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Griffin's determination to use they/them pronouns for Roswell: highlight of my year, instantly, nothing will be better

Especially since he actually messed it up a few times at first and then stopped and explained Roswell is meant to use ‘they.’

I love Roswell, tbh. Honestly one of my favorite characters in the show so far. Cute voiced asskicking living fucking mountain that takes no shit.

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Hmmm. The Voice did it huh? It's a real shame that all the rest of the coaches haven't experienced the same boom Blake has from it. According to Tom Jones logic, if Blake is an avg singer, does that mean the others are worse singers than Blake? It is seriously so dumb. You can't hide from little to no talent on live television shows. No doubt the voice exposed him to a larger audience, but since he's so marginally talented, TV should've exposed him right? Instead they saw hidden secret star

We know it’s Blake’s talent, personality, charm, wit and humor! 

Gwen talked this week how everyone that meets him loves him!

Blake just has the “it” factor, as far as I am concerned!


If you haven’t seen Ravi’s call-in to N’s radio show w Eng subs yet do yourself a favor you will not regret it

ft. Dolbaegi lording over the entire khh industry & challenging everyone in sight to rap battles & softening to promise Ravi snacks, interspersed w flustered Ravi giggles 

you’re welcome


(Jungkook Drabble #2)

a/n: blame the thigh choker and @jungkxook‘s post

W: Smut. Plain and simple smut. Please read with caution.

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Breathe Life Back to Estorra

I’m sure most of you have seen Aphmau’s (Or Jess-senpai ^-^) post about how Estorra has been put on hiatus because of the lack of interest in it. Well I think this is bull! (If you want to get straight to point look for the all caps sentence while I give my motivational speech)

Now let me clarify. I know many people are setting the series in its coffin and sending it down the river but I don’t believe this. I know TONS of people who are saddened by Estorra’s coma. Now my comment above about the bull crap does not apply to me disagreeing with Jess stopping a series because her fans don’t enjoy as much as other series, I say this because I KNOW Estorra is crazy popular. The only reason Minigames and MyStreet is more popular is because of the hundreds of younger children who just watch whatever has the main cast’s faces on. Now don’t get me wrong, I love the cast, but I want to see something new. Something that challenges the stereotype of living in modern times. And Estorra was that! We already lost the upcoming 3rd season of MCD early on (as to say that it will be a bit before we get the new season, not that it won’t come), so let’s not let go of Estorra. And look at how much effort the crew put into this! They had so many promotional art, there’s pixel art, middle and end cards, animated flashback, all new voice actors, and a fan-freakn-tastic plot line! (Spoilers) And holy crap! A virtual reality where they’re actually brought to another world!? Who thinks of this! Our amazing senpai, that’s who! We need to show that we support and appreciate the new series! The only reason it’s not as popular as Mystreet is because it’s not well known. We got, what? Nine episodes? That’s not enough for it to become iconic like the main cast! You think the original MCD was a hit from the beginning? No! It needed time! And she gave it! Heck she winged the idea and then restarted with a plot and fed it 100 episodes! It’s because of MCD that Mystreet is as popular as it is! So let’s give Dreams of Estorra the same opportunity!

IF JESS WANTS TO SEE THE LOVE FOR ESTORRA LETS GIVE IT TO HER! She needs our follow ups to know that we love this series, not us sulking and sending flowers to the series that never was. We need fan art! Comments! Fanfiction! Rewatch the episodes! Pettitions! Tweets telling on how much we love Estorra! We have the numbers, we just need to show our voice!

Comment below as a show of petition! Comment anything! “I loved the show” “I wish it would servive!” “I tots agree!” “Potato!!!!1!!” Anything! Comment anything to show this support!

And Jess, if by the off chance you’re reading this please give this the opportunity to live. I know its hard work but if you give this the breath of life we’ll take it the rest of the way. Please, one season. That’s all. We all support you no matter what, but please, let this live just for a bit.

Alright my stars! Let’s do this! Let’s let Estorra live! #LetEstorraLive

no shade against voice acting roles but like,,, stop acting like those are a good enough reason to ignore the fact that steven himself said that he had to audition and fight for five line roles in live action stoner films when y'all know damn good and well if this were nr he wouldn’t have any goddamn problem finding roles


It’s been an amazing year.  There have been ups and downs, yes ,but I can’t believe how many life-changing things happened.  I bought a house, got engaged, and really proved to myself that I can indeed teach voice for a living.  I did some amazing shows, met so many new students and actors, adopted a wonderful dog, and not only met my financial stretch goal, but surpassed it!  

So these are my six favorite selfies of 2k16…And a little drawing that I couldn’t resist including!  I can’t wait for next year…  I get married, go on a honeymoon, and have some huge announcements on the way.  Thank you so much for all your continued support, and I wish the best for all of your coming years!  

If you’re so inclined, share your favorite selfies of the past year and make sure to tag me in them so I can see!