the waiting games

Thank you for surviving 6th June, and for braving 29th June and today. 

During the phase of your reflection, I hope you will realize you are worth more than a gossip article. You are worth more than what people perceive you as you stand on the stage. Do not dwell on your mistakes and blame yourself more, instead treat it as a lesson as part of your growth. Forge a weapon from the rocks being thrown at you. You are stronger than what you think you are. You are capable of overcoming the demons trying to wreck you from inside. Fight it well.

The world is too beautiful and there will always be a space for a beautiful person like you. You are never alone no matter how lonely you think you are. 

There will always be a wonderful mother who is ready to tuck her son to sleep just like the old times. 

There will always be a loving sister who is ready to protect her younger brother.

There will always be a jolly nephew who is waiting for his pretty uncle to go home and play with him.

There will always be his brothers who will always be there to support him in times of ups and downs.

And on a distant, there will always be an ocean of vips wishing him the best… willing to wait no matter how long it takes. Behind these lightsticks and concert halls, are people who wanted everything good for him as much as they wish for the rest of his brothers.

May the universe conspire and only bring you genuine happiness from this point onwards. Until then, please learn to love yourself in the process, come back healthy and safe.

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How about Thilbo for the ship thingy?

  • How did they they meet?

well as we all know! their first meeting in bag end 

  • Who developed romantic feelings first?

i tend to go back and forth between who i think developed romantic feelings first but i would like to say thorin. we know bilbo has trouble with his own feelings and naming them, so i think he probably doesn’t understand/realize his feelings for thorin at first. meanwhile thorin is already head-over-heels for his grump

  • Who is their biggest “shipper?”

ooh hmmm just by far, the company all together. theyre relieved the day bilbo and thorin finally get together 

  • When did they have their first kiss and under what circumstances?

i wanna say their first kiss is like one of those ‘oh god youre alive’ moments, where just like theyre so overwhelmed seeing that the other is okay and they end up kissing. like. mid-battle field even? yes

  • Who confessed their feelings first?

i like to imagine it kind of happens at the same time?? where they just both plan to do it around the same time and its one of those ‘i have something to important to tell you’ at the same time, interrupting each other and its a back and forth of ‘no, you go first’ until one of them finally just says it. i feel its bilbo though. hes just like ‘alright we are getting NOWHERE’ 

  • What was their first official date?

hmmm going with a middle earth everyone lives au while answering this so… idk they go on walks and stuff, they spend a lot of time together pre confession, so maybe their first date is a simple walk around erebor! 

  • How do they feel about double dates/group dates?

they would definitely go on double/group dates with other dwarf couples around! but it just sort of ends up like theyre hanging out with all their friends 

  • What do they do in their down time?

since thorin is super super busy kinging, they dont have much down time. thorins ‘down time’ is usually doing extra paperwork while bilbo makes him tea and tries to get him to go to bed 

  • What was the first meeting of parents as an official couple like?

WELL. their parents are… all dead? as far as we know. but maybe if thorins mother was alive they could meet and she just loves bilbo, they have tea all the time. also i love AUs of Thrain surviving (shoutout and rec to That Which Begets Affection (Is Silent) ) and loving Bilbo too 

  • What was their first fight over and how did they get past it?

*side-eyes the whole Arkenstone fight* thats my only answer but i imagine it is something they spend time working on and regaining trust with each other 

  • Which one is more easily made jealous?

i dont really think either of them, thorin is confident in their relationship. if anything, bilbo is a little wary of the dwarves that probably faun over thorin as king but hey… hes king, its gonna happen

  • What is their favourite thing to get to eat?

oh together i guess?? thorin will eat whatever bilbo makes, or at least he TRIES to… hes not a big fan of the greens but he wants to make bilbo happy and food is one way of doing that. 

  • Who’s the cuddly one? What their favourite cuddling position?

thorin is a cuddly monster and he just loves to wrap around bilbo, spooning him basically. bilbo sort of rolls his eyes when it happens but hes secretly super happy about it. he also likes to hold bilbo in his lap 

  • Are they hand holders?

mostly in private but yes!!!! thorin likes to hold bilbos hand a lot and bilbo doesnt mind when he reading to hold thorins hand and just have him there 

  • How long do they wait before sleeping together for the first time? What’s the circumstances?

im assuming this is meant to be sexual, probably so… i say it takes them a while to get to this point, like they share a bed a night long before they ever actually engage in it. and i think it just happens. there isnt any big reason for it really, no special occasion. 

  • Who tops?

my personal opinion is that theyre super versatile so there really isnt particular roles. but you all know i love thorin bottoming the most 

  • What’s the worst first they’ve ever gotten into?

probably the Arkenstone thing… 

  • Who does the shopping and the cooking?

mostly Bilbo. i think thorin sometime will do the shopping but he just doesnt always have the time to stop at the market and bilbo is a better cook (thorin can make a variety of dishes well but hes just not as talented as bilbo) 

  • Which one is more organized and prone to tidiness?

hmmm i wanna say thorin. we have seen bag end post quest and its kinda messy (its actually fairly messy before the quest, theres just books everywhere in piles) 

  • Who proposes?

similar to the confession, it happens at the same time. theyre both planning some sort of event with separate groups of dwarves and they dont realize until its too late! so bilbos trying to propose at the same thorin is and they keep interrupting each other until they see whats happening. 

yes i love this trope a lot 

  • Do they have joined Bachelor/Bacheloette parties or separate?

im just trying to imagine bilbo baggins at a bachelor party sorry its just really funny to me. i think they probably dont care but the dwarves would throw them separate ones

  • Who is the best man/maid of honour? Any other groomsmen or bridesmaids?

oh gosh well thorin’s best man would probably be dwalin?? and i guess bilbo’s would be bofur! but just probably imagine the entirety of the company is involved in the wedding party (and frodo is the ring bearer– sorry this is a terrible joke–)

  • Big Ceremony or Small?

erebor wise it would be big since thorin is the king and i imagine that dwarves throw huge parties. the shire would be big too! hobbits love parties. 

in an alternate, they have a tiny ass marriage ceremony while theyre traveling around arda 

  • Do they have a honeymoon? If so, where?

they probably couldnt in an au where thorin is king but i always like the idea of them taking a holiday to explore the world 

this is totally a response to that spiderman post i reblogged a little while ago ngl. (warning: link contains transphobia + ‘kys’-stype death threats)

i think it’s ridiculous how we still have to have this ‘but in canon this person isn’t x/y/z!!1′ fight about headcanons

like. that’s the point of headcanons. they’re in your head. they’re personal to that person and because they’re made up, they’re not threatening anything about the ‘real’ version of that character.

i headcanon philippe from versailles as a trans man. i know he’s not in the show, and he certainly wasn’t in real life, but that doesn’t mean that, in my own imagined fictional modern universe, he couldn’t be. i’m not ruining anything from the show by having that headcanon. it’s just something that personally makes me happy. and don’t come for me like ‘it’s erasing his identity!! you can’t do that!!’ hon he’s still white male and gay in my headcanon, he’s just trans as well. that show is still very white cishet in literally every other way barring the monchevy relationship, so a little more fictional representation in fanworks ain’t gonna do it any harm

i headcanon loras tyrell as a gay trans man in my modern headcanon too. in fact, that’s even better, because i imagine him as still the same almost hypermasculine person with his hot temper and obsession with ‘rough’/violent sports and his hatred of being described as/associated with anything feminine. show loras and the gay stereotype they’ve turned him into is a joke and do’t even cite that in argument with this.loras tyrell is exactly the kind of dude i want to be (minus the ptsd. i have enough mental health issues of my own without adding to them.)

know why i headcanon them that way? because i relate to a lot of their experiences both in show canon and in the got books. i can see a lot of myself in them, or a lot of them in myself. they’re both guys who get shit on because of their sexuality, something about themselves that they can’t and have no desire to change. they’re both very masculine despite androgynous appearances. they have similar temperaments to me (hot tempered!). and frankly, they’re both not going to magically suddenly change from the canon versions to my headcanon versions just because i want them to. so how about letting people have headcanons and not telling them to go kill themselves because they dared express one about your favourite character