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dorkstar-brat  asked:

I feel like Bahorel would unironically listen to "Never Gonna Give You Up" and the others would always think they're being rickrolled when they get into his car, but he's just genuinely playing music that he likes. (I need to go to bed instead of thinking up weird headcanons for les amis)

No one wants to ride with Bahorel because they know. They KNOW.

Like, it’s everywhere, it’s his ringtone, it’s his voicemail, the guy is a human rickroll but he just… loves it? It’s ridiculous!

“You know what our first dance should be at our wedding?”

“Baz, I’m going to make this extra simple. If I hear you say the words “Gonna” “and “Give” in the same sentence, I’m breaking off the engagement.”


Randy Orton – J for Jack Off

*this got kind of long and hot DAMN, WHAT DID I D O.

It’s when he’s in the shower after a shower that he mostly masturbates when you aren’t with him on tour. He’d get into his hotel room, closing and locking the door and pull his phone out, seeing that you had left a voicemail.

               “Hi baby, I’m off to sleep, I hope you had a wonderful show tonight and I can’t wait to see you in a few days…” you trailed off, your voice getting low, “I sent you a picture of me…I hope you like it, love you sexy man,” you whispered and then the phone line went dead.

He would pull his phone from his ear and go to his messages before gasping at the dirty picture you’d sent him. His hand would immediately go straight to his dick, cupping it as he groaned and moved to the bathroom to turn on the shower. He’d drop his pants and rip of his shirt, sliding into the shower, his hand moving up and down from the head to the base, a moan escaping his lips. His forearm would brace at the wall in front of him, his forehead on his arm as he’d thrust into his hand, his hips moving faster to finish. Your image would pop into his head and he’d cry out, a stream of cum landing on the wall and on top of his hand as he finished, excited to finally make it home to you in a few days to see the real thing.

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Starter for Annabelle

It was barley past opening time when Vincenzo heard the front door to his bar open and someone step in. He was in the back, getting a drawer for the register from the safe and checking his voicemail. Angelo was off that night, doing something or other for one of their girls and for some reason, Cenz kept putting off hiring another bartender to make up the time difference. Meaning he was the only one on staff until Ang’s errand was done. It may even be all night. These sort of things were precarious.

“Just a sec!” he called from where he was locking his doorway. As he rounded the corner and slid the drawer home, he looked up to his patron.

“Sorry ‘bout that. What’ll it be…?”

The girl looked familiar. So familiar. Not just the way her hair and clothes looked, but the shape of her face and the way she held her shoulders. Took Cenz a few extra seconds to realize that he knew her from the photos on Angelo’s cell phone. His sister, Cenz thought.

“ Anabelle, right? Holy shit! Uh…hi. Welcome.”

Vincenzo hoped he was right and this was his friend’s sister. If it was a girlfriend, shit was about to get awkward.

“Have a seat! Ang isn’t here for a while. Can I get you a drink?”


The blonde hadn’t been seen in a week, dust was collecting atop her projects on the second floor of the firehouse. Her phone going straight to voicemail. She seemed to have dropped off the face of the earth.

The address on file for the engineer had brought the woman to a rundown section of Queens, a building that looks like a convention center for vermin. Apartment 221C, the basement, why anyone who made the money an engineer did would live in this mess, is beyond reasoning.



All the birds are now flying away from Diego’s little camp site.

“Om nomnom…” The phone starts ringing. “….nom nom nom.” The phone stops, a voicemail beeps across the screen. Another call comes through. Diego is still eating. Another voicemail. 

Grumbling, he swallows and answers on the tenth call. “Hi Dementia.”

“What’s that? You’re breaking up. I-I can’t hear you!”




7/27 Tour Setlist

  1. That’s My Girl
  2. Miss Movin’ On
  3. Sledgehammer
  4. Reflection
  5. This Is How We Roll
  6. Scared of Happy
  7. Write On Me
  8. I Lied
  9. No Way
  10. We Know
  11. Dope
  12. Squeeze
  13. Big Bad Wolf
  14. BO$$
  15. Work From Home
  16. All In My Head (Flex) 
  17. Brave Honest Beautiful
  18. Gonna Get Better
  19. Voicemail / Worth It
  20. Not That Kinda Girl (Encore)