the voice of the voiceless

Chrisette Michele...

She’s supposed to be performing for Donald Trump’s inauguration…

It isn’t specified where yet but her explanation:

“My heart is broken for our country, for the hopes of our children, for the fights of those who came before us.

I cry at the thought that Black History, American History might be in vain.

This country has had great moments. God has shined His light upon us.

Today, I hope that Great Moments begin in peaceful & progressive conversation. I am willing to be a bridge. I don’t mind “These Stones”, if they allow me to be a voice for the voiceless.

I am here.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “Our lives begin to end, the day we become silent about what matters,”.

I am here, representing you, because this is what matters.”


For the young ones, for the hungry ones, for the lonely and ostracized, the unjustly harmed, arrested and killed - I will find ways. I will give rides, I will walk you to your abortion, I will use my platform and my voice to speak, yell and sing for you, until I am voiceless. I will rally everyone I meet to support you. You are not forgotten, my people, you will never be, we will come together and form a human safety net. We will have each other’s backs now in this coming time of tyranny. We are a force of resistant love. We are here. (at Eagle Rock, Los Angeles)

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I keep seeing articles saying that Trump won because he connected with a demographic who have been left behind by politics and feel disaffected. No. That pisses me off. You don’t get to do that. The person most likely to vote for Trump is a white, straight, Christian male earning between $50,000 and $99,000 a year. They are not disaffected. They have not been left behind. Almost every historical political decision has been made for their benefit. What’s happened here is this group have had to give up their supremacy to make room for women, PoC and LGBTQA groups fighting for their rights and they’re angry they aren’t the priority anymore. Don’t act like Trump gave a voice to the voiceless; he gave a voice to whiny, privileged people who can’t stand “inferior” groups having equal standing if it means making room for other people.

So everyone is all about being the voices of the voiceless.

Animal rights are a big deal to a lot of people. They speak up about animal cruelty and the killing of animals. Most people support this cause and agree with it.

But what I don’t get is why voiceless animals are more important than a small voiceless unborn baby. It is alive from conception and has a future. That baby could do great things when it gets older. I really don’t understand why not eating meat is more important than the protection of a human embryo. Like, I don’t care if you, reader, are pro-choice or not. Think about this. People care more about protecting animals than protecting our own species. And don’t try that “it’s not human” argument. If it isn’t a human, what is it? It’s not a fungus or a cat or a fruit. If you plant a seed and watch it grow, is the sprout not still a plant? Anyway, I digress.

The fact that saving animals’ lives seems to be more important to people compared to saving unborn children who are actual human beings and a part of our species is pretty alarming. Just my opinion.

This new advertisement from Warner Brothers makes me think that they weren’t happy with the idea of fridging Dinah Laurel Lance/Black Canary either. Looks like Guggentroll and Mericlown were all alone in their stupidity.

I was at the store, as always. I was in this room. On January 19, the tension in this room was unbearable. It was hard to breathe in here; it was as if the ceiling were pressing down on us. We were all feeling very bleak. I’d had this terrible headache, so we’d turned off the television. So anyway, one of the boys came in. He opened the door. I was on my feet at that moment; I was right next to the door.

Brother, have you heard the news?, he said.

Heard what?, I asked.

What they just said on television, he said.

Man, what are you talking about? Go and get this damn thing turned on.

There was a newsfeed running along the bottom of the screen. Something about an assassination attempt. I remember thinking something like, Damn it, someone’s shot him in the leg. That won’t be enough to bring him down, a giant of a man like him.

I ran downstairs and threw myself into a taxi. My head was spinning. I saw that the traffic wasn’t moving, so I jumped out of the taxi. I began to run. It gradually dawned on me that getting shot in the leg wouldn’t cause a traffic jam like this. When I got to the front of Agos, I saw him. There was this big man, lying on the ground…

Yervant (Levent) Dink in “Lying on the Pavement,” from Hrant Dink: An Armenian Voice of the Voiceless in Turkey by Tuba Çandar
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A sore throat is never a fun thing, and being unable to talk is even worse; especially if your name is Dean Winchester.
Left behind at the motel to recover while Sam takes care of their case, Dean is soon hit by utter lethargy, and since he can’t speak to save his life, he resorts to texting in order to ease his restlessness.
Castiel is of course happy to oblige, and things appear to be going smoothly until auto correct decides to put its sticky fingers all over their conversation…

On January 19, I went to our bookstore at around eleven in the morning. During my lunch hour, I read “Fluttering like a Pigeon,” his last column. How hard his words hit me! My heart almost flew up through my throat. I’m going to Agos, I said to myself. Just when I was about to leave, someone came in to see me. All right, I said, we can speak for ten minutes or so, and then I’m going out.

The meeting lasted longer than I expected. At one or two minutes after three o’clock, a call came through. A voice was saying, “They’ve shot Baron Hrant!” I remember dropping the phone onto the floor at that moment. Nothing else…just darkness.

The screams brought me back to myself. I stood up. I didn’t ask anyone anything. I ran all the way down from the fifth floor. One sentence kept ringing in my ears: “They’ve shot him.” I was going straight to Agos to save him. I jumped into a taxi. I told the driver to take me to Osmanbey. He took the coastal road. On the way, I asked the driver to turn on the radio, and that was when…that was when I heard he was dead.

I must have punched the driver, punched the doors. The traffic was terrible. Nothing was moving on the roads. I must have gotten out at Kasımpaşa or somewhere near Bilgi University. From there, I ran all the way to Agos. All the way to that pavement…

Hosrof (Orhan) Dink in “Lying on the Pavement,” from Hrant Dink: An Armenian Voice of the Voiceless in Turkey by Tuba Çandar

Introducing, the secondary iconic diva, Myr’ayne Tal’trissa

Name: Myr’ayne Tal’trissa
Aliases/Titles: Voice of the Voiceless, Myr
Age: 120
Gender & Pronouns: Female || She/They
Orientation: Panromantic Polyamorous Pansexual
Class: Bard, Diva Archetype
Race: Drow
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Height: 6’3’’
Weight: 140 lbs

Appearance:  Like most drow, Myr’ayne’s skin is dark, her long white hair in striking contrast. Generally kept up with the use of a clip, Myr’ayne’s hair appears to reach the middle of her back, reaching just past her butt without. Her bangs hang to the sides of her face. Her face is heart-shaped, with bright, round eyes, light purple in hue. Her nose is Greek in shape,  perfectly straight and marked by narrow nostrils. Her lips are thick, the ends tilted slightly downwards, giving her a pouty appearance. She tends to accentuate them with bright colored lipsticks. 

 Her height is displaced evenly between her torso and legs, and her body is pear shaped. She favors thick skirts, pairing them with flowing tops that tend to rest off of her shoulders. She wears thick walking boots, black in color.

 Myr’ayne usually wears a few bracelets and necklaces, and her most notable accessory is her brooch. She also wears various accessories upon her head, like simple jeweled crowns and clips.

 She tends to favor blues and greens, and darker colors.

Pets: A black and white kitten named Or’eo

Notable/Other Items: Myr’ayne’s most notable item is an ornate, flower shaped brooch that stands in contrast to her thick, usually black cloaks and coats. She carries no instruments, relying solely on the strength of her powerful voice.

Bio: Myr’ayne’s background is well known to the public. Born to a favored slave family of the Freghym clan, she was the designated protector twin of a certain noble daughter that was heir to the family name. Treated like garbage by her twin, she was raised learning to sing and dance like any other Freghym child, and was given similar treatment. 

 But the way Phyr’ssyn’s mother regarded her was hardly similar. It was very clear that she only had Myr’ayne adopted to one day die for- or at the hands of- Phyr’ssyn.

 She was never expected to live into adulthood.

 One day, Phyr’ssyn did try to end Myr’ayne’s life, but her spell fell short. Myr’ayne took the opportunity to flee. She ran away to the surface, retaking her family’s surname, and vowed to one day return, and free her family and the other slaves in the Darklands. She made a name for herself singing in surface taverns, and speaking against wrongdoings on the surface. She became heralded as a voice for the voiceless, and was held in high regard by many.

 Quickly accumulating a strong following, she currently waits for the right kind of group of fighters to help her free her people. 

Clark Kent’s Twitter Going by Fandom: Corn, Tractors, Farming

Clark Kent’s Twitter Going by BvS UC: “16 yr old trans girl killed by Metropolis PD” “third such killing in the past two months” “THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE” “my fellow journalists we have a responsibility here (1/)” “police will try to justify, we cannot take their (2/)” “word we must question their account, our job to question those in power (3/)” “and give voice to the voiceless too many lost and no accountability! #BLM”

lilietsblog replied to your post “(that horrifying “hey guys, did you know? the suffering ends NOW”…”

your professor is weird. we have an oral practice class for English (as future teachers) and while we are meant to just, you know, practice speaking english, the first several lessons were on public speaking and were very specific about where to put your arms, where to look, how to modulate your voice etc. like no assumptions just straight up ‘you probably arent perfect at this yet’ which was not wrong for anyone neurotypical or not. so :\ @ your prof

quite frankly my professor is full of it and always assumes she knows what’s going on in her students’ heads

today she shared this big revelation with us, on how everybody’s trouble with the “th” sounds actually just stems from the fact that they don’t know that there are two of them - voiced and voiceless - which? might be true for some people? i guess?

but most speakers’ tendencies would suggest otherwise? we consistently replace the voiced ‘th’ with ‘d’ and the unvoiced one with ‘f’, clearly we know there’s a difference? it’s not a theoretical fault, dental fricatives are just hard to produce when you don’t have them in your native language and already got used to your compensation strategies

Okay I totally get Nesta being this cold being and she’s totally badass and yada yada. To be honest my little sister is a lot like Nesta but with a bit lighter demeanor. So does my mother.

So I’m just gonna say; I’m ready for cold, closed-hearted Nesta to not find someone but find herself as a Fae. Find her power. Find her voice in a previously voiceless world. Find her mate even when she’s ready.

I am ready for Nesta to fight WITH and FOR Feyre and Elaine. I’m ready to see Nesta wield one of the stones to enhance her power with Cassian and Azriel. I want to see Nesta just be shocked by Mor and Amren. I am ready for Nesta to unleash her rage and power and her Queen Like presence and fucking dethrone Hybern. I’m ready for her to keep her promise as she sank into the Cauldron.

I am so ready for Nesta the Fae.

anonymous asked:

Tupac didn't win a Grammy either. Those vapid little white chicks need to understand that no one is going to look back and think of Taylor Swift as a prolific musician whose songs derived a generation and gave a voice to the voiceless or revolutionized how music was made. She's a whiney, vapid white girl whose biggest "challenge" in life has been what mean things people have said about her privileged ass.

And boys who have done her wrong.

writing a poem
then getting up to piss
in the warmth of dark
while the feet are still cold,
realizing that I’ll die for
a singer one day, 

it’s a need possessing
all poetry, untimely usually,
the way a voice cuts through
dark as the boys shooting fireworks
off in alleys,

you do not need stanzas
verses or lines of writings,

but the crude dances voices
can make in the dark,

so the voiceless can
never be your companion