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This is the only time I want to really approach the subject but guys… season 2 of shadowhunters so far has been real good, and a vast improvement from season 1. There is no way that, realistically, the non-main couple of the show can get all the things you want them to have. Just because something happens in the plot you don’t agree with doesn’t mean the writers are racist, homophobic or sexist. Not including malec sex scenes because malec aren’t the main couple and there are other characters too is NOT homophobic. If we want realistic representation of their relationship we need to want to be treated like the heterosexual ships on the show (yes I wish we had seen a morning after scene BUT..) that also means no demanding special treatment. If the show didn’t have time to show us how Jace is right now, or how Luke is and what he’s up to, or give proper build up to Climon then it’s unlikely they have time to show Malec. It’s not homophobic. That’s just what it’s like running a show with so many main, central characters who all have their own development and plot. If Magnus and Alec weren’t getting any scenes alone we would complain that they were being reduced to their relationship. If they don’t get a lot of together scenes, it’s apparently because the writers are being inherently homophobic.

Also, Izzy having the addiction story line is GOOD. It’s good to broach subjects that are tricky like this and deal with them in, so far, a pretty decent way. It’s not racist to make the Latina of the show the addict! There is not anything inherently racist about the writers choosing to take a strong, previously seemingly untouchable woman, and show us a vulnerable, REALISTIC side to her.

What I mean by all of this, is that everyone needs to stop digging so deep to find problems with the show and try and label the new writers or show runners as problematic. Please just appreciate what the show does give us with representation rather than constantly demanding more to the point where the plot suffers. If you don’t enjoy the plot because it sucks, fine. If you don’t enjoy the plot because everything that you want to happen can’t happen, then you have obviously never watched TV before. Sometimes shitty stuff happens in shows to further development or establish plot points… stop presuming the worst.

Also, as a side note, consider that the writers may not want to show Malec in a sexual light at Matt or Harry’s request or even in an effort to not fetishise the relationship and reduce it to something sexual. I don’t necessarily agree with that, but that may be their thinking. It’s likely it is all in an effort to prevent homophobia rather than instigate it.

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