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Eoghan brings back Coaches Mean Tweets & Then attempts to Rugby Tackle Bressie!  

RWBY Characters + Their Voice Actors’ fitting Tweets Pt. 2
(I want you all to know I tried really hard to find a more out-of-context tweet for Sam Ireland, but she’s literally always like this. god bless)


[Part 1] [More of this nonsense]

AsaKiku #1
  • England: I don't like him, okay!
  • Scotland: And I suppose that's why you were blushing when he was around?
  • England: I had a fever! I don't like him!
  • Ireland: And I suppose that's why you started watching anime?
  • England: I-it was a dare from America and Japan!
  • Scotland: And that's why you always go to Japan?
  • England: That's because he's sane and not overbearing like the lot of you are!
  • Sealand: And that's why you were talking about him in a dreamy voice?
  • Scotland and Ireland: Wait, for real?
  • Sealand: Yep! He didn't pay attention to me, and started raving about him.
  • England: Wait, how? And-And-And you must have misheard, it was about someone else!
  • Ireland: Who?
  • England: It was... it was... Oh, screw you guys, I'm going to Japa- to somewhere else!
  • Scotland: We were wrong you don't like him.
  • England: About time you realized!
  • Scotland: No, you LOVE him!
  • England: Ahh! You stupid piece of *censored*!


Tipped as one of the favourites so far, Blanche is representing Belgium in Semi-Final 1 at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. This is almost certain to get through to the final, so we’ll skip to the good bit - the opinions.

Definitely in possession of one of the most unique voices of this year’s contest (conspiracy theories abound that her and Brendan of Ireland have switched voices), the song itself throws up a problem. Namely, how on earth is it going to be staged?

While nothing will ever match the spectacle that was Loic in 2015, it’ll take something special to jazz this one up a bit for the live performances.

Our rating: 7.5/10


ION TV chatted to the vertically gifted Bressie, Judge on The Voice of Ireland and ex-Blizzard frontman about his dreams of a sock empire, “borrowing” suits for glitzy nights and loads of other craic!

Irresistible ( Part 3 )

Not much to say in this author’s note so I’ll just get down to the nitty gritty!

Please let me know what you all think! It helps me out and fills me with determination!

I also apologize that this chapter is a little shorter than I wanted but it seemed like a good stopping point for this chapter.

Okay let’s go!

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There you sat on the couch, holding your head.

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Hail Caesar - Caesar and Me, The Twilight Zone, Season 5, Episode 8, 1964

Opening Narration:

Jonathan West, ventriloquist, a master of voice manipulation. A man late of Ireland, with a talent for putting words into other people’s mouths. In this case, the other person is a dummy, aptly named Caesar, a small splinter with large ideas, a wooden tyrant with a mind and a voice of his own, who is about to talk Jonathan West into the Twilight Zone.

A daughter of a King of Ireland, heard
A voice singing on a May Eve like this,
And followed half awake and half asleep,
Until she came into the Land of Faery,
Where nobody gets old and godly and grave,
Where nobody gets old and crafty and wise,
Where nobody gets old and bitter of tongue.
And she is still there, busied with a dance
Deep in the dewy shadow of a wood,
Or where stars walk upon a mountain-top
—  W.B.Yeats

Isolde. William Gale (British, 1823-1909). Oil on canvas. 

The legend of Tristan and Isolde (Tristram and Iseult) takes place during the Middle Ages, when knighthood and the chivalric code prevailed. On board ship from Ireland to Cornwall, a sailor’s voice resounds from the rigging. His song about an Irish girl annoys the fiery Isolde, who is being taken by Tristan as bride for his uncle, King Marke.