the vogue 120

Historic Vogue Cover:

120 years ago today: November 14, 1895

Caption: Marlborough-Vanderbilt (Illustration of the bridesmaid’s gowns for the wedding of the Duke of Marlborough to Consuelo Vanderbilt

Editor: Josephine Redding (1892-1901)

Volume 6 Issue 20

Price: ¢10

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The Vogue 120

That moment, when Philo (right, with model Marie Piovesan in Céline) took control of the Céline runway with a proposal for clean, rational daywear, she set a new agenda: daywear rather than cocktail dresses; tailoring, big shirts, sweaters, pants, coats. Her system, unflagging and classily consistent, attracts adoring loyalty from all who know how difficult it is to dress with a chic froideur in daily life.