the wait was worse than the results


Oops,I forgot how to draw.

I’ve purchased Clip Studio Paint yesterday and I was trying out some of its features and the result was this.

I may have been listening to a TAS video while testing out stuff. It sucks to be Ryou. You all know he’s always having a worse day than you

Meet Cute | Closed RP

Insufferable, Sif muttered to herself as she stalked through the crowd toward the drinks table. Who did Thor think he was? Whenever he was left with Loki too long the result was always the same; He always became uncommonly snide.

Sif stopped before the plates and pitchers, grabbing an empty goblet and picking up the nearest golden container, pouring the orange liquid from it and into the waiting cup. The pitcher came down to the table once more harder than she had intended, but Sif ignored the glances she received, picking up her goblet and taking a long pull.

She had never been so insulted in her life.

Alright that wasn’t true. She had been insulted far worse, but the insult seemed to sting sharper by who she had received it from. She swallowed down the sickly sweet beverage with a wrinkle in her brow, coughing a little at the burn of it before she could stop swallowing.

“Not the only person who would want to dance with me,” Sif brought the cup up to her lips again but did not quite take a sip as she trailed off while watching the current couples upon the floor.


Good morning⭐️

There are three words I grew up hearing that still play in my head every day. “Be here now.” I love that.

At times, living in the present may seem impulsive. But after having the experience of taking the risks, and then comparing the result of those risks to the few times I stayed quiet or didn’t take the chance/opportunity, I can confirm that regret is far worse than any consequence of living in the moment.

No reason to wait, overly prepare or put things off. Say what you want, follow that desire✨

Four AM thinking…
Happy Monday❤️