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Girl We missed you !! Hope you enjoyed your break ! Don't rush your self on whatever you're working one , cause we are filled with patience ! But here's a question : What we should expect from metadora ? Some action ? Some fantasy ? Some DRAMA ! "Mtt would be proud "

Since it is just a pilot, I will learn what will people love the most about Metadora, so you will find many things there!

Unpopular Opinion

Actually those two pictures gave similar vibes/concerns towards mc’s safety despite phrasing it differently
In other words they are saying just like what jumin said:
“I’d rather you hate me than put yourself in danger”

In seven case, when he pushed mc away he wanted mc to hate him to leave him so she would be safe. While in jumin case, he begged her to not leave his penthouse to stay with him for a while so she would be safe.

Yet, I am quite impressed at how the fandom mostly gave a whole different reactions to this as:
1) Tsundere angsty boy despite he words it with sarcasm
2) Creepy abuser despite he words it pretty nicely



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Kiedy zakładałem tego tumblera, nawet sobie nie wyobrażałem jak ważny będzie dla mnie. Teraz właśnie 1000 osób obserwuje bloga. Bloga w którym wyrażam siebie, to co czuje, a czego nie chce uzewnętrzniać w normalnym życiu. Dziękuję wam za to że jesteście i tworzycie razem ze mną. Dajecie siłę zarówno do tworzenia postów, jak i do życia. Jesteście świetni! 


April Fools DLC After Ending: Continuation of the painful 2nd Normal Ending of April Fools DLC. The feel is too much… It hit me like a rock and killed me…

How to get this ending?

You won’t be able to get this ending because it’s 1000% fake lol even my art is nowhere near cheritz cz I can’t imitate their style lol I am sorry to those who haven’t played it yet because it’s contain major spoiler of that ending…

I am thankful to my dear friend, @707-despair who had shared her idea and made some lines suggestions… Thank you my friend~ :3

Happy Birthday, Zen… ^^~

This is my early birthday present for you~ Expect something again on your birthday tho haha…

2nd gift

The whole After Ending VNM is under the cut~

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