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Eoghan brings back Coaches Mean Tweets & Then attempts to Rugby Tackle Bressie!  

RWBY Characters + Their Voice Actors’ fitting Tweets Pt. 2
(I want you all to know I tried really hard to find a more out-of-context tweet for Sam Ireland, but she’s literally always like this. god bless)


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Cosmic Force - Bucky Barnes

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Prompt: Bucky x Reader fic where they meet because of Kobik. Something cute.

A/N: Just a little present. Earth 616 inspired ♥


You knew today wouldn’t be a good day, but you didn’t think things would turn out like this. You shouldn’t be here, but unfortunately, you had to pay the bills. But if things went on as they were, soon there would be no one and no reason to pay those bills. Crouched against the remaining piece of a wall, you tried to catch your breath. You had all the preparation of a researcher and scientist, had already participated in several field trips, including one in the space that required so much of the human body. But nothing came close to what you were experiencing right now. With so many inhuman, mutants and people full of technology, it had to be damn bloodthirsty aliens. It looked like you were in the Alien film and you didn’t know if you should pray for Ellen Ripley to show up or not. Holding your radio tightly, you tried in vain to communicate with your team. Damn lab machines. No source of intense energy was worth your life. The sound of gunfire and explosions amid the strange sounds of the aliens did you come back to reality.

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AsaKiku #1
  • England: I don't like him, okay!
  • Scotland: And I suppose that's why you were blushing when he was around?
  • England: I had a fever! I don't like him!
  • Ireland: And I suppose that's why you started watching anime?
  • England: I-it was a dare from America and Japan!
  • Scotland: And that's why you always go to Japan?
  • England: That's because he's sane and not overbearing like the lot of you are!
  • Sealand: And that's why you were talking about him in a dreamy voice?
  • Scotland and Ireland: Wait, for real?
  • Sealand: Yep! He didn't pay attention to me, and started raving about him.
  • England: Wait, how? And-And-And you must have misheard, it was about someone else!
  • Ireland: Who?
  • England: It was... it was... Oh, screw you guys, I'm going to Japa- to somewhere else!
  • Scotland: We were wrong you don't like him.
  • England: About time you realized!
  • Scotland: No, you LOVE him!
  • England: Ahh! You stupid piece of *censored*!
Irresistible ( Part 3 )

Not much to say in this author’s note so I’ll just get down to the nitty gritty!

Please let me know what you all think! It helps me out and fills me with determination!

I also apologize that this chapter is a little shorter than I wanted but it seemed like a good stopping point for this chapter.

Okay let’s go!

Song(s) while writing this: Emperor’s new clothes by P!ATD, PonPonPon English Cover by rockleetist, and Into the Night by Santana(this one is important)

( Y/N) = Your name

( V/G) = Video Game


There you sat on the couch, holding your head.

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If Dylan didn't choke on his own blood and somehow survived his gunshot wound, what brain damage do you think he would have?

Severe to brain dead. A primary part of Dylan death was the actual gunshot wound which exited his skull on the other side of his head. After that occured it started the secondary result of blood flooding his airways and without the brain functioning properly, the rest of his involuntary vitals could not sustain properly. The respiratory system couldn’t regulate oxygen properly, on top of that fact that it was being flooded by blood, and also his heart couldn’t maintain pumping on it’s own. It was a system failure shotdown as a result of the gunshot wound. When Patrick Ireland overheard some male voice coughing, Dylan was not in a present state-of-mind voluntarily coughing up blood. It was Dylan’s body’s feeble, involuntary body response to purge blood from it’s airways almost like one last strangled gasp for air. A death rattle cough. See autopsy report findings here as for the two contributing factors of his death.

History of AmazingPhil and friends

This is a timeline of the career of AmazingPhil and his YouTube colleagues. I spent about 6 hours doing research and checking the validity, so it should be pretty accurate, including the dates. Most of the information on here is first hand (from the Youtuber them self). However, some information is second or third hand, so it may not be completely reliable, especially when it comes to relationships. Anyway, here it is:

???? - Phil starts a blog/service on MySpace where he offers advice on photo editing and talks about his life.

27th March 2006 - Phil wins a black and white disposable camera in a box of cornflakes, and makes his first video on his new Youtube channel AmazingPhil. He mentions his blog, and talks about the things he has been doing recently, such as going on holiday to California. After this he continues making small videos and skits with his university friends.

21st August 2006 - Chris Kendall joins YouTube under the name of Crabstickz

August 2007 - Stephen Byrne starts making comedy videos on YouTube under the name of 3sixty5days.

5th October 2007 - PJ Liguori joins YouTube under the name of KickThePJ

14th June 2008 - Charlie Casey joins youtube as CharlieSkies.

15th September 2008 - the series ‘ApartmentRED’ begins on Youtube and TV with a friend of Phil’s, Stephen, playing himself. Stephen appears in some of Phil’s videos and the two are rumoured to have been dating around that time, although it is quite unlikely that this is true.

16th January 2009 - Phil creates a collaborative Youtube channel with Charlie Casey (aka CharlieSkies) called Pabloislove. They form a close bond and although it was never confirmed by Phil, Charlie claims that they dated.

10th March 2009 - Pabloislove is discontinued and the only means by which Charlie and Phil openly communicate is via Twitter. It was supposedly due to an unexplained argument between the two, so it is probably safe to assume that they broke up at this point.

15th April 2009 - Musician, actor and artist PJ Liguori (aka KickThePJ) appears on the ApartmentRED. Phil meets PJ through Stephen and they become friends. PJ’s friend, Chris Kendall (aka CrabStickz) also befriends Phil.

June 2009 - Stephen Byrne and Charlie Casey start dating. Charlie posts about getting together with Stephen on Twitter. Sources close to both Stephen and Charlie say that the relationship was abusive, with Charlie often hurting Stephen. He ignored him, manipulated, and insulted him, leading to arguments, which lead to violence from Charlie.

June 2009 - Phil notices his devoted fan, Dan Howell. They discover they have a lot in common and become internet friends.

16th October 2009 - Dan creates a new Youtube channel named Danisnotonfire

24th October 2009 - Phil meets up with Dan in Manchester whilst his parents are away and Dan stays for the weekend with Phil.

25th October 2009 - Dan and Phil upload their first video together called 'Phil Is Not on Fire’ .

5th November 2009 - The producers of ApartmentRED take notice of Phil’s growing channel and with the help of Stephen, they let Phil join the cast of the show.

February 2010 - Stephen becomes the main presenter for the TV show TwoTube.

July 2010 - Stephen leaves ApartmentRED.

September 2010 - Stephen joins the presenting team for the TV show The Rumour Room.

7th May 2011 - ApartmentRED is discontinued.

September 2011 - Stephen starts presenting a show called Juice.

17th October 2011 - Dan and Phil create a channel with My Damn Channel called the SuperAmazingProject.

January 2013 - Dan and Phil get a show on Radio 1.

January 2013 - Stephen joins the presenting team of The Voice of Ireland.

16th February 2013 - Dan hits 1 million subscribers.

June 2013 - Charlie punches Stephen in the face, breaking his nose. They break up. Some sources say that this was triggered by Stephen cheating on Charlie, others disagree, saying that it was just part of the abuse that was commonly involved in the relationship.

June 2013 - Charlie starts sending abusive tweets to Dan, even though they have been good friends up to this point.

6th July 2013 - Phil hits 1 million subscribers.

24th October 2013 - Crabstickz leaves YouTube.

24th May 2014 - Crabstickz makes a comeback on YouTube.

21st August 2014 - CharlieSkies uploads a video to his channel, but hasn’t posted since then.

29th August 2014 - Phil hits 2 million subscribers.

11th September 2014 - the Dan and Phil show on Radio 1 is discontinued and replaced with the Internet Takeover.

12th September 2014 - Dan and Phil create a gaming channel: DanandPhilGAMES.

1st October 2014 - Dan and Phil officially leave the Super Amazing Project.

7th February 2015 - Dan hits 4 million subscribers.

This is the timeline up to now, 2015. If there are any mistakes that you spot, please let me know and I will alter them. Thanks.


ION TV chatted to the vertically gifted Bressie, Judge on The Voice of Ireland and ex-Blizzard frontman about his dreams of a sock empire, “borrowing” suits for glitzy nights and loads of other craic!

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you make me ship nessie although I have no idea who bressie exactly is

Whoops? *not at all remorseful*

I actually had someone ask me about Bressie earlier today, so I checked my outbox and retrieved the answer for you:

Bressie’s full name is Niall Breslin.  He’s from Niall’s hometown of Mullingar and I think he used to be a professional rugby or Gaelic football player.  I’ve never quite been able to figure out which.  After he stopped playing, he was the singer in a band called the Blizzards, then eventually the band split up and he went solo with some success.  He’s also a judge on the Voice of Ireland.

Bressie was living in London when Niall moved there, so Bressie told Niall’s dad that if Niall ever needed any help, Niall should come to him.  Apparently Niall just showed up on his doorstep one night with a guitar that had a broken string and then spent the whole evening there getting Bressie to play and teach him songs.

I think Bressie introduced Niall to the rest of the LIC (London Irish Crew- Irish people living in London), including Laura Whitmore and Eoghan McDermott. When Bressie was still living in London, they used to go out as a group all the time, and Niall’s good friends with everyone else now, so even though Bressie is back in Ireland, they’re still a close group.  

Bressie is rather protective of Niall since Niall is younger and smaller. Bressie is in his 30′s I’d guess (yep, I checked it, 34) and is really built because he’s obviously a really good athlete.  He gets mistaken as Niall’s security when they’re out together and he doesn’t mind the misunderstanding one bit.  

He’s also kind of dedicated himself to making sure Niall stays grounded.  I don’t think Niall needs help with that, but it’s good that it’s something his friends value.  Bressie and the LIC are always on Niall’s side and they’ll speak up to defend him and the group if necessary, but they’d never say a bad word about him to the press or in public at all.

Bressie also suffers from anxiety, depression, and panic attacks, so he’s taken on a role as an advocate.  He’s got his own stuff basically under control, but he’s very vocal about how “manly” men should be open with their emotions and shouldn’t feel pressured by their image into thinking they can’t struggle and need help.  I imagine he’s a good influence on Niall with Niall’s own anxiety.  At least he’s someone that Niall knows he can talk to and be understood by.

There was a sort of scandal around Christmas when Niall, Bressie, and Eoghan were hanging out in a bar in Ireland.  When Bressie left for the bathroom, he left his phone on the table and Eoghan tweeted something that was thoughtless on it as a prank.  Pretending to be Bressie, he said that lately he’d been exploring his sexuality.  He didn’t mean any harm and I really don’t think Eoghan meant it to be homophobic.  If the world treated everyone nicely, then what he said wouldn’t have been a problem I think.  

The joke was the irony of tweeting something from Bressie’s phone that wasn’t true, not that Bressie being bi would have been insulting or funny.  I don’t think he took into account that the world doesn’t treat everyone nicely and so the topic is a sensitive one.  Niall also ended up caught in the crossfire, but I personally think it’s unlikely he was very involved.  The way the tweet was written had Eoghan all over it and when Bressie addressed the issue later, he only mentioned Eoghan.

Anyway, Bressie’s first response when he saw the tweet was “schoolboy error”. What he was referring to was leaving his phone unguarded, but people took it to mean that he was offended by the content of the tweet.  What I was impressed by during this was Bressie’s response afterwards.  He apologized sincerely, explained himself well, and was very mature when responding to people who were angry at him on Twitter.

So yeah, Bressie is sort of like Niall’s mentor+friend and he’s just a really amazing guy.

  • If you don’t know about Bressie and Nessie, this is essential listening.  
  • This is another time Bressie talked about Niall.  
  • Another one where Bressie is defending Niall in the press (for something Niall shouldn’t even have to defend really).
  • This is a helpful Niall LIC masterpost that gives the basics.
  • These are my pics that I’ve got saved of Niall with the LIC.
  • This is my favorite Blizzards song I’ve listened to and his solo stuff isn’t always my style, but I like this one.
  • This is Bressie mentioned on Niall’s Twitter and Niall on Bressie’s.  For good measure, Eoghan on Niall’s and Niall on Eoghan’s.  Eoghan is *cough* a bit less mature than Bressie, but he’s a very good egg overall. 
  • This is the AO3 tag for Nessie.  The really good longer series that are finished start with this first part and this first part. You can also find some stuff that’s not on AO3 here.  This is a blog that has a Nessie fic rec section.  I am in eternal agony that there’s no Niall/Eoghan fic.  How is there NO Niall/Eogan fic?
  • You can also watch The Voice of Ireland to get a sense of Bressie’s (and Eoghan’s) personalities.  I watched a few seasons since I like The Voice anyway.

So, um, when I say I only know a little bit about the boys’ friends, Bressie is kind of the one exception to that.  I still don’t know too much about him that doesn’t deal with Niall, but I’ve got their interactions pretty much covered.

Hail Caesar - Caesar and Me, The Twilight Zone, Season 5, Episode 8, 1964

Opening Narration:

Jonathan West, ventriloquist, a master of voice manipulation. A man late of Ireland, with a talent for putting words into other people’s mouths. In this case, the other person is a dummy, aptly named Caesar, a small splinter with large ideas, a wooden tyrant with a mind and a voice of his own, who is about to talk Jonathan West into the Twilight Zone.

herstrionics  asked:

narry 39 ;) :*

2.5k, canon compliant light angst warning for things you forgot to say

Niall gets the phone call while he’s stood in line waiting to get through customs in Heathrow. He’s got four solid black guitar cases, a couple of mics, and his in-ear kit with him, and the line is taking absolutely ages. Usually accepting unknown phone numbers is a big no-no, but this is his work phone, and if he doesn’t talk to someone soon, he’s going to go mental and land himself on the no-fly list for sure. 

“Hi,” he hears, a slow, drawling voice. Niall actually stops dead with his messenger bag slung suffocatingly across his chest and his glasses sliding down the bridge of his nose. “Hello?” 

“Hey,” Niall answers finally. He shakes his head. “Hello, how are you?” 

Harry laughs. It sounds different than it used to, Niall notices. At least he remembers the way it used to be. “We’re not doing an interview, mate, relax.” He deepens his voice and follows up with, “Though I suppose we could. How are you doing, Niall Horan? Where are you at, you globetrotting superstar?” 

Niall says, “Fuck off,” mainly on instinct, and is relieved when Harry just laughs again. 

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A daughter of a King of Ireland, heard
A voice singing on a May Eve like this,
And followed half awake and half asleep,
Until she came into the Land of Faery,
Where nobody gets old and godly and grave,
Where nobody gets old and crafty and wise,
Where nobody gets old and bitter of tongue.
And she is still there, busied with a dance
Deep in the dewy shadow of a wood,
Or where stars walk upon a mountain-top
—  W.B.Yeats

Patrick Ireland (Junior)

Pat Ireland pointed out that he absolutely had no idea how long it took to crawl from his original position to the window where he eventually escaped the library.

When asked to describe what occurred when he arrived at the window, Pat Ireland stated that he remembered seeing a “blue” chair which was facing east. Pat Ireland stated that he used the south side of the chair to pull himself up onto the window ledge.

Pat Ireland reported that once he was able to pull himself up onto the window ledge he then “swept glass away” in effort to clear a path to crawl over. 

Pat Ireland stated his next recollection occurred as he started to position himself on the window ledge. Pat Ireland stated that it was at that point he began to hear “screaming.” Pat Ireland initially stated that he did not remember what was initially being yelled but later heard someone telling him to “stay.” Pat Ireland reported to the IO he was very “confused” at that point adding “I can’t see who’s yelling at me.”

Pat Ireland stated moments later he then heard a voice yelling up to him it was “okay to jump.” Pat Ireland explained he next “leaned out the window.” Pat Ireland told the IO he did not recall being caught or placed down onto the roof of the truck. According to Pat Ireland he had no recollection of dropping out of the library window. Pat Ireland explained that after leaning out of the window of the library his next recollection was when he was being spoken to by emergency care personal. Pat Ireland related he remembered trying to tell emergency workers his name pointing out he believed he was responding to questions regarding contact information as it pertained to his father. Pat Ireland stated he believed that activity was occurring while inside an ambulance.  


((Okay, things to keep in mind before reading this. I WAS FUCKING 12 when I wrote this piece of shit. Don’t judge me, I am a different person now. I cringed the whole time I was encoding it. Please enjoy my pre-pubescent disgrace. I’ll be in my backyard getting ready to burn my computer. ))

Treat or Threat
Scotland x England

England froze on the doorstep, this was the dangerous territory of his brothers. He opened the door, not bothering to knock since he was ready for them attack tackle him anytime. He’s ready to get hurt by them. He went inside and gasped at what he saw. Everyone, even the fiery Ireland was seated on the couches, talking. The moment he was inside, everyone’s head turned to look at him like he was some kind of celebrity. Are they all discussing how to beat him up?

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