the voyage of the dawn trader


The Voyage of the Dawn Treader - Caspian x Edmund Trailer

So… my kids seemed pretty damn gay in TVotDT, so it’s only fair that they got a trailer

"The Dawn Treader"

As I mentioned in a post before, I am going on a trip to Oxford to study C.S. Lewis: Communicating Faith through Myth and there’s an online course that goes with it. Today the professor posted the first questions for discussion and the last question was “What do you think is the meaning of the name The Dawn Treader?” and in my mind I reacted just like Lucy when Mr. Tumnus asked why she shakes hands: “I… I don’t know." 

So I finished my homework and posted it, but I’m curious as to why you think Lewis decided to name the ship the Dawn Treader. I believe that since the sun rises in the east and Aslan’s Country is east, it illustrates the fact that even though Caspian originally decided to set sail to find the seven lords, the main purpose of the voyage was to travel to Aslan’ Country. It shows that even when they looked for the lords, there was still the longing for Aslan which could be argued as the higher priority than finding the seven lords. Thoughts?