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Norman Reedus photographed by Jamie Burke for So It Goes Magazine 2015

‘To play a bad guy who’s just a bad guy all the time is not very interesting; playing a bad guy who has puppy eyes and is depressed and crying on the other hand… Equally, to play a good guy who is wholly good is boring, but to play a good guy who wants revenge is interesting. It’s that tussle I like.’

They’ve handled it very beautifully. They grow with each other. They have a deep mutual respect for each other that really affects how they operate. They empower each other in various ways. She knows how to make him laugh and he knows how to make her vulnerable. She actually came to a place where she resolved, ‘I am in this partnership and I will not step into any type of response, if I figure it out or not, without him.’ It was the new Michonne coming out. She really is different.
—  Danai Gurira in The Walking Dead Magazine when asked “What have you appreciated about the way the writers have handled Richonne?”