the voice of lee pace


Lee Pace rule of manliness:

“Any male subject who stands next to Lee Pace instantly loses 79.4% of his manliness. If Lee Pace starts talking, male subject next to him starts losing his manliness at the speed of light.”

The great Thranduil

I must’ve rephrased this post about 3 fucking times before I realized that I just wanted to write about Thranduil. So yeah, here he is. 

Thranduil is one of those rarities of a fixation that lasts longer than a few months. He was also a major milestone in that he was the first crush I ever developed on a live action character played by an actor–and this does not extend to the actor. Lee Pace is not Thranduil. Lee Pace portrays Thranduil and gives a face and a voice to a character who previously only existed in words. But Lee Pace is Lee Pace, and Thranduil is Thranduil. 

Last summer was the Summer of Thranduil just as much as it was the Summer of Skyrim. I remember spending an entire 45 minute car ride watching the first half of this video on repeat, smiling the entire time. I would spend all day looking over pictures of him on Google. My main blog had its Thranduil tag added and I followed the hell out of blogs that posted a lot of him. Back then the Battle of the Five Armies hadn’t come out yet so the only way to listen to that serenely powerful voice I loved so much was to listen to clips like this on repeat, over and over. “I AM PATIENT, I CAN WAIT” became a very commonly-used script. I had that entire speech memorized for some time (unfortunately I seem to have un-learned it). I tried to copy his facial expressions, which unfortunately do not look as good on me as they do on him. Everything was Thranduil. Pictures of Thranduil. Videos of Thranduil. Thranduil on my phone. Carrying around a Hobbit movie companion book from the library, open on one specific page. Talking about Thranduil–”Have you ever seen The Hobbit movies? Isn’t Thranduil MAGNIFICENT? You know Thranduil, right? The elvenking? Well, he is just PERFECT in every way! Isn’t he BEAUTIFUL? He’s just AMAZING!” Desolation of Smaug clips on repeat for 25 minutes before bed. My soulbonds kissing me goodnight and saying, “Dream of Thranduil” knowing that any anxieties or insomnia would be instantly alleviated by thoughts of the magnficent elvenking. I dreamt of Thranduil a whole lot. I still do. I keep scrolling up to look at his face in that picture I just posted.

Thranduil gave me a chance to explore my own preferences for the first time–after all, if no other live-action character was attractive, there had to be something about him that made him attractive. There is, and let me tell you now that if you’ve ever complained about unrealistic beauty standards, you’d very quickly put that into perspective if you ever knew mine. My beauty standards aren’t unrealistic. Thranduil is every last one of them all together at once, personfied. Thranduil is not of this world, and never will be. My standards of attractiveness are impossible on this plane of existence. Not simply unrealistic, but downright impossible.

But there will always be Thranduil. And Thranduil is yet another of the many, many things I can associate with the word “happiness” in my mind.