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Circle of Life

Characters – Sam x Reader

Summary – Sam’s a civilian now, working as a handyman for a local motel and thinking he’s out of the hunting life forever.  When the owner of the motel asks him to make some repairs on a house he rents out for some extra money, Sam agrees, not knowing that the job will have him questioning his new life.

Word Count – 2,687

Warnings – None; mostly fluff, with a little bit of angst right in the middle.

A/N – Part one! Takes place between Seasons 7 and 8, when Sam became a handyman after Dean disappeared – canon divergent in that he meets Y/N rather than Amelia.  This was written for both a request and a challenge.  This request came in from @winchesters-princess: “Can you pretty please write a handyman!sam x reader based off 8.05 “blood brother” fluffy of course ❤️ that was Sam’s actual job and he was on a house call to fix something rather than the motel like in the ep.”   Here you go, Ro!  I hope you enjoy it!  

This was also written for @buckysmetallicstump’s Disney Quote Challenge.  I chose quote #1: “The past can hurt.  But the way I see it, you can either run from it, or learn from it.” Rafiki, the lion king AND #19. “Ohana means family, and family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.” Lilo, Lilo and Stitch.  Thanks Bailey!

BTW – Al and Belle are based off of two of my cats, Rylee and Chloe – and if you’re wondering if the cord story is real, let’s just say that I had to buy a new pair of earbuds just last weekend!  Her full name is Chloe Elizabeth “Lucky” Cleveland!  LMAO!

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Sam pulled up in front of an older white house and looked down, checking the address on the paper Mr. Davidson had given him.  After ensuring he was at the right address, he got out of his truck and leaned over the back, grabbing his banged up toolbox.  He made his way to the front of the house, pausing for a moment to look at it. Though it was on the older side, the paint was fresh, with hunter green shutters framing the windows.  A flowerbed lined the front walk, and looked to be well designed and maintained – not a weed in sight.  Smiling, Sam walked up the front steps and used the key Mr. Davidson had given him to enter the house.

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Some 2 cents about what's going on.

Am’ I the only one who found the episode… refreshing?lol. Alright, i found the ep a breath of fresh air for the reason that this doesn’t contain the usual boruto content where sp tries so hard to make him cool but we end up suffocating at how forced it is. But today was about a diligent, respectful and sassful dorky kid who loves her mom and will do anything for her but at the same time longs for her dad. Let’s not forget how admirable the Uchiha couple is, doing their best for their family as well as the greater good? I dare say.. boruto had it better for having a stay at home mom, a sister, a dad who he can visit everyday if wanted to and a clan he can go to every weekends.

Now, about Sasuke forgetting their first date.he hasn’t. We all know that. SP knows that we know that. This is why i have a 50-50 feeling that SP might animate something regarding that. Sakura, on the other hand, even in the manga and novels was known /seen saying stuff like “sasuke doesn’t care about me”(in the manga) and “why would he come back to save me” ( novel).

Now, i know some will say “but they’re married now! He should’ve, She would’ve blahblahblablah~ ” those people should remember how sasuke loves to tease sakura. Look at gaiden, ya kno? When he smiled because he left her hanging but the truth is, that guy is just shy about showin stuff like that to the public when they clearly had sex in gaiden and boruto the movie lels. Let’s not forget how the 2nd “you’re annoying” happened , he lied about not remembering but then smiled at her, uttered the same words then thanked her.
For me, this part of sasusaku dynamics is kinda endearing. Like they don’t need to have the usual fluffy romance stuff to prove that they have a strong relationship. Yooo~ they have (as kishi said) the ultimate expression of love. From itachi’s “maybe next time”, Sasuke turned it into an assured promise with “i’ll see you when i’m back”

We all hate SP but this time im going to wait if they’re going to do well for gaiden. Yeah, i know its SP but they’re all we’ve got. So instead of giving antis more ideas on how to shit on SS and the SS fandom, let’s not cloud our minds with hate and believe in the characters that kishi wrote and wait.

Tempus Vernum Ep.5

That one time the Queen bribed you with Opera tickets.

Ignis x Reader
Spoilers below the cut

(If you missed the last episode - )
Episode Four: That one time you met Prompto Argentum

(For mobile users that are unable to read under the cut, copy and past the link in your mobile browser or send the link to yourself and open in your browser instead of the app.)

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“Eren, stop, that isn’t true [that you’re a worthless little kid]. Hey, thank you. I’ve been meaning to tell you that. For fighting, for always standing by me. Thank you. For pushing through, for showing me how to live with purpose. I’m greatful. My scarf, for always wrapping it around me. Thank you.”

-          Mikasa Ackerman, Attack on Titan (Ep. 37)

“Mikasa, I will always wrap your scarf, always and forever. That’s a promise.”

-          Eren Jaeger

The Toonami Trending Rundown for July 22-23, 2017. A milestone night for the better cartoon show as the nerd world celebrates San Diego Comic-Con week, with Attack on Titan completing season 2 as Eren looks for revenge on the Titan that killed his mother, while Hunter x Hunter begins the Greed Island story arc as Gon returns to his quest of getting in the game, and Hinata defends Naruto while he is down in his battle against Pain, among other great moments.

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What Are Friends For?

Originally posted by joolaw

What Are Friends For?

You were absently cleaning around the house when the bright and all too familiar sound of Jooheon’s voice came from the tv. You couldn’t help but smile seeing him there. You’d known Monsta X since they were trainees, and even though it’s only been a year, they all came so far.

Looking over at Gunhee’s studio door you sighed. Lately your boyfriend had been pretty on edge. He wasn’t normally a high strong person, and you knew the stress from his new EP was getting to him. You hated feeling that helpless. If there was something he needed right now it was his best friend, and as much as you loved him, it wasn’t you.

“Gunhee?” You knocked on his door, poking your head inside. “Dinner’s almost ready”

His shoulders were slumped as he raked his hands through his hair. “Ok, Jagi”

And that was all he said before getting up and following you out. If this was a few months ago, you would have had to drag him out of his studio. If he was in the zone, there was no stopping him. But as time went on, it was starting to feel like the more successful Monsta X got, the less motivated he was.

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Cyber Love | Swanchester AU: Emma and Henry have been living their new cursed lives in New York for six months. Henry grows worried about his mom’s love life. Without her knowing, he creates a dating profile for her. When she gets matched with Dean Winchester, Henry sets up a face-to-face date for the pair.

“Macaroni and cheese tonight, or pizza?” Emma asked, making sure the crosswalk was clear before they crossed the street. “I figured I could whip up a big pan of those big twisty noodles you like and bake it with some crumbs on top.”

She waited for a response, but none came.

“Or… we could pick up a pie from Royal Pizza and pig out in front of a movie.”

Silence. She could almost hear the imaginary crickets chirping.

“Or I can make some chimera for dinner. That’s one part lion, one part serpent, and one part goat,” she said facetiously, finally looking over her shoulder to face her son and see what had captivated his attention so fully.

Henry shook his head, his eyes still glued to the screen on his phone as he followed her. “I’m listening to you. Mac and cheese.”

Emma slowed down her pace, wrapping her arm around Henry as they continued down the sidewalk. She sighed. “Ya’know kid, we had an agreement when I got you that phone. That you wouldn’t spend all your free time on it and when someone’s speaking to you, you look up.”

“I know, mom,” he replied, finally looking up to meet her gaze. “But it’s a, uh… a project.”

“For school?” Henry hesitated; Emma knew what that meant. “What kind of project?”

He reluctantly handed his phone to his mother. “Before you get mad and yell at me, just hear me out. I’m worried about you, mom.”

“Worried about me?” Emma’s brow creased at her son’s words as they stopped in front of their apartment building’s gate. Finally, she looked down at the screen.

A picture of her.

A few months prior, the mother of one of Henry’s school friends was taking a photography class and asked the pair to volunteer as models. One of the pictures of just Emma was on her son’s phone screen. She scrolled down and began to read the description under the photo.

“Emma Swan. Age: 30 years old. Location: Manhattan, New York, United States. Seeking: Men – wait a minute. Is this a dating site?” Emma asked, shooting her head up toward her son. “Henry, why would you – do you know how dangerous it is to put private information out on the web? We went over this when you got your computer.”

“I know, mom! But you need a boyfriend. You haven’t dated anyone in years.

Emma sighed, shaking her head as she unlocked the gate and continued toward the building. “First of all, I don’t need a boyfriend. Second, it is neither your job nor your responsibility to worry about my love life. It is not another one of your clever operations that you –“ Henry cringed slightly; Emma groaned. “Oh, you’ve already given it a name, haven’t you?”

“Operation Swan Match,” he said proudly, following his mother as they walked up the stairs. “Come on, mom. You don’t even go out on dates any more. I thought something was going to happen with that Walsh guy when we first moved here, but you pushed him away. You didn’t even give him a chance.”

Emma swallowed. Truth was, she had given him a chance. They’d gone out to lunch, but that’d been as far as it went. Something just didn’t feel right, and Emma had learned a long time ago to trust her gut. She cleared her throat. “I have certain standards, kid. And there’s no shame in that.”

Henry shook his head. “Just give this a shot. Look,” he took the phone from her and scrolled through the site, “I already found this guy who scored a 95% on the personality match. He’s from Kansas, but he travels a lot.”

He handed the phone back to Emma and she gave it a look. “Impala67? What a cheesy username,” she said with a scoff, unlocking their apartment door.

Henry chuckled. “Yours is YellowBug83.”

“Oh,” Emma said, embarrassed. She continued to scroll down his profile. “Dean Winchester. Thirty-five years old.”

“What do you think of his picture?”

Emma scrolled back up and looked at it closer. She shrugged. “He’s handsome, I’ll give him that. A little too blue steel for my taste, but still.”

“What’s blue steel?”

Emma chuckled. “It’s from a movie you’re too young to see yet.”

Henry grinned. “So you like him? Good! Because I already contacted him and he’ll be in town tomorrow with his brother to work on a job.”

“Henry! That’s incredibly dangerous and not to mention a mild form of identity theft. What if this guy is married or stores bodies in his freezer? I’m just not comfortable with the whole online thing.”

“That’s why you’re meeting him this weekend,” Henry said with a satisfied smile. “It’s dinner at that Ostria restaurant tomorrow. I’ve already made plans to spend the night at Tim’s, but I require updates to make sure that you’re safe.”

Emma exhaled deeply as she looked down at the phone screen, and then up at her son. “Fine. But if he turns out to be crazy, you’re grounded. Now, can we get started on dinner already? I’m starving.”


“So, this woman thinks her cat is possessed by a demon,” Sam started, reading through the paper in his hands as he took a sip of his coffee, “because she’s avoiding her, giving her mean glares, and making demonic hissing noises in the middle of the night. That’s the case? That’s why we’re in Manhattan?” he asked his brother, sitting in the seat across from him.

“Mm-hmm,” Dean replied, holding his burger in one hand and his phone in the other.

Sam shook his head, taking another bite of his salad. “Sounds like a regular cat to me. Besides, since when did we start exorcising pets?”

Dean didn’t reply. His phone beeped; the third time in five minutes.

“Dude, you are blowing up. Who is that?”

Dean shrugged. “Just, uh, ya’know, those alert thingys.”

“For what?” Sam asked, creasing his brow.

Throwing his phone on the table, Dean sighed. “Uh, ya’know. Monster stuff.” Sam nodded unconvinced, then reached across the table and snatched his phone. “Woah, hey, come on! No, give it back!”

“Wa-what?” Sam asked, acting innocent. “Why?”

“Because privacy… and stuff.”

“Oh, privacy,” Sam said with a chuckle. He looked down at the screen, his mouth falling. It was the last thing he ever imagined. “You’re on a dating site?”

Dean stayed quiet for a moment, his lips narrowed in a line. Finally, he rose his hands in surrender. “You know what, yeah. Don’t knock it till you try it.”

Sam scrolled through his profile, then laughed. “Nice screen name Dean. Impala67,” he said in a deep voice, mimicking his brother.

“Alright, give it back. Come on.”

Sam continued to look through the site. He clicked on the conversation he was in, “Emma, huh? There are quite a few messages here. They sound pretty serious.”

A defeated sigh left Dean’s lungs as he finally dropped trying to hide it from Sam. He smiled, “Yeah, check out her page.”

Sam opened up her profile. “Wow. She’s actually really pretty. And, well… normal.”

“What does that mean?” Dean asked, his brow furrowing.

“I guess I was just expecting, um… less clothes.”

Dean chuckled, which surprised Sam. Dean didn’t always take dating seriously; his outings with women usually ended when he either ran out of ones or drove off after a night in the sack. The older brother took another sip of his beer before he continued, “Well, that’s how it started. But then I got paired with yellowbug83 and we scored a 95% on the personality match.”

Sam scoffed. “Yeah but that doesn’t exactly count if you use fake information –“ Dean’s brow creased. “Wait, you actually used real answers for this thing? And not just answers that would pair you with as many loose and freaky women as possible?”

“No – but that’s not a bad idea. I should have thought about that.”

Sam shook his head, going back to the phone in his hand to scroll through the woman’s profile. “She actually seems really awesome. Maybe… too awesome?”

“Is that bad?”

“No, it’s not bad. It’s too good to be true for a woman like this to be available.”

Dean scoffed. “I’m sorry, is it so hard to believe that an attractive, red-blooded American female could be interested in someone like me?”

“You realize there’s no guarantee that Emma,” he used air quotes, “is even Emma. I mean, for all we know it could be some Canadian trucker or 70 year old witch disguised as a model look alike. She probably doesn’t even live –“ he looked back down at her profile, rereading where she was located. “Wait a minute, she lives in Manhattan. Emma is the demon cat, isn’t she? We detoured four hours so you could get laid?”

Dean cleared his throat, fidgeting in his seat a little. “I don’t know, uh - hopefully. I mean, we’re gonna go out to dinner tomorrow night at some fancy restaurant. Which reminds me, I need to get the fed suit out of the back and hang it up.”

“Woah, fancy restaurant? Suit? This sounds like a real date.”

“Yeah,” Dean replied, wondering where the confusion was. “You know, I do know how to go on a date, Sammy.” His brother only stared at him, a look of both shock and confusion rest on his face. Dean sighed. “Look, just give me the weekend. I want to at least meet her, okay? The world isn’t gonna end because the Winchesters took a night off.”

Coda to 11.23 Alpha & Omega. This is a DeanCas fic but from Mary’s perspective. It’s what I see happening a little bit after the ep, once Mary and Dean are on their way back to Bunker while having no idea that neither Sam nor Cas will be there. Inspired by what J2M have been saying about Mary at SDCC.

She can’t sleep; whether it’s a side effect of being plucked from heaven or something else, Mary isn’t sure—but she doesn’t dwell on it. She can’t. Not when there’s a ringing in her ears and her stomach is about to jump out of her throat. Blood is rushing in her ears and as much as she wants to sit on the edge of his bed—of her child, Dean, he’s her child—she can’t. She can’t run a hand through his hair like when he was small. She can’t lean over and press a kiss to his forehead. She can’t touch him.  She can’t touch him.

She doesn’t know him.

This thirty-six year-old man is a stranger. Someone who’s violent, and world-weary, and… hard. He is not the round-faced boy who asked for the crusts cut off his PB&J. He is not the boy who tangled his fingers in her hair and pressed a sloppy kiss to the side of her mouth and begged for one more story, momma, please.

He saves people, this man. He hunts things.

He’s part of the family business.

Mary is going to vomit.

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June 22nd, 2015 at 1:34 pm 

The most unusual, as well as exciting constellation of the year has to be Lindemann. Peter Tägtgren (Hypocrisy, PAIN) and Till Lindemann (Rammstein) joined causes to record the already much posted about, “Skills in Pills”, while commuting between Swedish Pärlby and Berlin. The result: a monster of an album and a band that perhaps even has something of a future. In an informal conversation, Till and Peter talked to Metal Hammer about what Lindemann means to them. 

Out of fun sprung seriousness – not very quickly, but rather, after years of beating around the bush. The two protagonists from LINDEMANN, Peter Tägtgren and Till Lindemann, talk about how much time and effort it took from the first idea until the originally unplanned album took form.

It’s been a long time since the first idea of the band, Lindemann, to the finished product. Have you used this time to get to know each other personally?

Peter Tägtgren: Not only that, but we have also needed the time to synchronize our calendars. We’ve been friends since 1999 and we have met with each other as often as it was even possible, and we’ve been calling and sending text messages. Two years ago, I went to a couple of Rammstein gigs before Wacken; Till had invited me. We met and he said that he was due to go on a break and that we should realize our plans. It started that way and with only one song at first.

Till Lindemann: Before we went about it, we met up in Sweden at the Bråvalla Festival, but we had friends and family along and we couldn’t talk much. I said, “I’m going to have a break for six months up to two years, let’s do something in the meantime.” Peter didn’t put much faith in that initially, since we’ve promised this to each other for almost ten years. But a few days after Wacken, I actually rang him up. I said, “Send me what you’ve got.” Four weeks later, I received a file and worked on it for a few days – that was what would become ‘Ladyboy’, our first track. I think that Peter was almost annoyed at first because I said, “Let’s post it on the Internet and see what they say.” Peter never did that, though, but he sent me more files. It just kept rolling on.

And then you met?

TL: No, we did that only after another five or six songs. We simply sent ideas back and forth for the duration.

PT: Till wrote the lyrics and I wrote the music.

TL: I worked with my Logic system and he, with Pro-Tools. I loaded his stuff into my system and worked on the song. Admittedly, the first few demos were pretty bad. Nonetheless, suddenly, we had five songs and that begged the question: an EP or a Mini Disc? I declined, to gain some more time to think about it, but Peter insisted: “Let’s make an entire album!” I didn’t think it was such a brilliant idea. But then I visited his studio and began commuting back and forth. That was great, it was like weekend getaways. I was busy doing other things during the week, but from Friday morning to Sunday evening, I could be at Peter’s and in the studio. His studio is right next to a lake so it was really like having a vacation.

Did the pleasant atmosphere in Peter’s studio help the project along?

TL: At least it helped with not wanting to cut short the studio time because you didn’t like the place. The atmosphere was very nice, even if the studio itself was rather dodgy (laughs). Somehow, it all fit together, it was the perfect working conditions. Additionally, everything went very quickly as Peter brought in an enormous amount of experience and I could describe to him how I like to work. Subsequently, we only needed a few weeks and a few sessions before it really clicked.

How does it feel now, when it’s clear that there actually is an album, and a band, both totally different from what you do with your other projects?

PT: Quite honestly, we don’t really appreciate that. Before, there wasn’t a record label, no management, no one else was involved and that was nice.

TL: It wasn’t easy for Peter to bring this to the public, to show what we had and have them respond to it. I, on the other hand, had a good feeling about it from the beginning. For me, it was this mix between Gothic and Metal, colliding like in a great big accident, that’s so exciting.

Was it decided from the beginning what the sound on the album should be and that the vocals would be in English? Or how did you discover this mix?  

PT: No idea. Learning by doing, I’d say. Originally, we only wanted to make a song or two. All the rest came about when we got inspired by the lyrics in relation to the music. It was sort of a snowball-effect. The only thing we knew was that we wanted it to be clearly separated from Rammstein and my own projects, Pain and Hypocrisy. For Till, obviously, that’s only possible to a certain extent when it comes to Rammstein. But it was interesting to work on the lyrics, and Till was like a kid in a candy store with all these new words and phrases. We often laughed whenever he’d sung something. Sometimes, before he even started on the vocals, he’ throw in the towel whenever something didn’t work out. Then I said, “Come on, let’s try it,” even if I realized: Oh God, this will never work.

TL: Obviously, I wanted to explain to Peter what the lyrics were about.

PT: Sometimes, he sent me the lyrics for one of my music files. Under other circumstances, I just received a lyric that he’d recorded on his Smartphone in the bathroom, and I built the song around that. So we worked in many different ways.

So it was completely different from how you normally work?

PT: Yes, completely different. There wasn’t any such thing as pressure, we were just experimenting.

So there’s a lot of freedom in the album? That you could go ahead and do what you wanted, without the pressure from other band members or the record label?

PT: And without any pressure from the fans. We could just try out everything and do the craziest things.

TL: For me, it was like the time when we started the new band project and Rammstein was still very young. You just played, everything was allowed, it was like free style, there were no limits. So, there still aren’t any limits in Rammstein, only the expectations from the fans, on like artwork, music and concerts. This is a playground in the middle of No-man’s-land.

In which it’s also a lot easier to decide on things, while there’s just two people involved instead of five or six others?

TL: You are very right. It was a big relief for me.

So now, when the music and the lyrics are done, how will the visual elements, namely photos and artwork, be perceived?

PT: The ideas all come from Till. I have only helped a little with this.

TL: We simply divided the tasks. Everyone did what they do best. I brought along this experience from Rammstein. Peter was heavily involved in all the aspects of the production, while I took care of the visual design.

PT: Every idea was discussed back and forth, regardless of whether it came from me or from Till originally. That was the easiest for us. The photo shoot in October was really a lot of fun, since we didn’t have any idea where it would all take us. Four photographers were present.

TL: We had an idea…

PT: No professionals from big firms, but friends. This is how Stefan Heilemann crystallized as one of those who would be doing the most work for us. The others were then chosen to do press shoots and such things. Then Till took the photos and edited them. A mind blowing task!

Frankly, no one had expected a collaboration between Till Lindemann and Peter Tägtgren. But now, when the finished result is here and with perhaps even more records to come, it’s obvious that this is a perfect combination – Till as the lyricist and vocalist, Peter as the composer and producer. Why did we have to wait so long for a collaboration like this?

PT: Because we quite simply had too many other things going on.

TL: Every project has its own designated time. But I was rather sure about this thing. Even my colleagues predicted it: “Whenever he’ll get bored, he’ll go to Peter Tägtgren and make music with him.” I’ve had this idea in my head for quite some time, and finding the time to do it was the only problem for me. As it always has been and always will be: Rammstein comes first. But I was certain that I wanted to do this project with Peter. I had a clear vision of what I could be singing to this massive wall of guitars, bass and sequencers. And this is exactly what I appreciate with Peter’s music and his composing. I wanted to make it even better than he could himself, and thus, we weren’t discussing lyrics, but melodies. And then, when you one day come to the realization that these visions have come true, it is a really good feeling.

So only Till is doing the vocals and Peter is not doing any singing, right?  

PT: That’s right, and that’s how we envisioned from the beginning. Till’s the captain of the ship; of THIS ship…

TL: Yes, on THIS ship, that’s to be said.

PT: This experience is really a true relief for me and it would also be the only plausible solution on stage. I’m so tired of being the frontman. And Till is one of the best in the world. I can hide behind him. That is the perfect situation for me because then I can concentrate on my music and on the production. If you split up things the way we do, only good things can come out of it. When I’m working on my other projects, there’s always a lot of stuff I have to take into consideration. You notice it only a couple of months after the release of an album when you realize: Damn, I could have done that a lot better. With Till, we’re two producers, so to speak, who both know exactly what we want. We always find an agreement; everything that we decide on makes sense.

Now, even if you’ve quite obviously known each other for ten years, there are surely character traits in the other that you didn’t know about, or?

PT: Till is the biggest crybaby I know (laughs). No, but honestly, we joke a lot with each other.

TL: All day long.

PT: We’re like brothers who horse around all day long.

In a project like this, are you bickering a lot about details, melodies or such? Are you taking everything seriously?

TL: In the beginning, everything is pure sunshine, of course…

PT: Like newlyweds: I love you (laughs). And then later on: you fucking bastard, I hate you!

TL: Bickering will come with time, probably. Right now, we’re still at our honeymoon stage. No angry words, everything is harmonious and runs by itself.

PT: The good thing is that what ticks Till off doesn’t bother me and the other way around. He often says, “Do what you’d like, I don’t care.” Everyone has their own role in this project.

Are you often thinking about where this project could take you? And how far you want to push it?

PT: There aren’t any plans at all once the album’s released. We thought that stage was splendid, since no one knew about the project and we could make rather loose plans about videos and such things. We sometimes asked ourselves if we should be thinking like a band? Or should we just make sure that this would be a cool album?

Peter, are you playing all the instruments on the album?

PT: Almost. But Clemens from Carash Angren played a crucial role too. He helped me with the string sections, he makes movie scores and such otherwise. He’s responsible for all the orchestral parts.

TL: Except that Peter played all the instruments, produced the record, recorded it, edited it – everything.

PT: That was also what made this so easy, if we wanted to change something in the arrangements, we didn’t have to call whomever band member in order to try it out.

TL: Peter is an absolute workaholic, he can sit for 14 hours in front of the computer. I have no idea how people can do that, I would go insane after two hours. But he was still sitting in the studio when I got up at night to go to the bathroom. I stood on the terrace and saw that the lights were on in the studio, since Peter had some unsolved problem or other and absolutely wanted to fix it. He gets a bit crazy when that happens and it is rather intolerable for other people.

So this is why you have produced quite a lot of bands in the last few years…

PT: Yes, I know, but I do try to take it a bit easier and enjoy life more. But there’s always these calendar appointments that I have to check off.

Till, what was the hardest thing for you — was it to sing in English? There are only a few, rather short, English strophes in Rammstein, but here, you are singing in English throughout. And you know better than anyone how greatly the German language differs from others.

TL: The biggest effort was to gain the necessary self-confidence. I wasn’t sure about this at all. That’s why I suggested in the end that we should release something on the Internet and wait for the reactions. But Peter, and a few other people around me, encouraged me. I wrote the words first, only to then adapt them into vocals, which was a rather strange way for me to go about it. But this way, it became a much larger international attempt, right from the start.

PT: Do you miss the German lyrics when you hear the songs?

To be honest, whenever I hear Till singing in English, I translate it into German. As a German, I immediately associate his voice with German lyrics. But I suppose that international listeners see things very differently. This could be really interesting.

PT: We haven’t heard any reactions at all to that yet. But perhaps no one says anything if they don’t like it. I thought from the very first song: Yes, that’s it! This is really cool! So it’s deliberately kept very raw. You immediately recognize the attitude.

TL: We have exaggerated it a bit and I have also tried to ease up on some of my accent, but somehow, that’s part of the charm.

PT: I think that’s what people want to hear. They aren’t interested in someone sounding like an American.

That wouldn’t befit Lindemann at all.

PT: Exactly. It would be foolish to change that. The only thing with which we have been really particular, is the correct use of grammar. So that no “you is” or somesuch slipped by us.

The only question I ask myself, after I have listened to the songs a few times is, should this be taken seriously or should it be humorous?

TL: It’s good that you ask yourself that, that means we have done it properly.

PT: It should make you think. It’s like an open book.

TL: The listener is forced to read a little between the lines to understand the irony. The audience takes Rammstein way too seriously at times, to the point that we’re misunderstood. People should read more between the lines there too. It’s a large bandwidth, what you are singing and what it could mean. The topics are very multi-faceted and just as different as the reactions that we’ve gotten in the past few weeks.

PT: Every song has a very different meaning for different people. It was funny to hear just how different the opinions were for any given song. Sometimes, we just sat there and thought: Oh, that’s right! It could surely mean this too! It’s a good thing to be open to everything.

I think one of the most harmonious songs is ‘Yukon‘­, after I read that you were there on vacation. You can see the scenery before you when you listen to the song. I could really imagine how you felt when you were there.

PT: It was like that for me too, when I wrote the music to the lyrics. I put down his words in front of me and composed the music to it, and soon, this feeling of distance and seclusion came over me.

‘Fish On‘ is also quite a sensational song.  

PT: And this song has quite a quirky genesis too. The listener probably won’t hear it, but it was in a rather strange way that this song came about. There are completely different parts in it, and to put them all together was a pain in the ass. It just happened, while we were experimenting with the arrangements, with the strophes and the chorus. But it all came together in the end. Till had some lyrics and wanted to record them to a Click Track – but he began rapping, like Beastie Boys.

TL: I told Peter: “I have a strophe here, and for the first time in my life, I want you to write music to an already finished melody.” I wanted to have the written word and then compose the music around these words, instead of our usual way of making the music first and then finding the appropriate words. The only problem was that I was a bit short on time, since I had to go to the airport. So I said to Peter: “Just give me a Click Track.” Of course, I had absolutely no experience with working this way, while the Click Track required some kind of rap-singing. The freestyle raps often start out with a drum loop. So, I simply sang two strophes and then forgot all about it almost right away. But three months later, Peter sent me a file with this sequence and his music. It sounded fabulous. When my voice came on, I remembered this short singing session again. Peter had already written a chorus, too. It was a really cool experience.

PT: Then Till put vocals to the final take and we had a new song.

TL: There was only a few parts that were changed, the chorus and the intro, for example. Additionally, we developed a C-part, it was a little like with LEGO pieces.

PT: Half of the rest of the tracks are built like LEGO. The longer we worked on an idea, the crazier it got. We became more confident as time passed and also tried out really crazy things.

What is the biggest goal you want to achieve with this record? I suppose that you just wanted to have fun with the songs from the beginning. Although, now it’s a serious project…

TL: It’s in the human nature that whatever you do, you want it to have a positive outcome. Otherwise it would be useless to do it at all. No one makes shit deliberately. Naturally we’re hoping for favorable reactions. It’s not as if it’s Nirvana’s ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’, but we have written a really good album. The whole process of the genesis of the project was a lot of fun since it was all made under vacation-like circumstances in something of a holiday paradise.

Are you going to take something from this production along to Rammstein?

TL: Yes, guaranteed, but I won’t tell you about it (laughs)!

… perhaps the idea of experimenting with English lyrics in Rammstein?

TL: You never know what will happen in the future, but only the German language belongs in Rammstein. Of course, you could examine the lyrics like ‘Pussy’ and ‘Amerika’, but I’ll leave that up to the German division of my main band (smiles).

And you, Peter? Are you taking something with you from this project to your other work?

PT: I brought with me my 20 years’ worth of experience and I was, thanks to Till, motivated to become better than ever before. When I got the feeling that it was good enough and stopped, it was never as good as it is now. Besides that, I wanted to show Till that I could make things just as well as anyone. It was a helpful kick in the ass.

It’s very interesting that Till, being a part of a democratic band, and Peter, who’s a lone wolf, work so well together.

PT: I don’t have an ego, neither does Till. We have only done what we thought was right for every song.

Peter, how do you feel about the fact that this project is called Lindemann?

PT: The thing was: we didn’t have a name for this project.

TL: Tägtgren would have made a good name too.

PT: After we’d made a few songs, it was obvious that we needed a name. Both of us texted stupid band names to each other for months. A lot were just for fun, but some were honestly meant.

TL: It’s incredibly hard to find a good name these days. We had a few good ideas, such as “Way Outs” and “Kraut”, and, what I thought would be the perfect name, “Stockholm Syndrome”. But we decided on a single word, and most of them were already taken or were registered to domains already.

Are we going to see you live, somehow, somewhere?

TL: First we have to see how this thing plays out.

PT: Then we have to wait for the reactions to actually know – in case we’re going to do it – how much interest it would generate; and not only 50 people in a pizza joint. We’ll have to wait and see before we can make any decisions for if and in which framework we could tour. It’s difficult to estimate at the moment. But we still have time, we’ve got the whole summer ahead of us to make plans.

BY Thorsten Zahn, Metal Hammer Deutschland

source:Rammstein USA

Fall Anime Watchlist

A new season f anime has started and there’s SO MUCH STUFF. So here’s a quick (or not so quick) run-down of the stuff I sampled and the best and worst premieres of the season. Also I have a lot of feelings about the Drag Race finale but I decided to Kontrol Myself and will post about it later. Worst to best, y’all know the drill.

First quickly, I’m still watching Saiki Kusuo because it’s comedy gold, and I’ve picked up Nobunaga no Shinobi (cute and funny!) Sengoku Chojuu Giga (funny and super obscure!) Bernard Jou Iwaku (funny and too real!) and I’m not sure about Kiitaro Shonen yet (ep 2 was super gross)

Most of the shows I’m dropping I might have been willing to give them a second chance if they came out on a not-so-busy day, but all of them happen to be weekend shows and weekends are fucking packed.  But the best stuff of the season actually comes out during the week which is fucking brilliant since I can watch it as soon as it comes out yesssss.  


(self explanatory. Also no screenshots for the losers)

Bloodivores: Maaan this shit didn’t even manage to be funny bad. It was just incompetently written bad. And boring. The first half is an extended bank-robbery sequence that somehow manages to be a snoozefest. The character designs are uninspired. Everything that happens is so contrived, everything is forced so the plot can get from point A to point B, you can literally see the writers in the background going “how do I justify this absolutely nonsensical turn of events… let’s just have this guy take off his mask for no reason!. They ALMOST had me at the end, at least piqued my interest enough to watch episode two, and then they were so tremendously stupid to ruin that with the worst use of a preview that I’ve ever seen. Apparently, being terrible is about the only thing all of these Anime-for-the-Chinese-market have in common. Really makes me wonder if this kind of things actually hit there (then again, they ate up Transformers 4 and Warcraft, so I guess anything’s possible?). Insta-drop. Also, the main dude’s hacking software is literally called HACK!!! I mean…

Matoi the Sacred Slayer: Very confusing direction and narrative, the episode feels very flat and boring and there are way too many jokes about dudes leering over the blond bombshell girl. I kind of liked Matoi and her dynamics with Yuma, and I also kind of liked the policeman-dad. I was willing to give it an extra episode to grab my interest, but the last few minutes with the “joke” about the dad groping his daughter, and that “hilarious” scene of Matoi detransforming to find herself naked in the woods buried any interest I may have had for it. Another insta-drop.

Occultic;Nine: Look, just call me when the show is over and tell me if underneath those gross booballoons and twenty billion “the main character is a pervert” jokes there’s something good going on, cos it looks like there could be, but I’m not gonna subject myself to that disgusting character design and male gaze framing unless I have a guarantee that it’ll be worth it. Insta-drop. The animation’s pretty swell, but not worth getting those monstrosities smushed in front plane every five minutes.

Watashi ga Motete Dousunda: So the first part, where Kae is very fat and has Fat Voice TM (gross Japan, you’re gross) is very annoying to watch. Then after she becomes “beautiful” (you’re really gross Japan) and magically all the boys fall in love with her it’s just eye-roll worthy and terribly boring. The guys are terrible, who’d want to date those assholes that only see her after she loses weight? And they have literally no chemistry? Girls, date a guy (or a gal, or a person) with whom you’re not afraid to share your hobbies. If you think he/she/they will hate you because of your hobbies, don’t waste time on that. Look at this 24 year old virgin giving dating advice, ha ha! Insta-drop and hoping some of Junko’s much superior actual BL stuff gets animated next time.

Trickster: I tried reaaaally hard to like this one but it’s so tryhard and nonsensical it failed to grab me in every possible way. It started bad with that monologue that reminded me of Divine Gate. A million tales have been done about immortals that crave death (including NanaTai’s Ban, and that was a story told in like half an episode and still way more competent and compelling than this. Ban’s story is so understated and yet super tragically beautiful ;—-;). The rest of the characters are walking archetypes that also manage to be insufferable, and the mysteries are super bland and uncreative. I gave it two episodes, but I’m done with it. There’s too many amazing stuff this season to waste time waiting to see if this one gets better Dropped

Long Riders: Give me a Y! Give me an A! Give me a W! Give me a N! What does it say?! YAWN!!! Seriously, this was so terribly boring. The fucking episode just never ended, it felt like it lasted three hours. Also, as someone who bikes every day, there were so many unrealistic details that killed it for me. Like how Ami who’d never ridden a bike before was a master at it from the start –it took me two or three days just to get the hang of it, and maybe a month before I was confident enough to go out to the city with it-. She claimed she was scared of the big bikes because she feared she would fall, but somehow was okay with one that had an equally high seat and just smaller tires? Her massive girl-boner for that butt ugly foldable bike is ridiculous and at times even uncomfortable to watch. And since the one she got is cheapass, there’s no way that’s gonna be good for long distances. Something that really bothered me was that we’re shown the girls going uphill, but novice Ami never comments on the added difficulty. They also set on a 40 Km journey with just one bottle of water for both of them? Good luck with that gals.  But really, the worst part of it was that it bored me to death and I found Ami insufferable. When will I get a decent girl sports show that’s actually about competitive sports-ing and not cute girls doing cute things that happen to be kinda sportsy? Insta-drop


Tiger Mask W: I don’t know what to make of this show. I feel if I could appreciate its brand of camp I would enjoy it more, but as it is it just feels like something that could be pretty fun but doesn’t manage to work for me. It just feels dull, and as predicted, the animation is poop. The characters are super flat so I don’t feel invested. I don’t think I’m gonna keep watching it, I’ll check episode 3, but it’ll have to show the best possible cards to grab my interest. The fact that it’s a weekend show makes its standing in the list even flimsier.

Girlish Number: This one wasn’t even on my radar because the title sounds stupid (I’m serious, I didn’t even watch Tiger & Bunny when it was airing because stupid title and then it turned out to be one of my fave anime ever, I’m super judge-an-animu-by-its-cover), but since I heard surprisingly good things about it I decided to check it out. It wasn’t as cutting and cynical as I wanted it to be, the character designs are suuuuper uninspired, and I didn’t laugh as much as I expected given the type of series, but a show that takes jabs at otaku LNs is a good show in my book, so I’m ready to give it another chance. I just don’t feel like it’s gonna be able to keep me interested and I already have too much on my plate to be waiting for a meh show to realize its full potential.

(totes forgot to take a screenshot cos the day it aired all I was thinking was how I was gonna rewatch the superior Wednesday anime later)

Mahou Shoujou Ikusei Keikaku: I’d give this show the award of “Showing your cards too soon” of the season. It already had enough creepy factor without the edgelord bloodbath opening scene, and I think it would’ve been way more effective –especially with the events of episode 2- if they’d left it as a seemingly cutesy magical girl show for a bit longer. Instead, they were too desperate to make sure the audience know this was a seriously serious dark edgy show ok, no cutesy PreCure no guys, this is serious and dark and edgy etc etc. As far as Madoka ripoffs go, you could do way worse than Ikusei Keikaku (for example, you could do Daybreak Illusion lmao does anyone remember that bullshit), but I doubt it’s really gonna end up shining in the end. I’ll keep watching for now, but can’t say I’m too invested. I’m in fact partially hoping it’ll turn into garbage hatewatch material along the way

DAYS: This is currently the closest I have to hatewatch material, so I’m unlikely to drop it at this point, but who knows, I don’t put it beyond these writers to make me actually dread the act of watching it. But okay writers, you can have your bullshit Tsukushi bullshit (yes, I said bullshit twice), just give me some Mizuki and we’re good, seriously, just give me enough Mizuki loserness and you have me. At least now I understand why MAPPA didn’t put any money into this, and I’m glad they instead decide to focus their resources in the superior sports show of the season (y’all probably already know what I’m talking about :D)

(no screenshot because I’m lazy)


AKA the shows I’m enjoying, but I don’t feel antsy about not watching the new episode the moment it comes out.

Nanbaka: This is a show that’s hard to sell because it’s very dumb and has no substance whatsoever and it’s kinda tryhard with its comedy and style, but it somehow works? I think this show is the embodiment of something that’s hard to recommend because even if it works for me, I’ve a feeling that wouldn’t be the case for most people. But I like it! I think the jailbreak sequence at the start of the episode was great! And I’m growing to like the characters very fast, especially Hajime no of course it’s unrelated to my crush on iwa-chan the perfect man, what are you talking about. I hope it stays funny and fresh, but I’m not very confident that they’ll pull it off tbh.

Magic-Kyun Renaissance: This is actually way better than it has any right to be? I was very positively surprised by that? It’s probably one of the best UtaPri ripoffs we’ve gotten in a while tbh. At least so far, it’s definitely shaping up to be more KamiAso than it is Amnesia, so that’s a bonus. Visually it’s also very beautiful, and I am particularly in love with the Spanish architecture references (I was in Seville and Barcelone in April and suddenly BAM Seville and Barcelone were in my animu). There’s the super ridiculous fact that “magic art” is basically plain ole’ art but with kira kiras, which is a little disappointing but also kinda histerical. And of course, because you gotta sell those character CDs, they have the calligraphy dude sing a song for no reason, which is terrible and also funny, you can literally taste the production committee wondering how to market terrible seiyuu songs and it was great.

Shuumatsu no Izetta: Two episodes in this still has massive potential to be great, but also massive potential to be 100% certified garbage. Finé is a great protagonist and a strong heroine, so I’d be willing to go on the journey with her, but the male-gazey camera is putting me off. The animation is great and I’m not entirely opposed to the yuribait (which won’t amount to jack because Japan), but the fact that as soon as episode 2 Finé is already out of commission is worrying. I’m not even that bothered by the very obvious phallic witch-flying-on-a-bazooka but there’s that nagging feeling that it’s gonna go to shitland eventually. Hoping it won’t be the case.

Mobile Suit Gundam: Tekketsu Orphans: So I was very lukewarm to this show by the time S1 ended because it felt like all of its promise had gone off the window, but they seem to be going back to that in this season premiere, with the issues of child soldiers and whatnot. I won’t lie, I actually felt a chill when the narration explained that part. We’re 26 episodes in and I’m still not sure of what’s the purpose of Gjallarhorn and I’ve had the ugly feeling that Orga’s gonna die eventually, but for some reason these two episodes got me excited all over again, so for the time being I’ll let Mari Okada fool me for at least five episodes or more. I feel the show doesn’t have a clear direction on where it’s going now, but I’m hoping it’ll figure itself out or make OrgaMika canon, whichever works.

Flip Flappers: This show has so much potential! The animation and visual style is so beautiful and unique! It has that special fairy-tail quality that makes it feel innocent, but with a teeny hint of something more. It doesn’t abuse exposition which is great! The reason it’s relatively low on my list is the unsettling focus on Papika’s torn clothes, and that gross molestation robot, like really show, you’re already fine, you don’t need that garbage, please stop it and focus on your artistic potential thanks


These are shows that I find super entertaining but just not super outstanding. Let’s call them high quality popcorn entertainment (is that eve an actual expression in English, I’m honestly not sure)

Uta no Prince-sama Legend Star: I was falling out of love with UtaPri during S3, but the final episode had renewed my hopes for the franchise and this new season premiere (and the Quartet Night episode) didn’t disappoint! It continues to test the limits of permissible stupidity and still comes out on top, which I find commendable. Also one of my life-long UtaPri wishes has finally come true: They’re not giving away the final performance in the ending!! Now I just hope they decide to go back to 2D animation for the dancing, the 4tet Night and HEAVENS choreographies show they still have it in them. Also I love the twist of the collab between STARISH and HEAVENS, since I was worried about how they were gonna make those boys likable characters (something they already somewhat achieved with 4tet  Night). The new songs so far have been pretty okay compared to S3, so I’m hopeful, though I doubt we’ll ever get something as good as Orange Rhapsody.

3-gatsu no Lion: Okay, maybe this is the exact opposite of popcorn entertainment, but hear me out. I didn’t even know what it was gonna be about going in, so learning it’s about shogi was very exciting since I love shows about this kind of things (Hikaru no Go and Rakugo Shinjuu are both shows I adore). Visually it’s stunning, maybe a bit overstated at times and I think there’s like so much potential here for a powerful emotional story about depression. But I’m also reserving my excitement because both Simbo and the mangaka are creators I’m not a big fan of, so the chances of getting tired of it fast are high. Also, there was something about the female characters that sorta kinda didn’t work for me so I’m… waiting. Hopeful, but cautious (there seems to be a lot of stuff like that in this list)

Classicaloid: I won’t say I’m not slightly disappointed with this show because I kinda am, but it’s not life-crushing disappointment just yet. The show is certainly more childish than I expected it to be, and they’ve already beat the gyoza joke dead, which is sad because the opening half-minute or so is just absolutely brilliant, and the MUSIQUE moment is 100% undiluted fun, but the main girl is a little bit obnoxious and I’m not quite understanding the plot. It is also grating that neither the Classicaloids or the people around them know about their historical counterparts, as if they didn’t exist in this universe, and that’s disappointing because rehashing of historical figures is way more exciting if they connect them to their real life personas. We’ll see where it goes. Who knows maybe it’ll pull a Thunderbolt Fantasy on us and become super ridiculously fun down the way. Just cut it down on the gyoza jokes.

ALL-OUT!: Well, this one’s off to a pretty good start! While I didn’t lovelovelove it, I thought it was fun and cool. The main two guys get a little grating in episode two, but I already like the team dynamics and the diversity of body types. I don’t know a single thing about rugby, so this could become interesting. It definitely has that Yowapeda-ish feel to the whole thing, fun, silly, but with really exciting matches. I feel like they showed their cards to soon with Iwashimizu’s tragic backstory, but I kinda understand why they did it, to give us the cliffhanger in episode 2, so I’ll be looking forward to see his character pull through this one. I also already really like the senpai with the awful hair (this is where you ask: which one because everyone has awful hair lmao). Nothing groundbreaking, but cool enough to keep my interest.

Drifters: I actually wasn’t expecting much from this one ‘cos I’m kinda over Kouta Hirano but it was really cool? It probably won’t work much for anyone who isn’t a worthless Sengoku otaku, because then most of the jokes and drama will fly over your head, but I enjoyed it! It’s a gratuitously violent schlock, but it basically looks like it’s gonna have cool fights and useless historical trivia, so it’s right up my alley. I particularly liked the nuanced portrayal of Nobunaga and this dude from the Genpei wars is super cute lmao (men in ponytails y’all…). So yeah, I’m really into it so far. I’ve no idea where it’s going but so far it hits the right spots for me so I’m excited to tag along.

Bungou Stray Dogs: This one’s on the edge of this section and the top section. These premiere episodes have been so much what I always wanted this show to be that I’m super excited to see where it will go. The twist at the end of episode two was only partially predictable, and while at first I was wondering how they’d connect it to the American writers that are supposed to be the focus of this season, all my concerns have been dissipated. It definitely feels that they’re going in a more serious direction for this second cour and I’m super pumped for it. I’m guessing the flashback will end next week when the fallout of ep 2 probably drives Dazai away from the Port Mafia. So so so excited for this one.

High Priority

Udon no Kuni no Kiniro Kemari: Maaaan the Barakamon vibes I’m getting from this. I don’t even know how to explain how much this works for me. I love the visuals, the character designs, the little hints at character and drama that we’ve gotten, everything just works for me perfectly. The melancholic flashbacks to the MC’s childhood and that sense of nostalgia and loss was heart-wrenchingly beautiful. I just want to eat up all of this show and then some, it’s just so far everything I wanted it to be since I first read the synopsis.

Touken Ranbu Hanamaru: I was 100% ready to be horribly disappointed with this one and I’m certain a lot of people were but I loved it? It gave me more than I expected? I think my only grief is that they spend most of the time in the work clothes, and I wish they’d wear their elaborate beautiful costumes more. I wasn’t aware that these swords were supposed to belong to historical characters, and the first two episodes gave me everything a worthless rekijo like me could’ve ever dreamed of. The Oda Nobunaga episode in particular was beautiful, I just love that kind of nuanced reinterpretation of the character and how they portrayed his troubled relationship with his swords. I’m also already shipping the Okita Souji swords OTL. Hope the Date Masamune sword gets any sort of character development because even my friends call me a worthless Date Masamune otaku (one of these days I’m gonna take pictures of all my Date Masamune merch just to prove that point)

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Diamond is Unbreakable: The last cour of this awesome JoJo is upon us and it continues to be fun, cool, with great animation and striking visuals and just all around hilarious. I’ve not much more to say other than I continue to enjoy it immensely and it’s still one of my favorite shows every week. Loving the development we got for Rohan recently and the very clever (lol) use of Crazy Diamond (fuck your copyright) in the last episode. 

Fune wo Amu: The last show to premiere this season, and it’s a pain to find it because Amazon made that bullshit deal with noitaminA only to sit on those licenses apparently. It was one of my most anticipated shows of the season and it definitely didn’t disappoint. The topic is unique, and hard to sell (a show about dictionaries?!) but I like the idea of subverting the notion about dictionaries being boring and delving into what the process of making one entails –something I’d never really give much thought to-. The character animation is wonderful and it already shows a lot of promise. Also kudos because a show with adult protagonists is a good thing on principle alone (and we have a good handful of those this season). I’m super intrigued to see where they’ll take this one.

Natsume Yuujichou Go: Natsume has been the reigning emperor of iyashikei yokai anime and if any if you had ever forgotten that, it’s finally back to remind you of it. If I understand correctly this will be the final season? (someone who knows better could enlighten me), and if that’s the case then it means we’re on to learn way more about Reiko’s story who even after 4 seasons remains shrouded in mystery. These two episodes take us right back into it, simple, sweet, quiet and heartwrenching, all the things Natsume does best. Excitement isn’t the right word for this kind of show, but I’m definitely happy to have this wonderful show back one last time and to continue to watch Natsume himself grow.

Extremely High Priority

For the first time in a while I had to create a new category  because the amount of love I feel for these shows can’t even begin to be explained. But that won’t be of any surprise for anyone who follows my blog.

Haikyuu!! Karasuno vs Shiratorizawa: Do I even need to explain why I love this show so much? How amazing the characterization is? How cool the animation? How exciting the games? How deeply well executed the emotional beats? I was swooning over Nishinoya for the entirety of these two episodes, and dying for the bits of Tsukki that we’ve gotten, since I know how much he’ll grow during the game. And they’re already doing such a good job at slowly building the Shiratori guys’ personalities. The new OP and ED are SO GOOD. We’re getting Miracle Boy Satori next week and my blood is pumping!

Yuri!!! On ICE: I was so worried about this. I’d been so hyped about it because the PV was so beautiful and the teaser of the opening had sent my heart soaring and I was just so afraid that it wouldn’t live up to my expectation, but it lived up to them and surpassed them and crushed them and seriously I have never been so completely obliterated by a show so quickly. I can’t even describe it. It is gorgeously animated, and it is so emotionally on point, the character animation and body language is so fluid and detailed and there’s just so much even in such a short amount of time I’ve found myself rewatching the episodes over and over. This is sublime and magnificent and I’d sell my soul for this show without hesitation. Is it Wednesday yet.

And that’s the season my friends. I’m so so so excited for all of it! I feel this year has been full of good anime and each season gets progressively better than the previous one (lmao remember winter when we had this one absoutely world-stopping magnificent show and everything else was super meh?)

What are ya’ll watching? Think I’m missing out on something? Any show you expected that disappointed you? Any show that surprised you for good or bad? Anyone willing to answer these questions or am I doomed to eternal silence? Since my Yuri on Ice excitement has garnered me around 50 followers (woah) hopefully y’all are excited to see gay skating take over my blog for the next three months :D

We Cool? We Cool. Why Jeff Rosenstock Matters

by Erik van Rheenen

Most “this band means a lot to me” stories follow a certain narrative tack. They start with discovering the band as an impressionable, bright-eyed teenager, probably introduced by a wise older sibling, a mixtape burned from a best friend’s CD-R drive, or maybe headphones shared with a crush on a long ride somewhere, falling in love over four chords and split earbuds. That’s followed by enthusiastic discography-diving, tracking down the most obscure B-sides and splits that bootleg music blogs offered under their proverbial trench coats. And the stories usually culminate in finally sharing the same sweaty, small room with that band, shouting back the lyrics you fell in love with as your slightly younger self. Sound familiar? Probably.

So maybe it’s poetic justice that my story of how Jeff Rosenstock’s music brashly marched its way into my heart waves a casual middle finger to that narrative before dismantling it completely.

When I found myself gravitating towards ska-punk in high school – I didn’t go as far as to wear all-checkered-everything and sign up for skanking lessons, but an impossible number of Less Than Jake and Goldfinger songs occupied prime real estate on my iPod — I became tangentially familiar with Rosenstock’s foray into the genre with The Arrogant Sons of Bitches. I figured that, like a more punk Paul McCartney, Rosenstock just felt like filling the world with silly ska songs.

But lets bypass all the childhood nostalgia bullshit. I discovered Bomb the Music Industry! in college, in a soundproofed radio station tucked in the basement of Syracuse University’s student center. I was a freshman who wore his dorm room key on a lanyard, thought naming a fledgling radio show “Stage Dives and Sing-alongs” was cool, and trekked half a mile every Monday at 6:30 in the morning, wind whipping in my face, so I could settle into the WERW (What Everybody Really Wants!) studio for two hours and test just how soundproof those station walls were.

Keep reading

Post Ep Ponderings September 15 & 18

That’s right, my first ever dual post, all because I spent my weekend sleeping instead of catching up on tv. Apologies in advance just in case this ends up being excruciatingly long.

So Richie Rich decides buying Debbie a new Bentley is cool. I mean, it IS cool, but also a little weird. He just seems all over the place, except for finding Debbie hot, that hasn’t seemed to change much. But really, he wants her business, then he doesn’t, then he buys her a fucking Bentley? I suppose it all boils down to him wanting to spend time with her, and clearly this is just the writers wanting to rile up Ross. I’m just waiting to see what angle we get. Is Tom going to turn into an abusive asshole if they start dating? Is he going to go crazy if she ends up saying no? Is he going to end up being super nice and he and Debbie end up married? Even if that last one does happen, I still imagine this is all about getting Debbie and Ross back together.

So I think that my answer to how Liv would react when she found out about what Rob did was “a bit of everything.” I love how she told off both Rob and Rebecca, but still tried to convince Aaron to give him another chance. It really took a lot for Rob to put her off and I have to think that all typical mean!Rob he unleashed on her was more to do with his taking over Home Farm scheme. You know, I would love to know what his ultimate plan is and why he decided to try and fuck over Lawrence again. I mean, I’m sure part of it, likely a large part of it, is because he’s pissed about the kid and losing Aaron, but something doesn’t add up for me. I get he really hates the Whites and hates himself and Rebecca for the circumstances leading to them having a kid, but from what we’ve seen so far, it seems like his plan mostly hurts Lawrence. It does stress out Rebecca a bit, but that seems more like a good side effect that enables Robert to worm his way back into Home Farm. All I mean is, there just HAS to be more to his plan.

Of course, none of that was intended for Liv. I’m totally behind Aaron being angry about that, it certainly was a stupid and risky stunt to begin with, but we all know he doesn’t want anything to happen to Liv and really, how could he have predicted that? But overall? My favourite thing about this part was how upset Robert was when Aaron freaked out. One more step towards Robert Sugden’s breakdown. *chants* Breakdown! Breakdown! Breakdown!

One last thing on this. Liv’s doctor. I got a massive vibe that he’s gay and going to cause more problems for Aaron and Robert.

So, when Adam leaves the show, they aren’t killing him off, are they? Because today’s alluding to his medical issues after the punch from Jason.

Though there was a bunch of other little story lines in these episodes, there’s only one more I want to talk about and that’s how much Leyla makes me want to watch The Wedding Singer again.

Finally, kudos to Marlon with his Vegans selling philly steak. Gotta love whoever wrote that line!

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What Happens Next Chapter 69: From House to Home (8x08), a ncis: los angeles fanfic | FanFiction

8x08 - Parallel Resistors - post-ep. 
Takes place about a week after the episode.

“Hey, Baby, sorry I’m late. It started raining and you know how LA drivers get when it starts to rain.  This also means we have to move our picnic inside…”  Arms full with their dinner, Deeks opens the door to Kensi’s room with his back and turns to see a very pissed off looking girlfriend/fiancé sitting on her bed.  “…Why do you look like you want to bite someone’s head off?”

Kensi inhales sharply and rolls her shoulders.

“It’s not me, is it? I’m not that late with your food.”

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Maril Davis Twitter Q&A (it’s very long)  | Dec. 9, 2016

MARIL DAVIS:  Mini-Q and A anyone? @Outlander_STARZ

FAN: Tiny questions or short time period?
MARIL:  hahahah. Short time period

what are you most excited to begin working on?
you mean outlander scenes?

yay!!!  How many rehearsals are needed before filming a scene?
depends on what kind of scene it is. Some take extra rehearsals while others don’t take too many

how far along is S3? Lots of time on a ship?
we’re almost halfway through

Sooo… Do you think you’ll have a “welcome back to Scotland” party from the cast and crew?
LOL, no. I go back and forth way to often for it to be a big deal!

where are you bringing in the new year?
I’ll be in Scotland when 2017 rears its head!

What’s you favourite place in Glasgow? (nearly asked everyone now )
hmmm. Hard to say. Most of my favourite places are restaurants! (I like to eat!) But I ️love Glasgow university and that area

have all the new characters started filming?
no. We will continue to add new cast as we go

What block are you up too?
we are about to start block four

Everyone is excited about the print shop scene. What are YOU excited to see on scene in Season 3?
Print shop is probably right up there for me too

Will you be going to South Africa when they film there? When r they scheduled to move filming there!
yes, I will. Just not sure when yet. And we will not go until next year

What is your favorite outlander scene and why?
I can’t possibly pick one scene. Too many.

What are you shooting in Block 4 ?
lol. Can’t tell you.

are you going to South Africa as well?

We’ve recently seen @SamHeughan sporting Seattle football. How do us Oregonians get him to wear Portland hockey?
Not sure I can help. I ️love sports but not a huge hockey fan. If he’s wearing anything it should be DUCKS gear!

how much longer until we might hear word of a premiere date.. any new casting you can share?
I don’t know. Starz usually decides on timings of announcements.

what are you especially excited about for Season 3?
hmmm. Print shop and stuff on the ships. And the start of the season is fab

did you get the special nougat related little something from @OutlanderFrance
I didn’t but I’m just returning to Scotland 

How much of Jamie below decks will we endure?
not sure how to answer this. You want a percentage? :P

Given the scope of S3, was it harder than previous seasons to find locations?
every season seems to get more challenging!

How long does it typically take to film one ep, incl rehearsals, table reading, etc?
every episode takes 12 days to shoot on average

How fun and amazing are the 1950s and 60s scenes?
I love the ‘50’s and '60’s stuff.

When should we expect some promo to start?!
no idea although we just did our first publicity shoot!

What is your favorite wintertime activity?
lately it’s sleeping!!

Are your  packed for South Africa?
not even close. Still have time

How has your life changed since #Outlander? 
I’m ten thousand times busier and I travel ten times as much! :P and I’ve obviously met a lot of great people!

What will be your focus during this trip to Scotland?
the last two weeks of shooting (before the holidays)

what has been your biggest adjustment to living in Scotland?
the cold and the food.

Were the same writers taking care of both time frames, or were they divided up ?
we have different writers for every episode so everyone will get different stuff. We divide by script not by time periods

Christmas time- real tree or fake tree?
no tree. I celebrate Hanukkah

Casting has been brilliant - but who of the new cast for season 3 has really exceeded your expectations?
they’ve all been amazing but not all of them have been shooting regularly. So we’ll have to wait and see!

You stuck mid travel and bored? How is the weather on your side of the world?
I am mid travel. Have not reached my destination yet

well you should sleep but will we see Williughby?

What are the warmest boots for wearing on the set?
honestly that’s still something i haven’t figured out in 3 seasons. But I wear Columbia bugaboots

what is your favorite #outlander episode so far??
can’t pick a favourite. Plus I’ve only seen a couple in finished staged so far.

has there been any prep for S4?
we’re definitely starting to talk about it. We have to. No break this year. Just roll into the next season

Is @SamHeughan still the biggest slacker on set?
lol. No, he’s an incredibly hard worker (Sam-you can pay me later)

How many times do you fly across the pond in one year?
I seem to be on a month in LA, month in Scotland schedule at the moment

Print shop anything you can give fans even a word??
i think it’s going to be great

binge watching anything?
just finished @TheCrown Loved it!

Pleased with Dailies?
yes, very

any casting news ? HAL? Still waiting on that from episode one lol
Hal was cast a while ago I think they just didn’t release the news! He’s great BTW

favorite Outlander book?
Favorites are the Original and then A Breath of Snow and Ashes

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Every song that's playing gets me thinking about you, baby....

A/N: random drabbly fic….it’s pretty obvious what it is about really. (sorry if it’s a little rubbishy)


Sometimes there is a song that you hear and it just….fits. It illustrates what you are feeling at the precise moment. I love finding out how my songs fit moments in my fans lives in the same ways they illustrated parts of mine.

I had met Adam a few weeks ago at the BRIT awards in London and since then my life had started to revolve around a series of messages and phone calls. Tour rehearsals were well underway and everyone could see that there was an extra spark to me which was more than just the normal excitement about touring. I mean, sure, I was really excited about this upcoming tour. I was incredibly proud of 1989 and so excited to show the fans what we were working on, as well as providing a few surprises along the way. But there were also the sparks of new love in my life.

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Predictions: When/Where/How We Will  See Beth!

Okay, Bethyl shippers, listen up! (Or just keep reading.) I’m SUPER excited about this post and I needed to get it posted sooner rather than later because big things are happening for TD right now. As I said yesterday, I’ve been trying to write it since Sunday and I keep changing it and adding things because SO many things are coming together. If this theory is right, it not only brings together like seven major theories TD has been harping on for some time, but it also means we’ll see Beth in less than a month. *fingers crossed*

***I am going to talk about comic book spoilers in this post. We can already tell things won’t play out in the show as they do in the CBs but if you don’t want to know at all, don’t read. You’ve been warned. I’ll also mention some very mild filming spoilers.***

I’ve thought since the end of S6 that ep 7x06 would be about Beth bc of the Slabtown clock, right? Don’t worry, I still think that. But since she and Dawn are arguing about whether she can survive on the outside in that scene, I figured ep 6 would be all about that: Beth surviving on the outside.

But TWD loves its non-linear story-telling. Remember in season 5 when Daryl and Carol took off to look for Beth in episode 2, then Daryl returned, sans Carol in ep 3? But we didn’t even know if it was Carol with him until they showed us what happened in ep 6?

Yeah, they do that all the time to keep people watching. So I kind of figured Beth would show up before ep 6 and then ep 6 would be about her.

Last weekend, while talking with @thegloriouscollectorlady, I started wondering, what if ep 6 is NOT about Beth. What if it’s just about Tara? What would that mean?

Then I thought about episode 7. And the more I thought about it, the more likely it seemed that episode 7 might be all about Beth. Here’s my reasoning:

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Arrow's Emily Bett Rickards teases Olicity as Charlotte Ross crashes City of Heroes 2 panel - Mirror Online

It’s not hard to see why Emily Bett Rickards get such a warm response from Arrowfans.

The star, who plays Felicity Smoak, was full of energy for her City of Heroes 2 panel in Birmingham this Saturday - and ready to talk Olicity.

The term coined by fans to describe the relationship between Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) and Felicity (Rickards) became the focus of questions at the weekend-long event.

Emily covered everything from Olicity, what’s coming up and her favourite moments and when Charlotte Ross crashed the panel – her relationship with Mama Smoak.

We asked at her panel about the contradiction many fans have pointed out, the strange advice Felicity gives her mum.

Felicity broke up with Oliver over his lies, but then tells her mum Donna to give Quentin a chance after he lies to protect her.

Emily was quick to explain.

On the Olicity break-up

Calling it a “milky moment,” she said it was less a case of the one lie about Oliver’s son, William, but the final lie that broke the camel’s back.

“She knows she loves him,” she said. “But it’s realising there’s all these lies he’s told and then there’s this lie.

“Relationships are complicated! She just needs time to come to terms with the lies. It may take her time…quite a bit of time.”

So no make-up before season 5 then?

“It could take a long time,” she said hinting at no make-up this season.

Felicity and Oliver haven’t exactly had a smooth romance since returning home.

When asked about Oliver and Felicity’s time away after they drove off into the sunset at the end of season three, Emily said it was “boring” for Felicity.

“They got into perfection town and the problem was they weren’t fighting anymore.

“Felicity was bored, happy but bored and that’s why she was helping Team Arrow.

“It wasn’t Oliver it was the situation.”

Walking out on Oliver - literally and the wheelchair

A crucial scene between Stephen Amell and Emily involved the latter literally getting up and walking out on him after Felicity’s chip allowed her to use her legs again.

It took Emily awhile to master the wheelchair, she admitted.

When fans praised her on the representation of her disability she said: “What you didn’t see was all the times I fell out of the chair! My butt still hurts.”

On the moment she got up out of the chair and walked out on Oliver, she added: “When I got out of the chair I thought I’d never fall again…then I tripped!”

Favourite moments - but not a kiss

You’d be forgiven for thinking Emily’s favourite Olicity moment would be something like a kiss - but something else takes top position.

Emily’s favourite Olicity moment is when Felicity watches Oliver on the salmon ladder and “Felicity is just drooling.”

She added her other favourite moment in the past four seasons was Oliver and Felicity’s first kiss because “I love first kisses they’re always so bad.”

For Charlotte Ross, who crashed Emily’s panel, the best Olicity scene was one she was part of – to start with.

“It’s the failed chicken scene,” she said. “I was watching Emily on the monitor and the look on her face, she could’ve looked annoyed but there was so much more going on in that moment.

“The close up on Emily made me cry.”

For fans who want to see more Smoak lady action, they might not have to wait long.

Warning: Spoilers

Charlotte Ross was quick to provide eager fans with spoilers.

The Smoak matriarch said the next episodes will see her “having a word about Olicity.”

She also revealed she will find out Felicity is working with Team Arrow, but not about Oliver’s involvement – just yet that is.

But Charlotte said she doesn’t think Donna will be happy when she finds out.

There are also words exchanged about Felicity’s father before the end of season four, she said.

Felicity flashbacks?

Looking further ahead to season five, fans were keen to find out what Emily and Charlotte wanted to see included.

Emily said she’d like to see flashbacks of her younger self, with the interaction between Donna and a pre-Goth Felicity as well as scenes with her father before he left.

The Smoak ladies bond

On the pair’s relationship, off-screen (“she’s the best, and amazing”) to on-screen (“we love being together on set”) the Smoaks were quick to open up.

Emily said when she first says “my mom is my mom” earlier in the series, all she knew was that Donna was a Vegas girl and she was supposed to be more like her father.

While Felicity’s intelligence comes from her father, Noah, who has just cropped up in Arrow, Donna’s character is also evident.

Emily added she only realised later on in the series that Felicity’s “emotional intelligence” is from Donna.

“I think their relationship now speaks to her becoming an adult, and how Donna saves her,“ she said.

The relationship between the pair has come a long way on the show, which the Smoak ladies alluded to.

Charlotte Ross extras

On Donna’s personality

"Donna gets so excited, but she’s very strong. She’s had trials and tribulations but that doesn’t mean she has to be hard.”

On taking things from set

“I stole the feather from Oliver and Felicity’s engagement party.”

On mother, daughter relationships

“[Emily] has an amazing relationship with her mum.” She added this is why it works so well, and is nice to see and play off of her.