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Produce 101 birthdays

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Choi Heesu 1 Jan 1997

Takada Kenta 10 Jan 1995

Son Dongmyung 10 Jan 2000

Jung Woncheol 12 Jan 1996

Lee Insoo 16 Jan 1996

Kim Samuel 17 Jan 2002

Choi Dongha 18 Jan 1996

Kim Dahyun 23 Jan 1992

Jo Yonggeun 23 Jan 1995

Choi Taewoong 26 Jan 1994

Yu Seonho 28 Jan 2002

Lee Daehwi 29 Jan 2001


Yoo Hoyeon 6 Feb 1998

Kim Yeonguk 8 Feb 1995

Kwon Hyeop 10 Feb 1998

Jang Daehyun 11 Feb 1997

Justin 19 Feb 2002

Kim Yongjin 20 Feb 1997

Joo Wontak 24 Feb 1996

Yoo Jinwon 25 Feb 1997

Kim Chanyul (Yul) 27 Feb 1992 (Thx)


Kim Yongguk (Jin Longguo) 2 March 1996

Kwon Hyunbin 4 March 1997

Jung Sihyun 6 March 1991

Yoon Jisung 8 March 1991

Joo Haknyeon 9 March 1999 

Jung Jung 18 March 1996

Kim Dongbin 19 March 2001

Ha Sungwoon 22 March 1994


Lee Woojin 2 April 2003 (Youngest!)

Lee Euiwoong 5 April 2001

Lee Youjin 6 April 1992

Kim Sungri 6 April 1994

Jang Moonbok 11 April 1995

Byun Hyunmin 17 April 1999


-Kim Sihyun 6 May 1998

Bae Jinyoung 10 May 2000

Jung Dongsu 11 May 1991 (Thx)

Choi Hadon (Sanchung) 14 May 1993(Thx)

-Han Jongyeon 21 May 1998

Kim Sanggyun (A-tom) 23 May 1995

Kim Jaehwan 27 May 1996

Park Jihoon 29 May 1999 

Jung Sewoon 31 May 1997

Woo Jinyoung 31 May 1997


Kim Chan 1 June 1996

Park Seungwoo 7 June 1988

Lee Gunmin 7 June 1996

Kim Jonghyun (JR) 8 June 1995

Yoon Heeseok 10 June 1997

Kim Hyunwoo 15 June 1998

Jo Sungwook 19 June 1996

Yoo Hoeseung 22 June 1995

Kim Namhyung 24 June 1993

Lee Kiwon 27 June 1996

Lee Geonhee 27 June 1998 (Thx)


Kim Jaehan 1 July 1995

Lee Seokyu 1 July 1998

Kim Yehyun 2 July 1999

Kim Donghan 3 July 1998

Yoo Kyungmok 20 July 1994

Kang Dongho (Baekho) 21 July 1995

Lee Hoolim 23 July 1993

Lee Gwanghyun 23 July 1998

-Kim Taemin 24 July 1995


Park Woodam 2 Aug 1995

Lee Jihan 3 Aug 1998

Park Heeseok 9 Aug 1992

Hwang Minhyun (Minhyun) 9 Aug 1995

Ahn Hyungseob 9 Aug 1999

Ong Seungwoo 25 Aug 1995

Jo Kyemin 26 Aug 1993

Yeo Hwanwoong 26 Aug 1998

Seo Sunghyuk 26 Aug 1999

-Nam Yoonsung 29 Aug 1996

Kim Sangbin 30 Aug 1995


Jung Joongji 5 Sep 1992

Han Minho 9 Sep 1997

Kim Donghyun 17 Sep 1998

Lai Guan Lin 23 Sep 2001 (Thx!)

Hong Eunki 29 Sep 1997

Choi Jaewoo 30 Sep 1997


Jo Jinhyung 13 Oct 1996

No Taehyung (Kid monster) 15 Oct 1993

Wang Minhyuk 17 Oct 1994

Lee Junwoo 18 Oct 1998

Jung Hyojun 19 Oct 1993


Park Woojin 2 Nov 1999

Choi Minki (Ren) 3 Nov 1995

Kim Taedong 7 Nov 1997

Yoon Yongbin 27 Nov 1995

Choi Junyoung 30 Nov 1996

Im Woohyeok 30 Nov 1994


Kang Daniel 10 Dec 1996

-Ha Minho 10 Dec 1998

Choi Seunghyuk 14 Dec 1999

Kim Taewoo 16 Dec 1993

Joo Jinwoo 17 Dec 1993

Im Youngmin 25 Dec 1995

Sung Hyunwoo 31 Dec 1996

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Shadowhunters S02E13 ► If there’s anything you know about these murders. – I can tell you it’s not a vampire. We would never remove runes from a shadowhunter. – Why is that? – From a time before the accords, the downworlders were hunted by shadowhunters for sport. They took our fangs, werewolf claws, and warlock marks as trophies. The vampires swore we would never let that happen again… to anyone. 


a glimpse into kim jaehwan’s life pre-p101 (as shown on god’s voice):

went to compete on god’s voice 4 days after he left the company he spent 4 years training at

lives in a really small apartment with his parents and shares one room with them

kept the fan letters he received and saved from his trainee days

says he’s happy that he can sing again and that he’ll work hard

(cr. popcracklesnap for info)

victuuri season 2 checklist

brought to u by me and @actualyuuri​ bc we’re in one of those Moods™ again

  • victor dragging yuuri to his kiss and cry “yakov, can you scootch down and make room for yuuri" 
    • “but i’m.,, i’m your actual coach,” yakov says. “and he’s not even–”
    • “yeah cool so just scootch down? and make room for yuuri? thanks”
  • victor leaping into yuuri’s arms after every performance
  • victor and yuuri helping each other into their costumes
  • victor and yuuri holding the other’s skating guards for them while they perform
  • victor and yuuri kissing their rings at the beginning of each other’s performances
  • victor and yuuri always reaching for the other person in their ending poses
  • victor and yuuri dancing together while warmin up in lilia’s studio
  • yuuri waiting up at the edge of the rink when victor really really needs to Get This Part of the Choreography Right
  • victor waiting up at the edge of the rink when yuuri really really needs to Just Nail This Jump One More Time
  • before a competition they’re practicing together and start impromptu pair skating
    • yakov doesn’t even yell at them he just :( watches :( bc vitya is so happy and hasn’t been this happy for so many years :(
  • victor and yuuri bandaging each other up after hard practices
  • yuuri gets hurt during a practice
    • nothing major just lands kind of bad and victor draws him a warm bath, rubs his feet
    • makes him dinner :( tells him to go to bed early :(
    • victor is the big spoon that night bc yuuri is safe in his arms :(
  • they make their own healing salves
    • it takes them awhile to get the recipe just right but they use all their favorite smells
    • “smells like you,” victor will murmur but yuuri will touch his cheek and shake his head, “smells like home”
    • victor putting the salves on yuuri’s feet and yuuri is so tired from his long day that he starts to fall asleep 
    • and victor starts brushing his fingers through yuuri’s hair until he falls asleep on the couch
    • victor picks him up and takes him to bed and lays him down in it
  • grocery shopping so much grocery shopping
  • making protein shakes and fruit smoothies together
    • they start like a special diet together where they have a lot of fruit and have to like cook new recipes and it’s super cute
    • and they exercise and are healthy and in love and i just……. i…….
    • victor and yuuri spotting each other at the gym when they work out
    • victor and yuuri helping each other stretch
    • they have matching 2 liter water bottles 
    • their water bottles are legit the same so they always forget whose is whose
    • ‘that’s gross’ yurio says as victor accidentally drinks from both

Villain  — Darth Vader

The Emperor has sent an alternative solution.

We are not Kings, We're the Challengers!
Miyuki Kazuya: Takahiro Sakurai
We are not Kings, We're the Challengers!

Who’s shed the most sweat?
Shed the most tears?
Are you ready for the fight?
Bearing pride in our hearts, we’re after the national crown!


“You went from helping the helpless to hunting down the guilty. Blood vengeance is a luxury of the lesser being. You’re a champion, Angel. I mean… you were, at least.”
“What do you want me to tell you?”
“Everything. What’s in your heart, why you stopped caring. You know, the whole ball of wax, so I can help you get back on your path.”


Darkling, listen.


Here is some underrated talent for you all.