the voice: season 5

So friend of mine and I were Skypin’ it up the other night and I went on some tangent about Aku going through a midlife crisis post-season 4, leading up to the events in Season 5. This struck friend-Mason as particularly funny so he decided to turn my inane rant into art. 

Art: IAmAmazingMason

Voice: Stuart A. Hutson(LM-G1)

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Murphy has such a nice voice?????? its been 4 seasons and I still can’t get over it ?? like??? its so smooth and soothing even when he’s threatening someone?? 

To all the people angry about Netflix's renewal of sense8

Ya’ll got some nerve trying to diminish and put down this victory. Complaining about the get down and Marco polo and girl boss. 

 Where were you guys when the announcements were made? I’ll tell you where we were, we were tweeting, protesting, signing petitions, voting in polls, making our voices heard. 

We didn’t stop even after Netflix said there was no chance. We didn’t stop when JMS told us to give up. We. Never. Stopped. We still won’t until we get the promised 5 seasons. 

 Where were your voices for your shows? Where were your tweets and petitions? Where 👏 where 👏 you 👏? 

Don’t come at us with your shitty attitudes and your salty words. You’re mad? Good, channel that anger and organize yourselves. Fight for your shows. Take an example from the sense8 Fandom and make it happen. 

 I’ll be over here celebrating with the hundreds of thousands of us who made this victory happen.

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Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera perform “Do What U Want” on The Voice season 5 finale on December 18, 2013



Video Editor/Animator - Merstia

Art - IAmAmazingMason

Voice - Stuart A. Hutson[LM-G1]

reasons to watch bojack horseman

  • realistic and super honest portrayal of depression, anxiety, loneliness and identity issues
  • super fleshed out and endearing characters
  • crazy good continuity, like, shit man, just the best. no loose ends, ever.  
  • SUPER clever writing, overarching plot lines are done SO WELL. 
  • u can rewatch it so many times and still find new and incredibly clever themes, foreshadowing and references (i speak from experience, i have watched the first two seasons at least 5 times each)
  • cast of incredible voice acting talent, including kristen schaal, aaron paul, stanley tucci, ben schwartz, lisa kudrow and kristen chenoweth, to name  a FEW
  • as well as a metric fuck tonne of special guest voices, including daniel freaking radcliffe, tatiana maslany, wallace shawn, lance bass, and john krasinski 
  • excellent portrayal of a character having an abortion in which they do not experience any guilt or turmoil over the decision, and the character receives great support from their partner and friends.
  • CANON ACE CHARACTER WHO IS AN ACTUAL RAY OF SUNSHINE. just trust me. my sweet child, i love them. 
  • in conclusion, this show is so good, and so validating without being condescending or romanticising very real struggles. 10/10. pls watch.
Castiel: The Road So Far
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Castiel: The Road So Far

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