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Hi~ I want to know their reaction (akutagawa, dazai, ranpo, kunikida, poe and mori) having a s/o that has curves (like medium boobs, flat stomach and big cake). Thanks a lot 🍭🍭

-Acts like he doesn’t like it, but deep down, he’s in love with your curves
-Doesn’t get flustered as much as most people
-Gets very protective if people catcall or comment about your body (a/n: honestly never do that. It doesn’t make you any cooler. Please just refrain from doing it)
-Like grabbing your waist while kissing you or gently caressing your body
-If you wear provocative clothes to tease him, he gets even more flustered
-doesn’t let you go out of the house without a shirt covering your stomach and boobs and shorts that cover your ass

-honestly loves it
-“slightly” teases you about it in public just to make you blush, but hates it when others do
-“Hey, nice curves!”-random guy
“*grabs you* Leave her the fuck alone!”-Dazai
-LOVES to play slap ass with you
-he tries to find good moments to touch you, including but not limited to: kissing, cuddling, walking, pictures, doing the nasties, etc.
-he loves using your butt or boobs as pillows
-wearing provocative clothing for him is a BIG turn on, easiest way to sex with him
-asks for tips on how to stay thin
-low key jealous that you look better than him
-if you workout, he might join you or help you

-a lot like Dazai
-might have fun squeezing your boobs every now and then
-also falls into them “unintentionally” all the time
-doesn’t like to tease you in public and will get very defensive if someone comments about your appearance
-revealing clothes aren’t the biggest turn on for him, but if you throw in some dirty talk, he’ll be all over you
-loves touching you (anywhere)

-“(S/o), y-you’re shirt’s a bit cut a bit b-bit low.” “Is that a problem?” “W-well, umm, I don’t know.”
-Doesn’t think straight when you flaunt it
- But, if people call you out for it, he doesn’t hold back.
-“Ohh, nice jugs.”-random guy “Pardon me, but that is no way to talk to a young lady! Show some respect and grow up while your at it!”-Kunikida
-Although he gets flustered, he loves holding your waist close
-Wearing revealing clothes make his brain explode

-fluster level: medium
-sometimes slips in a tease under his breath, but doesn’t do it often
-honestly doesn’t call people out for being rude, but tells you to ignore them
-loves your figure but would never admit it
-wonders if you’ve gotten plastic surgery
-wouldn’t care if you did
-loves holding your butt while you two kiss
-other than that doesn’t try to do a lot of sexual advances (unless you’re ok with it)
-don’t lean over his desk with a low cut shirt, just don’t
-provocative clothes do get to him

-LOVES to tease you in private
-may brush against your boobs or ass on “accident”
-doesn’t except catcalling, doesn’t get it a lot from mafia members, but if you went outside together, he might slip a death threat in their pocket or something
-loves touching you
-also wonders if you workout to achieve your body, and would be proud if you did
-revealing clothes don’t do too much for him, but that doesn’t mean he has limits

Thank you so much for the ask!!! I hoped you like it!!!


Rocky Horror Flowers

Hello! Can you do a one-shot where Reid has a crush on a very shy coworker? One day, she gets flowers from some guy and the card attached sounds very flirty and Spencer gets jealous. He gets help from Garcia who finds out that the reader is playing Janet in a reproduction of Rocky Horror Picture Show. They go to see it and Reid talks to the reader after it’s over and she tells him the flowers were from the actor who plays Rocky who is gay and then cuteness ensues. Sorry if it makes no sense!

“What did the card say?”

But Spencer’s eyes were glued heavily to the screen.

“Can’t you type faster?” he asks haughtily.

“Whoa whoa whoa, now, boy genius,” Garcia says as she whips around, “you are on my turf.  You yield to my rules,” she says as she points her fluffy-ended pen between her and Spencer’s chest.

“I’m sorry,” he says as he sighs, running his hand through his hair as he raises up from hunching over her shoulder, “it’s just…Y/N’s really easy to read, you know?  She doesn’t care about keeping her private life private.  And…and I didn’t know that she was seeing someone?”

“What did the note say?” Garcia implores as she spins around and continues typing.

“It said: ‘I just can’t hold it in any longer.  Damn it, Janet, I love you.”

As Garcia furrows her brow, she opens up a side screen and begins typing as Spencer’s eyes fly across the screen.

“Wait, Garcia…what-”

But all she did was hold up her hand to silence him.

“My dear little out-of-touch Einstein, you really need to brush up on your pop culture,” she smirks as she pulls up an advertisement for “Rocky Horror Picture Show”, premiering Friday night and running through the weekend.

“Wait… is that-?”

“Yep,” Garcia says as she moves off to the side as Spencer dips down to his knee, his eyes looking heavily at the promotional poster that Garcia had pulled up onto the screen.

“The flowers were sent from this guy,” she says as she pulls up the credit card information, along with a name that ended up popping up a picture.

“But he’s in this poster, too,” Spencer says, pointing to a blonde-headed guy on the poster.

“Yes.  This guy,” she says as she moves the picture of the man in front of Spencer on the screen, “has been cast as the ‘Rocky’ of ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show.’”

“And Y/N is…?” Spencer asks as he looks over to Garcia with a heavily furrowed brow and confused expression.

“The leading lady,” she smiles as she begins typing hastily on her computer.

“And I just snagged you a front-row seat for tomorrow night,” she says, hitting a button on her computer as Spencer’s eyes widen.

“Wait what?” Spencer asks.

“Go get ‘er, hot stuff,” she winks as she wheels over to her printer, pulling the printed ticket from the finished bin and shoving it into Spencer’s chest.

Spencer realized that if you had seen him smiling at you from the front row, than you had given no inclination as to the fact that you had seen him.

He had no idea that you could sing.

Or dance.

Or act.

As he sits there in awe of the performance, his eyes darting between the characters as he takes in the popular cult classic for the first time in his life, he is stunned by the incredible amount of audience interaction throughout the show.  He watched people get up in their underwear (very thankful that he wasn’t asked), he watched at people actively threw food up at the performers, and he laughed with every number as he watched your astounding and beloved facial expression as you immersed yourself into this beautiful character.

He flushed very deeply, moving uneasily in his seat at the scene between you and Rocky…with both of you in your underwear.

He couldn’t help but rake his eyes over your back and shoulders, taking in the light dip of your waist before they flared out to your luscious hips, your thighs moving with every step you take across the stage as you willingly plant your hands onto Rocky’s character.

He felt himself getting jealous.

Soon, the performance was over and everyone was taking a bow, and it was then that he rushed out of his seat to find his way backstage.

He wanted to talk with you.

As he fought off hoards of singing fans and people in costume, he pushes his way to the back, flashing his badge when necessary to get past the few security men who were trying to stop him.

“Spencer!” he hears you exclaim.

Pushing through the crowd, you run up to him in your robe as you throw your arms around his neck, pulling him close as you smile broadly.

“I didn’t think the team knew about this!” you shout above the commotion.

“You did a really good job of hiding it!” he shouts back.

“So, how did you like it!?” you shout as you take his hand, weaving him through the loud crowd before ducking into a small dressing room and shutting the door behind you.

“It was incredible.  I’ve never seen it before,” he admits.

“Oh man.  Had I known that I would’ve gotten you up there in your underwear,” you say as you playfully wink at him.

He felt his cheeks blush through once again.

“So you did see me?  I-i-in the audience?” he stammers.

“Of course,” you say as you spin around, wiping the make-up removing cloth over your face, “you were the first face this face saw.”

Spencer’s eyebrows hike up on his face lightly as you giggle and turn back to the mirror.

“And yes, that was a quote from Doctor Who,” you confirm.

“Who were those flowers from?” Spencer blurts out.

Feeling your eyebrows tick up on your forehead, you gaze at him through the mirror as you begin to put moisturizer on your face.

“It was from Gary.  The guy who played Rocky tonight,” you say coolly.

You studied his face in the mirror before reaching your hands back and removing the bobby pins from your hair.

“You know that you always give the leading lady flowers, right?” you ask, turning around to him as you toss the bobby pins onto the desk.

“W-w-…yeah.  Yeah, I-I-I uh…I knew that,” Spencer lies.

“You know that Gary’s boyfriend came to see him in the show as well, right?” you ask.

“B-…boyfriend?” he stammers.

“Yeah.  You were sitting right next to him.  The guy with the half-shaved head and the nose ring?”

“Oh!  Oh.  Oh yeah.  He uh…he seems…nice,” Spencer says, trying to gain his footing and confidence again as a smile creeps across your face.

“Would you like to go get some food with me?  I don’t eat before performances, and I’m starving,” you admit.

“Why don’t you eat before performing?” Spencer asks as his eyes widen, watching you turn around and slip your house-robe off of your shoulders.

“It coats my vocal chords in some nasty stuff, and I end up suppressing nervous burps throughout the entire thing.  It’s always better if I stick with water an hour before a performance,” you say, moving to find your clothes as Spencer’s eyes lock onto the muscles moving and twitching under your skin.

Slipping your shirt over your head, you grab for your jeans as you step into them, your legs bouncing your body as you shake them side-to-side, Spencer’s eyes mesmerized as he watches the swaying of your hips as you slip the material up over your rounded ass.

“Ready to go?” you ask, spinning around as you take in Spencer’s saucer-like eyes as his deeply flushed face.

“Spencer?” you implore, taking a step towards him as your eyes begin to worry, “Spencer, you alright?”

“Oh uh…uh…yeah.  Yeah, I’m-…I’m alright.  Food would be really good.  Yes, I’m hungry, and so are you.  Anything in particular you have in mind?” he asks, his eyes holding your gaze a bit too hard as a light smirk forms on your lips.

“As long as I’m in good company, I’ll eat wherever,” you lull, grabbing your purse before slipping your arm up under his, linking the both of you together as he smiles nervously down at you.

“Did you drive here?” he asks as he reaches for the door, opening it for you as the two of you step out into the hallway.

“Nope, took a cab,” you say.

“Well, then I’ll drive,” he says as the two of you begin to walk down the hallway.

“Perfect,” you breathe, leaning your head onto Spencer’s arm as he looks down at you lovingly.

Rocky was gay.

The flowers were platonic.

And the show was incredible.

Sometimes, the universe had to shout.  But this time, Spencer heard.