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The Neon Demon ((2016))



When aspiring model Jesse moves to Los Angeles, her youth and vitality are devoured by a group of beauty-obsessed women who will take any means necessary to get what she has.

  • what she says:i'm fine
  • what she means:In the movie, Star Trek: Beyond (2016) dir. Justin Lin, Leonard "Bones" McCoy asks Spock what his favorite color is to distract him from the pain of having his wound fixed. Of course, Spock finds the concept of a "favorite color" illogical and attempts to explain so to the doctor before shouting out in pain. However the question then still remains. What is Spock's favorite color? Is it blue? Green? Though he claims having a favorite color is illogical, that doesn't mean he couldn't have one. Most people, even subconsciously, form some sort of sentimental value to some color, it is therefore highly likely that Spock, does, in fact, have a favorite color. What is it? And why would that color be his favorite? This is incredibly vital important information

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I miss Lexa, more than anything. All this Jason speaks only hurt me more. Those thoughts that it was better to be dead back to my mind. As I'm sorry, again, all that pain of 3x07 returned.

Hey pal. The fact that Judas is getting roasted is good! It means people are still holding him accountable for what he did almost five months later. No one has forgotten Lexa and no one ever will!I know it might seem hard at times, but be salty with us. It’s a good thing that we’re dragging him :)

Shout-out to anyone AT Cipherhunt group gatherings

By all means, have fun, but PLEASE be respectful.  If you’re in the crowd, especially if you’re close to the action, stop screaming random things at people–I know it’s fun and the energy’s high but there are people’s eardrums (and in some situations, microphones!) nearby, and that’s just not very courteous.  And most importantly, please don’t snatch or try to steal things from the people that find the clues; take them if they offer them, but you otherwise risk losing or messing up a vital piece of information!

I know there’s a lot of streaming going on and it’s fun to grab someone’s attention when you’re potentially on that stream, but Cipherhunt isn’t really about the fame or spotlight. Remember, you’re lucky to be in a chosen city in the first place! Cherish that.  Everybody is working together to construct something really fun and adventurous here, and it’s not a competition! 

It’s okay if you want to have a great time, but please, for the sake of everyone, be civil to the people around you.

Helpful Tips for Navigating this Blog!

I just realized that it might be helpful for everyone to learn a few vital tricks that get me around this blog easily when I’m updating things or looking for specific ideas. So I’ll share them with you guys and hopefully it helps things out!


Oh my gosh, I love searching. Searching saves my life. If I want to find something and I know it’s not tagged, I just go to the URL and search for a keyword in the post I want. For example, let’s say I want to find a post about age. I’m not sure where it is in the 700+ posts on this blog and I don’t want to go through all of the pages. So, I can type in this:

And voila, I can now pull up every post on voltronheadcanons that mentions “age”!

If you need to search for something more than one word long, type it in like this: Put the dashes in between the words.

You can also search multiple things as well!

If I type in something like this, then it catches all posts with Pidge and Matt in them, not just Matt or Pidge.

Hopefully this helps everyone who wanders through this blog! It’s super helpful and so nice when I’m trying to find things! So yeah, please use this if you’re struggling to find things or want a specific post! It’ll save you so much time :)

@voltron-headcanon, this will be super handy for you to know, btw.

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Any special secrets to reveal about Levi that we don't already know?

What would there be that you don’t know about him that ISN’T absolutely vital for the plot and can’t be revealed?

The pokemon go hunting guide

The steps to be the very best like no one ever was depicted by the one and only Jacksepticeye

Step one: always seak higher ground when searching for pokemon, no one likes to find them at normal height

Step two: admire the view you have chosen, you didnt climb all that way for nothing

Step three: if there are no pokemon in your area try calling out to them, if they hear a friendly voice maybe they will show up or something

Step four: make sure to keep the trail on your pokemon, it is essential to finding them and collecting them

Step five: some pokemon may be intimidated by your height, if this is the case get low to the ground as to not frighten them

Step six: show your pokemon you are down for anything by doing some sweet flips bro!

These steps should be vital in your pokemon adventures, live them, learn them, love them, 

*these have no actually been tested, i am in no way a reliable source of information lol

Pokot Lekuyayo stands on an ant mound while his family members graze their cows at Loisaba Wilderness in Northern Kenya. The men are currently grazing their cattle on Conservancy land and then selling to cattle markets got higher profits. These earnings are used for wildlife conservation projects. Currently Loisaba provides habitat for more than 260 bird and mammal species—photo by Ami Vitale @amivitale.
@loisaba_conservancy #loisaba #kenya #africa #loveafrica #conservation #wildlife #nature #livenature (at Loisaba Conservancy)

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My mom took pictures of me while I sitting by baby..this is my life. I sit in a chair for how ever long my mind can handle it and watch my baby in a box. I watch her vitals constantly because sometimes she forgets to breath. So I have to stimulate her to get her going again. All I hear are beeps and see lights from the machines because all the other babies are having problems. Let’s also hope you aren’t scared of small spaces. Because the NICU micropod is tiny. It can hold almost 6 babies and 4 nurse computers. With one chair next to each pod.
Very close..very personal..I can only handle going at night when no one is there.

This is my life…
The NUS turns its back on Jewish students. Again

On the agenda at Monday’s NEC meeting was a motion saying that ‘Anti-Semitism on campus is rising’. Unfortunately, however, the NUS apportions blame for this anti-Semitism, not to those on the student left who use ‘Zio’ as an insult and speak of Zionist-led conspiracies, but to the EU referendum. After specifically identifying anti-Semitism as a problem on campus, the motion goes on to say that ‘in the wake of the EU referendum, racism in all its forms is rising and it is vital that NUS provides leadership in tackling racism’. ‘It is a top priority for the NUS to unite all students to root out [the] evils of racism, Islamophobia and anti-Semitism’, it says.

Even worse, in its final form the motion removed the ability of Jewish students to choose a representative on the Anti-Racism and Anti-Fascism committee (ARAF). The resolution passed, with a deciding vote from Bouattia herself, creating a situation where the ARAF committee is now appointed by the NEC of the NUS, rather than being chosen by students from the groups it is meant to represent. The Union of Jewish Students responded with a statement pointing out that it is now ‘down to NEC to elect the ARAF committee and therefore to decide on behalf of Jewish students who represents them. This decision is undemocratic and excludes the 8,500 Jewish students we represent. It was no surprise that the NUS president, Malia Bouattia, who had the deciding vote, once again showed that she has absolutely no interest in defending Jewish students’ interests by voting to remove the ability of Jewish students to shape for themselves the student movements’ fight against racism and fascism.’

I’ve mentioned this before, but it’s important. Jews in the NUS do not have a voice in defining antisemitism. What the hell is that? Like, what the hell is that? How is this acceptable? 

Freelance Writers Needed to Write for Earth Island Journal - Pays up to $1000/article

Earth Island Journal, published by Earth Island Institute for over 27 years, is a quarterly publication reporting on vital environmental issues that are affecting us and the world.

Led by Editor Jason Mark, the magazine needs freelance writers to cover timely topics that foresee important eco issues before they mature into urgent problems. Writers can cover any aspect of national or international concern, including wildlife conservation and Earth preservation; advancements in scientific research and engineering science; public law and governmental policies; weather-powered energy; animal rights; community and universal health; environmental rights and social survival; etc.

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To the people who say that the pink bit thst is the inner corner of your eye is useless

When your eyes water (either from crying, germs in your eye, an eyelash in your eye etc) the ‘tears’ don’t only drain onto your face. You know that your nose runs when your eyes water, especially crying, correct? The reason for that is because in the innercornee of your eye there’s a passage. It’s like a drain: the tears created also drain into this passage which leads to your nose.

It is VITAL to flushing bacteria from your eyes and crying is like fighting bacteria.
So next time someone makes you cry, they are the harmful bacteria that your body doesn’t need.

Happy fact!

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i really do hope we get to learn more about the lions' "personalities" this season. they seem to each have individuality, like the red lion testing keith to the black lion rejecting shiro (which is so sad) to the lions protrecting the paladins despite not being piloted. i wonder if they're Parents(tm).

i agree !! i really want to see more lion/paladin bonding in the coming season, which, since we’re getting all our paladins split up, we have a good chance of seeing! I also like to think the lions do have individual personalities, and that their uniqueness makes for a stronger bond between them and their paladins. aka, they’re totally Parents™.

(also, I need a scene where Black chooses Shiro over Zarkon. sorry but this is 100% vital to my existence as a person)

*reads and sees gifs about how DC fucked up with the Killing Joke animated movie*

I’m not surprised. Wait, scratch that. I’m surprised only in that DC Comics didn’t decide to make it much, much worse.

To be generous, I’m putting the rest in a Read More cut. Spoilers for what I’ve seen talked about online.

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the other day i said i wished i had a personal rain cloud that would follow me around and give me shade and cooling showers when i wanted it

now i think that’s a bad idea because it would respond to my emotions and it would probably turn into a heat-lightning storm right now and zap all the things in my room


Alright, I’ve been thinking about the controversy surrounding Patty Tolan being the only non-scientist Ghostbuster and I think I’ve finally figured out why it doesn’t really bother me.

We’ve all been quite rightly raving about how this movie is teaching little girls everywhere that pursuing science is not only a valid but a completely kick-ass career option for them and that’s so, so important. But you know what else it’s important to teach little girls? That they can be passionate about something just for the sake of being passionate about it.

Patty is a mouth-piece for everyone who’s interests and career paths never converged. She shows us that the fact something you love doesn’t put food on the table is no reason not to still be nerdy about it - that pursuing an interest for nothing more than your own enjoyment can be just as vital as following your passion into a career.

In a world where women’s hobbies are stifled just as much as their jobs (spoiler alert: this world) Patty being an NTA worker who’s incidentally also a huge New York history buff and uses that to help save the world? IMO that just as incredible as our Ladies of Science.

Controlled Burn

One stop to buy bread
and another to feed the lizard-
no chatter to fill the quiet.

Not angry, but lost,
screaming on the back road
begging an empty car for help.

Why does the ride take longer
when you know you’re losing ground?

Arranging boxes, hiding blood,
riding him til the sun moved
across an aching valley.

Landscape burning
to allow a choking flower to bloom,
controlled and vital.

Send me or my muse a rose along with why you chose what color.

Red: Romance 

Salmon: Desire

White: Innocence

Cream: Vitality 

Peach: Gratitude 

Yellow: Friendship

Pink: Sweetness

Orange: Enthusiasm

Lavender: Charm