the voice: 2012


Avatar Kuruk: It was love at first sight.

Avatar Roku: When love is real, it finds a way. 

Avatar Aang: Why would I let go of Katara? I love her! 

Avatar Korra: He's all into that prissy, beautiful, elegant, rich girl. 



this whole video is pure gold

Mae Whitman is the best at voicing beautiful tough girls.

Shanti (the jungle book 2)
Tinkerbell (tinkerbell movies)
Katara (ATLA)
April O'Neil (TMNT 2012)
Heather (Dragons race to the edge)
Plaxum (Voltron)


Louis Tomlinson

Here is another Louis talking audio. I just put together shorter clips of Louis talking and added piano music. Louis’ voice helps me calm down and deal with pain, so I thought this might help someone else too. Enjoy. <3

Louis talking 2015 | Louis MITAM Track-by-track


If I’m developing a project as a producer it is my responsibility to give it to a female director or make sure I get relationships with female writers because  there are loads of them out there, they’re just not being given the opportunity to do what they want to do, or being given the money to do what they want to do.

Gemma Arterton

Gemma Arterton directed by women by filmography:

It’s Getting Late dir. Massy Tadjedin (2012)
The Voices dir. Marjane Satrapi (2014)
Gemma Bovary dir. Anne Fontaine (2014)
Their Finest dir. Lone Scherfig (2016)
My Zoe dir. Julie Delpy (2018)
Vita & Virginia dir. Chanya Button (2018)


A Tribute to the TMNT Incarnations & Voice Actors, 1987-2014

Which one is YOUR favourite?

For me, I’m very biased towards the more recent incarnations; my favourite Leo voice is Michael Sinterniklaas, my favourite Mike voice is Mikey Kelley, my favourite Raph voice (by a LONG way) is Nolan North and my favourite Donnie voice is Sam Reigel. My favourite cast all together is the 2007 cast and it’s also my favourite incarnation and style, it’s damn beautiful. That said, I also adore the 2012 cast and that incarnation.


The fact that these two are voiced by the same actor never ceases to amuse me. 


These guys are also voiced by the same person: 

Now someone give me an AU where Shredder’s trying to catch experiments and Donnie just sits around making sandwiches all day. And he offers Shredder a bologna sandwich and Shredder’s just like, “I DON’T LIKE BOLOGNA!…… too fatty.”  


“Normally…I can cry with movies! These kind of movies when it’s like a team fighting for a championship or…you know, there is some connection there.”

(After the Flag, Le Mans 2012)

I think out of all members Yixing surely changed the most. And I’m not just speaking about his personality. I mean his whole aura, his presence and his eyes, everything just became so mature. I remember a slightly dreamy boy, who was nicknamed the Unicorn of his group, always having that bubbly smile and was known for his purity and ever so cute reactions. I remember Yixing as the boy who couldn’t help but become a puddle of tears and needed to lean onto Yifan’s shoulder for support as Exo-M won the “Most Popular Group Of The Year” award back in 2012, his voice ripped apart as he needed to give his “thankyou”-speach. All in one, Yixing always had given me the vibes of a young, light-hearted boy who discovered the world around him with bright, open and curious eyes and all the humans around him with an equal open and warm heart. 

Now I see in Yixing something entirely different.

I see a twenty-four year old, self-confident man, who needed to keep his head and courage high, even after three other chinese member leaving. I see a man, who didn’t grow the least bit tired of proving his loyality to his group a hundred, a thousand, a millionth time, despite the burden of being the only chinese member left and the never ending hate people were giving him.

I don’t see the purity or lightness in his smile anymore. His eyes have now become somewhat more heavy and deep with wisedom and experience about all the things that occured to him over the past four years, about the obstacles he needed to cross. He’s now a strong and very disengaged chinese artist who’s sure of the way he’s chosen and lays infront of him and who’s taking every new step with a never faltering or bending heart. Zhang Yixing has grown so, so much and it’s apparent in his facial expressions or whole body language and I couldn’t be more impressed to the bottom of my heart that the boy, who was deemed as the slightly shy and too-soft member in the end has proven that his heart and will was way stronger than anyone could’ve ever expected.

If you still can’t follow me or don’t know what I’m talking about, take a look at these pictures. The first ones show Yixing back in 2012, while the other ones are more recent from 2016.