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Andre Burakovsky #1


I’ve found a new love for the Washington Capitals and you can blame this guy mostly. But anyways, I really liked writing this so I hope everyone likes it too haha. Requests are open! :)

Word Count: 1,275

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Leaving bed in the morning was always hard. Add a large cuddly man in the bed beside you, begging you not to go, and it was even harder. “No, stay, please,” Andre whined while you pulled back the covers and set your feet on the cold flooring beside the bed. 

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Jag Alskar Dig (Andre Burakovsky)

Prompt: Hi id like to request a andre burakovsky where he gets jealous when a guy at his game or practice and starts yelling in Swedish bc he’s scared to lose you. Thank you !

Andre Burakovsky x Reader

Requested: yes

Includes: jealousy

note: i don’t actually speak Swedish, so i consulted google translate. i hope everything translates right though! 

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A month ago, me and my lovely sis @ravenlindberg watched “50 shades of grey” together. Dubbed. In japanese. With Kenjiru Tsuda playing Mr Grey. 

That was quite the ride. As in humour for the first 96 minutes and endless cringe after that. There’s a reason an amazing test like this exist XD

And I found the snapchatchats I did with poor @ashethehedgehog, it was also kind of a ride to go through again and I thought I would share some of it. Sorry for tormenting you like that ashe ;_;

In summation; the movie itself wasn’t good anywhere, and I fail to see how this can be classified as a romantic story, but hearing Kaibas voice to all of it was amazing, so I give the movie ten out of ten.

Unclench, Deborah

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The chatter of the PTA moms bounced around the meeting room as Nicky packed up the left-over brownies. The brownies, as always, were a hit with the moms and kids alike (and John and Karl, who usually downed about six a piece in a disturbingly short amount of time) and Nicky liked to provide a sugary snack for the meeting amidst the catered celery sticks with low-fat, low-carb vegetable dip. Nicky always made sure Alex and the boys ate their salad, but sometimes a man just needs some chocolate to get through an hour of rich, gossiping white women dressed in their Sunday best for a Tuesday night meeting in a fucking high school classroom which included finger food and (likely spiked) punch. Honestly, sometimes Nicky wished Alex would deal with the PTA, but Nicky also didn’t want a law suit, so it was probably for the best Alex stayed away.

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Third Wheeling

A/N: this came to me in history class and I couldn’t get the idea out of my head, so here it is! Oh, and Jordan’s text are in quotation marks. This is cheesy, don’t read this or do because I need constant reassurance and validation

Prompt: Jordan is always busy when you and your friends have group dates, which leaves you as the odd one out.

Pairing: Jordan x reader

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Masterlist | Request!

You were back in Virginia to visit your family for a week. When your two best friends heard you were back they immediately invited you to a girls’ day at the famous Virginian amusement park, Busch Gardens. You were super excited, you hadn’t had a girls’ day with them in far too long. When Anne and Christina pulled into your driveway to pick you up, you were surprised to see two men in the car.

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lordoftheinsects  asked:

Dregg's claw tapped on the door that lead into Pythia's bedroom. The insectoid breathed a sigh of remorse. "Uhm...Petey? May I come in?" Dregg asked timidly.

Pythia was already curled up on her mattress, bundled in blankets. She was sewing pieces of scrap fabric together, then using her teeth as a makeshift seam-ripper, only to sew the pieces back together again. “The Blob” was blaring out of her little DVD player, but the dinky speakers couldn’t cover the familiar, weirdly Swedish accented voice asking to enter.

She huffed. “Otis did you hear that? It must have been one of the neighbor’s houses crumbling from when that ALIEN MONSTER destroyed the town!!”

Even though she was speaking to her cat, she was facing the door so Dregg would be able to clearly hear her. Sure, it was petty. But not as petty as nearly enslaving an entire planet because they squished some dumb bugs.

The gorgeous Swedish cow sorcerer lady is on the radio as part of a Volvo advert. And also when it comes on at work a bunch of people in the factory try to imitate it. So there are these burly men making anywhere from high voiced swedish cow calls to terrifying banshee shrieks.