more. I concentrate deeply at his eyes, trying to figure out what he’s thinking of. Before I could ask, “Let’s have another baby,” He says in between thrusts. I couldn’t think straight, from what came out of his mouth, and what’s going inside of me. “Come on mommy,” He looks at me gently, “Let’s have another baby.” He smiles and I just imitate him, smiling back. “Let’s do it.” I wrap my legs around his hips. 

A Twist of Pleasure

Character: SHINee’s Taemin || EXO’s Kai || You

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 4,141

Summary: Your boyfriend brought his hot best friend home one nightGuess what’s on your boyfriend’s kinky mind

A/N: This is one of the requests submitted to me..I’m so sorry that I took too much time on this and the slow update.. There’s s much going on in my life right now, I’m having too little time for myself now..So I hope this could quench your thirst for a while..Kekeke~

Sipping in the hot ginger tea, you let out a content sigh as the hot liquid warmed up your body. You’re home a bit earlier than usual but your boyfriend was nowhere in sight. Taemin texted you that he was at his friend’s house and you knew so well that by friend he meant Jongin. You have been dating Taemin for quite a while now that you had started living together a couple months ago. You wrapped yourself tighter with the robe that covered the black laced baby doll you wore underneath. The one that Taemin brought to you. You smiled a bit but it faltered when the loud thunder made you startled. The room was filled with a flash of lightning before another loud thunder boomed. It’s storming. Trying to calm your racing heart a bit, you proceeded upstairs but were shocked to death with the sudden sound of the doorbell. “Babe, it’s me.” The image of a drenched Taemin appears on the intercom making you rush to the door and open it. Instead of one drenched man, you got two rushing in your apartment. Frozen to your spot, your eyes glued to the other man standing there, wet from head to toe, at you front door. It’s Jongin. Your eyes fell to his drenched white shirt that stuck to his finely sculptured abs and his hair that stuck on his forehead with droplets of water running down his face. Swallowing, you suddenly felt conscience of your state right now. You pulled your robe tighter against your body and tied them.

You have met Kai for a few times before and you can’t deny that he is such a fine man. Perfect in every way. You like the way his tanned skin made him look different and exotic. And his plump lips… “Sweetheart, if you could… get us some towels?” You snapped back to reality, your eyes found Taemin who was grinning a little. “Oh my god, I’m sorry. You just… stay there. Don’t even think of going anywhere. I don’t want my apartment to be drenched.” You stuttered and retreated to the bathroom with a flushed face, regretting your action a few moments ago. For god sake you have a boyfriend. You tried to remind yourself but you couldn’t help the naughty thoughts from resurfacing in your mind. You would love to rip that white shirt and send the button flying… Groaning, you grabbed a few towels before rushing back towards the two-soaked man. You noticed that both of them had kicked off their shoes and socks, standing in the hallway instead of at the entrance door. “Gosh, you’re going to catch a cold.” You murmured before handing two towels to Kai. He quietly thanked you and started to dry his hair. You smiled at him before throwing the rest of the towel towards Taemin. “You should have just called me instead of running all the way here.” He just grinned which was replied by a glare from you. “Didn’t wanna bother you.” His hands slowly creep around your waist, trying to undo your robe. You slapped his hands away as heat started to spread on your cheek. “What are you doing?” You glanced at Kai who had placed one towel on his head and another one hanging on his neck. Taemin just grinned at you that made you shiver.

His grin always means something bad. There’s something going on in his mind. Slowly, you retreated away from him, trying not to be the subject of his trick that you knew so well he was planning in his little mind. “Just put your wet clothes in the machine. And give Kai dry clothes for him to wear.” You babbled before turning around to run to the bedroom but were stopped short at what Taemin said. “Don’t you wanna help him undress?” You felt as if your heart had stopped beating. What did he just say? You swallowed the lump that had stuck in your throat before turning around. “What…” The word came out as a whisper. Something that you didn’t expected, at all. Jongin pauses in shock patting his face with the towel on his head, covering half of his face. But you still could see the subtle red spreading on his cheek. His Adam apple bobbed. Taemin’s next step made your heartbeat race faster. He sneaked behind Jongin and circled his hand around the latter’s torso, fumbling with the buttons and hooking his chin on the taller man’s shoulder. His eyes mischievously teasing you. “Come on, help him undress.” Taemin’s voice had dropped an octave, sending a shiver down your spine. Frozen in his spot, Jongin’s face had turned red. But he didn’t do anything to stop his Taemin from doing what you have been fantasizing before. “Hyung, what are you doing.” Taemin successfully release one button before Jongin pushed away Taemin’s hand. “We promised not to do this again. She’s your girlfriend, we’re not sharing her.” He hushed towards Taemin but you still could hear them making you frown. What does he meant by that? Taemin just smirked as Jongin keep glancing at you, flustered.

“Why not? You’ve been lusting over her since the first day you met her didn’t you?” Your heart skipped a beat at what Taemin said. Jongin swallowed. He avoided your eyes as Taemin approached you. He pulled you towards him, hugging you from behind. His calloused fingers spread on your stomach, caressing it. The feel of his cold skin on your warm one made you realize that your robe was undone; revealing the baby doll you wore underneath. He aligned his lips to your ear before kissing it. “You know, sweetheart. We used to always share our woman back then. But we made a promise if one of us falls in love, we would stop. But I can’t help and notice the way both of you look at each other. It was unnoticed at first, but I managed to pick it up when Jongin stayed over last month. And it was obvious too when both of you were virtually undressing each other before.” Your throat went dry as Taemin husked into your ear. You always knew that they always share everything with each other, but you never thought they would even share women. Taemin suddenly pushed you forward with his body, slowly leading you towards a dumfounded Jongin who was still standing there. He kept on walking until it was only a few inches left between you and Jongin. You could see Jongin’s chest was heaving up and down, his breathe fanned over the top of your head. Taemin grabbed your hands and put them on the younger’s chest. “Unbutton his shirt… He’s cold.” Taemin’s voice was calm but was dripping with authority, which made your stomach flutter with excitement. Your fingers trembled as you reached for his second button, releasing it to expose his smooth chest underneath it. Your heartbeat was increasing once you reached the last button, you could feel Taemin’s bulge pressing against your back, his breathing tickling your ears as he whispered encouraging words to you. Jongin gritted his teeth his heart was pounding in his chest as his grip on the towel tightened with every button you freed. You were fumbling with the last button when suddenly Jongin cupped your cheeks to press a deep kiss on your lips. Your breath had been stolen away by his kiss. It was so passionate you could literally feel his longing through the kiss.

Taemin took off your robe to reveal your body to the cold air of the room. Goosebumps started to spread on your skin as a shiver ran down your spine. Jongin nudged your chin with his thumb to slip his tongue in, caressing the roof of your mouth and massaging your tongue with his. A moan escaped your lips when Taemin placed his lips on the blade of your shoulder, nipping and sucking to leave small marks everywhere. His wet shirt stuck to your back as his hands crawled under your baby doll to knead on your breast, teasing your sensitive nipple. Jongin shrugged of his wet shirt as your delicate fingers traced the lines of his body, savoring the feel of his firm chest underneath your touch. Jongin suddenly broke the kiss before pulling you out of Taemin’s grasp, turning you around to face your back towards him. His arms wrapped around your waist, pulling you flushed against his body. “Now let’s return the favor shall we?” He breathed into your ear as your half-lidded eyes landed on Taemin who was still in his wet shirt. A smirk plastered on his perfect face that made your stomach flutter. His black thin sweater stuck to his lean figure.

You let out a soft sigh through your plump lips as your soft curls fell over your eyes making you look so hot that Taemin could feel his member twitching inside his tight jeans. If it’s not because of Jongin, he would ravish you right against the door. As well as the fact that you were wearing the baby doll that he bought for you doesn’t help either. Taemin just smirked and watched you take a careful step towards him as if you were walking into a lion den. Two lions to be exact. Your lips slightly parted, your eyes were darken with lust as they bored into his mischievous pair. You reached for the hem of his wet sweater, pulling it off. Taemin cooperate with you before proceeding to take off the annoying sticky fabrics off his body. He reached for your waist, pulling you towards him before crashing his lips against yours. You moaned before wrapping your arm around his neck, burying your fingers into his damp hair. Before you could fall any deeper into Taemin’s sweet lips, you felt fingers ghosting on your hip and a pair of plump lips on your shoulder, the exact same spot as Taemin nibbled on earlier. “Let’s move this to the bedroom shall we?” Jongin’s voice invade your mind, stealing you away from the kiss that you shared with Taemin. Taemin broke the kiss but before you could protest, you felt your body became light and the wooden floor underneath your feet disappeared. Instead, you were thrown over Taemin’s shoulder, his hands gripped on your bare tights. A small yell escaped your lips. You gripped on his back before frowning. “Taemin, I can walk on my own you know.” You protested. When you look forward, you saw Jongin who was drying his hair while quietly following the both of you. “Not so long, sweetheart. We would make sure you would have to stay in bed all day tomorrow.” Your heart leaped and your cheek burnt at his reply. When you looked at Jongin, he was smirking at you, which made you blush more. He leant forward before planting a soft kiss on your lips.

Taemin made a turn to the right breaking you away from Jongin making the younger one chuckle. You shrieked when Taemin suddenly threw you on the bed. He climb on the bed with you before planting his lips onto yours into a passionate kiss. You laced your fingers into his soft platinum hair feeling the silky locks between your fingers. You really like his hair. They were so rich and soft amid of all the bleaching and dying that would make any woman cry of jealousy. Taemin’s tongue caressed the roof of your mouth making you moan. You felt the bed dip before a pair of warm hands caressed your bare tight. Jongin started nibbling on your ears. Taemin broke the kiss with a smirk but another pair of lips grazed you cheek, scattering kisses on your face. You turned towards Jongin, your eye lids heavy with lust. He smiled softly at you before pressing his lips onto your luscious pair, replacing Taemin. His kiss was different from Taemin. He was gentler making your stomach flutter. You wrapped your arm around his neck, burying your fingers into his dark locks before tugging them. He groaned before reaching down to caress your thigh. The sound of a heavy object being pushed on the carpeted floor pulled you away from the kiss. Taemin was sitting on an arm chair beside your bed, smirking. “Go ahead. I just want to enjoy the view from here.” He winked at you, a mischievous look still plastered on his face. Jongin chuckled before proceeding to leave his mark on the column of your neck. Your once milky skin was now stained with angry red marks. He nibbled on your collarbone making you sighed and throw your head back, exposing more skin to his plump lips.

Jongin grabbed your hands, pulling them off his hair before pinning them down next to your head. He pulled away from you just to stare at you, drinking in your figure. Your sexily disheveled hair and hooded eyes that were staring at him making his body burn with lust. His eyes moved downward towards your baby doll, a grin broke on his lips. “This really looks like what hyung would like to buy.” He looked at Taemin who has the same grin on his face before turning back at you. “But I like it. Cute and yet so sexy” Heat started to spread on your cheek. His grin widened at the sight of your blush before kissing you again. Your eyes fluttered closed as you melted into his kiss. He nudged your lips apart with his tongue before dominating your tongue. His fingers danced across the soft skin of your thigh, inching towards your ass savoring the feel of your warm skin in his palm. He let out a soft sigh before breaking the kiss only to pull off your baby doll. The action ruffled your hair even more. You stared up at Jongin, your parted lips swollen from his assault earlier. You suddenly felt exposed when you saw his eyes scanning your body. You tried to cover your body with your arms when he suddenly grabbed both of your wrists before pinning them down on the mattress.

You gasped, eyes widen at his action. “Don’t. I like this view better. I want to remember you like this.” You flushed at his words. He positioned himself between your legs, stopping you from squirming away from him. Quickly, he latched his plump lips on your collarbone, leaving butterfly kisses down to your chest. You tilt back your head; moan and sighs leaving your lips. The sighs turned into a lewd mewl when he suddenly clammed his plump lips around your exposed nipples sucking on them hard. You yelp his name as your head bow back into the pillow. Jongin dipped his fingers into your panties, pressing them into you making you whine and arch your back at his assault. “So wet already, hmm?” He nibbled on your earlobe as his thumb caressed your sensitive nub, sending jolts of lust through your body. You clawed on the bed sheet as your hip bucked into his palm. He arched his finger inside of you to hit on your soft spot making you arch your back, grinding your hip into his palm to achieve more friction. His name came out as a whimper making Jongin smirk. When you felt you’re nearing the edge, he suddenly stopped and pulled out quickly leaving you groaning in protest. Frowning, you opened your eyes to curse on him but the sight of him licking his fingers clean stopped you. You felt the burning in your lower stomach become hotter if it was even possible. If he keep doing this to you, you felt like you could melt in his arm. He kissed you, making you taste your own juice. You moaned out at the sensation as Jongin slowly pulled your panty down. He pulled it off your legs, one by one before throwing it towards Taemin. Breaking the kiss, you attention had advert to Taemin who had discarded his pants, leaving him only in his brief with a huge tent. Taemin caught your panty only to smell it. Your cheeks started to heat up at the sight making him smirk.

While you were distracted Jongin had pull of his pants and boxer, his member were now rigid, standing proudly against his lower stomach. He was as huge as Taemin that would stretch you good. Jongin teared open a condom with his teeth before rolling it on his length. You licked on your lips as Jongin started to crawl back on you with a smirk carved on his full lips. He grabbed on your thigh, making some space for him. You could feel his erection poking at your opening before he placed a soft kiss on your lips. Slowly, he pushed into you. Inch by inch he stretched your opening making you arch your body into his. Once he was fully inside of you, he stopped for a while, letting you adjust to his size. He was panting in your ear his fingers were gripping on the bed sheet beside your head that his knuckles had turned white. “So tight…” He groaned into your ear. You were also panting, your lips parted letting out hot breathe and your eyes were closed tight. “Open your eyes angel.” Jongin huffed into your ears. You obeyed. He was staring at you, his eyes burnt with lust. His finger grazed your cheek, before gently pushing your face towards Taemin. “Let’s not forget him and give him a nice show, shall we?” Taemin eyes were dark with desire, staring intently at you. His hand were gripping the couch armrest while the other one was holding his chin, covering his lips so you can’t see his expression fully.

Suddenly, Jongin started to pull his hip back, pulling himself out of you only leaving the head inside. His fingers still gripping your face towards Taemin, his lips on your earlobe tickling you with every breath he heaved. He jerked his hip forward, filling you with his length once again before pulling back once again. You cried out at his rough action and your hand gripped on Jongin’s hand that was holding your jaw, your eyes never leaving Taemin. “Mewl his name, angel.” He roughly jerked back inside of you making you yelp Taemin’s name. His jaw clenched as Jongin started to chuckled darkly. You heard Taemin curse. Jongin’s hip started to create a constant pace, the sound of skin slapping against skin echoes through the room. “Now, you’re gonna scream my name when you come.” His thrust started to quicken making you moan. You felt the tension build inside of you. After a few more thrust, you come undone with Jongin’s name flowing off your lips. Jongin jerked his hip inside of you, reaching his high as well. He throw his head back, cursing at the sensation before collapsing beside you. Your heart was racing as you tried to regulate your breathing but Taemin didn’t let you. You felt the bed dip. Your flutter your eyes open only to be greeted with a grinning Taemin hovering above you. “I enjoyed the show babe. So it’s my turn now.” He husked at you, his eyes were burning with lust making a shiver ran down your spine. You noticed that Taemin had rid of his brief, exposing his length.

Taemin’s lips collided with yours, stealing your breath before you could even gain it. His blazing fingers caressed your thigh, tickling your hot skin that was already sensitive from Jongin’s assault earlier. Jongin took over Taemin’s spot earlier, his lips were on full grin and his eyes glued on both you and Taemin. “Let’s show him how we do it.” Taemin whispered into your ears, spreading shivers down your spine. Contrasting to what Jongin did to you, Taemin was more of a… teaser. He would always drove you towards the edge but would stop right when you were about to climax. Unless you begged and you’re pretty sure he’s gonna do exactly that by the mischievous glint in his eyes. You whined when you felt his fingers teasing the soft skin of your thigh. “Taemin please no more of that I can’t take it anymore.” You’re too sensitive from Jongin’s assault earlier that you would jolt every time Taemin’s skin touched yours. He chuckled. “Aww, come on babe. Just a bit more won’t hurt.” You bucked your hip when you felt his fingertips grazing your clit, sending electric jolts through your veins. A whimper trapped in your throat when he started to press harder on your swollen clit. You gripped the bed sheets hard that your knuckles had turned white. Taemin’s lips were attached to your collarbone, licking and sucking on them leaving his brand where everyone can see it. Your breathing had become ragged. His fingers were slowly massaging your clit as you pushed your hip to follow his rhythm when he suddenly dipped two fingers inside. Your back arched as your lips parted, letting out a silent scream. Once Taemin had pushed his fingers fully inside, he stopped moving. You could feel your heart pounding in your chest as you struggled for breath.

You pushed your hip into Taemin’s hand but he held you still making you groan in frustration. Taemin chuckled before starting to move his fingers, painfully slow. You could feel his calloused fingers scraping your inner wall, hitting every nerves sending heat all over your body. If he doesn’t let you come yet, you’re sure you would explode anytime soon. To your frustration, Taemin pulled out his fingers, making you whine his name. He smirked before licking his digits clean. Pushing your thigh apart for a bit, Taemin positioned himself between your legs. You could feel his bulbous head at your entrance even though your head was hazy with lust. Painfully slow, he pushed himself deep inside of you. You let out a loud moan as your back bow away from the bed. His length was stretching you, filling every part of you deep inside. Taemin grabbed both of your hands before intertwining his fingers with yours, pushing them up above your head and holding them still. You opened your eyes to be greeted with his strained face. Clearly he was holding himself back. “Gosh babe how can you still be this tight.” You whimpered, rolling your hip motioning for him to start moving. But he just chuckled. Taemin looked down at you; your lewd appearance turned him on even more. Even though you’re not aware of what you’ve done to him, but he can’t help being turned on by your expression right now. “You know the drill sweetheart.” You swallowed a groan when Taemin said that. You gonna have to beg or you would be in this position for the next few hours. Being horny for the rest of the night without any release. The memory of being in that state was still fresh in your mind. A shiver ran down your spine.

Swallowing, you bucked your hip but Taemin wouldn’t budge. You groaned his name. “What’s the magic word?” You gripped on his hand tighter, feeling your persistence falling into pieces. “Taemin please. I need to come, I can’t take this anymore.” You spit out the word, hoping that it was enough for him to comply. Taemin groaned before nibbling on your earlobe. He pulled his hip back before thrusting forward with full force making you gasp. He repeated the action as you could feel yourself nearing the edge. After a few more thrust, you throw your head back before letting out a loud cry, feeling everything break loose. Your fingers were still gripping Taemin’s. He was still thrusting inside of you before cursing and thrusting deep inside of you, releasing his hot seed inside of you. You could feel his warmness being spilled inside if you. Hearing another panting voice, you turned towards Jongin who was still sitting on the chair. One of his hand was on his length, white liquid were dribbling down on his thigh that shows he had a great show. You looked up and caught his hooded eyes. He licked his lips before smirking at you. Taemin placed a kiss on your jaw before pulling himself out. He collapse next to you and Jongin got up from the chair, grabbing one of the abandoned towels on floor to clean himself up. He then collapse next to you too before planting a kiss on your forehead. Both of the man sandwiched you between their sticky bodies but you’re too tired to even complain. Feeling your eyes drooped; you heard Jongin said, “We’re keeping her right?” A smile crept on your face upon hearing Taemin’s answer, his arm wrapped tighter around your waist. “Of course.”

Get the Wood

(cheesy title i apologize)

summary: Teenage!Dan and his family are taking a camping trip, and Dan is less than thrilled . Maybe a certain boy can make the trip a little better.

beta’d by: @demisexualhowell (I’m eternally grateful tysm)

word count: 4.5 k (jfc)

genre: fluff but there is slight sadness and also slight naughtiness but nothing hardcore 

warnings: (slight) internalized homophobia 

a/n: wowzers hello this is my first fic! i’m so excited, pls let me know what u think ahh

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Lustful Hate (Merle Dixon x Reader) - One Shot Smut

Originally posted by dixonbeth

Summary: Merle has been at the prison for a couple of weeks and he is getting on everybody’s nerves. But most of all, his presence stir a disturbing feeling inside of you, one that you’re not so willing to admit.

A/N: Story set in Season 3

Tags: @oswald-cobblepot-is-my-addiction @aya-fay @theamazing-bouncingferret @socktrollqueen @lucifers-trash-stash @ichimaruai

Warnings: Smut! Swearing and Explicit Language, Merle being Merle, Rough Sex, Cum Shot.

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Auston Matthews - Tamales

*Side note Auston’s Momma is beautiful!* 

Can u do one with auston Matthews maybe where you’re Mexican too and you know how to speak Spanish and you cook him food (like Mexican food like menudo or chorizo con papas or tamales or something) and you and his mom get along really well (It’s okay if Like your busy I understand)

Author’s Note: I love this one! When I saw it I got super happy. My babysitter growing up spoke no English, so she taught me more about my roots then anyone. And every Friday the neighborhood made all different Mexican dishes for us to eat.  I do warn you that my Spanish is very rust. So I might get something wrong. Although I did suck at learning it too. - Julianne

You had just got done making the Masa when you got a call from Auston.

“Hey babe, what’s up?” You asked starting to make the filling for your Tamales.

“Nothing much. I was wondering if I could come over.” He asked sounding unsure of his words.

“Of course! The doors unlock so let yourself in my hands are a little messy.” You said while grabbing your pot and steam.

“Okay see you in a few. Love you.” He said

“Love you too.” You said hanging up.

You had just got done making the filling for the Tamales when Auston came in.

“Hey babe….are you…are you making Tamales?” Auston said as you turned around to face him.

I am…oh who this?” You said pointing your elbow to the lady standing next to Auston’s side.

“Y/N this is my mom Ema, Mom this is my girlfriend Y/N.” Auston said giving you a smile.

“Oh Dios Mio” You said looking shock. “ it’s…it’s so nice to meet you finally I just wish someone gave me a heads up first.” You said looking at Auston.

“It’s wonderful to finally meet you.” She said pulling you in for a hug. “Son estos tamales?” She asked. “I love Tamales.”

“I do to. I haven’t made them in so long, so I thought tonight was a good time.” You said rolling the tamale up in a corn husk.

“Do you mind if I help?” Ema said putting her purse down.

“Of course not!” You said smiling.

Auston stood in the doorway watching you and his mom. The smile on both of your faces were priceless. He took his phone out and snapped a picture to post on Instagram. “Bonding over Tamales!” He wrote. After it was posted his placed his phone back in his pocket and walked over to you and his mom.

“How did I not know my girlfriend was Mexican?” He said wrapping his arms around your back side.

“You never asked.” You laughed placing another tamale in the streamer.

“Mom or dad?” he said pulling away.

“Dad, but I learned it all from my grandma since my dad wasn’t around. She use to make fresh tortilla’s every morning. I remember loving the smell so much I asked her to teach me some dishes.” You said placing the last tamale in the streamer.

“Your grandma sounds like a wonderful lady.” Ema said as she washed her hands.

After dinner you and Ema cleaned up while Auston watched the hockey game.

“I have to say I’m happy Auston found such a wonderful girl like you. Plus now he can have tamales whenever.” SHe laughed handing you the clean dish.

“Thank you for raising such a wonderful man.” You said back smiling.

“Next time we are making menudo.” She said smiling.

“Oh yes! I haven’t had that in years.” You said laughing.


Dude, He’s Smiling (Gally x Reader)

This is my first Maze Runner fic so I hope you guys like it! Please feel free to send me requests :) 

Word count: 1,401

You had been in the maze 3 months now and you really had gotten the hang of life. You had decided to become a permanent part of the kitchen staff given it’s enjoyable nature and the fact that Frypan made you laugh more than most people could. You had gotten over the desperate need to escape and had started to really really ejoy your time, ( not that you didn’t still want to be free, of course you did. ) But you had made really good freinds, specifically Thomas, Newt, and of course Fry. Oh and Gally… can’t forget about Gally. 

“Hey (y/n), give me a hand pouring this into portions would you?” Frypan called interupting you from your thoughts and corn husking. You smiled and walked over to help. 

“Sure thang, chicken wang” you joked. He put down his ladel and shook his head at my horrible attempt of a joke.

“Sometimes I think there’s no hope for you and your horrible sense of humor.”

“Yeah, but you love me” you smirked and showed him your cutest puppy dog face.


Fry and you served everyone lunch and of course, twenty minutes after everyone had finished Gally was still working away, and hadn’t even looked up.

“I can see you staring.” Frypan said into your ear making you jump. “Now I’m assuming you want to be the one to go bring Gally his lunch, as always” He wiggled his eyebrows and attempted to do something that looked like a body roll? You rolled your eyes. 

“You’re not denying it!” You heard him call and you picked up the bowl he had made for Gally and headed over to where he was busy at work. You always had to bring him his lunch because he never stopped working and if we didn’t he would never eat. But you didn’t mind. You enjoyed your daily banter. You were always left with butterflies everytime after you would talk. 

You gently knocked on the wall so you wouldn’t scare him while he was using dangerous tools. He looked up the way he always did, through his eye lashes at first, then fully up You couldn’t help, but admit it was kind of adorable. 

“Lunch is served.” You said sliding the warm stew across the table. 

“Really? Stew, again? I’m guessing you don’t get graded on creativity.” He deadpanned, but took a bite anyway. 

“Not just any stew, it’s a new recipe. You will find it’s qute soup-erior. Get it soup?” You joked and he blushed laughing.

“Stop you’re just embarrassing yourself” He tried to hide his face.

You walked closer to him and sat on the table right in front of where he was standing. “Sorry, did you find that joke stew-pid? Stew Pid. Stupid.” You continued, liking the way he was grinning.

“The fact that you explain them right after makes it so much worse.” He shook his head but still had a warm smile.

“Yeah I can’t think of anymore” you giggled. Standing back up, you foot caught on something and you started to fall, but he caught you and your faces got close. It reminded you of a very similar situation when you first came out of the box. He blushed.

“Seems we keep meat-ing this way.” He broke the silence and you both laughed. He helped you up. The conversation continued for a while filled with laughter and puns. You were the only one who ever saw this side of Gally and you really really liked it.


From across the Glade Thomas and Newt were watching the two of you being the protetive friends they are. 

“He better keep his hands off her, or he will have another storm coming” Thomas huffed. 

“Yeah, Ive never particularly liked the guy, but now it’s really getting under my skin. Can’t she see what a slinthead he is?” Newt cursed.

“He’s hated me since day one and I’ve returned the favor. He’s just not a good guy.” 

Then they saw you leaving the builder’s building and walking towards them.

You couldn’t keep the smile off your face. Newt and Thomas on the other hand could say the opposite. 

After a long conversation about the snake you accidently stepped on earlier which made a suprising appearence in todays lunch, you noticed they looked, well, pissed off.

“What crawled up your butt and died?” You questioned them.

“We are just worried about you.” Thomas said seriously.

Gally had walked over close to where they were sitting to talk to you, but had stopped behind the wall of the homestead when he realized you weren’t alone. He stood there quietly, listening.


“Look, we see you with Gally and we don’t know how to say this other than you are way too good for him. He’s like the worst guy here. He’s a total slinthead.” Thomas explained.

Gally clenched his fists and he felt his blood boiling.

Oh my god, Thomas you’re the shucking slinthead, maybe if you got to know him you’d find out he’s one of the sweetest guys here and he’s really funny and doesn’t just try to hit on me all the time. He made a stew pun today! A stew pun! He cares about this place and all the people in it so much. He’s just tough on you because you threaten everything he’s worked so hard to create. So just back off okay? I really like him!” You ranted, the words flowing out like lava. You were visibly very angry.

“So.. you like like him?” Thomas prodded after a moment. You huffed.

“I swear sometimes you two are shucking kindrgarteners. I have to go help Fry with dinner. i hope you’ll pull your head out of your ass and start seeing things how they really are.” You stormed off not even noticing a dumbstruck Gally with a deep red blush coating his face.

Shit” Newt whispered.


The next day when you went to bring Gally his lunch he wasn’t there. You found one of the other builders and they informed you Gally had gone into the maze with Minho because the greenie wouldnt shut up about just building a ladder, so they were seeing if it could possiby work. You knew he was with Minho which made you more comfortable, but you still couldn’t help but worry. You just walked back to the kitchen and ranted to Frypan about all the things that were stressing you out and he told you how him and Brenda, the aforementioned greenie, were really hitting it off. You were happy for him. Brenda had been the third girl in the Glade whom you hadn’t talked to very often, but you definitely got along with her better than Teresa. You engulfed yourself in listeing to Fry and tried to let all worries about Gally slip from your mind. 


It was dark now and your level of worry multiplied by ten thousand. Everyone was gathered at the entrace. They were late. You were more terrified than you had ever been in your knowing life. They appeared right as the door started to shut and they were carrying the shucking ladder. You felt a horrible rush of adrenaline as you ran to the entrace and screamed at them to just drop it and they did, making it out with only seconds to spare. You ran towards Gally and gave him the tightest hug you had ever given, practically tackling him. He was suprised at first, but in a second he returned the hug and his large hands gripped onto your back. You could hear the hoots and hollers of the other Gladers as you pulled back and looked into eachothers eyes. 

“I thought of another stew pun” You whispered in his ear. He smiled.

“I can’t wait to hear it tomorrow.”

And then he took your face in his rough hands and pressed your lips to his. All you anxiety went away into pure pleasure. You couldn’t help but smile as you felt him grin and you pulled away, breathing heavy. Pure happiness burned within you like a flame. You felt Thomas’s eye’s on the two of you and Newt’s jaw was dropped.

“Dude, he’s smiling.” Thomas said in awe. They had never seen Gally so happy, but neither had Gally either. It was the start of a new era, and Gally was ready for it. 

Sex Me (Blind Date AU)

A/N: So here it finally is, there is quite a bit of smut but not necessarily the best kind. I’m leaving you all on cliffs with these smuts because I have a big one coming. (LOL) So be patient and relax, the best is yet to come. (I just can’t stop with these jokes)

“So this is a blind date?” Chloe asked, Beca rolled her eyes and nodded, putting on lipstick.

“Yeah, for the fifth time Chloe it is a blind date.” Beca monotoned back, she practically heard Chloe roll her eyes.

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You're Favorite Dancer

Prompt: Perrie goes to a strip club in search for her favorite dancer that is usually Jesy, but finds Jade instead, an amazing stripper. (Who is also a sex goddess tyvm)


Perrie smirked flinging the door open, and walked inside the strip club. She wasn’t one for strip clubs often, but their was this one girl that had her addicted like a drug. The way her hips moved so … . professionally, her seductive eyes, her smooth skin, and Jesus Christ, don’t even get Perrie started on the girl’s butt. She wasn’t really interested in looking at any other dancer, because she was set on this girl’s type of way for dancing, while Perrie was searching around the strip club, one of her best friends Taylor stood their awkwardly, feeling uncomfortable in the atmosphere, due to the fact she was straight. 

But meanwhile, her other best friend Valerie was already pulling dollar bills out of her bra, and throwing them onto the stage, cheering the dancer on. (A/N: fuck bitches get money A.K.A the meaning of Valerie’s name) Perrie clicked her tongue, seeing her favorite dancer no where around. She shook her head and walked towards the back of the club, seperating herself away from the pedophile men in the club. She leaned against the wall, and let her eyes roam around the other girls in the club, deciding who could replace her favorite one in the meantime. Though, none of them would move as good and as sexy as Perrie would like. She huffed out in annoyance, while her friend Taylor was walking towards her. 

“Why did you drag me here?” Taylor asked in a irritated tone, because she would rather be at home watching Orange Is The New Black on Netflix. Perrie giggled, and shrugged knowing Taylor was straight, but still dragged her to the club. “Just let loose,” Perrie said in a cheerful tone, but deep down inside her head, her mind was clouded with thoughts of her favorite dancer, giving someone else a lap dance. All she got from Taylor was a groan, before she stood next to Perrie against the wall. 

“I’m surprised you aren’t getting a lap dance right now.” Taylor scoffed, picking at her nail polish, a grin plastered onto her face as she felt Perrie’s body stiffen at her words. “Just looking for the right one,” Perrie replied in a stone-cold tone. “What’s your ideal stripper then, Miss Sassy Edwards,” Taylor giggled, still waiting a response from Perrie. “Dunno, maybe a girl who could actually dance, and look good while doing it?” Perrie answered truthfully, not wanting Taylor to investigate her anymore. “How about that one over there?” Taylor pointed towards the brunette in red lingerie, who was preparing to give herself to another girl, sitting firmly on the girl’s lap, before she began moving her hips in a slow, hypnotizing way that made Perrie aroused even more. Maybe it was the fact the mysterious brunette had a great body, and a nice butt, but Perrie was addicted to the way the brunette moved.

“Perrie!” Taylor shouted in the ivory-skinned girl’s ear, causing Perrie to make a squeak and jump up from the loud unsubtle noise. “Jesus Christ! What?” Perrie asked, groaning as she rubbed her ear, feeling slightly deaf from Taylor’s screaming (A/N: (; ‘Taylor’s screaming’) “I wanted to know if you wanted anything from the bar?” Taylor suggested, really needing to get away from all the lesbian aura she was in when she was around Perrie or Valerie. “Just get me a shot of whiskey … . .” Perrie mumbled in a hurried voice, her eyes trained on the brunette who was finally getting off of the girl. Taylor shook her head, and walked towards the bar and sat on one of the bar stools awaiting to be served by a bartender or a barista. Meanwhile, Perrie was walking over towards the mysterious brunette, who was bending over in a corner to pick up the money she had dropped earlier. 

Perrie grinned and spectated the brunette’s bum from a fair distance, loving how amazing it looked. She had wanted to get her hands onto this girl as soon as possible, but before she could the girl was already up on the stage and near the pole. Perrie growled, and frowned, but nevertheless pushed away the men that was blocking her way and stood around the stage, her eyes trained on the brunette. She had a gut-feeling her favorite dancer wasn’t here, but she had a feeling that the brunette could satisfy her tonight. The brunette started dancing, and Perrie pretty sure her ears were gonna go deaf from the wolf whistles coming from the pedophile men around the stage. 

Perrie growled, herself becoming needier, because boy could this girl dance. Her hips would move so fluently, as if she had done this type of thing for decades. As the brunette gripped the pole, Perrie felt fingers curl around her wrist and she was tugged away from the stage. She had only been dragged back to the wall she was at before to see Valerie there, while Taylor was dragging her by the wrist. Perrie yanked her wrist away from Taylor’s grip, and rubbed her wrist. “What?” Perrie snarled, unpleased that she was dragged away from the brunette. 

“Valerie claims she walked in on a guy and a stripper, and wants to go home.” Taylor scoffed, rolling her eyes crossing her arms over her chest. Valerie gripped tightly onto the lapels of Perrie’s leather jacket, shaking the ivory-skinned girl furiously. “I don’t know what life is anymore.” Valerie mumbled tugging onto Perrie’s leather jacket. Perrie chuckled, and embraced Valerie into a comforting hug, “Jesus, maybe if you go to church you wouldn’t be like this.” Taylor said, downing down another shot of vodka, her lipstick imprinted onto the shot glass. Perrie rolled her eyes, and walked away in search for the brunette again, to see her walking towards the private rooms, fingers linked with a guys. Before the brunette could even make it to the door with the taller lad, Perrie had walked in the same direction, holding her shot of whiskey, Taylor had gotten her, close to her. 

Perrie smirked, and purposely bumped into the brunette causing her shot of whiskey to spill all over the brunette. The brunette squealed and let go of the guy’s hand, while the guy just stood their slowly backing away, finding the brunette unattractive with sticky alcoholic all over her now. Perrie was mentally squealing inside her body, but really she was trying so damn hard to keep her cool. Perrie clicked her tongue, shaking her head. “Should’ve watched where you were going, love.” Perrie grinned, walking closer to the brunette, as the brunette would back up until her back came in contact with the wooden door, that had led to one of the rooms. “Well thanks to you, I just lost one of my customers that was going to pay well.” The brunette huffed trying to push the ivory-skinned girl away from her, but there was something so soothing about her presence that made the brunette want to keep her right where she was.

“I guess that’s your problem then.” Perrie husked in the brunette’s ear, hands planted firmly onto the brunette’s hips, while the dancer just stood their, her hands latched onto Perrie’s upper arms. “What’s your name, love?” Perrie purred into the dancer’s ear, her fingernails slightly digging into the brunette’s hips. “J-Jade …” The dancer replied, feeling herself getting flustered at the girl’s presence. The girl practically looked like a typical badass chick who had her own gang in high school, but a sex goddess at the same time, Jade bit her lip in thought of the random blonde’s lips claiming her’s. “I’m Perrie,” The blonde spoke once more, “I couldn’t help, but notice how good you were dancing earlier … .” Perrie made up, because she was hadn’t even seen Jade dance with a pole, but only seen her give someone a lap dance, and Perrie was 101% ready to get one from Jade.

“Oh really?” Jade whispered, into Perrie’s ear, her hand squeezing Perrie’s upper arms, earning a groan from the taller girl. “Yup, and since you’re free now … .” Perrie whispered, before opening the door, causing the brunette to fall back a little bit, but was saved as the ivory-skinned girl wrapped her arm around the brunette’s waist, pinning the petite girl against the wall. “I don’t think I really have a choice at this point.” The brunette breathed out, feeling her breathing becoming uneven, and before she could even say anything else in protest, the blonde’s lips were againsts her moving fiercly. Perrie moaned into the kiss, backing up until the back of her knees hit the chair, and she fell back onto it, finding that the brunette tasted of cotton candy and her lips addicting. Jade straddled Perrie, as she broke the kiss, staring into the ivory-skinned girl’s eyes before she began moving her hips in a circular motion, moving at a slow delicious pace.  

 Perrie groaned and dug her fingernails into Jade’s hips even more, urging the brunette to go on, but all Jade did was continue her torturing pace. It wasn’t soon before Jade’s lips attached to the ivory-skinned girl’s neck, nibbling softly on the blonde’s collar bone, sliding the leather jacket down the blonde’s long arms, flinging the jacket somewhere in the small room, grinding her hips harder down causing Perrie to reciprocate by bucking her hips up to meet the brunette’s. A moan falling carelessly from both of their mouths. "God, I can do this all day, but I don’t have all day, so let’s get it on, yeah?“ Perrie growled, her hands searching the brunette’s back for the clasp of the bra, successfully finding it quickly, as Perrie unlatched the hooks and threw the brunette’s bra against the locked wooden door, her lips instantly attaching to Jade’s erected bud. 

Moans became more frequent to come from Jade’s mouth, as she felt as if she was seeing stars, because Perrie obviously knew all the rights spots Jade enjoyed to be touched at. Jade moaned as she felt all muscles clench inside your abdomen, grinding down harder onto the blonde, feeling herself becoming needier, and grinding wasn’t gonna do it. She gripped tightly onto Perrie’s shoulders, her fingernails digging into the blonde’s soft skin at her shoulder, pressing their lips roughly against each other. Their mouths moved fiercly with each others, both of them needing some type of pleasure, as Perrie stood up, to only have Jade wrap her strong legs around the blonde’s waist, squeezing her waist softly with her thighs, the ivory-skinned girl carefully placed the brunette down onto the velvet-colored chair, and got down onto her knees. Jade moaned at the sight of Perrie on her knees in front of her. Very slowly, Perrie peeled off Jade’s knickers, that were now a more damp due to the wetness coming from Jade’s clit. 

Perrie clicked her tongue, and shook her head, smiling at the sight of the glistening clit in front of her, very hesitantly she hooked her arms with Jade’s thighs to keep her in place, as her tongue gave a few kitten licks, earning a groan from the brunette, before she dove her tongue in, elicting a loud moan from the dancer, as her tongue moved around in circular motions, digging her tongue in deeper, it wasn’t soon before Jade’s hands were gripped tightly onto the blonde’s locks, as Perrie’s fingers were now pumping in and out of her, sometimes curling inside of her, and that would drive her insane. Perrie groaned, sending vibrations throughout Jade’s whole body, as the brunette tugged on her blonde locks harder, encouraging the blonde to continue what she was doing. It wasn’t soon before Jade feel her body go rigid, and Perrie pulled her tongue away, her fingers still pumping inside of Jade, feeling the brunette’s walls clench around her finger. Jade moaned, gripping tightly onto the blonde’s shirt, and bringing their lips together in a fierce, lustful kiss.

Perrie, who was first to break the kiss, instantly began lapping at the spilled juices of Jade’s, moaning at how amazing she tasted. She was really expecting her favorite dancer, but she had decided Jade would be her new favorite. Perrie chuckled, helping Jade put back on her bra, and damp knickers, as she drapped her leather jacket around the petite brunette’s shoulder. 

"You can keep it, keep yourself warm. You seem a little bit too revealing tonight.” Perrie chuckled, winking at the end of the sentence. Before Jade could even say anything, the wooden door flung open and was shut very loudly, signalling Perrie was gone. She put on Perrie’s leather jacket that was big on her, and took in the radiating warmth it provided. She shook her head and reached into the pocket of the leather jacket to feel money. Jade grinned to herself, not only did she get the best sex ever, she was also paid. She had decided on saving herself for Perrie if she ever came next time. 

Jade was Perrie’s favorite dancer, and she knew it.


Sorry if i disappointed you guys I finished writing this with a horrible headache and my bae telling me she cheated on me since 2009 ;-(