the vodka vine

Things each zodiac sign reminds me of starting with the same letter
  • Aries: athletics, adventures, amusement parks, all nighters, alcohol, action movies
  • Taurus: tea, thunderstorms, toe nail polish, tiaras, trees, trampolines
  • Gemini: glitter, giggling, gardens, gold, ganja, gumballs
  • Cancer: chocolate, cats, chandeliers, Christmas, cuddles, chalk
  • Leo: long hair, laughing, lingerie, lightening, lava lamps, liquor
  • Virgo: violets, vacations, vanilla, vodka, vines, video games
  • Libra: lipstick, lollipops, long walks, lace, lilies, lemonade
  • Scorpio: sleep, sunflowers, smoking, secrets, saturdays, sex
  • Sagittarius: summer, scary movies, sunsets, smoothies, shooting stars, smiles
  • Capricorn: comedy movies, candles, caramel, clouds, caffeine, crystals
  • Aquarius: apple pie, adrenaline rushes, apartments, animals, amber, abstract art
  • Pisces: picnics, painted nails, parties, popsicles, palm trees, pumpkin patches
  • *use sun/moon/rising