the voice of lee pace


Lee Pace rule of manliness:

“Any male subject who stands next to Lee Pace instantly loses 79.4% of his manliness. If Lee Pace starts talking, male subject next to him starts losing his manliness at the speed of light.”

anonymous asked:

I just need to put out a mega PSA to anyone who got video if Dan's super cute voice crack at the summerfest show. It was honestly the highlight of my night! Lol

ohhhh my god anyone who got this please…… grown men voice cracks r adorable lee pace was like sick i think in the filming of ep4 HACF this season and his voice kept breakin it was so cute i wante d to tackle him with cuddles

@ anyone who was at summerfest……… please……. (anon what song was it in omg)

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Why don’t you post a “how to submit confessions" thing and let us reblog it for you? :)

I made a rebloggable post with a picture showing where the ask and submit buttons are. It can be found on my ‘the voice of lee pace’ blog. I’ll reblog it a couple time to get the word out. Also I think I’ll make a note of it in the descriptions section of my confessions blog. Thank you and everyone one else for being so helpful. ☼