the vulnerability of human body

Kaisoo Analysis : Body Language ( Part 2)

3 - Physical Intimacy :

In the human body, the most vulnerable areas, are considered the neck, the face and the torso ( it contains most of our vital organs such lungs and heart ). If you do not like someone or if you are not close to them ( in other words, you don’t trust them), you will not give them access to those ‘vulnerable’ areas. You will always angle your torso away, cover you neck or look away even without realizing it. For example, in metro/subway stations, you will notice how everyone is almost always ‘curling’ into themselves around strangers. That’s mainly because the brain signals to the body whether that someone is 'safe’ to be around or not and the body reacts accordingly. Therefore, the more comfortable you are around someone, the more trusting and open your body language would be with them. 

By observing Kaisoo for several years now, I noticed how unguarded their bodies seem to be around each other. Personal space is not much of an issue in their interactions. They don’t flinch away from physical contact, even if it is initiated by either of them in a unexpected way.

 I find this is quite interesting because out of all the EXO members, I would say that those two are the most conscious of their personal and physical space. This can be seen in the way they shy away from fanservice, unlike some of the other members. They also tend to stick to the ‘corners’ in crowded stages, areas or choose to remain behind the rest, slight pressed to them. Those are all clues/indications of an introverted body language. So for them to be perfectly okay with little to almost no personal space between them, that’s an undeniable sign of how close/intimate they are. 

Note the pictures below.

Notice how they heads almost always angled towards one another in most of the pictures/gifs above. There is an evident natural ease in their bodies when they’re touching.

I also observed how they tend to press up against each other when seated or standing next to one another.

Also, in most off-stage group pictures they take, they are often maintaining bodily contact, gravitating to one end of the queue or to the corner.

They also maintain physical contact when there is no reason for either of them to be close.

 In this picture below, Kai had no actual reason to press up against Kyungsoo. As you can see, there is enough space for him to stand elsewhere.

Also, technically, if Kai wanted to balance himself, he didn’t have to wrap his hands around Kyungsoo’s waist in this picture below. He could’ve easily folded them behind his back.

Same observation :

In here, I can’t see the need in Kai wanting to hold Kyungsoo’s hand. They were already next to each other.

Also, Kyungsoo had no immediate reason to cling to Kai’’s back/waist in here either.

 or here

What I found most intriguing is how receptive Kyungsoo is of the contact. He almost never pulls away or rejects Kai. It’s incredibly trusting how he even allowed Kai to touch his neck in several occasions. The neck is the part that we ,as humans, feel most protective of. Even if a family member were to try and touch your neck directly, you will unconsciously flinch or pull away because it is an instinctive response. However Soo displays no such hesitance. It’s interesting.

Something else to note is that whenever they whisper to each other, they expose their necks to the other person easily and without much though. You don’t notice a flinch or a hesitation in the contact. 

I have one more section left to cover in my analysis and I would like to leave it for another last post as I seem to be unable to upload anymore pics for some reason. I apologize for having to stop here. 

As always, I’d love to thank all the creators of the gifs and pics used in this post, none of them are mine. Also thank  you to whoever reading this :) 

Dark Lance Idea (part 2)

Lotor’s hands shook as he gazed upon them, “Why do I want to hurt you..? A beautiful creature..”
  Lance looked up from bars, sticking his head out to see Lotor better. He fluttered his eye lashes innocently.
  Lotor put both his hands around Lance’s neck, applying only the slightest pressure, “Your neck.. So pretty… And delicate, I could simply twist it to the right and the life would be drained from your eyes..”
  Lance stiffened and only stared with bated breath.
Lotor tilted the Cuban’s head gently, “I want to shatter your glass body.. You look so vulnerable.. So beautiful..”
The human male spoke softly, “My pr-prince..”
“I want to kill you.. But then I would regret it.. You have put me in an endless carousel of chaos.. My heart says you are mine.. My thoughts tell me to remove you from this life..” Lotor purred softly, “And its all your fault. ”

“part of the past, but now you’re the future” - fic

AKA the fic I planned to write for Day 2 of Rebelcaptain Appreciation Week (“Comfort”), but lol what are plans. (Also the one I was whining about last night. And last week.)

fandom: Star Wars

verse: the one where the early script idea for Jyn and Cassian to narrowly escape the wreckage TOTALLY HAPPENED*cough* (tagged as #script au because I’m creative like that; follows directly from threshold of a dream, though is probably comprehensible without it)

characters: Cassian Andor, Jyn Erso, K-2SO; Jyn/Cassian

length: 4400

stuff that happens: grief, uncertain love, spinal injuries, involuntary drug use

It all made sense in his head. Yet, for one of the only times in his life, thoughts didn’t translate smoothly into words, the bonds between head and heart and speech worn near to snapping. 

Just his head alone … his mind didn’t work quite right, he could tell. Everything jolted along uneven paths, simple sentences meandering off. Even without the sharp, hot anguish that swallowed up nearly all else, he couldn’t—he kept slipping in and out of the blue glow, exhaustion more threatening than a dozen cracked bones.

Jyn, he reminded himself. She jostled him again, pain slicing through him, but his eyes flew open. Jyn was here, and he had to get her home. He’d promised.

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Thinking Out Loud

Pairing: Charles Xavier x Reader

Request: Could you do a Charles Xavier song imagine with the song Thinking Out Loud? Really fluffy?

Summary: You guys fell in love (in mysterious ways) before Charles lost his ability to walk and then stayed with him after Cuba to take care of him and he’s frustrated that he can’t do anything anymore

Warning: super emotional and fluffy :’) this is like 1600+ words whoops I got carried away

A/N: I absolutely adore Charles he’s such a fluffy little cutie pie :’) Im currently working on a few new imagines for peter, angel, alex and hank because my poor loves get litte to no attention aside from peter because lets be real evan peters is a god.. But of like adorable awkwardness and making that somehow the sexiest thing on the planet.

You and Charles. Thats the way it had always been after he found you. In the wake of the cold war, Erik and Charles had gone out scouting potential mutants for the “X-Men”, a group of mutants to help the government fight off any potential threats to the state; including Shaw. When Charles had connected to Cerebro you had been the strongest field he had felt and made it his duty to seek you out. They had found you in an alleyway stealing food from a nearby convenience store; you hadn’t taken a lot -just enough for that night’s dinner- but the sight made Charles extremely sad.  

“Your gift is beautiful, y/n!” He marvelled as he watched the way you could so effortlessly control the tiny particles in your body and objects around you.

You jumped at the sudden voices petrified that you had been caught. ‘How does he know my name? Is he with the government?’

Suddenly you heard a deep voice in your head, soft and comforting, “We didn’t mean to frighten you, my name is Charles, I’m a telepath. My friend here is Erik, he controls metal. We aren’t here to hurt you we just have a proposition. You are so lovely my dear and your gift is incredible.”

You blushed brightly, turning away as no one had ever referred to your mutation as a ‘gift’.

“Y/n you are more powerful than you will ever know. You shouldn’t have to steal to survive, and you won’t have to, not with us. Come with Erik and I and we will show you a world where you don’t have to hide or cower away. Mutant and proud. Together.”

Naturally he faced no opposition on your end as you eagerly joined his team; interested to learn more about yourself and others. You were Charles’ best student, rapidly mastering your own abilities as well as developing new skills you hadn’t thought of before for instance you could sense people’s energy fields; deducing where their powers came from and their strength. Eventually you began to assist in other students trainings. For Raven you showed her how much more vulnerable the human body was because you knew it would empower her in her natural form; infact the two of you even discovered a quicker and easier way for her to shift. You helped Alex learn to feel the current of his own power as they flowed through him and taught him that controlling his power just meant focusing on it. As for Sean, the two of you got on quite nicely as both your powers could manipulate the natural properties of things. Charles always admired your natural charm and way with people; he’d often invite you to play a game of chess with him or an early morning coffee run just to be close to you.

“Thank you for helping y/n. I don’t think we could have gotten this far without you.” Charles had smiled at you softly one day after training. Alex had successfully learned to contain his power and was now strutting around the dining hall sharing his success to anyone who’d listen.

You blushed, turning away from Alex to focus on a very sincere, very attractive Charles, “It was nothing really, I was just enjoying having some mutant friends.”

“Well those mutant friends are very lucky to have you!” He winked, his face illuminated in a gorgeous million dollar smile. You were utterly entranced as his eyes scanned over you.

You giggled nervously brushing a strand of hair out of your face, “I doubt they feel the same” A small smile began to twist its way onto your face as you remembered some particularly annoying and embarrassing moments shared with them. Charles took a slight step closer and you were no longer smiling, hell you weren’t even breathing. ‘Is this real?’ you wondered as his breath ghosted over your cheeks his deep voice whispering, “I know I’d be lucky to have you”

Your breath hitched in your throat as you tried to understand what he was saying. “W-would you like to..”


“To have me?”

“Yes, darling, I would love to.”


“To be with you, to be the cause of that beautiful smile and to see you grow and prosper by my side. You are so extraordinary, not just your gift but you, and I want you to be mine and me to be yours..”

You were in awe, your mouth was dry, your mind dizzy as you tried to understand what he was saying. You had been in love with Charles since the first time you heard his voice in your head.

“how about dinner this friday night at 6?”

“uh yeah sounds great.”

“Dress nice I’m going to take you somewhere special.”

That friday night he had taken you to the fanciest restaurant in europe, ordering his favorite aged wine -which you decided was probably worth more than you could ever afford- and making a toast to the beautiful woman at his side; i.e. you. You spent the night talking and drinking, ordering a few dozen appetizers until you couldn’t even fathom trying to eat a meal. He had insisted you try their lamb but you were more interested in him than the food. Before you left for the mansion, you begged him to let you walk through the streets more, you had never been to paris and it has always been on you to do list. A live band was playing down the street and you couldn’t help but run to it, swaying to the music as Charles wrapped an arm around you.

“You are absolutely stunning.” He whispered happily, nipping at your ear. Completely caught off guard you jumped away, a small squeak sounding from your lips as you desperately went to cover them. A small giggle pouring through you as you poked him in the chest, “You scared me.”

He feigned shock as he quickly bowed, “Oh no! My apologies m’lady! It shall not happen again.”

You giggled again, delighted with his response and humor, “Mhm better not.” You joked sassily before kissing his cheek.

“Someday m’lady I will make it up to you.”

“You already have.”

You and Charles began to fall for one another more and more each day. The way his smile could flip your world upside down, or the giddy feeling that filled your chest when he whispered your name. He’d always run his fingers through your hair and whisper about how much he loved you; he’d say every kiss with you was like a match to the burning flame in his heart. And then Cuba happened. As if Erik turning on Charles wasn’t bad enough, when Erik was deflecting the bullet Moira shot at him it pierced Charles instead. The whole scene had been so devastating and fast you hadn’t known what to do. Before you knew it you were at Charles’ side but he pushed you away.

“I don’t want you to see me like this!” He pleaded his eyes filling with tears.

“I’m staying, Charles.”

His eyes searched yours frantically trying to help you understand before he finally screamed,  “I can’t walk, y/n! I can’t even move!”

You froze in place terrified and overwhelmed with sadness; Charles had never yelled at you before and he had never looked so afraid.

“I won’t leave you Charles.”

The next few weeks were unbearable; Erik disappeared with Raven, Angel, Azazel, and Riptide, even breaking Frost out of prison to replace Charles -which had only further upset Charles-, inturn Charles erased Moira’s memory and sent her back to her boss before falling into a deep depression.He felt useless without his legs and often had loud unsanctioned outbursts. You tried to talk to him, to try to discuss what he was feeling, but he didn’t want to tell you. You knew he was embarrassed, he felt defiled and incompetent.

“Charles, this doesn’t change a thing. You are still the handsome, charming man I have always known. You are just as powerful now as you were then, just as smart, just as lovable.”

“I can’t protect you like this y/n! You deserve better! You deserve someone who can run with you and fight by your side and not have to wheel around!”

“I don’t want anyone better I want you!” Your voice shook as you glanced up at him tears already pouring from your eyes. “It’s always been you, I don’t want anyone else. Let me help you.”

His eyes softened as he watched you, “come here” he whispered his voice just above a whisper. You slowly approached him trying to brush away the tears pouring down your cheeks, before you knew it he had his arms wrapped around you again as he pulled you into his lap.

You smiled slowly beginning to sway as if the two of you were dancing, you began to sing just so the two of you could have some music, “When your legs don’t work like they used to before and I can’t sweep you off of your feet, will your mouth still remember the taste of my love? Will your eyes still smile from your cheeks?” He chuckled lightly swatting at your shoulder.

“What too soon?” You laughed and he nodded.

“So, honey, now take me into your loving arms, kiss me under the light of a thousand stars, place your head on my beating heart. I’m thinking out loud….” Your voice trailed off as you looked into his eyes, some days you wished that you could read his mind because it had always been such a beautiful mystery to you. You began to lean forward, tilting your head as your lips brushed over his own. His eyes fluttered closed as one of his hands trailed up your back meeting the base of your neck, before slowly pressing his lips to yours.

“…We found love right where we are…” His voice echoed throughout your head.

Detective Conan 993 Spoilers [English Translation]
  • S: Why do you think that?
  • C: Well, you see, there’s some powdered medical residue left around Nukitani-san’s mouth, yet he doesn’t have any water on him!
  • C: That’s why I believe that the warmth that melted the chocolate in Sadamori-san’s bag stemmed from a plastic bottle containing a warm drink!
  • A: A-as I said, the chocolate simply melted in my pocket…
  • C: Then it should’ve melted evenly! However, since only those closer to the tip melted, something else must have given off its warmth… You probably got it from the vending machine, added the poison, and then kept it in your bag until you got a chance to give it to Nukitani-san, right?
  • C: And you didn’t tell us that you had a warm drink… because you thought that might arouse suspicion if someone finds a plastic bottle cut into little pieces…
  • S: That’s why you were hiding in the restroom… to get rid of the evidence…
  • A: T-That was not poison, that was a laxative! I just wanted get back at Nukitani-sensei for rejecting my love!!
  • A: And when I came by to make sure he’s stuck in the restroom… He was dead. So I grabbed the plastic bottle because I knew everyone would get the wrong idea!!
  • A: I swear I’m telling the truth! Please believe me!!
  • C: I don’t think she’s the culprit! She practiced Kendo in high school for three years, so she’d at least know how to wear a hakama properly…
  • C: And the culprit appears to have put the hakama on backwards!
  • T: Then all three of us must be innocent! After all, I practiced kendo too…

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csilla-nocturine  asked:

ToT: Sen, and Kimigiku, how are demons affected by illness? Can you catch human diseases? Do you have diseases humans can't get?

Kimigiku glances momentarily at Sen, who nods in a signal for her to speak first. “As a rule, demons are very healthy,” says Kimigiku. “But yes, we are still vulnerable to certain human illnesses, particularly those that involve the body attacking itself. Our immune systems can guard against external factors with ease—unless our strength is compromised, such as through fatigue—but fending off anything from the inside is more difficult.” She shakes her head. “In that respect, our power can be a curse as well as a blessing.”

“Still, I have never heard of a disease that affects only demons,” adds Sen. “If the tales of our ancestry are to be believed, we are descended from truly immortal creatures. It is little wonder that the only illnesses we suffer come from the mortal sphere, and that demons with more human blood are consequently more susceptible to human sickness.” She sighs, a faint and rueful smile playing on her lips. “Although… we do seem rather given to madness in its various forms. Especially the kind that accompanies the thirst for power.”

it was you who taught me so (the grace in letting go)

Title: it was you who taught me so (the grace in letting go)

Summary: Timestamp oneshot from a bigger fic idea where you were trickster!Gabriel’s target and he pretended to be one of your professors. But then he met you and accidentally fell in love. 

Here reader and Gabriel are in an established relationship, he’s still her professor (some days), and he comes home one night to find you tired and stressed out and you gracefully ask him to make love to you.

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader

Word count: 2800+

Warnings/tropes: Smut, grace play, angel sex, grace-soul sex, (Reader has learning disabilities and social anxiety disorder in the main plotline but that isn’t addressed in this fic)

A/N: This is for my gorgeous plant baby @bogganheart, who needs a little love right now. Also, she and I totally fangirled over Whit Merule’s incredible and beautiful In His Image series and it made me crave more Gabriel fic so I wrote one. This fic was kind of experimental in terms of the actual angel grace and soul sex part of it but I hope I did it justice :)

Title of the fic is from Lang Leav’s poem “All There Was”

Gabriel watched you, seated at your desk and bent over your laptop with your hair in a bun that was sliding to one side, the soft skin of the back of your neck tickled by the tendrils of baby hairs that escaped your updo. He could feel the tension emanating from the hold of your shoulders, could see it in the way your hair was frizzed from running agitated hands running through it.

He pushed himself off the doorway to your bedroom and quietly strolled up behind you and touched the nape of your neck with one finger. You inhaled, shivers rising to your skin, and bunched up your shoulders to your ears. Then he ran the finger down to the knobbly bone at the base of your neck, swirling the tip around it a little, and then observing the tension seep out of your muscles until all that remained was exhaustion.

“Gabriel,” you murmured, letting him squeeze your shoulders to massage the sharp, deep ache that had built up over months.

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anonymous asked:

If youre still doing them can i get the 'youre either with me, or against me' with keith please!!

“Keith! It’s me.. Y/N.. please, you have to remember me!”

Keith’s bayard was held up to your neck, the point grazing your skin as he stood across from you.

“‘Keith’? Haha! Who the fuck is ‘Keith’? Your boyfriend? That’s cute. He’s gone now, because It’s all you and me baby.” It was him. His voice, his looks. His eyes glowed yellow as they stared you down. But Keith was in there somewhere.

“Fight him! Don’t give it up, Keith! You wouldn’t hurt me, I know you wouldn’t! Just please..” You trailed off, a soft sob following your plea.

Part of you already knew it was futile, but you couldn’t give up.

“Shut up. How did he fall in love with a wimpy bitch like you? Ha! Pathetic for a paladin of voltron.” Those words made you flinch. Watching Keith’s lips address you in such a way made you feel wrong, violated even. “No wonder he doesn’t have the will to fight me, if it was for someone like you. I’d be glad a druid took over my body if I was him.” Shut up.

“I need to kill you, but this is too much fun!” He laughs, kicking you into the wall, causing you to cough and hack at the strong impact. Stop.

“You’re getting so irritated. This way more entertaining than physical torture. I’ll just torture them mentally until they kill themselves! Watching them scream without the hassle. Fucking hilarious. And they won’t fight back because they love me!” He cackles, placing a foot on your chest as your splayed out on the floor looking up at him. Fuck. You.

“You fucking bastard.. Get out of Keith right now.. You’ll have hell to pay..” You growl.

He removes his bayard from your neck and instead holds it up to his wrist, eyeing you quizically. “Be careful what you say.. This isn’t my body, and I am very informed of the vulnerable parts of the human body. Don’t test me.”

It didn’t cross your mind before.

An alien is inside your boyfriend, and he can do what ever he wants to him.

And you are powerless.

“But, just killing him won’t be any fun.” He murmured, the evil smile not looking natural on your boyfriends once innocent face.

“You’re either with me or against me.” Betray the paladins, or betray your boyfriend.

It pets your cheek.

Not Keith. This wasn’t Keith.


You couldn’t betray the rest of the paladins. You would be putting the whole universe in jeopardy. The decision was a no brainer,

if it weren’t for Keith.

Betraying your own boyfriend. Your teammate. You wouldn’t be able to live with yourself.

Everyone would blame you. You wouldn’t be able to face the rest of the paladins if Keith had died because of your actions.

“You know what will happen if you’re against me, don’t you?”

You didn’t need telling.

You nodded like a trained animal.

The man that was once your lover chuckled, trailing it’s touch down to your jaw. Keith’s body was pressed against yours.

“Why are you doing this..?” Trembling against it’s touch, you ask. What was it’s motive?

“All in the name of Zarkon.” It growls. Keith’s face slowly inching towards yours.

“Please..stop…” Turning your head away, you knew you couldn’t retaliate with force. The blackmail was too heavy. Who knows what it would do.

“Are you with me…” It says, taking Keith’s other hand and trailing it down your side, the touch feeling foreign and disgusting. It’s lips graze your earlobe.

“or against me..?” That voice would have made you melt any other time. Now, you just wanted to throw up.

It killed you inside.

With bated breath, you choked out what you knew were the words that destroyed the universe. But you were okay with it.

“I’m.. I’m with you.”

You were fine.

rinch prompt of the day: relative nudity

john reacting to harold in anything less than a three piece suit with gleeful pretend-scandalized expression and secret genuine enthusiasm

john seeing a flash of harold’s bony ankles and feeling sudden kinship with Victorian gentlemen

john having daydreams about harold’s wrists, cherishing instances where harold rolls back his sleeves to work, thinking about how harold’s wrists would feel in john’s hands. (john should show him stretches to ward against carpal tunnel syndrome!)

harold needing to take his shoes and socks off and john having an extremely strong emotional response to harold’s toes. (they’re long, there’s a tiny bit of hair on them, oh god why is john like this they’re just TOES)

(they’re harold’s)

john actualfax swooning at the thought of harold’s tummy. john wants to pet it. maybe bite a little bit, if harold would let him, if it wouldn’t tickle harold or hurt him. it would feel good, is all, harold would be soft and satisfying to bite into. if harold wanted. if. 

(john getting lost in thinking of all the places he could bite harold, inner thighs and underarms and the unguarded area under his ribs and above his hips. oh, fuck, and harold’s shoulders.)

because john’s body is a tool and a weapon but harold’s body is harold’s, quirky and human and vulnerable.

lore. ╾ entoa’s close range fighting style - and that of his people - is one that revolves heavily around joints. Using elbows, knees, and even wrists in combat isn’t uncommon - however, they focus mainly on getting their opponents joints out of the way through breaking legs, arms, or anything they can do to incapacitate someone if they’re trying to. their movements are fast, calculated, and precise, despite his civilization not necessarily being one driven by war. in hand to hand combat, entoa is lethal regardless of who he’s trying to fight: he’ll go for vulnerable on the human body and electrify them to help them lock up and possibly paralyze them. for his people, they would hit the joint do where it was pushed out from between bones, effectively causing some big damage. any fighter of entoa’s style is always balancing their weight on their left foot in the back, while their right stays lighter in front. this is to provide a quick method of kicking an enemy, while allowing them to move back quickly as well to avoid an attack, although it does leave them partially vulnerable to being tackled. they attack using the bottom of their palms, as that hardens the impact, and even had small pieces of fashioned armor that would lock around the bottom of the palm, creating a harder impact and increasing the likelihood of breaking bone. some of those fashioned pieces even had spikes on the palm, which they would use to rake across an opponents skin, dig into their armor, or use for climbing rough surfaces ( such as the mountains that their home was covered in ).

Who’s Clueless Now?

Summary: Where Dean Winchester learns that making assumptions really does make an ‘ass’ out of you (though not necessarily Cas).

Setting: Pre-ever tickling each other ever in canon-ish!verse

A/N: I’m sorry that I’ve been such a slacker lately; you guys deserve way better than me teasing you with rapid fire fics and collabs to then fall off Tumblr save reblogging. So I whipped this up for you guys and I hope you enjoy it! (Initially a prompt to calmturquoise from eerie-was-i)


The plan was utterly flawless. He had done everything right and yet it was him that could not stop the jovial hysterics bursting from an ear to ear, wide-mouthed smile.

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I want to talk about this photo for a second. The first time I saw this I thought it had to be fan photoshopped because I mean, just look at it. But this is a genuine promotional photo put out there by the Sherlock team. If the beautiful alignment of John’s nose fitting perfectly into the curve of Sherlock’s cheekbone isn’t intimate enough for you, I’d like to point out where John’s mouth has been placed. His lips are almost brushing Sherlock’s neck. One of the most intimate, delicate and vulnerable parts of the human body? Their foreheads appear like they’re touching. Their noses and lips are only visibly inches apart. This is as close as you can get to portraying ‘skin on skin’ without actually touching. And while I’m here I also want to point out how painful this picture is, because while they are so perfectly aligned and fit together in all the right places, both Sherlock and John are looking in completely opposite directions. They are not seeing what we see. They are not seeing each other. They are not seeing how perfectly they fit together in all these intimate places. How to resolve this? I wonder what would happen if they both stopped looking in different directions, and looked at each other…

S8 Gajevy

S8: “I just dropped my shoe off a balcony and it hit some guy in the head and now he’s unconscious.”

 this was requested by two people as well! enjoy this hunk of garbage!

Yowch my feet hurt…

Maybe it really was a bad decision to wear six inch heels to a wedding…

I wobbled past the excited people on the dance floor, ugh, just thinking about dancing made my poor feet throb.

I glared at my shoes. Oh, but they looked so pretty…

Shiny, sparkly, and silver. The perfect combo to match my long black dress with a slit up the side.

Jet insisted that I buy it, and I would forever trust his fashion sense. He and Droy had guided me through high school after all.

But for once, Jet was wrong about the comfort factor. Bloody shoes were like cheese graters on my toes.

There was no way I’d tell them though, this was their night, and there was no way I’d bounce in between them just to complain about my aching feet.

If I can just…limp…to that balcony…I’ll be ok.

Oh god…I don’t think I can make it…

Nevermind. I made it.

I tore off my shoes with gusto and set them on the edge of the balcony. Finally, my feet were free!

I breathed out, a puff of air escaping y lips. It was a particularly cool September night, but not cool enough to mitigate a jacket or anything.

I glanced down below to see people laughing and talking. Hm. Must’ve been another wedding. I knew that Jet and Droy had requested the top level of the plaza, but it was still odd that there would be two receptions going on at once.

I could hear people laughing back inside. Right, I should probably go back and join, I was the maid of honor, after all. For both of them.

I huffed and glared at my shoes. Maybe if I just pushed them off the balcony, nobody would notice…

Agh, but they’re so cute, and they were expensive too! I wasn’t going to waste eighty dollars simply because I valued my physical state of foot!

I nudged my foot over to pull the shoes towards me with every intention of putting them back on. However, I had a small muscle spasm and I accidentally kicked one off of the balcony.


I popped my head over the side, and watched my fat sparkly shoe go down, down, down, klunk!


I stood on my tip-toes so that I could see the very bottom level, and where my shoe had landed.

And apparently, my shoe had landed next to an unconscious, burly man.

Oh no.

Please tell me that wasn’t me, maybe he just had too much to drink…

But the longer I stared at him, completely wide-eyed, That became less and less likely.

I just knocked a man unconscious with my shoe.

The logical thing to do in this situation, of course, would be to run like hell and hope that no one found out it was you. Of course, having only one shoe complicates that.

And if I ditched both my shoes completely, Jet would probably wonder where they went…

Oh God…I can feel the guilt, knowing at my stomach.

I finally made my decision. Go down there and help the man that got taken out by a shoe.

God, I’m the world’s biggest idiot. Dumb enough to kill a man with my shoe.

I hurried down the steps, ignoring the protests of my family and friends.

“Just gotta go grab something, I’ll be right back!” I covered. Of course, it wasn’t technically a lie, after all, I was going to retrieve my shoe.

When I got downstairs, I was fairly pleased to find that the other wedding was very crowded, it would make me much more inconspicuous.

Unfortunately, it made it a lot harder for me to get around.


The distant caterwauling of someone who had had one too many shots howled in the distance.

“Natsu! Please get down from there!!!”

“Never Lucy!! I belong with the clouds!!”

I squeezed past a couple of people hurriedly, just trying to reach the unconscious man before he woke up so I wouldn’t have to explain…all this.

When I drew closer to the area below the balcony, I noticed that there werecertainly less people. More people were attracted to the center of the room, where the bride and groom, groom and groom, bride and bride, what have you, were probably dancing.

So lucky for me, I wouldn’t have to face a mob of accusatory faces when I made sure that the man I had hit with my shoe wasn’t dead.

I pushed past the thin glass doors outside, letting the cool breeze caress my cheeks.

It would be a lovely night with a lovely view, if I wasn’t there for a completely different reason.

“Oh my gosh,” I exclaimed, noticing the body of the man I…uh…clobbered…

I skittered over to him, bare feet and all. His long black hair was slicked back into a ponytail, something I hadn’t noticed from the balcony. He was face down, meaning that I probably hit him in the back of the head…one of the most vulnerable spots in the human body…


He was wearing a fairly nice suit, even darker black than his hair.

Ok, Levy, frickin’ genius, what now?


I picked up my shoe gingerly, like it really was a murder weapon. Then, using the surprisingly pointy heel, I poked him in the cheek.


Oh no, oh no, oh no, I can’t be a murderer! I’m only twenty three, I’ve got my whole life ahead of me!

“Uhhuh…please wake up! S-sir!” I whispered nervously.

I poked him in the back. Still nothing.

“H-hey! Wake up!” I prodded him in the side. No response.

Oh shit…oh shit…


He moved! He actually moved! This is great! This is-

I noticed the shoe in my hand and I quickly chucked it backwards.

Get rid of the evidence!

The man groaned, a deep baritone as he groggily sat up.

“Did I get shot?” He asked aloud.

“U-um…I don’t think so…”

He looked up at me, piercing red eyes studying my form.

“I don’t recognize you…” he said lowly.


“I’m a friend of the…groom…” please don’t be a lesbian wedding please don’t be a lesbian wedding…

“Huh. Didn’t know that Gray had any friends besides Juvia.” He shrugged and stood up, rubbing the back of his head tenderly.

“A-ah, are you alright?” I asked, hoping that he wasn’t in too much pain.

“My head hurts like hell. All I was doing was standing here…” He looked around and shrugged. “Probably nothing, but still…”

Oh shit. Stupid guilt, eating me from the inside out.

“I’m sorry!”

He turned back to face me.


Here goes nothing. ‘I’m really, really sorry, I was up on that balcony and I accidentally kicked my shoe off and it hit you and I’m so sorry!” I breathed out in one breath.

He looked at me quizzically.

“I…I got knocked out…by a shoe?”

I hesitated. Hat…wasn’t the reaction I was expecting.


He shook his head, a wry smile etched across his face. “I’ll be damned. Then I take it you don’t actually know the groom?”

“Eh…no.” I admitted, tapping my fingers together anxiously.

“And you came all the way down here to get your shoe?” He asked.

“No! I wanted to make sure you were ok…” I defended haughtily.

“Sweetheart, I ain’t gonna get killed by a shoe.” He said smugly.

“Well, I didn’t know that!” I yelled.

“Relax. I ain’t dead, so you’ve got nothing to worry about.” He reasoned.

“I…guess so.”

“What’s your name, short stuff?’

Short stuff?

“My name is Levy and I am not short!” I defied.

“Whatever helps you sleep at night. Gajeel.” He said, holding out his hand so that I could shake it. I looked at him for a minute to make sure he wasn’t kidding, but then I lightly shook his hand.

“Sorry again that I…knocked you out…” I said guiltily.

“Can you do me a favor Levy? You kind of owe me, after all…” He inquired.

“Ah…I guess so…” I admitted, unsure of what direction he was taking this.

“Dance with me.”

I blinked.


He sighed heavily. “I promised Juvia I’d dance with a girl besides her, it is her wedding after all, and the night ain’t young anymore…”

“I…I don’t…” I stuttered.

“C’mon, you owe me for almost shoeing me to death.” He chided.

“I…guess so. But I’m not wearing any shoes.” I pointed out, pulling my dress away from my toes.

“Yeesh, that’s why you’re so short. Just dance, I ain’t gonna judge you.” He grabbed my hands and pulled me inside, and I felt myself slowly give into him.

“Ok…if it’s just one dance…”

jet x droy lol



anonymous asked:

I know in a lot of SU fanfiction (especially yours) there's tons of headcanons about gem customs, hierarchy, and relationships. What are some of your favorites? Either from your work or stuff you've read?

Well, I’m a little biased, of course, because I’ve made up some of these myself, but I’ve got a sea of headcanons about gem culture!

- I’m pretty sure this is going to turn out as straight canon, but the Homeworld is run by a Diamond Authority, of which Rose Quartz was once a part. Either “diamond” is just a title, or Pink Diamond chose to rename herself after a common mineral when she defected to Earth. 

- Rose Quartz is the youngest of the diamonds; Ruby and Sapphire are older than she (but Garnet is younger). Although she was always more compassionate than her sisters, Rose as a diamond was much colder and inconsiderate than she was right before Steven was born.

- Fusions, for whatever reason, are taboo on Homeworld. The Earth rebellion used fusion to help overpower the exceeding number of forces the Homeworld set against them, which is why Peridot referred to Garnet as a “war machine” in Catch and Release. I like to think that Ruby and Sapphire were the first gems to choose fusion for themselves, Garnet was the first and only to remain a fusion, and that perhaps it was she who reintroduced or even invented the concept. According to the Guide to The Crystal Gems book that Australia just had released, Garnet is the first fusion made of “two different gems”.

- Gem society is divided into castes, and focuses on usefulness before sentiment. The class system ranks Diamonds at the top, then large symmetrical gems, small symmetrical gems, large asymmetrical gems, small asymmetrical, and then defects. A defective gem is one who has a “handicap” - Sapphire’s single eye or lack of nose; Pearl’s oval jewel, outspokenness, and anxiety; Amethyst’s diminutive size as a Kindergarten quartz.

- The build and type of a gem dictates their role in society, and Homeworld is very methodical in its organization. Pearls are moving libraries - they store objects and information, project images, and are thin and portable. Lapis lazulis are messenger gems - they are small, mimic exceptionally well, and can both fly and move quickly underwater. Quartz are assault gems, built large and with great physical power. Corundums are elemental attack gems that exist only in small quantities and are hard to control. Peridots are construction and repair gems.

- My outstanding thought on gem formation is that their gemstones, which project their holographic bodies, should be in the midline of their skeletons. A gem placed offside of this division would make for a “flawed” projection, and thus a weaker gem. Asymmetrical gems are considered of less worth.

- Contrasting this, I had the thought the other day that perhaps all gems of the same type have their gem placed in the same location, and asymmetry isn’t an issue at all. For example, pearls are always drawn with forehead gems - would it not be believable that all rubies had left hand gems, and all sapphires, who are, in every sense but inclusion of chromium, the same mineral, have right hand gems? 

- Gems’ actual gemstones give out vibrational tones, like heartbeats. This was originally inspired by a conversation between Artemispanthar and Gemstacheslashcache, but where they thought the tones would be fairly consistent, I liked the idea of the frequency and speed of the tone changing depending on a gem’s emotional state. Fear would make the vibration bassy and forceful; joy would make it high and fluttery.

- This is of my own invention, but I like to think that showing one’s gem to the world is a sign of confidence and respect; hiding it is a display of disdain. Amethyst’s gem is always partially covered by her shirt because she is shy and believes herself unworthy of good things; Steven is half-human, so the concept doesn’t apply to him. As I’ve highlighted in my Gem Covering/Exposing post before, to blatantly cover one’s gem at another is akin to flipping the bird, and to vulnerably expose it is a method of intense apology.

- Like how human bodies mimic nature (blood moves and is purified like the water cycle; our bones build like the rings of tree trunks; we are as made of water as the Earth is; we breathe in what trees breathe out and vice versa), gem bodies mimic technology. They store all their bodily information in a gem “hard drive”, can “reboot” themselves to cure “errors” (injuries), give themselves bodily projections in order to interact with the world, and have “processing power” (strength/speed) much greater than their sizes should physically allow.

Oil on Linen
W x H (“) 36 x 36 Signed Early Period
The painting reveals an idea of close personal bond between man and his destiny. In times when social science disintegrates when religion is weak and enlightenment didn’t work out man came closer to his fate then ever.
In “Meat Grinder” the man’s position is dramatic as well as symbolic to show the center of composition. The busy space around this personage emphasizes his bond with circumstances and fate.
The relative unfreedom of the man his self-injury is a current condition of disintegration of the self that marks the contemporary situation of ‘closure of horizons without an appropriate past, or imaginable future, in an interminably recurrent present.’
“Meat Grinder” shows the inverse explosion of every man as society had reached its critical mass and begun to implode. The man holds a sword that is optically refracted. We can’t tell for sure that he has cut a part of the dragon’s body we find in the center.
What we might see is a momentum of dreamlike condition of an attempt to act that feels so impossible in a dream.
The almost erotic position of the man counterweights the overall austerity of the painting’s color and message.
The man’s position deprives any view of his head and we only can see his buttocks, testicles, legs, back, and masculine hand that is also optically refracted by color demarcation.
Second image by significance of meaning is the figure of a fool who plays with a fireball. This image of the fool is not carnivalesque in an optimistic way. As in “Crystal Man” painting so is here the role of fool symbolizes dreadful executive power that is even more dangerous by not being too serious and responsible.
The overtone of the Meat Grinder, the concept seems to be a refusal to accept the fatality and violence of human nature. The painting’s somber color of burn sienna is invigorated by cadmium red drapery. The fool’s fireball illuminates images that emerge from the dark cave like environment.
One might start to see more images.
A pelican that widely opens his beak and a crow screaming out with passion might be the images of birds-“politicians” also appearing in “Pinocchio”.
In “Meat Grinder” the profile of Hitler can be recognized located in the upper part as a shadow silhouette. An incorporation of war theme here doesn’t weight down on the past, but is at the origin of penetrating analysis of a man’s present life and destiny in general. The man is shown to be capable of self-mutilation. In the context of the artwork this process is subconscious and Jaisini shows it happening as if in a dream.
The vulnerable human body at the same time possesses destructive power, the conflicting force of life that both creates and destroys.
Jaisini approaches subject of mass destruction and uncontrollable fate of the raged man in the painting that continues disputing about human nature having little concern to illustrate the past but to understand the present, predict the future and contribute to its materialization.


Let’s talk about Cas and Hannah’s kiss.

I’m a destiel shipper, so that’s the angle I’m taking here. And honestly, I think that kiss was a great thing for my ship. Here’s why:

I don’t think that the action itself can actually be thought of as evidencing the Cas/Hannah romance. Hannah was doing it because she wanted to hurt Caroline’s husband, and I think that Castiel—who definitely began to enjoy it at the end there—wasn’t necessarily so much into kissing Hannah as he was into kissing in general.

I feel like this season, Cas is learning more about superfluous emotion: the feelings a person gets outside of the mission (I have a whole other meta about how ‘the mission’ is really just an excuse to stay on Earth and, in some cases, alleviate Cas’s own personal guilt). Castiel has always had a mission, and he’s become more human with every season, but he’s never really had the opportunity to feel anything outside of whatever shitstorm he finds himself in. There is always a war or apocalypse or monster to keep him from looking at his emotions too closely.

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