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Darker Hero Prompts

Anonymous said: Oh damn! More possessive!hero prompts plzzzz!

Anonymous said:Oooooooh! I like the role reversals where the villain is the hero’s prisoner! More prompts like that please!

Anonymous said:Some prompts about how a hero has gotten so out of control that they have to be stopped by the villain? Thank you very much!!

Anonymous said:You did a prompt a little while ago about the hero with unstable powers and how the villain found out about them; do you think you could maybe do a couple prompts about the villain either exploiting this weakness or helping them with it? Thank you for your time!

1) “Leave them,” the hero said. “I have to do this on my own.”
Most would find that noble, self-sacrificing, but from their panting vantage point the villain could see the shine of fervour, of obsession, lasered in the hero’s eyes that so mirrored their own. It would have been insulting if anyone else got involved. Not part of the game. They’d been chasing each other for so long now, playing cat and cat. This wasn’t about heroism. The only difference between hero and villain was who got to tell the story.

2) It was a sort of agony, waiting for the two of them to be left alone. The villain wasn’t quite sure when exactly they started reading ‘alone’ with the hero as a dangerous situation - once upon a time they’d laughed at the thought of the hero even being considered a threat. But they were dangerous. Their forgiveness, their salvation, was dangerous. Suffocating. There was no way to fight against mercy, to snarl against kindness, when the weight of gratitude bowed the villain’s head as heavy a ball and chain around their neck. When they knew damn well that the hero was the only thing standing between them and the retribution of a lot of furious people. The worst part? The hero knew it too. And alone, just the two of them, there was no crowd to hide in bluffing and pretending otherwise. And staying alive meant playing nice.

3) Everyone watched the hero in horror as their powers spiralled, wrenched howling out of the chest. 
The villain lunged. 
They toppled, skidded, scrabbling. Nothing dignified to it. 
“Now, now. Stop trying to take my job - take a few deep breaths.” 

4) “You have to stop me,” the hero begged. The power lurched violently out of their hands. Their shoulders shook. The magic ate at them, nibbled on them, slashed into the walls. 
The villain watched the destruction, the devastation, with a hungry and unconcealed delight. “Is this you admitting I’m the only person in the world who could get you on a leash?” They ducked the next swing of power, laughing. Really quite enamored with this savage, magnificent, thing. So sue them, they had always had a weakness for power, and the hero liked to play the role of sheep so very well normally. The villain wet their lips and moved closer, lashing out with their own equal and matching power. Much more controlled, though. Not being scared of one’s own darkness did tend to lend a certain control that frightened light didn’t. 
“This is me saying you’re going down with me if we don’t get this under control!” the hero snapped. 
But the villain heard the ‘please’ in their tone quite beautifully.

5) “Come at me.” 
The hero gaped.
The villain raised their brows and made a beckoning gesture. “Come on, you need to let some of that tension out. A way of venting. It’s why your power keeps exploding, you spend too much time trying to control it. Let go. I can handle you, trust me.”
“Trust you? I’m not that stupid.” 
“You’d rather lash out at your friends?” 
The hero faltered, and then pounced. 

6) “You can’t just keep me!”
“Why not?” the hero leaned in, and flashed a smile. “You’re the one that kept telling me to be more like you, baby.” 
The villain fumed, cheeks flushed.

7) “You’re up to something.”
“Are you jealous that I’m spending time with someone other than you?” The villain flashed a smirk. Expected to watch their enemy fluster, squirm, unable to bear any such insinuation. They didn’t expect to watch their eyes darken as the hero took several steps closer, tossing a smirk right back. 
“And what if I was jealous?” the hero asked softly. “What then?”
The villain froze. They didn’t have a plan of attack prepared for this. 

8) “I created you,” the hero murmured. They looked truly sorry about that, agonized, but there was a hint of steel. “I reckon I can uncreate you too.” 
“No one’s going to let you just - just -”
“You’re a criminal. A monster. I could break you into a million pieces and put you back together again and they would call it rehabilitation. Reformation. A success.”
The villain swallowed. Bit back the ‘will you?’ as if voicing the mere thought might give it power. “You won’t do that,” they tried for bravado. “That would make you too much like me.”
They stared at each other, each trying to puzzle where the lines were in this new world. 

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The Undertale Fandom has never failed to astound me, what, with the massive amount of talented artists, musicians, and animators that have come together in order to celebrate the franchise. 


Like any fandom, there are people in the community that often tend to step out of line whether they really mean to or not. That being said, the issue that this creates that I really wanted to talk about today is the harassment of artists

I get it - there are webcomics or animations you adore and look forward to seeing when they are updated, but people often hold their own selfish needs over the artists themselves.

Glitchtale is a good example of this.A while back, @camilaart combined her artistic talent and an idea for a story into an animated series. With its smooth animation and addicting storyline, a lot of people flocked towards her videos, eagerly awaiting what she had in store for the next episode.

Many of the people following her showed their support in the forms of positive comments and fanart, but there have been signs of negative attention as well, particularly people urging her to rush her work.

Let me remind you all that animation is incredibly difficult.

Simply animating short 2-5 minute long videos takes a LOT of work and dedication in order to ensure character movements are smooth and the images are clear and pleasing to the eye. 

So let’s put that into perspective when I remind you that for the most part, these episodes of hers are 20 minutes in length.

At the frequency in which she uploads videos, Camilla is spending hours on her work.

And let me assure you, the ‘agony’ of waiting for updates does not amount to the exhaustion and pressure some people put on artists like her. Some people treat these artists like robots who’s only purpose is to appease their fanbase when in fact they are real people with real lives. 


And yet I see people uploading comments like 

“WTF is wrong with you, you haven’t updated in a month”

“Hurry up already!”

They don't HAVE to be making videos. They don’t HAVE to be putting up with your mindless whining. But they do, and it hurts them.

So please, be more thoughtful

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Anchor part 2

A/N : some of you requested a part 2 and it made me really it is, a bit long but i hope it won’t disappoint anyone cause i squeezed my brains. 

It had been three days since Peter had his claws in Isaac’s neck and Isaac was missing. You were often asked if you knew where he was, since you were the last person to have actually seen him, but you yourself had absolutely no idea ,and were worried sick.  

You were at Derek’s place with Peter , waiting for Derek to return. He had gone on another search for Isaac and the agony was making you sick. Stiles was supposed to arrive any minute, since he had no intentions of leaving you alone with Peter ,what so ever.  

‘’can you stop that ?’’ Peter asked and you turned to him with a questioning look.  

‘’stop what ?’’  

‘’your heart’s beating too loud. It’s annoying. Really.’’ He said and kept reading whatever it was that he was reading.  

You felt deeply offended but where in no place to argue.  

Peter sighed and rolled his eyes placing the book he was reading down. He dragged his chair across the couch that  you were seated.  He sat opposite you and supported his elbows on his thighs and then his chin on his hands. 

 ‘’ I don’t get you teenagers and your drama’’ he commented looking at you waiting for some response of some kind.  

‘’being worried about someone does not classify as teenage drama’’ you said biting your inner cheek in anticipation. 

 ‘’ it clearly does when you’re not just worried. You’re missing him and I don’t get it frankly cause he is thug and it is your fault he’s gone.’’ He blurred out causing your eyes to widen.

  ‘’oh really ? how am I responsible then ?’’ you asked certain of the fact that you had nothing to do with his disappearance. 

 ‘’ Like I said. Teenage drama. Unrequited love and that tasteless crap..’’ Peter got up and headed to the fridge to make coffee.   

Your jaw dropped. How could Peter know of your love for Isaac?  

‘’’s not like that. I mean yes, I do love him but I don’t see how this makes up a good reason for me to be blamed..’’ you mumbled feeling confused. 

Peter chocked on his coffee spitting some of it out.  

‘’You ?’’

  ‘’huh ?’’ you questioned.  ‘

’ YOU love HIM ?’’ he asked placing the cup on a table. 

You nodded in a ‘’duh’’ manner since you thought this was what he meant when he said unrequited love. Peter rubbed his forehead with his hand.  

‘’ Why don’t you people talk ? like what is it ? do you sign a silent treaty once you reach seventeen or …’’

  ‘’okay. I have no idea what you just said’’ You answered back and then the door opened, Stiles entering. 

 Once you saw Stiles you felt guilt taking over you as Peter chuckled biting on one of his nails.  

‘’different lover different anchor huh ?’’ he said to himself and you brushed it off. 

 ‘’Shouldn’t he be back by now ?’’ Stiles asked referring to Derek.

 ‘’maybe he died’’ Peter said vaguely. 

You two shot him a look and waited in silence.  

—————COUPLE OF DAYS LATER————————– 

Isaac missing had been having an obvious impact on you and everyone had 

noticed.  You were at Stiles’ house , watching a movie, but he ended up kissing you hungrily. However you could not find the mentality to do it. Kiss him. Not when Isaac was missing.  

Stiles fell back on the couch and sighed. He looked at you and brushed some of your hair that were getting in your face aside. 

 ‘’y/n’’ he started. You thought he was going to complain about you not kissing him.  ‘

’I think I know where he is…’’ he whispered and your eyes widened , gaining interest in his words.  

‘’WHAT ? and you haven’t told us ? Stiles ? where? Why did you not say this sooner…?’’ you brought your knees close  to your chest on the couch.  

‘’because Y/N I think I also know why he left..’’ Stiles said and you looked at the ground.  

 ‘’I’m not stupid Y/N I can see it in your eyes. Hell I could see it before I asked you to be my girlfriend. I just, well part of me just thought that maybe I could make you think of me instead of him..’’ 

 ‘’Stiles I’m really sorry..’’ you whispered unable to deny your feelings for Isaac. 

 ‘’ no it’s okay. I know it’s not your fault. I mean, we don’t get to choose who we fall for. If we could I wouldn’t choose you, since you..’’  

‘’where is he Stiles ?’’ 

 Stiles sighed rubbing his lips once. He knew he’d loose you as soon as he’d tell you. But then again, you can’t lose what you never had.  ‘

’the nemeton, or at least that’s where he said he might go…’’  

‘’when did this happen.?’’ You asked. 


Stiles had heard Isaac talking to Allison about pulling through. He thought he might appear and enter in the discussion but then realized what Isaac wanted to pull through. He wanted you but  you were Stiles’ right ?  Every one knew you were his. He finally had someone to himself. 

Stiles waited until Allison and Isaac were done talking and then he approached him.  Isaac was walking fast so Stiles had to jog to catch up to him.  

‘’Please stop’’ Stiles said and Isaac stopped thinking he meant his walking. 

 ‘’Hey Stiles.’’ 

 ‘’I want you to stop Isaac…’’ he continued. 

 ‘’stop what?’’ Isaac asked.  

‘’ chasing her. Just , leave her be please, leave her be with me. ‘’ Stiles begged.

  Isaac’s eyes turned darker once he grasped the concept Stiles was referring to.  

‘’ I’m not doing anything’’ he said staring into Stiles’ eyes.  

‘’ yes. Yes you are, you might not understand it but you are. I  want you –scratch that – I need you to stay away from her for a while’’ Stiles demanded and Isaac snapped , grabbing the collar of his shirt and lifting him up against the school’s lockers.  ‘

’you. Do not tell me what to do Stilinski’’ he said growling.  

‘’ You want her to be happy don’t you ? I think I can do it Isaac, I think she can be happy with me. ‘’ Stiles raised his hands and Isaac let him drop to the floor. 

 ‘’is she ?’’ Isaac asked looking at the floor. Stiles was not a werewolf but he heard Isaac’s heart.  

’ I think she is. ‘’ He reassured him.  

Isaac readjusted his back bag on his shoulder and fixed his black leathered jacket. He greeted his teeth together and walked away.  

‘’ will you ?’’ Stiles yelled at him. 

Isaac raised two fingers not bothering to turn and look at Stiles. 

 ‘’I’ll stay away. Make sure she’s fine.’’  

 Stiles run up to him.  

‘’wait where will you go..’’  

————–END OF FLASHBACK————–  

‘’and then he said something about the nemeton…’’ Stiles finished telling you the events.

 There was an evident smile not leaving your face, You know you should not be happy right now cause Stiles was obviously sad but you could not help it. 

‘’what..what should I do ?’’ you asked in complete frustration.

 You were more than confused.  Isaac cared about you ? maybe even loved you ? How did that, when did that happen. Why did he not tell you ? why did he not stop you. Why did you not stop him ?  

‘’ Go find him I guess..’’ Stiles said. 

You got up too eager running to the door leaving a  sad Stiles on his couch.  Your heart was beating so fast you thought it would come out of your chest. You opened the door but before getting out you rushed back to Stiles, grabbed his cheeks and kissed him.  ‘

’Thank you’’ you said and he smiled at you. This time you left without hesitations .

 You got into your car and started driving towards the woods.   

Isaac was leaning against the wall of the underground room at the roots of the nemeton, scrolling down his phone but he stopped and panic when he hear the sound of a car stopping. 

 Your car.  

‘’ shit shit shit’’ he mumbled getting up.

 He fixed his jacket, and ruffled his hair looking at his reflection on the screen of his phone.  

‘’ I look terrible’’ he mumbled to himself. 

 ‘’ uh..i don’t know…I kind of like it…’’ You said standing opposite of him.

 You wanted to hug him and squeeze him and slap him and kiss him and cry and laugh while shouting and erupt at the same time. But none of this would happen until he admitted it. 

 And you were gonna  make it work for it.  

‘’..Y/N..’’ he begun 

‘’what the hell where you thinking you asshole ? the whole pack was searching for you. I went mad !’’ you exclaimed and his eyes light up at the mention of you worrying for him .

 he tried to fight back a smirk but was unable to sustain it.  

‘’ Well I’m perfectly fine as you can see.’’ He made a circle and you chuckled.

  ‘’if you ever do that to me again I swear I’ll kill you with my non werewolf hands’’ You said and he smiled coming closer to you.  

He looked at you. The wound in his chest had not yet healed and he feared it never would. Not until you were his. And since that was not an option he had accepted that the fragile muscle in his chest would always break a little every time he’d see you.  He stared at you as if you were the most fragile thing in the world even though he was the one sin dire strains.  ‘

’I’m going to hug you now’’

 He warned. He too had missed you more than words could explain. He grabbed your waist and twirled you around hugging you. Taking in your scent. He was savoring the moment pretending you were doing the same. 

 ‘’Let’s go’’ you said but stopped when you noticed he was not following you. 

 ‘’I’m..i;m not coming’’ he said. 

 ‘’WHAT ?> why ?’’ you asked. 

 Because I bloody love you. He thought. He did not phrase it though.,  

The thing with Isaac Lahey was that so many of his thoughts remained unspoken. He never shared them, and then they lost their meaning and value.   

‘’Because it would be selfish..’’ he said , you not really getting his point.  

‘’ Isaac , be serious and let’s go home’’

 ‘’Y/N..i…I don’t want to be selfish anymore’’

  He thought of what had happened to him. The bite , the death of his father, the constant war with the supernatural. You were the one true thing that made some sense in his life, and he feared that if he confessed he’d ruin that. He knew you could never be his. Not anyones. You did not liked to be owned, because you managed to own everyone else.  You walked closer to him. 

 ‘’ selfish about what ?’’ 

 He was again in a dark cold enclosed space , he was alone and scared but this time there was a way out, a glimpse of light and that , that was you.  

‘’Selfish about loving you…’’  He said it in a low whisper as if he voiced it louder it would break you. 

Your heart skipped a bit and you felt your eyes burning.  ‘

’That’s bullshit Isaac Lahey’’ you exclaimed confidently taking him by surprise. 

He furrowed his brows. 

‘’That’s bullshit, cause love , at least the one  I know of, is the most selfish thing there is. You want the other person to be happy because it makes you feel good and if , if you don’t want that then not only do you not love me , but you don’t love yourself and frankly I don’t know if I want to be with someone that thinks like that’’ You said in one breath. 

 The nemeton feeded off of energy. You both knew that, you just never believed that the two of you could create that much energy to get a reaction out of it. But you did. 

 Suddenly  something like a light started coming out of the cracks of the old tree’s roots. And then you did not need to take a closer look to know what they were.


 A million fireflies illuminating the room.  

Making isaac’s eyes shine and yours reflect all that you were feeling. 

 Isaac chuckled impressed by you.  

The background got lost between the two of you. Not averting your eyes from each other. What would be the point? Isaac was looking at everything he ever wanted and he felt every gap, every wound that life had thrown upon him slowly healing, being replaced with only one constant erratic thought.  


You were so close your noses were touching  and your breathes seemed to be one.  ‘

’Fun fact’’ he begun saying’’ you’re my anchor and that means-‘’ you did not let him finish. 

You could not take it anymore. 

You smashed your lips onto his and he was quick to kiss back, bringing his hands to your cheeks as you wrapped yours around his neck.

  You kissed until there was No Y/N and no Isaac but a muffled mix of both. 

And he smiled because his world was no longer his, You had engulfed into it and he could not be more happy. 

Breathless Part 9

Pair : Single!Jensen x Reader

Music : All We Are by One Republic

A/N : I am soooo sorry for the wait, I hope you enjoy!

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You could feel the pain strike through you, as the doctors surrounded you, trying to hold you down and give you more medicine to calm you. But it was all too much. You screeched in agony, wishing not only you were going through the pain, but you wished you werent alone through all of this. 

“Jared!” You yelped. 

He snapped his gaze back to you, the nurse stared at him for a moment, but allowed him to run to your side. 

He slipped his hand into yours, his eyes averting down to the blood and back up to your eyes. 

“Hey, Hey I’m here Y/N.” He whispered, Using his free hand to push your hair back from your face. 

You have never cried, let alone been so vulnerable in front of anyone. And it was something you weren’t used to. 

You arched your back, feeling sharp pain near your lower abdomen. 

“Make it stop! Please make it stop” You cried out. 

Jared ran his hand over your head, reminding you to breathe as he tried to keep his composure. 

“It will stop, I promise.” 

You felt your body slowly calm as the medicine kicked in. The doctors mumbled something to Jared, words you couldn’t grasp on to. 

“He can’t know.” You whispered. But before you knew it, Your eyes slowly fluttered shut. 

Jared pursed his lips, tears silently falling as he stared intently at you. He couldn’t believe what had just happened. Watching you scream in agony, losing a part of you. 

“I’ll be back, I promise.” Though he knew you were out, he still felt the need to tell you. He pressed his lips to your head. 

“Hang in there okay?” 


Gen sat near Jensen’s bed. Watching the tv as they sat patiently for Jared. 

He stormed in, his eyes blood shot. 

“Hey what happened?” Jensen muttered sitting up in his bed. 

Jared took in a deep breath and cleared his throat, pretending everything was okay. 

“Oh nothing. She’s fine.” He forced a smile. “Hey Gen can I-can I talk to you really quick?“ 

She nodded and followed him out of the room. Leaving Jensen alone to his thoughts. 

He noticed Jared was acting strange, and he wasn’t telling him everything. Which made him even more nervous. 

Gen’s eyes widened as she listened the Jared. 

"She miscarried? I didn’t even know she was pregnant!” She whispered loudly.

Jared nodded and felt his eyes begin to well with tears. “She was so scared.”

Gen pulled her husband into her as tears streamed down her puffy cheeks.
“Is she okay?" 

"Yea, she is resting now. The doctors gave her more medicine for the pain. But before I left-” he met his wife’s gaze. “The doctor told me that, she may never be able to have a child." 

"Wait what?” Jensen muttered.  

Both Jared and gen snapped their gaze back to him. Jared stood straighter, feeling a lump form in his throat.

“She’s pregnant?” He croaked. 

You fluttered your eyes open, your head pounding, making it unbearable to look into the light. You felt something tug at your left hand, making you jerk in the bed. 

“Shit, I didn’t mean to scare you.” Jensen whispered. “I’m sorry.”

You opened your mouth to speak, but nothing came out only a soft whimper as you lost it. Tears fell everywhere as you cried hard into your hands. Feeling as if you couldn’t breathe. 

Jensen pulled you in. His arms caressing you as he cried silently with you. 

“I’m so sorry.” You finally let out. 

With everything that has happened. With losing something so precious, you felt ashamed. You felt as if you have done wrong. 

A part of you has died a long with it. 

“Dont be sorry baby.” Jensen stammered. “It’s not your fault.” 

He was exactly what you needed. He made you feel safe. He made every thing seem as if it were going to be okay. 

But you took this as a sign. A sign that you and Jensen were in two seperate worlds. You knew that he could have anyone he wanted. He shouldn’t be wasting his time on you. 

“Go.” You exhaled, pushing away from him. 

Jensen furrowed his eye brows, and tilted his head. “What?” He muttered. 

“I said GO!” Your voice grew loud. “Leave! Get out now. I’m not good for you J. I never was, so we can stop pretending.” 

His lips quivered and a lump formed in his throat. “Y/N, please stop. You’re more than good enough for me, You’re-” 

“J, the Doctor said I might not be able to have kids. Ever. And I am going to have to live with that for the rest of my life. But you dont.” You sat up in the bed, your voice was stern. “You deserve to have a wife who can bear your children. You deserve the family you and I have talked about. But if you stay with me, You wont ever get that.” 

Jensen shook his head, battling his breathing as he tried to focus on one thought. “No, I’m not leaving Y/N. I’m not leaving you.”

You wiped your tears away and cleared your throat. This was something you knew you were going to regret for the rest of your life, but it had to be done. “Well, I dont want to be with you. So please go.” You felt sick, your stomach churning as you immediately felt ashamed. 

Jensen stared intently at you. Your words echoing in his head. He felt as if his heart dropped to the pit of his stomach. 

“Go.” You whispered. 

He clenched his jaw shut, and left the room without a single word. 

You watched as he left, tears falling as you feigned for him to look back, at least once. 

“I’m sorry.” You whimpered. 

“Im so sorry.”

Apollo is a precious bisexual-immortal-god-turned-mortal that needs to be protected.

Just finished reading The Trials of Apollo Book One: The Hidden Oracle.

Once again, Rick Riordan’s writing brought me back to his mythical world with a great feat of adventure, action, and a thirst for more.
Out of all Rick’s stories and characters, I think Apollo is the best character he has written so far. (Leo Valdez has now been replaced on my top list and has dropped a rank.)

I appreciate Apollo’s perspective on many things, even though some thoughts could be a bit narcissistic of him.(He used to be a god, afterall.)
But the mere fact that the book is considered a “children’s reading” and was originally aimed for kids below 15 years of age, I’m glad it was able to discuss topics like homosexuality/bisexuality and what it means to be an ordinary human.
The younger generation reading this can have an early understanding of such differences between people and it could inspire them to live a life in a different perspective.

I mean, a lot of his thoughts inspired me, seeing an all-powerful person slowly grasp the horrors of being ordinary while learning that it is what makes a person’s existence worth while. This was evident in some of my favorite parts where he admitted that he and the gods are really fearful towards death despite being immortals. We were also able to know that he admires humans for their willingness in many aspects in life despite an impending doom.

There’s so many more points that I could specify, for now I shall wallow in happiness (or in agony) while waiting for Book Two: The Dark Prophecy, to be release on May 2, 2017.

[I wasn’t able to finish it earlier than I intended. The Game of Thrones finale is driving me insane and it’s one of those fandoms that I would have to wait until next year to get an update. Geez.]