the voicen

What does their names actually mean?

A - Angel
T - True Mankae
O - Obviously cute and handsome
M - Mostly on a sugar rush

B - Babyface
J - Jumping and screaming
O - Once he was cute…
O -  Obviously really sexy now

H - Hansome
A - Adorable
S - Sexy
O - Oppa!
L - Love his fans

H - Harry Potter
O -  Once he was the one with the glasses…
J -  Joined the ‘sexy AF’-Topp Dogg-club then
O - (You need to be) Obsessed with him
O - Or you’re weird
N - Not the youngest ! He just used to look like on debut !

J - Just the best rapper I know
E - Endless flow
N - No, he isn’t the smallest member
I -  Into church
S - Swag AF
S - Short
I - I’ve pray because of him

N - Never stop seeing the camel in him
A - Absolutly adorable
K - Ke ke ke
T - Tall
A - Aother members may said he’s a pervert… (u know I’m kidding)

P - Pretty Leader
G - Great abs
O - On fleek
O - Over-sexy (Yes, this is a word…)
N - Not as unfriendly as he acts

S - Sweat
A - Awesome voice
N -  Nicest laugh on the world
G - Godness  
D - Does have cute ears
O - Omg, his smile…

X - X-trem fabulous
E - Ever on fleek!
R - Really sexy
O - Obviously a amazing dancer

Y - Y is he so cute ?
A - Awsome doubletime rap
N - Never miss the camera
O - Overloaded with talent

I’m so in love with this girls, let me introduce you..

And let me tell you some reasons
Their voices and singing

Their cuteness

When they look forward in the middle of an interview

And again..

Their dancing

Their.. pose

Their laugh

Their love for.. the space

Their instrumental pasion

Their stage leaving

i just love them

And I will love a collaboration