the voice card

Story time: I went to boarding school and one day my dad sent me a letter and told me to open it in the dining hall so I was like ??? maybe he sent something for my friends too. So I take it to dinner and open it, and it turns out it’s a card. A record-your-voice card in which my dad recorded himself yelling at the top of his lungs about how my dog pooped on the carpet. And that is the story of how my dad sent me a Howler one day.


J: You mean the absolute world to me and I hope you never, ever forget that.

the crows with youtube channels:

Inej: one of those superhuman gymnastics channels, acrobatic tutorials, and sometimes sit-down politics chats and book reviews, she’s literally an inspiration to everyone

Kaz: you never see his face, just gloved hands and raspy voice demonstrating card tricks and slight of hand until one day he reaches 5k and does a face reveal, and everyone is like, wtf….he’s so young whatttt???

Wylan: some kind of badass sciencey chemically shit, videos get taken down bc they are too dangerous, also has a conspiracy theory series…


Kuwei: one of those cringy af flower crown vloggers that 12 yos are obsessed with…most of his videos consist of him reviewing candy - has most followers tho

Nina: absolutely no one can tell me Nina wouldn’t be the queeeeen of ASMR, probably does slime videos, and also daily life logging, fashion hauls and feminist rants, often is a guest on Inej’s channel

Matthias: ITS OSKAAR HERE, IN ICELAND (if you haven’t seen the video I mean this:

good kravitz quotes

aka: someone teach this man how to talk

  • “okay. okay. okay. listen. ……..okay.”
  • “you all…………….saved my bacon.”
  • “yeah. sup.”
  • [in a dracula voice] “I’VE GOT TO SWITCH MY ACCENTS TO TRICK MY PREY”
  • “i’m not so much interested in you just- murdering a bunch of fools”
  • “put somethin’ in ol’ kravitz’s pocket!”
  • “let me switch to my cockney card playing voice.”
  • “funsy-fun make believe!”

I’m literally at the point in my life where I exhale softly and swear under my breath when I see nice office supplies and nothing else


oh, I wish you well … [x]

(a little doodley something, a step towards drawing more often)

I’ve spent all my money at the grab bag to get this Louis’s still card. But it worth every rouble! Louis: “I want to sleep with you more… may I do it yet?” @f-dee @o0w0o @chacarelhoward @rimalupin @lustfullyleocrawford @astridapples @stargazing-cinderella Насколько Всё проще по-русски! Луи: “Ещё… я хочу поспать с тобой Ещё. Можно же пока?” А это я, когда слышу его голос😂 And this is me, when I hear his voice

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Natsume is a warm and beautiful series and he is the absolute cutest ♥

..and there is going to be a 6th season!

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I just wanted to write to voice my displeasure for cards that refer to other cards that don't exist yet, namely Dark Intimations and the new Gate to the Afterlife. I didn't really mind it as a plant for the next set, but now making us wait 2 sets for a pay off, while simultaneously adding another 'lame duck' card that only has half of it's intended functionality is just downright annoying. No realistically printable Bolas card is going to make up for the fact I had to wait 6+ months for it.

How do others feel?