the vivacious girl

one of the saddest moments for me in the revival was the moment that lorelai revealed that when she was thirteen, she was called “weird” and “loud” and essentially told that there was no way she was actually a gilmore because of this.

she was so different, so not what a girl, especially a girl of her circumstance, was supposed to be.  so here’s this vivacious, witty, quirky little girl with bright blue eyes who probably makes jokes and says the wrong thing and has a thirst for a life outside of what she knows that even the kids, with their trickled down opinions from their parents, bully her.

and it crushed her.  the thought of not being a gilmore, of not belonging, crushed her.

yes, her mother and her never saw eye to eye, and lorelai probably sensed she never quite fit in - believing that she’d fill that void in the form a boy -  and then her whole school all but admitted as much to her, that she was never going to fit in.  ever.

the life she had was suffocating her, because for as many doors as money opens, it closes so many other options that lorelai found much more appealing.

and then she found stars hollow.  this weird, eccentric, quirky little town where she actually fit in.  she wasn’t the weirdest person there - she was simply one of many.

she fit in.  she belonged.

and with this acceptance came a guy who found it endearing that she was “weird” and “loud”…he even loved her for it.

for lorelai, it was never about not wanting to be a gilmore, if anything, it was about her never feeling like she was.  and ultimately the altering of the definition of what being a gilmore really was.  not money, not perfection.

strength.  loyalty.  love.  forgiveness.  acceptance.

Teddy Lupin arrives at Hogwarts with a mop of untidy black hair and bright brown eyes. When he’s sorted into Hufflepuff and the hat is plucked from his head the Great Hall gasps collectively because his hair has turned canary yellow in recognition of his house colours. He keeps it this way for a week before it returns to messy black for the remainder of the year.

In second year he favours hair that is the exact same shade of pale blonde as Victoire Weasley. Only Minerva McGonagall notices that the first moment his hair involuntarily takes shade is when the hat atop Victoire’s head calls Gryffindor.

Third year is the year of bubblegum pink hair. This brings a sad smile to some of the older professors who remember that shade of pink sported frequently by vivacious young girl many years ago.

Fourth year and he resumes the Weasley shade of red because it’s shy little Molly Weasley’s first year and there’s a distinct lack of red heads around.

Fifth year is when Dominique is sorted into Ravenclaw, and his little adoptive family is spread over three Hogwarts houses now, so he spends the first few months with varying colours of scarlet, royal blue and bright, sunshine yellow. Sometimes it’s a multi-hued mix of all three but then he develops an annoying habit of changing his hair to the vibrant house colour of whoever he’s talking to and forest green makes it into the mix.

In sixth year there’s an incident that leaves him unconscious in the hospital wing and his altered features slowly fade to reveal what he would look like without the ability to change his appearance. McGonagall stops dead in the doorway when she finds the spitting image of a young Remus Lupin laying passed out in the bed. Teddy cries when she tells him this, unable to consciously stop any alterations to see for himself. She promises to take a picture if it happens again and Teddy spends the rest of the year with sandy brown hair and amber eyes borrowed from the creased photo he keeps by his bedside.

Seventh year he settles on a particular shade of turquoise blue. It’s vivid and different and entirely of his own design for no other reason than he thinks it suits his personality. Victoire agrees that it does and it stays that way for the entire year, marking the first time he keeps a colour that he hasn’t borrowed from family, friends, houses or old photos for more than a week.


The Signs as Harry Potter Marauders Era Characters pt.1 (Fire)

Aries - Lily Evans

Lilys most notable features are her flaming red hair and her green eyes. She is a very vivacious girl and appears as sweet and kind as well as fiercely and independent and can take care of herself. Nevertheless Lily can be sarcastic, fairly stubborn and sassy. She is a bit of a book worm and over-achiever and is knowing as a talented witch. Her potion master Horace Slughorn even considered her one of the brightest witch he ever knew. Lily has strong principles, is insanely prideful and acts brave and loyal. She would do anything for a friend or person in need. As the Head Girls of Gryffindor Lily has many friends and is always looking for ways to help people.

Leo - Ted Tonks

Magic, to the Tonks family was something you watched on the television so it was a big surprise that Ted turned out a wizard. He loves the exciting new world he was stepping in but family and friends remain the most important things in his life. Ted is a playful, carefree and kind hearted person, not shy but modest. As he was often discriminated by pure blood families, it seems a wonder that he fall in love with Andromeda Black. Ted pours her with affection and attention. Being helpful is something he can’t help but be. Ted also is a fan of teamwork which is why he favors Quidditch. Moreover he has an enjoyable, easy going attitude and has a pure kind and harmless soul.

Sagittarius - Bellatrix Black

Bellatrix is a tall beautiful woman with long, thick, shining black hair, thin lips and dark eyes. As the eldest of the black sisters she learned how to lead and take control over others and she also knows how to take charge in tricky situations. Bellatrix is intelligent but could be easily distracted and has a fierce and dangerous temper. Because she was raised in a pure blooded family, she learned from young age to be prejudiced against non-magical people. Bellatrix shows loyalty towards her principles and the people she loves. Although she appears to be cunning and cruel, she is not incapable of feeling affection for others and she really cares about her younger sisters.



“To be honest, at first, I was mentally kicking myself, I could not believe I left so early. I really thought I was going to handle it worse mentally, but to be honest, it didn’t worry me at all. I asked God to have me traveling and performing for the children, and he granted my wish. I was out in the universe and not worried about it at all. I was actually in Los Angeles doing shows when my elimination episode aired. Honestly, I am taking it as it goes. From what I am hearing, my departure is the biggest upset next to Latrice Royale going home. Many people don’t think I should have gone home so early, but I was lucky and left in a costume of my own style, a true Club Kid!”


January 30th: Happy Birthday, Lily Evans! (and Jayne!) Featuring Karen Gillan

“Not only was she a singularly gifted witch, she was also an uncommonly kind woman.”

"One of the brightest I ever taught. Vivacious, you know. Charming girl.

"I don’t imagine anyone who met her wouldn’t have liked her…very brave…very funny