the voting of the doomed


“I wanna punch something in the face.”
“Good.” - SN: 12x21

About Zim
  • He’s an eager beaver
  • His favorite foods are sandwiches and Irken fundip
  • His favorite color is purple
  • He vents to strangers like he’s known them for years
  • He has the power to hypnotize people with his acne
  • The first thing he did after being born was hug a robot arm
  • His first three words were, “I love you”
  • He promised the moon to Gir
  • He finds technology and quirky gadgets “neat”
  • He likes moose (meese… moosen?)
  • Prisoner 777 made him a small, purple, moose, death machine knowing he’d like it.
  • He can easily become emotionally attached to objects, especially if they show some form of sentience (Ex: Robot arm, Gir, Minimoose, Squidgyblit).
  • There are times when he just wants someone to talk to. While he treats Gir like a companion, he can’t exactly have any real conversations with him.
  • He does NOT like to be ignored. Do not ignore the ZIM!
  • He looks great in hats
  • He’s actually a really good speaker and is great at motivating (manipulating) people to do what he wants (now Voting of the Doomed makes sense… he is a good politician!)
  • While small, he still has a demanding enough presence to immediately assert himself as leader among a group if he has to work with others. In a way, he does have what it takes to be a leader, but his obvious flaws impede him from being successful at most things.
  • His tenacity is derived from his need to constantly prove how great he really is, both to everyone (especially the Tallest), and himself.
  • His speech pattern is rather sophisticated most of the time, and the dramatic use of his lexicon is fairly impressive *sips tea*. He acts formal in front of the Tallests, but he’s more relaxed when hanging out with Gir.
  • He’s really patient with Gir and would do what it takes to keep him from getting upset, even if it means eating soapy waffles. This, however, is dependent on his level of frustration.
  • He’s a really nervous, loud, impulsive, proud, clever, small, tenacious space bug that yearns for positive feedback and attention from a world that could care less about him unless he poses a threat
  • Speaking of which, it is also evident that he craves affection, preferably from the Tallest (which is why he thinks they actually care about him). He wants all of Irk to love and praise him, and he seeks this attention by being the best at destroying stuff.
Who has had more victories, Zim or Dib?

Dib mentioned in a comic that he had finally won a battle from Zim for the first time. It made me curious about what their stance would actually be. So, because I have no life, I did some research to determine who ‘’won’’ in every Invader Zim episode, excluding the ones where they have next to no conflict (The frycook that came from all that space, invasion of the idiot dog brain etc). Let the battle begin!

  • The nightmare begins: Zim escapes Dib and wins. Zim 1, Dib 0. 
  • Nanozim: Dib literally poops Zim out. Obvious win for him. 1-1 
  • Parent-teacher night: I guess Zim wins? ‘Cause Dib fails to expose his fake parents? 2-1 
  • Dark harvest: Zim gets away with a body full of organs, Dib is left only able to moo. 3-1 
  • The wettening: Zim wins, although he does nearly drown in a toilet. 4-1
  • Career day: Again, a win for the space boy, as Dib can’t catch him moulting. He does get fired, though. 5-1
  • Rise of the Zitboy: Dib loses yet again, as Zim got the information he needed and he’s left to clean a class room filled with pus. Yuck. 6-1 
  • Bad, bad rubber piggy: Ah, a victory for Dibble! Happy to see him happy when he returns back to normal after literally dying in the episode. Zim is left with a piggy instead of a brain. 6-2 
  • A room with a Moose: Dib wins again! You go, boy! 6-3 
  • Bloaty’s Pizza Hog: I guess a win for Dib? More like a win for Gaz, but we’ll give it to him, for sibling love. 6-4 
  • Bolognius Maximus: A tie, nobody wins here. 6-4
  • Battle of the Planets: Perhaps their most epic fight! Although Dib can’t expose Zim, he still wins. 6-5. Dib’s catching up! 
  • Halloween spectacular of spooky doom: Zim breaks his spine, Dib has a lollipop. 6-6. 
  • Future Dib: A tricky one. Zim’s plan is spoiled, but Dib is trapped in a cage with a monkey for an eternity… I guess it goes to Zim! 7-6 
  • Megadoomer: ‘’Well, I liked that camera, but I guess this is a victory for me, eh. Or something. I’m going back to bed.’’ 7-7 
  • Dib’s wonderful life of doom: Dib’s hopes and dreams get crushed because he threw a muffin at Zim. 8-7 
  • Backseat drivers from beyond the stars: Dib scratches his butt as Zim’s brains are being sucked out his skull. 8-8 
  • Mortos der soulstealer: Although the conflict is not really revolved around them, Zim still wins. 9-8 
  • Zim eats waffles: Eh. Nobody wins here. Poor guys. 9-8 
  • The girl who cried gnome: Dib easily destroys Zim’s plan and the world (and the girl scout) are saved. 9-9 
  • Dibship rising: I… guess Dib wins?? But neither of them have a really happy ending. 9-10. Dib’s ahead for the first time! 
  • Vindicated: A clear win for Zim, he has new, cool stuff and meanwhile Dib loses his camera. 10-10 
  • The voting of the Doomed: Zim wins, but at least Dib’s got salted nuts. 11-10
  • The most horrible X-mas ever: Poor Dib gets beaten up, while he has done nothing wrong. 12-10

Zim wins with 12 to 10! Victory for Zim! 

snommelp  asked:

Sorry to bring this back, but another thought occurred to me about why neolibs are trying so hard to paint leftists as being all white men. White people in general were the only demographic to vote majority Trump, and white men by a wider margin than white women. Acknowledging that leftists are a diverse group would mean admitting that Bernie's supporters voted Clinton, like neolibs demanded, and she lost anyway.

[continued from: this ask]

You’re good. And yes, remember, it was white women (allegedly Hillary’s strongest demographic) who voted overwhelmingly against her. Her loyalists don’t get to ignore that fact or blame everything on leftists. And all evidence indicates that most Sanders supporters ended up voting for Clinton anyway (source) (source)

Painting “Bernie Bros” as white men really gets me heated because it’s dishonest and it’s an intentionally misleading tactic that erases sO many women, black people, and other people of color. For example: Nina Turner, Michelle Alexander, Cornel West, Rosario Dawson, Danny Glover, Ta-Nehisi Coates, Keith Ellison, Ben Jealous, Killer Mike, Kal Penn, Margaret Cho, Zoe Kravitz, Harry Belafonte, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Benjamin Dixon, Anoa Changa, Jasmine Guy, Tessa Thompson, not to mention, me (I honestly do not know any friends or family members who are my age or younger who weren’t diehard Sanders supporters)

Ignoring women, black people and other people of color who are to the left of Clinton is done to set up a straw man argument where everyone critical of HRC can be easily labeled as a racist or a sexist. (obviously I’m not saying that sexism and racism doesn’t exist on the neoliberal left—have you seen Get Out—but to say that all Sanders supporters=sexist is an overly simplified argument that weaponizes ID politics) 

There was someone I was mutuals with on twitter who has tens of thousands of followers, and is a big fan of HRC (which, ok, I disagreed with her, but I’m an adult and it’s not a crime). Anyway, very early on in the primaries last year, she ALMOST had me. Like I was phone banking for Sanders, but as we DM’d each other back and forth, she genuinely had me thinking about switching over….that is, until I noticed how any time I mentioned a prominent black Sanders supporter, her response was always an ad hominem attack against them (and then she would proceed to say that no black people supported Sanders, even though we were *just* talking about several of them)  

And that’s when it dawned on me that a lot (not all, obviously) of HRC supporters were simply being dishonest because they cared more about protecting “”their”” party than trying to do what was right

I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: neoliberals and centrists hate anyone 2 inches to their left, even more than they hate Republicans

I see this kinda foolishness online ALL the time (and usually, it’s older people over 35)

Democratic outreach: Hey, we think you guys on the left sUCK, and you’re lazy and you’re dumb, and yeah we hate your guts…..but you better vote for our candidate in 2020…..and you better not even THINK about staying home or supporting a third party candidate. You sorry losers. #UniteBlue :) 

SMH. It’s needlessly divisive, and it just ain’t smart. That smug attitude literally (literally) creates a desire for more responsive 3rd party candidates. Is the goal winning the next election, or dragging Sanders and his supporters?

I’m really worried about the upcoming general election in 2020. Dems are blaming anything and everything for losing to the most beatable Republican in recent history, but they are not making any substantive adjustments. They aren’t trying (or even pretending to try) to convert Sanders supporters or leftists the same way that they constantly court Republican voters. In fact, the “”unofficial”” (paid) DNC surrogates continue to insist on trolling leftists and stupidly say things like, “It’s OUR party. We don’t need you” to anyone on their left (also, SN: if you haven’t please read “Shattered”)

TL;DR I do not want 8yrs of Trump or any other Republican POTUS, but I’m honestly afraid all of the “former” Third Way Republicans in charge of the DNC & the DCCC are gonna blow it again. They aren’t making a serious effort to unify the left, and if they think “Everyone is just gonna vote against Trump because he’s so bad,” then I’m afraid we’re doomed to repeat election 2016

Invader ZIM Episodes in a Nutshell:

The Nightmare Begins: Alien goes to Earth and discovers a seething hatred for big-head-boy. Naturally, shipping ensues.

Bestest Friend: Zim discovers his first fanboy. The call was coming from inside the house.

NanoZIM: Zim puts himself inside Dib. Vore happens.

Parent Teacher Night: Zim’s robo father gets horrid flashbacks from his time in the war and no one does anything to help him.

Walk of Doom: Cameos. Cameos everywhere.

Germs: Zim apparently suffers from mania and goes into an obsessive cleaning episode. No one helps him or calls an ambulance when he terrorizes patrons of a MacMeaties.

Dark Harvest: This episode will fuck you up. Some strange level of vore happens I don’t even know.

Attack of the Saucer Morons: Zim discovers his fanbase and promptly does nothing to take advantage of it.

The Wettening: Dib jumps in a puddle and it all goes to shit.

Career Day: Molt; /mōlt/ (of an animal) shed old feathers, hair, or skin, or an old shell, to make way for a new growth.

Battle Dib: Dib steals Gaz’s pizza like a dick and gets what he deserves.

Planet Jackers: The entire planet gets kidnapped and Dib is too stupid to notice even after being told.

Rise of the Zitboy: All glory to the hypno-pimple.

Invasion of the Idiot Dog Brain: Gir goes to great lengths to acquire tacos, causing the great adolescent taco desire of 2007.

Bad, Bad Rubber Piggy: Grandfather paradox. Gir explodes.

A Room With A Moose: Zim literally could have hurled the bus into a black hole or just opened the windows to suck all oxygen and life from his enemies, but no, he chooses a moose room. He fails.

Hamstergeddon: Zim creates his own hamster son. He kills it like a good father.

Plauge of Babies: Earth babies come from space. Confirmed space is a big vagina.

Bloaty’s Pizza Hog: Gaz has daddy issues.

Door to Door: Zim hallucinates a childhood mascot and is tortured by him for the rest of his life. On the plus side, he gets tuna.

FBI Warning of Doom: Mall Cop; Origins.

Bolognius Maximus: The sad truth is that right now, someone somewhere is writing a vore slashfic about Bologna!Zim and Bologna!Dib eating each other.

Game Slave 2: You know E3 it’s pretty much that with the same amount of manslaughter.

Battle of the Planets: Everything aside, Zim’s plan would’ve worked when you consider gravity and shit. Also, Dib gets himself into a rock hard ass.

Halloween Spectacular of Spooky Doom: Dib really has some fucking issues he needs to work out.

Mysterious Mysteries: Nothing matters anymore. Everyone is crazy.

Future Dib: Gaz was going to kill her own brother like she was really going to fucking do it. She was not afraid to taste blood.

Hobo 13: R. Lee Ermey/Richard Horvitz cage match.

Walk For Your Lives: (Slo Mo Guys background music intensifies)

Megadoomer: They see him rollin’. They hatin’.

Lice: Dib makes an asshole of himself. It’s hard to watch.

Abducted: You’ll wait for probes to happen. Probes do not happen.

The Sad, Sad Tale of Chickenfoot: Dib goes on an adventure to learn about otherkin and does not like what he finds.

GIR Goes Crazy and Stuff: No one suffered more than Squid Man.

Dib’s Wonderful Life of Doom: Directed by M. Night Shyamalan.

Tak the Hideous New Girl: Alien who happens to be female comes to earth to fuck up Zim’s shit. Naturally, everyone supports what would be a hate-fueled abusive relationship.

Backseat Drivers From Beyond the Stars: This is, in fact, the last you will ever see of the Resisty. Yes, that is their name.

Mortos Der Soulstealer: You’re pretty sure this is a documentary on the life of your roommate.

Zim Eats Waffles: This could have been a set up for hidden camera porn but thankfully Gir had more taste than that.

The Girl Who Cried Gnome: Zim leaps behind a girl, grabs her by the waist, and yanks her out of a hole. You may or may not get a boner, but either way you’ll feel like a sick person for watching it.

Dibship Rising: Tak’s ship discovers it is Dibkin. It realizes how stupid that actually sounds and kills itself.

Vindicated!: Mr. Dwicky didn’t mean anything to you until you got old and realized you’re just like him. Only in your version you won’t get abducted by Plookesians.

The Voting of the Doomed: Illuminati confirmed.

Gaz, Taster of Pork: Dib lays a nastyass curse on his sister’s mouth.

The Frycook What Came from All That Space: This is the umpteenth time Zim uses vore to favor him. It even works this time. You’ll be left wondering just how many times Zim plans on being swallowed.

The Most Horrible X-Mas Ever: Everyone dies alone and jolly under the Santa Dome before the Simpsons did it.

An open letter to all Conservatives - no, we are NOT going to tolerate your shit.

There’s been much talk about how multiculturalism and “identity politics” caused the Trump election, and that POC/women/LGBTQs fighting back against bigotry, has alienated Americans.

First of all:

Trump won the ELECTORAL VOTE

But don’t any of you forget that Hillary Clinton won the POPULAR VOTE by a massive margin - two MILLION people.

Remember that: our side won more votes than your side.

But muh electoral votes-

You can hide behind the electoral college and your gerrymandering for now but this won’t help you keep power forever. 64 million voters for Hillary Clinton will not be held back forever. 

We outnumber you and we will eventually overwhelm you.


We liberals are not ever going to tolerate white nationalist identity politics. We’re not going to bow to your anti-POC racism. We’re not going to tolerate sexism of any sort, not against women, not against men. We’re not going to be bullied by you into tolerating homophobia or religious bigotry.

Get that into your thick skulls. We’re not going to put up with you calling Mexican immigrants and black people rapists and criminals, we’re not going to tolerate businesses refusing to bake cakes for gay couples, and we’re sure as hell and damnation not going to let you send gay marriage to the states so gay people have to gamble on whether they can legally marry. We’re not going to put up with characterizing Muslims as terrorists. We’re not going to let it slide when women are denied access to contraception through their health care plan, and we’re not going to give up one whit until laws are passed mandating all rape kits are processed. We’re not going to put up with voter suppression laws and tactics against students, blacks or women, we won’t let you roll back women’s rights to equal pay and we’re not going to let legalized sexual harassment or marital rape make a comeback.

Get used to it. We’re not going to back down. There will be no surrender and there will be no retreat whatsoever.

Third and most importantly


Look at how people of color vote. They vote Democrat. Whites live on the Republican Plantation.

The ghost of Christmas Future portends doom for your racist, bigoted cause:

Without that white majority, your Trump nation collapses. Like so:

So, really, we multicultural liberals don’t have to bow to your demands. All we have to do is stand our ground and wait you out. And we most certainly will wait you out. And we will rip this fucking country out of your hands.

so jester win, pretty rare. i’m griffin mcelroy. i start off as exe, target escort. we suspect werewolf of being mafia, who ends up getting killed by bodyguard anyway. my target gets killed by mafia. by now, we have godfather and mafioso left in the town, so i think it’s time to cause some chaos.

long story short, i try to random lynch people (at varying degrees of success) to throw suspicion on myself, but nobody votes me up. then, it’s down to me jailor (who can’t execute) and the godfather. i decide to play a little game with both of them:

the rules were that they had to vote me up and lynch me. however, the catch was that they had to trust each other to both vote guilty on me. if both of them guiltied me, then i would flip a coin to see who i would haunt. if one of them chose to pull their vote at the last minute, then they would secure the win for their side. they either had to trust each other to play a fair game, betray the other, or draw the game.

the first trial, they both pull their vote at the last second. i think it’s going to be a draw, but they vote me up again. jailor starts to smack talk the godfather, basically taunting the godfather to guilty me as well. but last minute, jailor pulls their vote, dooming the godfather to being haunted by me.

plot twist? the jailor forgets to jail the godfather. both the godfather and the jailor die. i’m the only winner.

officialburger  asked:

One of my mutuals had a question regarding the election: What are the main arguments among young leftists about who to vote for in the election? Is the left generally on board with Mélenchon or is there a vocal subset advocating for casting a vote for Macron in order to avoid a Le Pen-Fillon runoff?

Haha ! Well, long story short, there are three types of leftists: the ones who want the left wing to start acting like a left wing without drastically changing the system (votes for Hamon mostly), the ones who believe that our system is doomed and needs to be changed (Mélenchon and Poutou) and finally, the ones that believe that any candidate but le Pen/Fillon will do for the sake of France (Macron). 
On the bad sides, Hamon is considered too soft, Mélenchon too revolutionary and Macron doesn’t really stand as a left wing candidate, he’s… all of it and none of it at the same time. 

What’s also important to understand is that even though the left wing is that shattered, the right wing is as well with almost as many candidates. Le Pen used to sound as revolutionary as Mélenchon, Fillon fully inherits Sarkozy’s legacy, Macron also seduces some soft right wing-centrists voters. 

It’s the first time that the polls show more than two obvious candidates. Right now, we count four: le Pen, Fillon, Macron, Mélenchon. Even though LP and Macron lead the polls, all four of them count enough voting intentions to create a turnaround. It’s historic. 

Eighteen million people could lose their insurance within a year and individual insurance premiums would shoot upward if Congress repealed major provisions of the Affordable Care Act while leaving other parts in place, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office said on Tuesday.

A report by the office sharply increases pressure on Republicans to come up with a comprehensive plan to replace the health care law. It is likely to doom the idea of voting to dismantle the 2010 health law almost immediately, with an effective date set sometime in the future while Congress works toward a replacement.

If nothing followed the gutting of President Obama’s signature domestic achievement, the budget office said, 32 million people could lose their health insurance by 2026, and premiums in the individual insurance market could double. Senator Susan Collins, Republican of Maine, showed the unease of some in her party when she said that repealing the health care law and delaying a replacement could send insurance markets into “a death spiral.”

She detected “a growing consensus among members of both the Senate and the House that we must fix Obamacare and provide reforms at nearly the same time that we repeal the law,” she said on the Senate floor on Tuesday.

The new budget office report, issued after a weekend of protests against repeal, will only add to the headaches that President-elect Donald J. Trump and congressional Republicans face in their rush to take apart Mr. Obama’s health law as they try to replace it with a health insurance law more to their liking.


The New York Times“Health Law Repeal Could Cost 18 Million Their Insurance, Study Finds.”

I wonder how many of those 18 and 32 million people dumbassedly voted for Trump.