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Called It

A YouTuber AU SnowBaz fanfic for the Carry On Countdown


Simon Snow’s first YouTube video is one of my favourites.  It’s as painfully awkward as any other YouTuber’s first video.  He sits up too straight in his chair, he smiles and laughs too mechanically, and the film quality itself is poor, with half of his words lost to shoddy editing. Yet despite all this, it’s adorable.

           And of course, it’s the origin of the biggest OTP on YouTube, SnowBaz.

           “Hi guys,” Simon waves at the camera, his hand going all pixelated at the movement.  “Welcome to the first video on my channel!”  He’s inserted a sound effect of people cheering.  I have to laugh.  It’s so damn cringe-worthy.

           He goes on for a few moments, trying to make jokes and jump-cuts that work, when finally, it’s everyone’s favourite part.

           “What are you doing, Snow?” comes a voice from off-camera.  My heart turns to mush.


           Simon’s new flatmate, or at least he was new at this point.

           “Making my first YouTube video,” Simon grins up at someone behind the camera.  “Come say hi!”

           “-bleep- no.”

           Even the censor sounds old, like it was stolen from the year 2007.

           Simon looks a bit panicked, like he’s realizing that he’ll have to edit out the swear word.  A door slams somewhere out of the shot.

           “That’s my new flatmate,” he tells us.  “His name is Baz.  He’s kind of a prat.”

           “Just you wait,” I whisper at my computer screen. “Just you wait.”


           Simon and Baz do not get along.  At all.

           That much is clear from the first video, but it become increasingly obvious as Simon posts more frequently.  He often films in the living room, which drives Baz insane.

           “Why don’t you film in your own room?” he says, audibly annoyed.

           “The lighting in there is terrible,” Simon protests.

           “Well, I’d like to be able to walk around my own flat, if you don’t mind.”

           “Go ahead, no one’s stopping you,” Simon shrugs. “Besides, the viewers keep saying they want to see you.”

           “Well, who wouldn’t?”

           Good old Baz.  Sarcastic and full of himself.  They don’t appear to realize it, but the two of them balance each other out perfectly.

           Little by little, Baz begins to make his mark on Simon’s channel.  At first we only hear him from off-screen, offering his two bits about nearly everything Simon has to say.  Many of his comments are admittedly quite mean and uncalled for, but Simon never edits them out.  Baz is the invisible heckler.  Viewers begin to latch onto this weird relationship of apparent hatred and, as YouTube viewers are wont to do, turn it into a new ship.  “SnowBaz” they call it, and before long the comment sections on all of Simon’s videos are full of things like “I ship it” and “OTP”.

           I try not to fall victim to this shipping trend myself.  It feels insensitive to me, shipping real live people that I’ve never even met like they’re objects of sorts.  But even I can’t deny that the two of them would be cute together.  Provided they stop hating each other.

           Then Baz appears onscreen for the first time.

           He’s on the couch in the background, facing away from the camera.  All we can see is long black hair.  He only moves when he’s shouting ridicule at Simon’s words.  Once he turns his head further to make himself heard, and we catch a glimpse of the light brown skin of his face.  This time the comments are all “is that Baz?” and “OMG BAZ”.

           After that he starts to appear more often. Sometimes he’s facing the screen, looking down at his phone or a book.  He’s tall, and his hair reaches his shoulders.  The expression on his face goes between concentration and a sneer, that latter of which he reserves for his heckling.  It doesn’t take long for people to start commenting on how attractive he is.  Still Simon leaves all the footage of Baz in his videos, not hiding a single rude comment from his viewers.

           Once, Simon tries to get Baz to join him for a “meet my flatmate” video.  Baz responds simply by flipping Simon off in the background, which Simon has to pixel out. He’s gotten better at editing at this point.

           Sometimes Simon posts daily vlogs on days when he does things that he considers exciting.  The things that Simon finds exciting are too cute for words.  They tend to be little events like going to a coffee shop, things that are almost mundane but for some reason they excite him. He does this thing where he dances when he’s excited.  He’ll bob his head cheerfully as he walks, glad to just be out.  He’s gone to the grocery store with Baz a few times in his vlogs.  Those videos are some of the best ones.  They bicker about everything from which kind of milk to get to who gets to carry the baskets.  Sometimes we can see Baz’s mouth quirk like he’s trying not to laugh, like all this bickering is just a game for him.  Of course, this sends the SnowBaz shippers into a frenzy, the idea that maybe, just maybe, Baz doesn’t hate Simon as much as he lets on.

           But there’s one video on Simon’s channel that is the absolute bread of life for anyone who ships the two of them.  Simon is doing a Q&A, and as usual Baz is sitting and reading in the background.

           “This question is from Twitter,” Simon says, reading off of his phone.  “They ask ‘Are you in love with anyone right now?’”

           And if you look closely, you can see Baz go rigid.

           “Well,” Simon leans in close to the camera, “I have been messaging with someone quite a lot.  I don’t know who the person is, but we’ve gotten really close and I’m starting to think -”

           “Could you keep it down, Snow,” Baz pipes up, his voice tight.  “I’m trying to read over here.”

           Simon doesn’t speak of it any further, but Baz sneaks glances at the back of Simon’s head more than once before the video is over. I don’t know how Simon could have not noticed it.  Certainly every single one of his viewers did, which is to say over a million people. Perhaps love is completely daft.


           When I arrive home from work on a particularly rainy day in October, I am delighted to open my computer and find that Simon is in the middle of a livestream.  Comments flow constantly from the sidebar and I settle in to join the party.  He’s in a different room this time, one with a neatly made bed on which he sits, and I gather that it’s his room.  It looks so clean, but I wonder if there’s a disaster hiding behind the camera.

           Simon leans towards us like he’s trying to read all of the comments and questions as they flood in.  He gets a lot of I love you’s and he grins in response, trying to return as many of them as possible.

           “I’ve got to go soon,” he tells us and I sigh in disappointment, “but I’ll answer a few more questions first.”  He’s quiet for a minute as all the viewers catch up with the stream.  “Here’s one: ‘Did you find out who was messaging you so much?’”  He pauses before answering.  “Funny you should ask, because yes, I did, and that’s a perfect segway into what I wanted to talk about.”  He shifts on his bed.  “I have a bit of an announcement -”

           His door opens behind him, and Baz in all his glory appears in it.

           Comments start flying in of “BAZ” and “OMG”

           “What are you doing?” Baz asks without a hint of a sneer in his voice.

           “Just filming a live show,” Simon tells him. He seems… nervous?

           “A live show, eh?”  Baz strolls over and – wonder of wonders – sits down on the bed next to Simon.  We’ve never seen him this close to the camera, and his eyes are this lovely mix of gray and green.

           We’ve also never seen him this close to Simon before.

           My heart kicks up a notch.  I’ve fallen down the slippery slope and now there’s no denying that I ship it completely.  I grab a pillow to hold to my chest and go into fangirl-mode, overanalysing every inch of their proximity.  With a click I maximize the screen, blocking the other comments from my view.  I want to see every pixel of this.

           “I was just going to make that little announcement,” Simon says, staring at his hands in his lap.

           “Ah,” Baz nods, apparently understanding.  “Go on, then.  Carry on, Simon.”

           Did he –

           Did he just call him Simon?

           He never calls him Simon!

           “I can’t do it if you’re here!” Simon protests.

           Baz gives a shrug.  “Then I’ll tell them.”

           He takes Simon by the collar and kisses him.  

           I scream into my pillow.

           Simon and Baz are kissing, right now, in front of millions of people.

           I can practically hear the collective aneurism that the fangirls are currently having.

           They’re still kissing, and Simon is grinning against Baz’s mouth.  It’s the most genuine smile he’s ever graced the internet with, and it’s not even for us.

           I’m tearing up, I’m so happy for them.

           Baz lets Simon go and turns to smirk at the camera. “That one’s for all you SnowBaz shippers out there.  Don’t think we don’t know.”  He winks. He fucking winks.

           And then he leaves.  

           Simon turns back to the camera, his cheeks red and his lips puffy.  He grins sheepishly.

           “Um, yeah,” he stammers, “that’s what I was gonna tell you about.”

           I tap the comment box.

           pennyforyourthoughts: Called it.

thank you fansies.

thank you for making newsies what it is today.

let’s never forget that we turned a movie about a few 1899 new york newspaper boys, into the global sensation that it is today.

-we convinced disney to turn a box office failure into a regional stage production. making it the most requested stage adaptation of its time.

-we again convinced them to take that small regional show to broadway for a limited run of 101 performances in 12 weeks.

-we showed them that the run deserved to be extended after making it the fastest disney theatrical production to turn a profit – $5 million in just 7 months. ultimately leading to an open ended run.

-with the announcement that the broadway run would come to a close after 1,005 performances in 2 ½ years, we convinced disney to send the production on the road for their first national tour.

-the tour was expected to run for 43 weeks, traveling to 25 cities. but again we showed disney that those newsboys deserved more, and the tour was brought to 65 cities across the US and Canada, performing a total 784 shows over 2 years.

-again, upon the announcement of the tour conclusion, we begged for more, and again disney heard our voice. they responded the announcement of a live capture recording of the show.

-with the original three day theatrical release, the show grossed a total of $3.5 million, making it the second highest grossing theatrical release. following that success, disney announced a fourth encore screening.

-after much support, disney has officially announced a digital release of the live capture for may 23rd!

-thank you newsies for giving us something to believe in, and thank you fansies for carrying the banner and letting this legacy live on once and for all!


a fansie <3


(Jungkook Drabble #2)

a/n: blame the thigh choker and @jungkxook‘s post

W: Smut. Plain and simple smut. Please read with caution.

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Anthony Ramos x reader ~ Red Lipstick {smut}

Warnings: SMUTTT HA!, Papi kink, jealous!Ant, slight choking, swearing probably uhhh that’s it I think

A/N: I apologise in advance for my horrible attempt at smut, even though I haven’t even written it yet HA + my english, since im german lmaooo and sorry that I made everyone wait so long for this I’m a lazy cunt okay BYE


“This is it, I give up.”

Here you were, about to be Maria Reynolds (and Peggy) for the first time after Jasmine left. You could hardly believe what you heard when Lin came in a while ago to inform you about your promotion from being an understudy. But you weren’t the only one who was thrilled to find out. Your ever so supportive boyfriend Anthony, who also happened to have a double role in the play, had been helping you get ready for your big moment, too. And today was your time to shine.

You angrily snapped the top of your red lipstick back onto the little stick of pure evil, removing the product from your lips and started applying it again. You were so concentrated on making sure it was right, that you didn’t notice your boyfriend sneaking into your shared dressing room and sighing when he closed the door.
“Y/N, it looks fine, you gotta be out there in 7 minutes”, he said, slowly walking over to you. He took hold of your hips and started rubbing small circles through the red dress.
You shook your head and pried his hands off of you.
“No, Papi, can’t you see I’m busy. I’m not going to mess up my first big show.”
Anthony mumbled something inaudible and opened the door again, turning back once more to wish you luck. You knew he was going to wait next to the stage anyways.

You were nervous to say the least, but the second you felt Anthony’s hand drop from the small of your back when you walked on stage, every thought slipped away and you were finally able to get into character completely. Lin had left the cast a week prior and Javier was in charge of playing Hamilton, which made the whole sexual choreography a bit easier. Anthony wouldn’t be jealous, you thought, Javier was gay.

So while you were up on stage, kissing him, slowly guiding J’s hands up and down your body and letting your head fall back onto his shoulder, you missed Anthony glaring at the two of you. You had left him quite aroused after he had caught you with the red lipstick. And being angry and horny is an interesting combination.

After your performance of ‘Say No To This’, you went to check on your boyfriend, who was now sitting patiently in your dressing room, waiting for you to return. His face was unreadable, but his erection was very visible through the fabric of his pants. You grinned, “You know, Javier is really good at kissing women, doesn’t that surprise you?”

Anthony growled quietly, but you acted like you didn’t hear it, turning to face him and continuing.
“Papi, you have to be on stage in 5 minutes, what are you still doing here?”, you said innocently, standing in front of your mirror again, this time removing your lipstick completely so it wouldn’t smudge and quickly took off your dress, getting into your outfit for the ending later.
Your boyfriend got up slowly, but he didn’t say anything until he was right behind you, leaning in so his lips brushed over your ear when he spoke.
“That’s enough time to get you all warmed up and squirming until I’m back, baby girl.”
You shivered under his touch on you, moaning softly when the warmth of his body pulled away. He smirked, pulling on your arm so you were looking at him. Anthony kissed you deeply, you responded with the same force and felt him staggering backwards until you two reached the couch, you straddling him. Then suddenly you felt the hand that was on your ass before release it and your wrists getting tied together behind your back by some shirt Anthony had found. He bit your bottom lip softly and you felt your panties dampening, when he flipped you around so you were the one with your back on the tiny couch. Your boyfriend pulled away briefly and took in your body, making you shiver with anticipation.
“Too bad I can’t undress you, but I can make you wait for it”, he whispered, and started pulling down your pants and underwear at the same time.

“Oh, you’re already so wet for me baby girl, and i haven’t even done anything.”

Your boyfriend quickly slid two fingers into you, making you moan loudly. His one hand went up to your throat, and he pressed down on it lightly, choking you so you wouldn’t be able to make as much noise. “We don’t want anyone to hear us, do we?”, he said winking. Anthony sunk down and latched his mouth onto your clit, toying with it and slamming his fingers into you at the same time. “Fuck, papi,” you managed to say, before he came back up to kiss you. You both fought for dominance for a second, but the kiss was cut off by the announcer yelling ‘RAMOS, YOU’RE UP!’ through the door. Anthony sighed, pulling out his fingers, making you whimper, but Anthony held them up to your mouth and watched you lick them. He smirked and waved his hand almost mockingly, as he mumbled “Oh no, now everyone’s gonna know how hard you made me”, but just loud enough for you to hear. You followed him with your eyes as he slipped out the door, locking it, leaving you helpless and half naked. You groaned, knowing it would only take about 2 minutes until he got back, but you were still not having it. As you tried to calm down you thought of Anthony being hard on stage right now, so you listened to the soft music playing the live show and you could swear his voice sounded a bit strained. You smirked knowingly and leaned back, simply waiting for him to get back and finish what you started.


Gorillaz phase one live sounds so amazing!! I also adore that the voice actors for the characters are very involved in this live show, I haven’t seen that before? it makes me so damn happy like they’re actually playing live for real, if there’s more live shows like this pls let me know lol

Famous, Not Because Of Youtube (4) Masterlist

part one, part two, part three

Cliché - weezerdan

Summary: Dan Howell is a regular teenager. He goes to high school, he hangs out with his best friends (PJ, Chris, and Phil), and he hates doing homework. He’s fairly attractive, enough so to attract the attention of a few girls and secretly Phil. What people don’t know about this average teen, is that he isn’t so average. Dan Howell is in a popular alternative band. He sings and plays keyboard for this band, known to many as ‘Ripping Ivory’. He wears a mask onstage as he sings and is known by his fanbase as Q, even though they know this isn’t his true identity.

Connect The Dots - phanimist

Summary: Dan’s a famous actor who get’s a text from an unknown number one day, and Phil’s a movie reviewer who just wants to find his Adventure Time sweater, and has trouble connecting the dots when the unknown number continues to reply to him.

Excuse Me? (ao3) - Philsweirdo

Summary: Dan is a famous movie star and Phil is a introverted student at university and an employee at a film agency. When Phil accidentally bumps into a stranger wearing all black and a hooded jumper what is to happen next?

Growth Of A Plastic Flower (ao3) - nightowlhowell

Summary: The one where Dan’s a famous (pastel) musician, 2009 never happened, and Dan’s totally a crazy cat lady.

Heart Full Of Headlines (ao3) - dantiloquent

Summary: Phil Lester has a lot of good things: supportive friends, a lovely dog, a world tour, a famous writing blog. He also has magic. It shouldn’t be a problem - except, in a world where magic is hated and mocked, it is. After a disastrous run in with Guardian-acclaimed “Modern Beat Generation Boy” Dan Howell ends in an unexpected friendship, Phil finds himself having to make more and more choices. While his blog sends him all over the world, and while their friendship develops, Phil can’t help but bring it all back to one pivotal issue: who can he tell?

I’m All For You (ao3) - cryingdotcom

Summary: Dan Howell used-to-be singer now famous actor finds his muse again.

Making Dreams Come True - pasteldanhowells

Summary: Dan is in an A Capella group with his two best friends. They’ve been working hard the past two years to get big, and their dream comes true when music producer, Phil Lester, discovers them and wants to work with them.

Of Paparazzi and Succulents - botanistlester

Summary: Actor!Dan is running away from a mob of fans when he runs into a flower shop. There, he meets a quirky florist who has an absurd liking towards succulents, seeming to think they have feelings of their own.

Picture Perfect - pasteldanhowells

Summary: Phil Lester is a big time photographer and has just been offered the opportunity of a life time for his company. He needs a model, so he asks his pastel, fashion lover boyfriend, Dan. The only problem? Dan is extremely shy around strangers and has anxiety. Phil hopes to finally help Dan out of his shell.

Sugar on Top (ao3) - writerlester

Summary: When baking prodigy Phil Lester finally manages to enter the prestigious culinary school of his dreams, he doesn’t account for the fact that one very famous, very rich, and very pretty heir named Dan Howell will become his culinary rival. AU.

The Prince And The Youtuber (ao3) - koleen

Summary: Dan Howell is the Prince of England and the first grandson of a late King, and Phil Lester is a famous Youtuber who turns out to be the first grandson of a late King’s Hand, the best friend of the late King. On one night of celebration of their daughters’ pregnancies 18 years ago, the best friends made a drunken pact to marry their first grandchildren to each other the year they both turn 18, completely forgetting to consider that their first grandchildren could both be male.

The Way I Always Do - cafephan

Summary: In which Phil is a famous musician, and Dan struggles to keep up.

Watchful (ao3) - cafephan

Summary: Phil is part of one of the world’s most famous paranormal investigator groups, along with his friends Joe, Zoe and Louise. The never before investigated Harrowick Penitentiary catches the group’s attention, and they settle in the town for a week long investigation. Most importantly, they hope to make contact with one spirit in particular, Dan Howell, who was falsely imprisoned for a crime he didn’t commit, and was murdered in the building. When Dan becomes attached to Phil, things become a lot more complicated.

When Our Worlds Collide (ao3) - fivepixelphan

Summary: Dan Howell - World’s Pop Prince, the most famous male pop idol in the entire world. He often wishes for a life with more normality - without the confinements that fame brings. In a quick escape, Dan finds himself in a small village where he meets Phil Lester, a photographer. In a twist of fate, they’re both whirled into each other’s lives, learning more about each other and the way their lives work.

Your Voice - botanistlester

Summary: Dan is an opera singer that doesn’t show his face. Phil is a fan. One day, Phil is in a park and hears Dan singing softly sitting under a tree.

some dan things;

- his curly hair
- the diMPLE
- when he rambles about smth he cares about
- his lanky bod
- his crinkly eyes
- that little pink patch on his jaw
- he’s so SOFT
- when he plays piano (and I die)
- his loud hyena cackle
- when he says some shit like “my soul is black” but then giggles and says smth rlly sweet and ur like yeah right next
- the way he made asking for consent a part of his branding
- he’s all about the flavours and textures and dips he’s such a foodie
- his soft encouraging live show endings
- the whiny baby voice
- that shriek that turns into hysterical laughter during spooky week
- when he falls off chairs
- the way he gets emotionally attached to everything
- his extensive vocabulary
- how much he loves pooh bear
- the way he gets so competitive but still laughs about it so it’s still cute
- when he talks about fashion and also boys
- “gender rolls are the worst kind of bread”
- “everything is meaningless therefore everything has a meaning live the best life you can”
- when he looks rlly small in a baggy shirt or jumper
- saying smth cheeky and then winking
- the fact that he learned to accept parts of himself and he’s still in the process of loving himself and encourages everyone else to do the same


If you haven’t seen Ravi’s call-in to N’s radio show w Eng subs yet do yourself a favor you will not regret it

ft. Dolbaegi lording over the entire khh industry & challenging everyone in sight to rap battles & softening to promise Ravi snacks, interspersed w flustered Ravi giggles 

you’re welcome

anonymous asked:

Can you do something where Harry has a father/daughter moment with Lily Luna? Like maybe she gets in a fight and he gives her some fatherly advice?

A/N: On a roll!  But this is probably the end of the roll because school work etc now ha!  There’s always next weekend though.  I tried very hard to be parental in this fic but I’m not a parent so grain of salt hehe

Also available on FF and Ao3!


Harry’s hanging his cloak when Ginny’s arms wrap around him from behind and she presses a kiss to his shoulder.  “Our daughter came home with a black eye today.”

He tamps down on the shock of distress that shoots down his spine at Ginny’s laughing tone.  If she’s joking it can’t be that bad.  “All better?”

Ginny hums against his back. “Aye.  Can’t say the same for the other fellow.”

“Cage matches at the kiddie park now?” Harry asks, turning to wrap his arms around her waist and leaning back against the deep wood of the door.

If he listens closely, Albus and James’ voices trickle out of the living room, debating some show they’re watching on the telly, but it sounds like two of his children aren’t feeling violent today so he refocuses.  “Are we going to have a parent issue?  With the other kid?”

They move to the kitchen where the smell of roast chicken is strong enough to make Harry’s mouth water and Ginny smirks at him as he snatches a still warm roll from the covered basket she has waiting for dinner.  “Mum sent those over.  Knows we’ve had a busy week and those are your favorites.”

He moans in approval. “She’s getting an extra Christmas gift this year.”

Ginny laughs as she prods the green beans where they’re boiling on the stovetop.  “To answer your question, no problem with the parents. Since their kid punched too they decided to be reasonable people and we all just left.”

“She gets this from your family.”

“Do you really want to go there, Potter?” Ginny drawls, sharpening the carving knife and putting it far from the reach of grabby hands.

“Touché,” Harry answers with a smirk that turns to a frown when Ginny slaps his hand away from the rolls. “Do we know what started the row?”

Pausing as she pulls the dishes from the cabinets, Ginny shrugs.  “She was pretty tight lipped on the way home.  Wanted to leave her for a bit.  I did say no dessert though.”

Harry kisses her cheek as he passes, moving toward the stairs.  “I’ll be back in time for dinner.”

Waving her understanding, Ginny calls out, “Twenty minutes!  And no shoes in the bedrooms!”

Boots abandoned in the entryway, Harry jogs up the stairs, laughing faces following him from behind picture frames as he goes.  He pulls a face at the miniature George that sticks his tongue out but schools his features once he reaches Lily’s door.  It’s remarkably bare, save the Harpies lanyard that dangles from the knob.

With two short knocks, Harry announces his entry and peeks through the partially opened door. “Anybody in there?”

Lily’s curled up on her side, back to him, but he can tell from her breathing pattern she’s still awake. It’s one of those weird parent things he never really believed would happen to him, but he’s somehow memorized each of his children’s breathing patterns – he knows how they breath when they’re awake, asleep, sick, angry. And that’s what his youngest is right now.  Angry.

“Can I come in Sprite?”

She twists around and nods ever so slightly, ears red like her uncle’s. 

Not looking a gift horse in the mouth, Harry enters the room and settles on the bed behind her, fingers carding through her trademark Weasley red hair.  “Alright?”

An answer comes in the form of a jerky shoulder shrug, but he presses on nonetheless.  “Heard you had an exciting day at the park.”

“She was makin’ fun of Al.”

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Rix, Mix: Solid Take Off

“Let’s give it our all! Take Off!”
“We’re the strongest.”

Song Start Voice
“Let’s give it our all!”
“We’re the strongest.”

Active Skill Invocation Voice
“"Let’s go!”“

Home Screen Voice: 1
"It’s a legendary live show, Mix!”

Home Screen Voice: 2

Home Screen Voice: 3
“Rapezziauto, Take Off!”
“Well, Mix is free, so she’ll go with.”

“Let’s go, Mix.”
“Well, Mix is free, so she’ll go with.”
“"Rapezziauto, Take Off!!”“

History of Our Worlds-Thor Odinson x Reader (One Shot)

(A/N: I decided to try out my first one shot. I’m so used to writing long stories though, I’m not sure how this will turn out. Remember you can request anything you would like, just message me.)

Summary: (Y/N) loves her history, she finds it fascinating that almost everything throughout time had been recorded. However she also loves what people believed in such as gods, so when she meets one in real life she can’t help but fangirl a little.

Characters: Thor Odinson x Reader, Wanda Maximoff x Reader (platonic)

Meanings: (Y/N)=Your name
(Y/L/N)= Your last name

Warnings: Just fluffyness

“Watching another documentary (Y/N)? What’s it about this time?” Wanda’s voice rang through the living room.

I paused the tv show, looking up at her from the sofa.“Just about Greek Mythology. And I don’t watch that many, do I?”

“Every time I walk in here you’re watching something to do with history.” she sat down next to me.

“I can’t help it. It’s just so interesting! How has humanity been able to record so much history down but yet there’s still so many mysteries out there?”

She chuckled before looking towards the tv. I resumed the programme as we sat in silence. The narrator continued to explain the many Greek gods that were worshipped and what they symbolised. I was surprised that Wanda stayed for so long, maybe she was actually interested. As the show neared the end, a fellow Avenger entered the room. In my peripheral vision I spotted Thor walk in.

“Lady Maximoff, Lady (Y/L/N), may I join you?” his deep voice boomed throughout the room.

“Of course you can.” I smiled as he settled into the single armchair.

Thor Odinson, the myth, the legend, the demi-god. He was a lovely man, despite his touch exterior he was so sweet and clueless about our world. He was always wanting to learn about Earth though it didn’t always go so well. One time I was trying to show him how the toaster worked; he got too confident and slammed the lever down, breaking it. We didn’t have toast for a week. For some reason Thor always came to me when wanting to learn more. Perhaps it was because I too was always studying Earth’s past. But why not go to someone like Tony about technology? I was like Steve when it came to those things, it was as if I was from the 1940s too.

I had refrained myself from bombarding him with questions about Asgard. Norse mythology was another fascination of mine. And the fact that he was proof that it was real made me more excited to investigate further. But I didn’t want him to think I was a weirdo, obsessing over him. We were good friends, I didn’t want to scare him away.

The fact that he was drop dead gorgeous too was not at all intimidating.

“These people, why did they worship such gods?” Thor suddenly asked.“There are just too many.”

“It’s just what people believed in. It helped them with their lives. If you think there’s too many Greek ones, the Romans had a god for cupboards called Penates.” I briefly explained.

“Really?” Wanda raised an eyebrow.

I nodded.

“How do you retain all of this information Lady (Y/L/N)? Your knowledge must be very expanded.”

How was I blushing over that sentence?

“I-I don’t know. It j-just stays there I guess.” I stuttered like a hopeless fool.

Wanda tried to suppress her giggles. I glared at her as the credits rolled up. She smiled sweetly at me before leaving the room. I sighed, stopping the programme and almost deleting the recording when Thor cried out.

“No! Please Lady (Y/L/N), do not remove the entertainment of the gods, I would very much like to watch it myself from the beginning.”

“Oh, sorry.”

“Tis alright.”

It made my heart swell that he wanted to so desperately watch the programme. He was too much for me. How was it that I could spend so much time with him yet always become flustered at random times? Thor stood from his seat and instead next to me.

“Lady (Y/L/N), if it would not be too much trouble, may I ask you to teach me how to work this magic box? Brother Steven tried to show me yesterday but he too was not all knowing.”

My eyes furrowed together as he spoke.

He pointed to the tv.“What do you midgardians call it? A….a television?”

“Yeah, that’s right. Oh, um, I’m not too good with tehnology myself but I’ll try to explain it.”

We spent the next half hour exploring the tv and how it worked. Although it was tedious for me (seeing as I clearly knew how to use one) I watched Thor intensely as he struggled to control the remote with his huge hands. He was so handsome. How had he not gotten married yet? Did they have old fashioned weddings on Asgard where it was arranged? Did he have someone special already? I bet their celebrations are beautiful.

“Thor?” his name escaped my lips before I could stop myself.

His blue eyes looked into mine.“Yes Lady (Y/L/N)?”

“Could you maybe…it doesn’t matter, I don’t want to bother you.”

“Please tell me.” He set down the remote as his full attention turned to me.

I started to ramble as my nerves grew.“Um..I was just wondering if you could tell me about Asgard? You wouldn’t have to go into much detail if you didn’t want to. I’ve read books and watched shows about it, but I’m sure it would be better coming from someone who lives there. It just sounds like a wonderful place.”

He sighed.“And it is. But alas, I cannot tell you about it.”

My face fell into a sad frown.“Oh, sorry I asked. Here I’ll show you how to record a show-”

His hand grabbed mine.“I cannot tell you about my home now, it must be over dinner.”


“Yes, that is the condition.” His cheeky grin appeared.

I giggled, not believing that he was asking me out. It was so smooth as well. As my mind tried to process it, I could see Thor waiting for an answer.

“Then how could I say no?”

(A/N: So how was it? Thought I would start with a Marvel one, it’s one of my favourite things to write about. Let me know if you want more and remember you can request something.)