the waitress if like HOW'S THE PIE

i love thinking about how cute ed is. like that country boy was so darned pretty, don’t tell me his cute rural charm and heroic behavior didn’t make him some kind of heartthrob. he probably didn’t even REALIZE IT. 

after the promised day, he gets a free piece of pie from a local diner for being ‘such a hero of the country’ and he’s like “oh wow thanks.” he doesnt even NOTICE how redfaced the waitress is as she scurries away. 

some teenage girl clips out his newspaper photo and puts it in her diary. “appreciation for the national hero?” her father asks. “uh huh.” the daughter replies, drawing a heart under his face. 

students like 50 years later read about him and theyre like “yeah yeah, edward elric. national hero. whatever.” and they open their history books and BAM. the national hero was a scruffy 16 year old boy with literal golden hair and a model’s jawline. nothing is the same. 

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That time Mulder accidentally called Scully baby at work. With an audience. (In case you're taking prompts, which I hope you do, because I ❤️ u)

The first time he hears someone call Scully baby, they’re in a diner in a torn-cushioned booth the color of a kidney bean.  The waitress brings her a piece of pie and pauses before putting the fork down, holds it up to the light, finds some infraction she never actually burdens Scully with.

“Sorry, baby, let me get you a new one,” is all she says.

“You liked that,” Mulder says as Scully folds her hands on the disco-glittered table and smiles at her pie.  Like she’s waiting for it to smile back.  “I’ve noticed this.  You like it when people you don’t even know call you baby and honey.”

She shrugs, doesn’t take her eyes off the pie.

“Don’t you mind it?  Find it condescending?”

“I don’t think that’s how she meant it.”


“Presumptuous of what?  That you might agree there’s enough rudeness and cruelty amongst strangers in the world?”

“What if it’s meant to get a better tip?”

“That’s very cynical, Mulder.”  She tends to have a sunnier worldview with a piece of pie in front of her.  She licks her lips and he can practically and presciently taste the peach on them though he has no idea what she herself tastes like. He has a sudden urge for her to get whipped cream on her nose.  

When the waitress returns with the new fork, she squeezes Scully’s shoulder cap before she goes, as if to prove a point.  For all his studying of human (and non-human) behavior, his Oxford degree and his basement full of books, Scully is better at picking up these interpersonal subtleties. How a thing is meant.

The first time he calls her baby himself, they’re in bed and she’s tired and struggling, and it’s meant to convey that she should take as long as she needs, that he’s happy to do this all night if he has to.  He doesn’t know why it’s come out of his mouth. He’s learned to call her Dana when he wants a certain kind of emphasis.  Other than that, it’s always Scully, or nothing at all – there’s never anyone else he’d be talking to.  But this particular bedroom occasion seems to call for something other than the name he uses to tell her he needs her to perform an autopsy, or that he’s angry with her, or even to tell her he loves her.  

The second time he calls her baby, it’s more deliberate, experimental, a sexual Frisbee he tosses as she crawls up his body on the couch.  She catches it between her teeth and undoes the top button on her shirt with the certainty of someone who knows how things are meant.  It goes over so well that he tries other words in similar circumstances – honey, sweetie, once, even tiger.  He’s not sure if he’s doing it because he likes it or to prove to her she doesn’t.  It usually makes her smile, but she never outright tells him it pleases her, never calls him anything herself.  He can only go by the fact that she keeps coming back, keeps ordering up that pie.

It’s twenty years before she finds the occasion to take issue with it.

They’re in the kitchen at work, taking advantage of the third floor’s superior coffee machine.  There are four other agents and six different kinds of milk (“milk”), handfuls of number one dad, best grandpa in the world, don’t talk to me until I drink this mugs.  He’s talking sports with Skinner, who’s peeling an orange over the trashcan. Scully’s got her back to them – a tight white blouse and a sleek pair of pants he ironed and watched her put on this morning.  She’s just moved back in.  He’s been shaving every day.  He’s been ironing.  He’s on his best behavior.

Their cups are both paper, no slogans, no declarations of superiority.  They both know better by now than to tempt fate like that.  She goes to hand him his cup and folds back the little paper handles first so he can slip his finger through. Later, he will think it was this gesture, the warmth of it, that loosened his tongue.

“Thank you, baby.”  It just comes out.   Everything in the room stops – the peeling, Skinner’s Monday morning quarterbacking.  The coffee machine makes good on its advertised claim to be conversation-quiet. Conversation?  Mulder can practically hear the blood rushing to Scully’s face.  

“Anyway,” Skinner finally says and other sounds resume.

“Sorry,” Mulder’s already saying when the elevator doors close.  “I’m sorry.”

“You can’t call me that at work, Mulder,” she says anyway.  He would give anything to be able to put a slice of pie in front of her.

“I didn’t mean to.”

“Maybe not consciously.  But you wanted them to hear it.  It was a statement of ownership.”

“That’s very cynical of you, Scully.”

The first time she says it back is that night - like a comeback, a handslap, a reminder of the history of patriarchal oppresion in the workplace.  Her voice is hoarse and legs splayed the just-sore-enough width of his hips.

“Feels so good,” she says with a slightly pitched eyebrow and in its horizon he sees the resolution of a twenty year old argument.  “Baby.”  

But if she is trying to make him blush or protest, she fails.  He is willing to be owned.

“Don’t think I’m going to tip you any better,” he whispers, and she smiles but doesn’t laugh.  She’s already got her eye on the pie.


Dean Winchester x Reader

3150 Words

Story Summary: Dean and Y/N have been friends for as long as he can remember. Slowly, his feelings start to change, but he’s afraid to act on them.

A/N: This is a request from @saveprettydays. Hope it’s what you wanted. It’s also for @winchesterprincessbride and her follower celebration challenge. My Gif is located in the story!! 

There was never a time I could remember Y/N not being in my life. From the time we were teenagers, trying to survive a world that often left us to ourselves, she had been the constant in my life.

Even more constant than Sam. While he went away to college, she was there. By my side, both of us hunting without our parents. She was the best friend I could have ever asked for, even if it did sound cheesy.

Here it was, years later, and Y/N was still by my side. Even through the troubles of finding my Dad, and even when I went to Hell, Y/N had never given up on me. She moved in with us when we found the bunker, both of us falling in love with the place.

She was currently sprawled in one of the arm chairs, her eyes closed as the book threatened to fall from her hands. She was wearing one of my flannel shirts she had stolen from me, along with a pair of cut off shorts, showcasing her lean legs. She was beautiful, and I often found myself having to tear my gaze away from her. She was my friend, and had been for years. But a part of me, a part I kept trying to ignore, wanted things to move beyond friends.

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Gif source:  Ned

Imagine being a new waitress at The Pie Hole that is voluptuous and Ned has a crush on you and he comes to your rescue when a rude patron makes fun of your weight.

——— Request for native-snowflake ———

You were stunned, not entirely sure how to respond to the rudeness of the patron or the comment that had just been made on your weight. You could feel the heat coming to your face as embarrassment settled in your stomach.

Luckily, you don’t have to think of a response as a tall presence hovers at your back, and you notice it’s Ned interjecting into the conversation, “Here at The Pie Hole, our waitresses work hard to provide a comfortable and welcoming environment, but comments like the ones you just made are not welcome here.” You look up at Ned with just as shocked an expression as the customer you were serving. You hadn’t seen such a frown etch into Ned’s face before this very moment, and it was clear despite his politeness that he wasn’t going to allow this customer to put you down any further.

“I’m sorry,” the customer stammers out meekly, a bit ashamed at having been called out by the man beside you.

“It’s okay,” you respond, getting a shake of the head by Ned.

“It’s not okay,” Ned sighs, giving you an apologetic look as he nods for you to tend to another table. “I’ll have Olive handle this table for you, why don’t you work that one?” Lowering his voice as the two of you walk from the table, he adds kindly, “And you look fine, so don’t listen to that customer.”

Sending him a thankful look, you nod, “Thank you.”

Bright Colors (Chpt 1)

AU were everyone sees in black and white, until they meet their soulmate. Then they start to see colors and it’s awesome. You hadn’t and thought that it would never happen, but maybe there is someone out there for you.

Of a tumbler imagine. I worked it out as a fanfic, because I liked the concept. This will have a total of 3 chapters.

Fandom: Supernatural

Relationship: Dean Winchester x Reader

Warnings: Minor Violance, Abuse in last chapter

Word count: 1,205

Chapter 2 Chapter 3

Originally posted by proof-is-in-the-pudding

Every person is born with achromatopsia, also known as complete color blindness. From the moment a person is born, they can’t see colors, only black and white. There is however a way to see colors, by finding ones soulmate. Scientist still don’t know how this is possible and may never even find out. When a person meets their soulmate, they usually don’t know it yet.

Even though they might not know it immediately, the two soulmates are attracted to each other. And will no matter what, find each other.

When a person finally starts seeing colors, we call it ‘The Break’. The Break doesn’t associate with age or anything else for that matter. Some might never find their soulmates and will forever stay colorblind.

The symptoms after seeing the soulmate, will occur in 24 hours. It usually starts with their own eye color, and often the colors of their soulmate be the ones after. Both male and female will experience the same process.

People who have had their Break are called ‘Seers’, they have full color vision. When Seers lose their soulmate, color vision will remain. Except that the brightness and the livingness of the colors will fade, just as their soul will.

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Imagine having to share a bed with Theo on a pack mission <3

request: reader as stiles’s sister/theo + having to share a bed + “Just don’t try cuddling me or anything.”

I hope you like it! I’m sorry it took so long for me to upload but here it is. It was a really fun request so thank you for asking me! 

Originally posted by prettylittleliars

At dusk Stiles came to wake you up. He shook your shoulders which resulted in you growling. “Stiles get the fuck out before I kill you.” You said in a serious tone. You knew why he was waking you up but that didn’t make it any less annoying. “Y/N come on we have to get going. We need to go before dad wakes up, and you know he gets up at the crack of dawn, well guess what - it’s the crack of dawn.” He retorted. “Fine.” You caved in and got out of bed. You were about to go out the door but stopped as you saw Stiles’s judging look. “What now?” Could this night be any worse? He scanned your outfit. “I may not be a fashion expert, but even I know, that is not an acceptable outfit.” Is he fucking serious? “Stiles I don’t give a shit.” You sighed. “Can we just get going now?” He raised his hands in surrender and you tiptoed downstairs and out the door. 

You sat in the passenger seat in the jeep as you went to each of the pack members houses to pick them up. The jeep got a little crowded when you finally reached Lydia’s house. Since you were the smallest (in age and size) you had to sit in Scott’s lap. In the car Lydia, Stiles, Scott, Kira and Theo filled ud the space. You stuck your head between the two front seats. “Stiles. When are we there? Because I’m sitting like crap and if we have to go another hour, I will kill someone.” Lydia snorted and Stiles quietly nodded, knowing better than to mess with you right now. “You know if you’re sitting horribly I’m sure I can offer a very nice lap over here.” Theo said with a mischievous grin. “Thanks, but no thank you.” You said and quietly sat back on Scott’s lap with a light blush reddening your cheeks. Theo’s grin only grew in amusement at your response, along with the rest of the jeep who were all laughing. 

After a while Stiles stopped at a cheap motel. “No way.” You said as soon as he stopped Roscoe. “Y/N come on. Do you see any five star hotels in the area?” You looked outside the window. Darkness loomed all around the jeep. You looked back at Stiles and he knew he had won. You got out of Roscoe and made your way to the reception. You had your bag over your shoulder. It was irritating you, weighing more than you could handle. Someone lifted it off your shoulder. You looked next to you and saw Theo carrying his bag and now yours too. You were about to say he didn’t have to do that, but you were interrupted by the receptionist. “Here you go.” She said before any of us had even talked to her. She handed Scott three keys to three different rooms. 

As soon as you saw the three keys you knew what was going on. Scott handed Stiles a key and then Theo one. “Wohow, hold your horses, who’s sleeping with who?” Scott and Kira were a couple, you knew that, and of course they would sleep together, but Stiles and Lydia weren’t, couldn’t you sleep with Lydia? They all shared knowing looks. Great. “It’s just one night Y/N, don’t you trust me?” Theo mocked and started to look for the room. You groaned. This was not how you pictured this trip. You followed Theo, before he stopped at room 113. “Are you kidding me? 113? That calls for bad luck.” You had always hated the number 13, it always brings bad luck. “You know if you’re scared Stilinski, I’ll take care of you.” He said and opened up the door a little too smooth for your liking. “I can take care of myself, thank you very much.” He chuckled and dropped your bags on the bed. The bed. Not two beds. One. “Oh…” 
“What?” He turned his head to you and followed your eyes. “There’s only one bed.” He stated. “Is that a problem?” You honestly didn’t know. You liked Theo, maybe a little more than you would like, but you didn’t want him to know… “Nono! Noooh problem… At all.” You cringed at your own words and reaction. He smiled. “Oookay. So are you up for some food?” He pulled out some money from his back pocket. “My treat?”

You walked to a place down the road. A small diner which fortunately still were open. You scooted towards the window in the booth, as Theo sat down on the other side. A waitress came and handed you the menu. Immediately you knew what you wanted, but the waitress had already left. “How can you possibly already know what you want?” He was amazed by your food picking skills. “Well it’s easy. Pie,” you counted on your fingers, “milkshake and of course curly fries.” It wasn’t like it was a hard choice. Curly fries was a family tradition and your addiction. Pie was - oh come on who doesn’t love a good piece of pie? He laughed and threw his head back a little. You cheeks reddened. “What?” You exclaimed. He had stopped laughing and looked bewildered at you. “Why the curly fries? I mean the milkshake and pie sure, but where do they come from?” You slumped back a little. “Actually it comes from my mother. When Stiles and I were little, me, him, my dad and my mom went to this diner all the time.  She always ordered curly fries, so we all began to eat them, and now she’s gone but we kind of remember her through them. I know it sounds crazy and a little weird, but…” You stopped, why were you telling Theo this? “It’s tradition.” You ended. The waitress came back just as Theo was about to say something. “What can I get you two?” She asked sweetly. You said your order. “You know what?” Theo closed his menu. “I want the same.” He smiled at her and then grinned at you. You couldn’t help but smile back. 

“Admit it. Curly fries fit perfectly to the creamy milkshake and sweet pie. It adds some spice.” You laughed as Theo moaned in pleasure. “Yes. I’m sorry I ever doubted you, I will listen to you forever, and never doubt your food picking skills.” He stuffed his mouth with curly fries and flushed it down with milkshake. You followed suit. “Thank you. I will forever share my food picking wisdom with you.” You smiled and he smiled right back. 

The two of you walked out of the diner together and started to head back to the hotel. It was darker out than it had been before. And colder. The moon were looming over you and it made you nervous. Full moon weren’t a good sign. “Aren’t you affected by the moon at all?” You asked Theo. He looked down at you. “Yes. But I’ve learned to control it. It’s hard but when I have something to distract myself with it’s not a problem.” He said, referring to you. You broke eye contact, even though you could look into his hazel eyes for all eternity. Somewhere a wolf howled. Theo’s attention turned to the sound and you instantly stopped. His whole body went rigid and he stepped in front of you. “Let’s go.” He took your hand. You suppressed the fluttering feeling it gave you and asked him what was wrong. “I don’t know. I don’t even know anything is wrong, but I just want to make sure we’re safe. The other wolfs in the area might sense another pack has intruded their territory and we don’t want that. It won’t end good. Let’s just get home to the hotel and stay in for the night.” He rushed the two of you home. 

You opened the door and Theo laid his hand on the small of your back to guide you inside. Once inside he locked the door and looked out the window before pulling the curtain closed. “Okay you look like you’re freaking out and that freaks me out. Are you okay?” You were getting tired of his act. His head snapped up and he looked you deep in the eyes. “I’m sorry Y/N. I didn’t mean to freak you out.” He took off his jacket. “Nothing is wrong, I just have a little paranoia when it comes to other packs.” His shoes went off. “Do you want to go to sleep or watch a movie or something?” 
“Actually I just want to sleep if that’s alright.” You said and dropped the topic, even though something about it didn’t seem right. “Yeah sure.” He picked up his bag and started to go through it. You opened your bag and noticed it wasn’t the bag you had packed. Shit. You had probably grabbed the wrong bag back home. “Oh crap.” You groaned. “What’s wrong?” You turned to Theo, who apparently were in the middle of changing. He had pajama pants on with no shirt. He was about to put the shirt on when you had spoken. “I brought the wrong bag with me. This is my cheerleading bag. All I have now is my uniform and my pom poms. This is so typical me. God!” You gave yourself a face palm and sat on the bed. The shirt hit you face and fell into your lap. Theo had already turned his back to you. You looked at his muscular back. Theo was not bad looking at all. “Are you sure?” You stood up. “Yes. I don’t really need it anyway.” He walked around you and started to pull the covers from the bed. You went to the bathroom and took off your pants and the shirt on. You walked back into the bedroom and found Theo laying in bed already. You slipped under the covers. “Theo?” You said. He turned to you. “Just don’t try cuddling me or anything.” He chuckled. “Are you sure I’m very cuddly?” He slowly pulled you towards him. His body curved perfectly against yours and you sighed. “Alright I don’t care.” You said and snuggled closer to him and he held you close. 

Vacation Gotta Get Away

Hey my dearly beloved!! Oh my lordy, I can’t believe I technically finished all of these challenges on time (with 2 minutes to spare in my timezone!)! Whew!! I really liked the way this one came together, all of my prompts fit together so well! Let me know what you think of it! XO

Story location was set by my prompt for Lau’s Summer Escape Challenge: Island Park, Idaho! I love your face @dancingalone21!

For  @queen-of-deans-booty Jordan’s Trope Challenge my prompt was Best Friend’s Brother

@d-s-winchester provided me with the picture in the story of the steaming mugs by the fireplace for Ash’s Fall in Love with Fall Challenge!

And last but definitely not least,  @mamaredd123 set me up with, “Wait a second… did he drunk dial you?” for my Mama’s 100 Quotes Challenge!!

Thank you all of you beautiful people for hosting challenges!! You complete me! 

Sam x Reader

Word Count: about 2400 

Warnings: Sam fluffyness, mild reference to sexual activities, but super mild (PG13), my usual foul language, grumpy/protective Dean… I think that’s about it!!

All images pulled straight from Google

Check out my masterlist for more fics!! 


As you admired the gorgeous scenery around you, you couldn’t help but think that this was perfection. The sun was low in the sky, getting ready to dip behind the mountains for the night, giving the forest around you a golden glow. The smell of the wilderness around you cleared your senses as you leaned against Beast, your beloved fire-engine red Ford Bronco Ranger. You glanced up to watch an eagle circling high above you, rocking on the balls of your feet as you anxiously waited for your secret-rendezvous companion to arrive.

When he suggested the two of you get away for a little one-on-one time, you simply couldn’t resist. Living in the bunker with the Winchesters was great, but having your best friend, Dean, constantly intimidating your dates with his protective big brother show put a bit of a damper on your love life. That’s why you’d yet to confine in him about your new guy… this one was going to be especially hard and you hadn’t quite figured out how to break it to him just yet.

This sweet end of summer escape was the perfect way for you to work through your feelings and decide how you wanted to go about telling your bestie. You were pretty sure you were going to be in this relationship for the long haul and you knew you were going to have to reveal your intentions to Dean sooner rather than later. If he were to find out from anyone other than you, he’d be pissed. But you weren’t ready to have that talk, not yet.

So you’d snuck away from Kansas, on the pretense of a solo hunt, and headed out to the cabin in Island Park, Idaho that your new boyfriend had rented. This was your favorite time of year; the days were still warm enough that it felt like summer but the nights were chilled enough to feel like fall. There was no where else you’d rather be than out in nature immersed in the sights, sounds, and smells around you. The forest-covered peaks reflecting off the lake were breathtakingly beautiful and you inhaled deeply, the crisp evening air filling your lungs.

The sound of an approaching engine drew your attention away from the serenity surrounding you and back to the dark blue 90s sports car making it’s way up the long gravel drive.

You smiled brightly as the shiny Dodge came to a stop next to you and Beast.

“You’re early,” he said, unfolding his large frame from the driver’s seat, the door snapping shut behind him.

You shrugged, “Only 10 minutes,” you said calmly, waiting patiently by your vehicle even though you wanted more than anything to jump into the arms of the man in front of you.

He was around the car and on your lips in moments, one hand snaked around your back while the other tangled in your hair.

“This little vacation was an excellent idea,” you whispered inches from his mouth.

“I knew you’d love it up here,” he answered, sweeping a strand of hair behind your ear, hazel eyes sparkling.

“Sam Winchester, are you secretly a hopeless romantic?” you teased, as he bent down to pick up your bag, tucking you under his arm as you made your way up the cabin driveway.

“You have no idea,” he retorted, dropping a sweet kiss on the top of your head.

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Cheer Up Post #4737 - Waitress (Musical) Edition

gays-in–space would like a post featuring the Broadway musical Waitress. Here you go!

Women Masterpost

***Disclaimer: Most of the images used do not belong to me. If you see one that’s yours, and you would like credit or to have it removed/replaced, please just ask.

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Sam And The Micro Peen

Originally posted by adaav

Characters: Y/n, Sam, Dean, OC Beka


Warnings: Sort of angstiness, insecure Sam, fluffiness, mentions of cheating, more fluffiness.

Word Count: 837

Summary: Sam knows he’s got a tiny cock, but that doesn’t matter to everyone, especially not Y/n.

A/N: People always write Sam with a monster cock, but I mean, he could have a tiny micropeen too, right?? Just cos he’s tall, doesn’t mean he’s big down there, so this was made. Much more fluffier than I anticipated, but it’s fine. I like it. Just random crap, but hope u like it. 

Tagged Peeps: @waywardsons-imagines @whywhydoyouwantmetosaymyname @sallyp-53@malachai-winchester @helvonasche @kaitlynnlovegood @notnaturalanahi @wayward-mirage@riversong-sam@nerdflash @miss-miep@impala-dreamer@mypeopleskillsarerusty0203@greek-geek481@chelsea072498@deals-with-demons @plaidstiel-wormstache @impalaimagining@deathtonormalcy56


“Dude, come on. Just ask y/n. Pretty sure it can’t be worse than no”, Dean grumbled, his attention going back to his laptop after finally making Sam stop tapping on the table.

“Dean, you know what everyone else has done. What if the same thing happens again?”

Dean rolled his eyes. 

He was sick of this dumb self-doubt. 

Sure, Sam apparently had a small cock.

Of course, Dean hadn’t seen it, but he was aware.

Apparently, Jess cheated on him with Brady. Amelia with some dude. And a few other women had also. 

When Sam asked them why, they all gave him the same reason. 

Sam couldn’t pleasure any of them with his small cock.

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The Troublesome Trio

Chapter (2/?)

Chapter 1 (x)      Chapter 6 (x)

Chapter  3 (x)

Chapter 4 (x)

Chapter 5 (x)

Summary: It has been a week since the reader heroically beat a bully on the head with an umbrella to save a tiny stranger. Now she has become friends with the trouble maker and his charming best friend. 

AN: Thank you for all the likes and reblogs on the first chapter! i really appreciate your hashtags! I hope you like this chapter, its a bit longer than the first! Also, sorry if it takes me awhile to post the next chapter bc i start school tomorrow, but i will try to write whenever i have free time!

“So what do you guys like to do for fun?” You asked as you plopped down on the plush floral patterned couch at Steve’s apartment. 

“Well it’s currently 5 o’clock, we could go out to a theatre to catch a movie?” Steve offered as he sat next to you.

“Nah, we did that last week! How about we have a night out on the town and have some fun?! Bucky threw up his arms with excitement at his idea.

“Buck, Brooklyn is a city not a town.” Steve snickered at his friend.

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me trying to decide what my favorite song from Waitress is
  • Me: "She Used to Be Mine" is just amazing
  • Me: But "Everything Changes" and "I Didn't Plan It" are such amazing solos too!
  • Me: And "Door Number Three" is lowkey a really good solo too (minus Earl talking)
  • Me: But the group numbers...
  • Me: "When He Sees Me" is so funny omfg
  • Me: "Bad Idea" though (and its reprise because who doesn't love some "In the dark dark-chocolate pie")
  • Me: "It Only Takes A Taste" and "You Matter to Me" are both so GOOD how am I supposed to decide on this?
  • Me: And "What's Inside" starts off the show on such a good note ugh deciding this is so hard.
  • Me: "Lulu's Pie Song" will probs make you cry but like I don't mind because it's so adorable????
  • Me: Also any time Ogie "Never Getting Rid of Me" and "I Love You Like A Table." HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE THOSE?
  • Me: OH MY GOODNESS I FORGOT ABOUT "A Soft Place To Land." THE HARMONIES!!!!!!1111!!!11!!
  • Me: But "Waiting Room" has literally been stuck in my head all day so maybe that's my favorite?
  • Me:
  • Me: Yeah I can't choose either.

Waitress (2007) Directed by Adrienne Shelly
Somewhere in the space between the pie baking and Earl eating it later that night, began the most intimate conversation of my life. About my mama, about how much she loved me, how sad she’d be to see my life turned out like this. About Earl and how he changed after we married, became someone I feared. About how lonely it is to be a woman so poor and so afraid. And then I was addicted, baby. I was addicted to saying things, and having them matter to someone.

MrImpala67 (ReaderxDean)

Request: Idea! Can I request one where the Dean has a Tumblr and him and the reader start talking through it? And over time, they become good friends and decide to meet, where they get along really well and he tells her what he does and she’s accepting and actually thanks him? And they end up together? Maybe go into some detail about the kind of blog Dean has cause that would be interesting? :)

Warning(s): fluff, smut implication

Words: 2916

Note: Sorry it got kind of long! This was a really cute idea, although Dean probably wouldn’t even know how to work tumblr ;) (Dean’s like 28 here)

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SMH Favorite Christmas Songs

@prettygeeks and i have the best conversations

Holster: This boy is half Jewish but he is SO into Christmas and is that person who listens to music November 1. Like the true rom-com nerd he is “All I Want For Christmas” by Mariah Carey is his #1 (though he also attempts to sing every harmony to “Carol of the Bells. It’s only a semi-disaster)

Ransom: “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)” by Mariah Carey. Actually, he and Holster are constantly blasting her Christmas album and sometimes they both end up in tears marveling at her talent. These boys. 

Bitty: “Rocking Around The Christmas Tree”. He rocks around the kitchen to this, in a festive holiday apron whipping up enough cookies and pie for every person he has every met in his life. Jack Zimmermann’s heart grows three sizes each time he gets to witness it. 

Jack: “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” by Frank Sinatra like the big ol’ sap he is. “From now on, our troubles will be miles away” Damnit Jack.

Shitty: Listen, this boy will rant for hours on how problematic Christmas is, but when “Dominck the Donkey” comes on he LOSES HIS MIND. 

Lardo: “Christmas Wrapping” by the Waitresses. No explanation needed. 

Dex: He tells everyone it’s Bruce Springsteen’s cover of “Merry Christmas Baby” but it’s actually “Merry Christmas Darling” by The Carpenters (#SecretSoftie). 

Nursey: “Someday at Christmas” by Stevie Wonder but he also has a love for “Sleigh Ride” and a secret desire to ride in a horse-drawn sleigh through a snowy forest. He tells everyone this when he is drunk. Chirps fly. (On their first Christmas as a married couple, Dex makes this dream come true.) 

Chowder: The entirety of the A Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack. And when “Linus and Lucy” comes on, everyone must dance like a Peanuts character. And they all do.

+ bonus Parse: “My Only Wish” by Britney Spears. Good god, Kent. 

Pie Fixes Everything

Warnings: Swearing.
Characters: Uncle!Dean Winchester, Daddy!Sam Winchester(mentioned) Daughter Winchester Reader
Summary: (Read request at bottom)
Readers Age: High school
Word Count: 1290

Y/N: Your Name

A/N: Sorry it took so long to post this one! I got really into the fighting scene so I may have gone a lil overboard… Enjoy!

You haven’t had much luck with schools, always moving around you never bothered really learning anything. That is until your dad and uncle moved into the bunker, now you go to the nearest school.

You usually keep to yourself besides your small group of friends, you and your best friend were standing at your locker. “I’m just saying Captain America is so gonna beat Iron Man.” Your best friend, Leah argued.

You rolled your eyes, “No, obviously Iron Man is going to win, I mean who turns the Avengers against each other for one man?” You replied, Leah scoffed.

“I get why Cap was doing it, I mean I would protect Bucky at all costs too.” Leah winked, earning a chuckle from you.

You were about to respond when you were approached by the meanest girl in school, Jennifer. “Well who do we have here? Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dumb.” She snarked.

You rolled your eyes, “So Y/N, still living with your dad and uncle? Kind of weird that your uncle is living with you guys.” She thought she insulted you when really you just brushed it off.

“Yeah think what you want, but my family is more functional than yours, tell me, does your dad know your mom is banging the pool guy?” You replied quite proud of your comeback.

“You bitch! You’re probably just an accident anyway! Considering your mom isn’t around.” Jennifer spat.

“I’m sorry, did you try to insult me? With a family like yours! I wanna know, how many drugs has your brother tried?” Jennifer gasped rage filling her eyes, she grabbed your hair and yanked it towards her, you grabbed her arm applying pressure to the right spot causing her to let go.
You swung her arm around and pinned it against her back, you pushed her forward and slammed her into the lockers.

“You wanna do that again?” You taunted, “Let go of me!” She demanded, “Nope not until you promise to never speak to me or my friends again.” A crowd gathered around you. You made sure to speak loudly so everyone can hear you.

“Fine! Just let me go!” You pulled her away from the lockers and pushed her causing her to fumble. You turned around to your friend Leah who was very impressed, you felt a tap on your shoulder, you turned around and saw a fist flying towards you.

Your hunter extinct kicked in, you caught her fist with your hand, and threw a punch clocking her right in the jaw. She went down and didn’t bother getting up, but unfortunately for you the principal saw what you did.

“Y/N Winchester!” You heard someone call, you spun around and saw the principal, of course she went to Jennifer.

“My office now” The principal demanded, you both went to her office she told you both to wait outside until your parents come.

Jennifer had an ice pack, every time you looked at her you couldn’t help but smile. “Quit smiling you freak! Why don’t you go back to the graveyard and visit your mom.” Jennifer spat.

None of her insults really hurt you, but that one felt like a punch to the gut. You opened your mouth to reply but you heard a familiar voice, “Y/N Y/M/N WINCHESTER!” You looked down the hall and saw a very angry Dean walking towards you.

“What the hell were you thinking?” You didn’t look at him, “Mr. Winchester, could I talk to you in here for a moment?” Your principals voice was heard. Dean nodded and gave you one last look before going into her office.

“Jennifer!” You heard a man yell, you looked down the hall and saw Jennifer’s dad rushing down it in a panic, “Daddy!” She got up and ran to her dad. You rolled your eyes.

“Is this the girl that hit you?” He asked giving you the stink eye, “Yes daddy, she really hurt me.” Jennifer said in a baby voice. “Listen you little brat, if you ever tou-“ Dean walked out before he could finish, he eyed Jennifer’s dad.

“You got a problem?” Dean asked standing in between you and Jennifer’s dad, “Yeah this girl here beat up my daughter!” He yelled. Dean made himself look bigger than he already is and instantly Jennifer’s dad backed down.

“C'mon.” Dean said as he walked away, you got up and followed.

You two got to the Impala, you got into the front seat, “What did we tell you about getting into fights Y/N? You can’t be drawing attention to yourself!” Dean scolded. You looked down at your hands.

Dean looked over at you, “What made you fight her anyway?” Dean asked calmer now, you twiddled your fingers and shrugged.

“Y/N tell me.” Dean demanded his voice firm, you took a deep breath, “She was saying how it’s weird that I live with my uncle, and how I was just an accident and how my mom is dead…” Tears starting filling your eyes. Your mom died because of a demon, that’s how you met your dad, he saved you.

The thought of your mom breaks your heart and for someone to disrespect her like that fills you with rage, “Tell you what, why don’t we make a quick stop before we head home.” Dean replied giving you a small smile.

Within a few minutes you were pulling up to a diner, one that your family goes to often. You both got out and went in, “Uncle Dean what are we doing here?” You asked as you both sat down at a booth.

“Pie.” Dean said, “What?” You raised your eyebrow, “Pie can fix anything, just don’t tell your dad, y’know because he only eats rabbit food and what not.” Dean replied. You chuckled at how much of a dork he is when it comes to pie.

“Hey there, guys want the usual?” Your regular waitress asked, “Uh no two apple pies please.” Dean responded, the waitress nodded and walked away.

Dean smiled at you, “Why are you doing this? Shouldn’t you be mad?” You asked, Dean sighed.

“I know how much your mom meant to you, I know it’s a real touchy topic. I don’t know exactly what that girl said but I’m sure she deserved it. I just don’t want you to feel like you can’t stand up for yourself.” Dean stated.

“So you brought me to a diner, to get pie, to tell me I should stand up for myself?” You asked, Dean chuckled, “No kid I brought you here to make you feel better. Y'know for being Sam’s kid, a brainiac you sure aren’t that smart.” Dean joked.

You kicked him from underneath the table, “Ow!” He yelled, you started laughing and picked up your glass of water to get a drink, that is until Dean slapped it out of your hands causing it to go everywhere.

“DEAN!” You yelled, Dean couldn’t breathe because of how much he was laughing, the waitress started walking over with your pies and stopped halfway to your table.

“Looks like someone has a hole in their mouth.” The waitress commented as she grabbed a towel that was in her apron and wiped the table down. You gave Dean your classic ‘bitch-face’ which you’ve inherited from your dad. Dean only laughed more.

You and your uncle sat there eating your pies and talking, Dean promised not to tell Sam that you got into a fight as long as you promised not to tell him that Dean took you out for pie. It’s a win, win.

These are the small moments you cherish, just sitting down eating and talking. Spending time with your family, forgetting that monsters exists, you wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Requested by Anonymous:
“Hey can I have a daughter/niece find I guess? Basically reader is Sam’s daughter but she got in a fight at school and her uncle dean comes to pick her up, when dean sees how upset the reader is he takes her out for pie and promises not to tell Sam. Sorry if this is confusing! Thanks.”

I hope y'all like this one! I’m open for tips on improving! b>

She’s imperfect, but she tries
She is good, but she lies
She is hard on herself
She is broken and won’t ask for help
She is messy, but she’s kind
She is lonely most of the time
She is all of this mixed up and baked in a beautiful pie
She is gone, but she used to be mine.

I’m having one of those down days and was listening to the song ‘She Used To Be Mine’ from the musical Waitress. I can’t believe how accurately Sara Bareilles wrote how I feel on most days. This is why I love this musical, because you can connect so well with the characters and feel like, hey this is me! I’m not alone.

You guys aren’t alone. There will always be someone who loves you, who looks up to you, who cares for you. Please, please don’t think that you are not worth it. Because you are. You are the piece in the puzzle that keeps everyone together and if you leave, that puzzle will always be missing it’s vital piece.

I’m here for you. We’re here for you. 

You are loved. 

lennon sat at a small booth alone in the diner, secretly enjoying the quiet of not having to interact with another human other than the waitress. she took a small bite of her cherry pie, quietly humming in happiness at how delicious it was. as she reached for the book she was reading, a shadow appeared across the table and she looked up at the new arrival. “oh, hi,” the brunette quickly cleared the other side of the table from her mess, “you can sit if you like. i should stop being such a hermit anyways.” 

Yes Dean, there is a Santa Claus

 “Dad I am not a baby!” Dean protested in the small motel bed.

John sighed as tried to keep a straight face “Look Dean, you believe there are ghosts?” Dean nodded. “Demons?” Another nod. “Werewolves?” Nod. “Well then why don’t you believe in this?”

Dean rolled his eyes “Because dad everyone knows there isn’t a Santa Claus.” At eight Dean had that all encompassing tone children possessed when they knew how the world worked. At almost nine, Dean was a wise old sage on everything in general. There was no doubt or wavering from his point, what he knew was what he knew.

And he knew there wasn’t a Santa Claus.

At his last school Kelly Ayers had told him that Santa Claus was just a story they told little kids to make them go to bed on Christmas day and it was actually parents who bought gifts. Which kinda made sense to Dean since that Christmas he had gotten three comic books and a six pack of Pepsi…all things easily bought at the local corner store instead of made at the North Pole. He had decided not to inform his dad that he had been wise to his ruse…and just let sleepy dogs lie wherever they lay.

Or something like that.

But here it was, Christmas 1987 and John was treating him like a baby. I mean sure sell that Santa Claus stuff to Sammy, he was only four, he ate that junk up. But at almost nine, Dean had decided it was time to let go of childish things and grow up some. So as he sat in his faded blue pajama bottoms and Motley Crue t shirt in bed, he was not going to let his father lie to him some more. Sammy was asleep, only men awake now…so why not just tell the truth?

“Look Dean” John said in a calm and even voice “I am trying to tell you. I need to go out and if Santa Claus shows up I need you to tell him something.”

Dean gave his dad another look, as a slight crease appeared on his forehead. The first sign of him cracking “But dad…how can he be real?”

John gestured with his hands “All stories come from somewhere Dean.” he said allowing himself some time to act it out “In fact in his off time, when he isn’t delivering presents, he’s a hunter.”

“What?” Dean asked in half shock and half disbelief.

John nodded “Uh-huh. Where do you think the knows when you’ve been naughty thing comes from? He uses his…um power to find evil and hunt it down.”

“And he kills him with his trained reindeer?” Dean asked.

John now fought not to burst out laughing “How did you know? That’s right!”

“I knew it!” Dean said pumping his fist in victory “I knew that red nose meant something.”

John coughed to cover his laugh “Right so on Christmas, he comes and drops off presents for good hunters and their kids all over the world.”

Dean’s eyes got wide, his earlier position of not believing in Santa completely abandoned “Have you been good dad?”

John put his most sincere face forward “Well that’s the thing Dean…I need to go to church and make sure. You know…get forgiven and all that.”

Dena nodded quickly “Right so you go do that…and we get presents?”

The senior Winchester nodded “Yep, so I need you to tell Santa something if I miss him while I am at church.”

“Hold on!” Dean said jumping out of bed and running to the table. He snatched a pad of motel stationary and a pen and ran back and sat on the edge of the bed, his eyes wide as he looked at his dad “Ok shoot.”

John covered his face from the huge smile as he looked at the earnest look on Dean’s face. “Ok here’s the message…Tell him Sam has been great and Dean has been…” Dean leaned in as he waited for the last word “…pretty good as well.”

“Pretty good?” Dean exclaimed, not writing the last part down.

John looked at him in mock seriousness “Dean you did clock your gym teacher in Kentucky.”

Dean’s bottom lip jutted out as he scowled “That guy was a jerk!”

“He was trying to explain to you why throwing a dodge ball at someone’s head was not right.”

“Still a jerk.” Dean muttered.

“And there was the time you kicked that older kid in Mississippi.” John brought up.

“He was looking at me like I was a freak!” Dean explained.

“He was nearsighted Dean, he couldn’t even see you from where you were standing.”

“That’s his story.” Dean huffed as he crossed his arms across his chest.’

“Look Dean…I have to tell Santa the truth…I mean he knows it already. You know he knows…”

Dean held up a small hand “Yeah yeah. He knows everything.”

“I’m sure he’ll being you something as well Dean.” John said putting a hand around his son’s back “Just give him my message ok?”

Dean just nodded as he looked at the ground “That’s ok dad. I’ll tell him.”

John’s faith in the plan wavered for a moment. Bobby was the one who had said the kids needed something special for this Christmas. Something to bring the magic of the season back into their eyes. John had agreed…but was lost in how to do that. That was when Bobby outlined his plan.

“Ok I’ll try to be back as quickly as possible.” John said standing and slipping his jacket on “Just pass that along in case I miss him.”

Dean nodded again as he climbed back into bed. He looked like someone had kicked him in the teeth. John was about to falter but he knew it would be forgotten in a little while. Grabbing his keys he locked the door behind him and waked to the Impala.

Dean heard the car start up and take off out of the parking lot. Leaving the room completely silent. Dean laid there as his mind raced…how was he supposed to know Santa was real? He had just written him off as a stupid story so what did it care how he acted during the year? But if he was real…and he was going to be here? He was in serious trouble. Cause all dad brought up was the stuff he knew of, if Santa had that whole knows everything gig going for him…Dean was hosed. How was he going to explain that?

Minutes turned into a half hour and Dean had almost dozed off when he heard the motel room door open. He opened one eye and saw a red and white form sneak into the room quietly. Dean held his breath as Santa closed the door behind him. Holy crap! He WAS real. He had a small sack with him and he began to move over to the table with quiet steps.

Dean took a deep breath, now or never.

Sitting up he said in a low voice “Mr. Claus?”

Santa paused and looked back at the young boy “Dean Winchester? Why are you awake?”

Dean grabbed the pad from the table “I have a message for you from my dad.”

Santa paused “Well ok, what is it?”

Dean looked down at the pad and tried to find some way out of his predicament…and found nothing. He was pinched for sure. Putting the pad down he said “My dad wanted you to know that Sammy was extra good this year. He took his bath without fussing all the time and never complained about not having the right cereal or eating Spaghettios three nights in a row. He’s doing really good in school and he is already reading on his own. And even though he doesn’t know about the whole hunter thing…he is extra brave.”

Santa stood there blinking for a few seconds “That’s it?”

Dean nodded.

“Anything else?” the old man asked.

“No sir. Just that he deserved extra stuff this year. Anything you got…Sam isn’t picky. He’ll love it no matter what.” Dean said in that same level voice.

Santa came closer and sat down at the edge of the bed “And what about you?”

Dean looked down and sighed “I’m not a very good kid sir. I’m sure you know that. I mean I try…but it’s hard.” he felt his chest tighten up but he pressed on “Like the kid I hit in the head with the dodge ball, he had joked that my mom musta dressed me that morning cause my clothes looked stupid when it was all I had clean so I had to wear it and he shouldn’t say stuff about my mom cause she’s dead and that’s not fair and the guy I hit in Mississippi I thought was staring at Sam weird and I didn’t know he was half blind and I said I was sorry afterwards but he bawled like a baby anyways and I didn’t mean to slit that guys tires in Memphis but he said that dad’s car was a penis car and I don’t know what that means but that car is the coolest car this side of KITT and no one gets away with calling it anything and the time I unscrewed all the salt shaker’s in that diner was because the waitress gave us a look when we ordered more pie because we had been on the road for like forever and was still hungry and I saw how dad looked ashamed at the way she shook her head and the time…”

Santa put a hand out and paused the young man in midbreath “Dean…” Dean stopped and looked up at Santa with tears in his eyes “What are you trying to say?”

Dean sniffled “Please Mister Claus, don’t punish Sammy cause I’m a bad kid. Give me the charcoal or whatever it is you do for that but give him some toys…cause he’s basically a good kid…and he doesn’t have any toys.” Dean sniffled again “And he’s a kid…he deserves some toys.” Dean wasn’t sure but it looked like Santa was crying also but that was stupid.

“Look Dean” Santa said after a few seconds “I think you’re a great kid. You take care of your brother and make sure he is taken care of, no matter how busy your dad gets you never complain, never shirk your responsibilities and you are always there for him.” He put a gloved hand on Deans face “And that makes you the best kind of kid of all.”

Dean blinked back tears “But I was bad…” he said.

“Dean” Santa said, in that same voice dad used when he didn’t want his son arguing with him “Trust me. You’re a great kid.”

Dean wiped his nose as Santa opened his bag up and pulled out a wrapped present “Here.” he said “Normally you would have to wait, but I think in this case, you can open it now.”

Dean’s eyes got wide as he took the package with reverence “You mean it? For me?”

Santa nodded.

Dean opened it and found a black leather bracelet in it. He pulled it out, seeing it would fit him, but could be made much larger as well. “What is it?” he asked.

Santa helped him out it on “When your father was in the Marines, his unit had a set of these made up. All of them had one, each one black leather like this.” he said making sure it was on tight.

Dean held up his arm and looked at it “What’s it mean?”

Santa leaned back “It means you are a warrior.” he said with obvious pride “You are part of a unit and they count on you just like you count on them.”

Dean touched it lightly “What unit?”

Santa smiled “Winchester Hunter Unit.” he said “You’re 2nd in command.”

Dean’s eyes got wide “Really?”


Dean pulled the leather to his chest “Thank you Santa.”

Santa held his arms open and the boy hugged him hard “Merry Christmas Dean.”

Dean hugged him back as hard as he could, he couldn’t stop crying. Santa held him until he was cried out and then the man laid him back into bed. With a tired voice Dean asked “But you brought Sammy something right?”

Santa smiled again “Yes Dean, I brought him some toys.”

Dean smiled as he snuggled up in his covers “Good. He’s stinky…but he’s a good brother.”

Santa looked down at the drowsy child and murmured “Not as good as you are.” But Dean was already asleep.

John set out the rest of the presents and began to creep out of the motel when he heard a gasp. He looked over and saw Sam sitting up in bed, eyes wide in shock. John put a finger to his beard and made a shhing motion. Sam nodded unblinking as he walked out of the motel room, locking the door behind him.

John stood outside of the door as he heard a muffled “DEAN! DEAN! WAKE UP!! SANTA WAS HERE!”

His smile was still there when he went around the corner and found Bobby sitting in his truck waiting to take John back to the Impala. As he got into the truck Bobby asked “Well?”

“You are the smartest man I know Bobby Singer.” his voice still cracking with emotion.

Bobby grinned and nodded as he shifted into drive “And don’t you forget it.” After a few minutes he said “Merry Christmas John.”

“Merry Christmas Bobby.”

And to all…a good night.

A Soft Place to Land

This story is for @enkiindlethis because it your birthday my darling, wonderful, awesome, talented friend! I hope this works with the “bakery AU” theme that you requested, though thanks to the fact that I can’t seem to stop listening to Sara Bareilles’ Waitress the Musical soundtrack, it’s also kind of a Waitress AU too? I hope that you have a wonderful birthday! You can also find this story on AO3.

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