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Get ready for the juiciest issue yet, filled with all the latest drama and the biggest story yet, amplified that much more by the TEEN CHOICE AWARDS earlier this week and special TMZ exclusive nominees ! is it true that our favorite it-couple ( dangelina ) is over for good or are the two lovers looking for some temporary time apart ? skalec vs alierra ? is skylar pushing sierra out of the picture and taking alec all to herself ? uh-oh ! sounds like trouble in paradise. on a lighter note, max & marisa seem to be going strong and valuing their privacy even more nowadays ! and finally, our biggest story yet: hollywood’s harboring a killer in their midst ? is PRINCE SHAH really guilty ?  - MORE INFO INSIDE !

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i’m lowkey in love with this structure where over the next week, we’re going to enter each character’s pov and come to understand more about them by the end of that clip, so that when we see them all together in the last clip at sana’s party, we’re going to see them and their group dynamic in a whole new light. they’ll still be the same people, but we’ll see them differently in the best way. i think that’s why the writers had eva’s party, another point where everyone was together, so that we had this parallel to compare it to. eva’s party and sana’s party will serve as this “before and after” idea whereby we are shown what happens to your perspective and understanding once you learn and understand people’s battles and backgrounds.

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Oh gosh please do explain your thoughts on The Great Mouse Detective! I loved that movie so much as a kid and is still one of my favourite Sherlock Holmes adaptions :D

goodbyenorthernlights said:

I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on The Great Mouse Detective as a Sherlock Holmes adaptation

Now, I’m no Lindsey Ellis. But before everything else, we have to consider Sherlock Holmes as the most adapted character in fiction. There is no character or series revolving around that character that has more entries in its expanded ‘canon’ of adaptation or homage materials. Not Dracula. Not Frankenstein. Nothing else has more books, movies, and other media about them than Sherlock Holmes or the context of ACD’s original series.

So we’re going to have to look at Sherlock Holmes adaptations in a special way, even compared to adaptations of other ‘classic’ works. Every time Sherlock Holmes is adapted, it’s not just a retelling or redux of the material, but also a comment on the concept of Sherlock Holmes. These comments don’t even need to be specifically super deep or even intentional. There is just metacontext in adapting Sherlock Holmes that there might not be in adapting other materials because there are so many Holmes adaptations.

For example, Sherlock Holmes himself exists in whatever universe the Great Mouse Detective takes place in.

We see him (but only as a shadow) multiple times. This isn’t a universe where Sherlock Holmes happens to be a mouse. This is a universe where Sherlock Holmes is so powerful there is also a mouse version of Sherlock Holmes that the Mouse World beneath our feet needs, because of course there is.

Although we see it as a ‘period piece’ today, when ACD wrote his original stories it wasn’t. It was a fanciful piece about a brilliant but also sort of fantastic man based on someone he knew, but also definitely ‘strange.’ Honestly I think that Basil of Baker Street is one of the better takes on the hot-and-cold or even bipolar energy that ACD’s Holmes’ knew. He can disregard the feelings of others when he’s so passionately focused on his trail, but he’s not cruel or unkind. He can be hesitant to take anyone as seriously as himself and his own work, but finds purpose in helping others. He is quick to fall into discouragement and melancholy when the person he thinks has the most answers– himself– fails or seems not to be of much use.

Basically, whoever made him clearly ‘got’ why Sherlockians like Holmes so much, and adapt him so often. Something I can’t say for many modern tv or movie adaptations.

But in its way, it’s nothing like a Sherlock Holmes story. And I suppose that has to be true, because Sherlock Holmes stories are often nothing like Disney movies, and often don’t offer the same level of action (though action does occur) or family comedy or adventure. 

Or whatever this is.

They often also don’t offer the same high stakes (the world is threatened, a country is threatened, a way of life is threatened, the people the protagonist personally is connected to are threatened) as a Disney story, either. There aren’t really many schemes to replace the Queen of England with a robot double in Sherlock Holmes stories. 

The mysteries take place more on the level of ‘stolen treasure’ or ‘mysterious murders.’ Setting is important and antagonist is important, but with the exception of one few Holmes’ story perps are iconic. Disney needs iconic villains. That’s why it went with Vincent Price for the movie’s antagonist– Ratigan.

Yeah, it’s a big upgrade from Sherlock Holmes’ biggest nemesis hardly being described on-page and mostly existing to explain why Sherlock Holmes went out with a bang so ACD could move on from writing Sherlock Holmes. And yet, in adaptations that so desperately need a remarkable (vs. mundane but skilled) villain, expies of Moriarty reign supreme. It’s funny to me that ACD’s attempts to kill Sherlock Holmes now literally dance gilded all over the screen, failing to kill Sherlock Holmes despite their most magnificent efforts.

And yet, despite these obvious departures from the way that Holmes’ stories were set up, there’s almost a brilliance in how very Sherlockian even the most contrived of Disney Peril situations is handled, how it understands a Holmes-like character.

It’s not so much acting within the bounds of what originally characterized Holmes, but it’s I think how people came to feel about him: the slightly preposterous spirit behind why he’s so beloved.

A version of the tumble off Reichenbach Falls even happens and mouse Holmes and mouse Moriarty plummet off Big Ben together. This, after both are tattered and beaten in a fight scene that’s uncharacteristically intense for a Disney movie with both hero and villain getting their clothes torn and the hero being unquestionably battered and outmatched. Basil getting beaten just makes him look tired and like he’s at the end. Ratigan getting beaten just exposes his beastly inner nature. While Basil basically executes Ratigan with a final triumph (he even rings the bell Ratigan uses to execute his hapless gang!), he gets torn off his handhold himself and seems to fall down into the London fog below.

Only for the story to tell us, 

“Nah. Nah, Sherlock Holmes is going to live forever.”

Because that’s how the people who have liked him so much they’ve adapted and re-adapted him feel about him. This guy is smart enough to see the near-invisible and prevail against the nigh-impossible and has a fantasy element to him while he pretends to speak about pure logic and reason. The Great Mouse Detective is not so much an adaptation of Sherlock Holmes as he really is, but an adaptation of what he means to people and the excitement that the character and the ‘world’ delights people with after literally over a hundred years. Also, talking mice.

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Some celebrated shit like Naruto being taller than Sasuke. Which was later disproven but they actually was like Yes! I knew it I told you so. They literally celebrated Naruto possibly being taller than Sasuke. Wtf?

It’s literally a weird thing they have for the nice guy who saves the shy girl : ) he is sweet and he brings her out of her shell but he does not even notice her yet : ( they put him on a weird pedestal of perfection when he has his share of faults. sasuke is the douche despite his standing in the story being much more valid, despite his arc moving it forward. Yet, they will still admit he is attractive enough to put him next to trash, although they hate him. The..level..of 

If there is anything sadder than the SS NH dick measurement competition they try to have it’s the team 7/ sasuke vs hinata ones


 sasuke and sakura are bad for taking up narutos attention 

I literally translate it as jealousy towards sakura for having this

and sasuke for having this 

while hinata gets stuck with this

but im not taking any of them seriously lol

when they are satisfied with THIS 

Yousef + Even Theory

So, I’m not sure if anyone’s already thought of this but I have a theory…

I’ve been racking my brains, trying and trying to find reason behind why Yousef lied to Sana about Even in episode 4.

From Yousef’s version of event we were told that Even tried to kiss Mikael and Mikael ‘is quite religious, so distanced himself completely’. We know now from Sana’s conversation with Elias that this wasn’t true, and it never sat right with me that Mikael would do that anyway. But my theory is this:

What if it was Yousef, not Mikael, who reacted to Even kissing Mikael by distancing himself? What if Yousef said something to Even about it which set off a chain of events which ultimately lead to Even trying to kill himself?

Here’s why I think this:

  • We know that Yousef lied to Sana about what happened. Why would he do this if he wasn’t ashamed about it? If he felt like he had done something which led to one of his best friends wanting to take his own life, of course he wouldn’t tell the truth about it! Especially to the girl he liked but also because he probably doesn’t want to fully admit what happened himself. (Trying to pin the blame on Mikael was so not cool but I have no explanation for this tbh)
  • His reaction when Even was mentioned in the SMS Roulette, Hei Briskeby video. He looked so sad and up til now I’ve thought that he was just sad that they weren’t friends with Even anymore but maybe it runs deeper than that?
  • That Facebook picture of the Yousef vs Even battle was definitely foreshadowing right?
  • From the last clip of Episode 8 it’s clear that Even and the Balloon Squad are trying to repair their relationship, but I couldn’t help but notice that Even and Yousef didn’t really interact at all.
  • Cengiz has said himself that the most difficult scene he’s had to film hasn’t aired yet. Even and Yousef showdown where the Balloon Squad find out what really happened?
  • And finally, I don’t feel like we’ve been given the full story of why Yousef has chosen not to believe in Allah anymore. I’m not Muslim and don’t think it’s my place to be theorising about why this might be, but I’m wondering how the situation with Even could have impacted Yousef so badly for him to then abandon his faith.

Will we ever get answers to any of this?

(Lets face it, probably not)

I really hate the translation of Zoro’s words here. In the original Japanese version, Zoro said “おれは…2千人力だがな (I’m… worth a two thousand men)”. So Zoro never stuttered while trying to get reassurance (which is SO OOC btw) but bluntly made the point that no matter how much Luffy compliments Sanji, HE’S STILL STRONGER THAN THE SHITTY COOK! D:

As hilarious as the good old Zoro vs. Sanji rivalry is, an interesting fact to take note is that Zoro is the one who started all this.In the right panel, there is nothing whatsoever about Sanji’s request that suggests he’s seeking a fight with Zoro - and yet Zoro responds with a clear intent to proke him. At this point of the story they hadn’t known each other for too long, but even this early on Zoro had figured Sanji out enough to know that he’s a warrior just like himself who would never back away from a challenge. 

And you know what’s so amazing about all this? Zoro has a LOT of pride. Hell, he’s a guy who’s aiming for the top - world’s no.1 swordsman or bust. For the sake of his pride he doesn’t challenge anyone out of his own will; I doubt he’d deign to accept challenge from anyone who doesn’t meet his expectations. And yet Zoro challenges Sanji first, when he’s not even a swordsman like himself or aiming to be the best fighter. In my view that is the highest respect someone like Zoro can show a person as a fighter.

Even here, Zoro just has to one up Sanji XD “I’m just stronger than you in everything” - meaning their rivalry extends beyond combat skills to petty competitions like rock paper scissors. I really really love how Zoro reserves his cute childish competitiveness only for Sanji. The shitty cook is the only person Zoro can acknowledge as a qualified rival and also can have fun with. The same can be said for Sanji of course, but my headcanon is that their rivalry holds a bit more special meaning to Zoro because he’s the one who started it, and because unlike Sanji he’s aspiring to be the best.
An Unexpected Turn, a star vs. the forces of evil fanfic | FanFiction

A story I made for @mannaweek! It’s a combination of the themes from day one and three.  It is almost 3000 words long, and my friend told he now ship these two, and he doesn’t even watch the show that much!  

Summary:  A story for Mannaweek. After being rejected by Jackie, and being teased about it by Janna, Marco decides to ask her out out on a date. Yet things don’t go exactly as planned. ONE-SHOT. Janna x Marco. Rated T to be safe


We hadn’t discussed it formally, but I think that certainly after these three episodes, there’s literally no limit to the things that we could do. There’s still an endless treasure trove of DC Comics characters, and stories, and titles that we haven’t even come close to touching yet. We’re certainly not wanting for ideas for the future. We know that they’re out there for us.
Beth Greene vs. Tom Hanks and the age-old debate about filming

I see a familiar question once again being posed to TDers, asking why we think TWD would film scenes featuring Beth several years in advance? The spoiler evidence, among other things, has been repeatedly presented, yet the question is still being asked, and more often than not, gets quickly dismissed with the standard line “They don’t film scenes years in advance. They don’t have the story planned out that far.” I have seen all of the Beth spoiler evidence, and the fact that these scenes never made it to the show, not even in cut scenes, is odd.  I am not in the television industry, so I do not presume to understand how they plan out filming and budgets and so forth. But what I think it mainly boils down to is the story itself, what is required to tell the story, and what the story runner has planned.  A lot of people have said that Scott Gimple would not plan a story three years in advance. Really? First, I am not sure how they can claim to know the inner workings of Gimple’s mind.  Second, saying that “Gimple wouldn’t plan a story years in advance” is not supported by other any type of evidence, since some quite famous filming has already been done that way.  For example, the story of Tom Hanks in Castaway is an interesting read, for two main points.

From  It took Apollo 13 screenwriter William Broyles Jr. six years to shape the story with Hanks and director Robert Zemeckis, to a method degree: filming halted for a year so that Hanks could shed 50 pounds as real time passed in the movie.

According to Wiki: The film’s shooting was between the years 1998 and 2000, but was not shot consecutively. Hanks gained 50 pounds (23 kg) during pre-production to make him look like a pudgy, middle-aged man. After a majority of the film was shot, production was halted for a year so that he could lose the weight and grow his hair and beard to look like he had been living on the island for years.

So a well-known film like Castaway was hammered out for six years.  (So much for the argument that writers, and well-known ones to boot,  don’t spend that much time on storylines. ) Also, filming was halted for a year so Tom Hanks could lose weight and grow a scraggly beard.  This shows us that filming is not always consecutive and finished up on a tight timeline—it is filmed to fit the needs of the story.

Who still thinks Beth is coming back?


Character Appreciation Post (11/15)

As Seiren’s captain and shooting guard, Hyuuga Junpei is the team’s chosen leader. 

A year ago, he was a bit different. He had blonde hair and was more closed. He had just entered high school with Izuki, his teammate from Junior High, who annoyed Hyuuga with his puns. Even though Hyuuga was a strong shooter, his team didn’t win at all, so he decided to quit for good.

\Kiyoshi asked Hyuuga to join the basketball team, and Hyuuga promptly turned Kiyoshi down. He eventually played Kiyoshi one-on-one, revealing that he still liked basketball but was afraid of losing again. Resigned to joining the team, Hyuuga quickly begins to show interest again.

He claims to dislike Kiyoshi for his happy-go-lucky personality and ulterior motives, but he still is grateful to Seiren’s center for not letting him give up on a sport he loves. Even though they argue, they know that they ultimately are on the same side, and that’s what matters.

Riko and Hyuuga are known to sometimes act like a couple as he is the captain and she is the coach. It’s unintentional, but Hyuuga still clearly has feelings for her. He trusts her abilities as a coach and she trusts him as a captain. 

It’s not often that a captain and a coach gets along that well. The two have complete faith in each other and this is extremely important to the series. Without the relationship that the two have, the communication on the Seiren team would be seriously lacking. The friendship that they have doesn’t seem that important, but it is. Because he trusts her abilities as a coach and acknowledges her status, she can create practices and sets. If he hadn’t acknowledged her, then it is possible that the rest of the team wouldn’t listen. Riko and Hyuuga functioning as a unit is extremely important.

Hyuuga changes drastically when he’s in his “clutch mode.” Instead of his normal collected self, he becomes arrogant and extremely fired up. He consistently makes three-pointers when he’s in this mindset.

Yes. Mindset.

Playing sports is just as much physical as it is mental. If there’s anything unusual about Hyuuga Junpei, it’s the mental battles he fights. A lot of this came from Riko, when she trained him to get better at three-pointers. She suggested that he break one of his historic figures every time he misses a shot, and much to his chagrin, it worked. That’s why Hyuuga appears to be playing against his own abilities during “clutch mode.” Yes, Hyuuga is all about teamwork. But he knows that his biggest opponent on the court and in that moment is himself. 

And so when Riko’s dad suggested that he learn a new move to make his jump shots more effective, he agreed. He wanted that satisfaction of making shots even when he was covered. This is because he wants to beat his own mindset. He wants to beat his own expectations. In that regard, Hyuuga is extraordinary. He’s not extremely smart or talented, but he fights against himself for points before he fights his opponents.

(He has another shooting form, but I won’t spoil it for you guys.)

Hyuuga really stresses teamwork, the same way as everyone on Seiren does. Hyuuga, along with Riko, understands that teamwork can sometimes beat more talented teams that function as five players on the court rather than one cohesive unit. Because he realizes that, the team believes in that philosophy. 

Hyuuga doesn’t understand his own power. As the captain of the Seiren team, he has a mental stronghold within the other player’s brains. What he says, usually goes. So when he finds teamwork significant, that establishes the philosophy for the Seiren team.

Speaking of team, he also likes disciplining the members on it. This may be because he’s a Japanese war history buff or maybe it’s his personality from Junior High peeking out, but it’s effective. Riko can’t always discipline the guys, and so Hyuuga is always around to say his opinion. In a way, similar to Kasamatsu, his discipline is his way of getting the team to focus and combine into one mindset to better work as a team.

He also doesn’t like ghosts, mainly because Izuki used to tell him ghost stories all the time.

He knows how to cut hair because he’s the son of a barber. He even cut Riko’s hair before the finals of the Winter Cup.

Now to the part that everyone has been waiting for. 

Hyuuga vs. Reo

Let’s start out with a bit of background. Hyuuga deeply respects Reo’s playing style, going so far as to call his form “cool” and “smooth, yet explosive.” He finds it similar to Ray Allen’s form. For those who don’t know, Ray Allen was playing for the Celtics at the time of Hyuuga’s creation, but he now plays for the Heat. Or at least he did. He sat out last season.

So when Hyuuga talks to Reo, why does he call him a shemale? 

The thing is about Japanese culture and media is that there is a difficulty understanding the difference between sexuality and the gender a person identifies with. We can’t really blame Hyuuga for being close-minded because of his upbringing. If I’m not wrong, Japanese have more set roles for each gender, making it difficult for them to adapt in the modern day as the LGBQT movement gains more ground around the globe.

Fujimaki, the creator of KnB, also identifies most strongly with Hyuuga, proving my point. If I’m not wrong, he’s about 32. He’s a bit older than the central age of the LGBQT movement; but in the US, the age of 32 is known to be almost as open-minded as the teenagers and the people in their 20s. The cultural difference is significant in KnB, which makes Hyuuga’s characterization difficult.

Regardless, you don’t have to love Hyuuga Junpei. You just should respect him for his leadership, mental strength, and his showdown with Sakurai. Without Hyuuga, Seiren couldn’t be the team that it is. It couldn’t have gotten to the Winter Cup finals. It couldn’t work as a cohesive unit.

So no, you don’t have to like Hyuuga. But you should know that Hyuuga is one of the reasons that Kagami and Kuroko can reach their goals. He’s one of the reasons that Seiren can win. And so, even with all of the controversy, Hyuuga Junpei remains important.

I hope you don’t mind, but I sort of have this idea for a Star vs. the Forces of Evil story. It may sound strange, but it leads up to a joke that I do believe will be worth it.

It starts off with a foppish prince from another dimension (haven’t figured out a good name yet) celebrating his 15th birthday, where he’s told that he has come of age, and must now choose a princess to one day be his bride. The prince, however, finds all of the princesses brought before him to be either boring or unappealing in some other way (particularly half the more “unsettling” ones who aren’t even human), and doesn’t like that he’s being forced to marry. But then he somehow learns about the incident at St. Olga’s (through maybe a report on his own magic mirror, which acts like a sort of TV), but what takes his interest the the most is certain “princess” in a lavender and pink gown who helped lead the revolt, and he starts to become smitten with this “Princess Marco”, so he orders his guards to scour throughout universe to find “her” and bring “her” to him.

Back on Earth, Star and Marco go through their usual antics, when suddenly the prince’s guards barge in through a portal, and during the ensuing skirmish between them and Star somehow ends up in his “princess” outfit again. The guards noticing that “Princess Marco” is there (not questioning why she looks oddly similar to the boy Star was with), the guards immediately seize Marco and take “her”/him away back to their home dimension.

Marco is brought before the prince (who still doesn’t know that Marco is a guy), who immediately becomes very affectionate towards “her”/him. While the prince is courteous towards Marco, and showers “her”/him with gifts, compliments, and even “her”/his own room, Marco is still weirded out by the prince’s somewhat flamboyant mannerisms, his lack of personal space, and his wimpy nature. However, as time goes on, Marco learns that despite being rather “show-offy”, the prince is actually pretty insecure and lonely, having been sheltered most of his life and hardly had any friends. Feeling bad for him, Marco goes to talk to the prince, but this ends up getting taken the wrong way, and the prince takes it as a marriage proposal, which he accepts. Meanwhile, back with Star, she and the others have been searching throughout the different dimensions to find the one Marco was taken, but as they are looking, Star receives a wedding invitation for the wedding of the prince and “Princess Marco”, and learns of Marco’s location.

Back with Marco, he’s torn between having to get married to someone he doesn’t like “that way” (also because he doesn’t “swing that way”), or break the prince’s heart and make him miserable again. Star and co. manage to all make their way into the prince’s castle (with Star sneaking everyone else in, due to her being the only one who was properly invited), and right before the “I dos” are said, Star and co. crash the wedding to try and save Marco, and a giant brawl ensues. After the fight, Star demands the prince to let Marco go, and refers to Marco as a “he”, which only confuses the prince. Finally Marco decides to come clean and tells the prince that he’s not really a princess or a girl, and says that he hopes the prince understands. At first the prince seems to be sad and disappointed, but he immediately perks up and says this line (the line which makes the whole fic worth it, in my opinion): “Oh well, nobody’s perfect.” As you may guess, this not-so subtly implies that the prince “plays for both teams” (and yes, a good many confused looks come from this revelation).

Of course, Star and co. rescue Marco, even with several guards after them, and they make it safely back home. Still, even though he wasn’t attracted to the prince, Marco still feels pretty bad for him, and that the prince is will probably go back to being alone again. However, it seems that the prince has found another “girl” from another dimension to fawn over (though he’s going to “take his time” with this one, and not resort to kidnapping), but I’m not gonna completely say who it is, since I’d rather let that twist be a tad bit surprising,, and it’s a brief crossover with another show which isn’t produced by Disney (well, the final show wasn’t, but still). I will give you a hint or two (if you’re really knowledgable, you’ll probably figure it out right away): 1) It’s pilot was a short on the Disney Channel, but it eventually made it’s way to the Hub, 2) there are various female-related puns, 3) it was okay, but if it were aimed at a slightly older audience and put a bit more effort into it, it could’ve been pretty good.

Well, that’s pretty much the basic story. I’ve still got some kinks to work out, but I’ve had this idea for some time now. Please tell me what you think of it, and if anyone else has any ideas for the or wishes to help expand on some things, just drop me a line.

- @danguy96

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the big thing, the big problem, about Batman VS. The Justice League stories - other than being tired as hell and requiring a constant ridiculous amount of suspension of disbelief that no one among these practical and sometimes even outright gods can’t fucking take one rich boy - is that it elevates Batman to a level where it’s very hard to buy Batman returning to street crime stories afterwards, because he’s pulling out absolutely cosmic tier shit, which is necessary to fight the people he is in the first place. so suddenly he’s way, way beyond just using the bat computer. he not only has (yet another - the third in the New 52 so far) super mega huge suit of armor, he also has magical items to trick Wonder Woman with, computer processors faster than the Flash, tools that can beat Green Lantern, Aquaman, Cyborg, up to and including fighting Superman…

and after a high like that… how are you gonna sell him struggling with the fucking Joker? Two-Face? Penguin? dude can solo the world’s strongest heroes because he’s so smart and clever and rich, but he can’t keep a clamp on street level crime? the tone and atmosphere of Batman clashes against itself, hard. it’s easier to sell when it’s happening in other people’s books, because there’s a sort of divide in it, but when you have Batman sweating how to beat the Riddler but also taking on 5 of the Justice League members in short order while hardly breaking a sweat till Superman shows up in the same book, it’s just…


one of batman’s greatest strengths is his tonal flexibility, but there comes finesse with working that in separate stories and books and being careful where things cross together. when you’re trying to sell “street crime down to earth Batman” and “world shattering, can legitimately fight Superman on his own Batman”, shit gets weird.

but mostly the problem is they have been doing this story over and over and OVER for the last 10+ years, and it is OLD.

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How has MLP pander to Bronies? Any examples?

How about the fact they brought Discord even within the show’s context it makes ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE. Discord was literally written to be the sheer opposite of what the ponies represent (Discord vs Harmony) and was, at that point, written out of the story with the closest form of death we’ve seen yet since Bronies latched onto the character and John De Lancie really got Brony focused and try squeezing all the money out from them being involved in the community via the Brony documentary. Now you have Discord fucking harassing the Mane 6 and it’s framed as “but he doesn’t know any better he’s still a friend” and Bronies say its okay even though its clearly not okay what he’s doing as a character since hes like a fucking ancient hell beast.

There’s also shit like Fluttershy turning into a fucking vampire bat where in an earlier episode where bronies weren’t so well known by the show, a conflict like that would have been resolved in a more… emotionally close way (like Fluttershy and AJ talking it out and shit) but of course it’s now COOL and EDGY, or the comic book episode which would have never happened in a season 1 or 2 episode.

Or how they brought back Daring Do and made Rainbow Dash the audience surrogate so it normalised Dash’s dickish behaviour and how they made Daring Do an actual part of the universe when the episode she’s introduced in is meant to be seen as fictional to the world the Mane 6 occupies.

Or the fact Equestria Girls was literally made because of all the humanised pony art Bronies drew, and the first movie was full of blatant brony memes, back ground ponies and shit.

Like honestly I really gave up trying to enjoy the show during season 4 and I was SUPER excited for equestria girls but like I felt a lot of the heart of the show was gone by the time season 3 ended and now it just feels like a mess cuz the characters have grown stagnant (ESPECIALLY PINKIE PIE)