the voice of our generation apparently

Young, Dumb and Full of (You Know)

Rating: T
Summary: Griffin wants to try out the ‘punk lifestyle’ and Nick, well, he tries his best to go along with it.
Notes: Happy Birthday, Scarykin!
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“So, I was thinkin’,” Griffin said, pulling a bag out from under Nick’s
bed. “We should have some fun tonight! Get a little… you know…

“mm…hm….” Nick hummed slowly, watching his boyfriend with a strange
precision. Something about this didn’t… bode well. Griffin
dumped the contents of the bag onto his bed, which all looked suspiciously
like a pile of… clothes?

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Here's the thing

I don’t like Taylor.
I haven’t liked her since her over dramatic ass released Tim McGraw. Which btw came out in 2006… a whole 4 years before 1D was formed and 7 years before I was aware of them.

Because I am a white female, people apparently think I like her or that I have to like her. Guess what? No the fuck I don’t. And no… it’s not because she dated Harry styles for 4 months.

I just flat out don’t like her. And I don’t need to justify myself to anyone. It’s ridiculous that when I tell people I don’t like her I get “why cuz she dated Harry?” Or “OMG but she’s so good! She’s the voice of our generation!”

Fucking spare me.

So no I do not care about her new album. I don’t care about any of her old ones. And I really would love to stop seeing people busting their nut over her 13 second silent videos of a snake jumping at the camera.