the visuals in this are unreal


in case anyone’s wondering why god allows suffering, here’s a google comparison of the search frequency of the words “reylo” and “finnrey”

(btw first is over the past 5 years, second one is since the time tfa came out, and the third one is in the past 1 year)

this is so fucking unreal.

The visual that got everyone so shook 😳💘

How are we gonna survive being an NCT stan when we have Taeyong serving killer looks since 1995? 😣😣

Faeries in Films

Fairytale: A True Story (1997)

Set in Yorkshire, Fairytale retells the story of the famous Cottingly Fairies, and of the two cousins who discovered them. Elsie and Frances were a big deal back in 1920: their photographs of fairies sparked the interest of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle who had them published in The Strand Magazine, making them kinda famous. A very heartfelt and magical movie. Chance of seeing real fairies 10/10.

Strange Magic (2015)

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Love sword-fighting fairy princesses? Look no further because Marianne’s your girl. Seriously, the coolest character I know. Anyway, she’s a badass who fights the Goblin King (see above, his name’s Bog) to save her sister Dawn, and there’s a lot of singing and love potions and beating up douchebags and just generally Marianne having to deal with all the shit that goes down in her kingdom…. It’s so awesome. Based off Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Magical Legend of The Leprechauns (1999)

It’s a Romeo-and-Juliet inspired film between a fairy princess and a leprechaun. If you can excuse the poor quality and the weird side-plot about their human neighbours, you’ll find that Mickey’s gang is hilarious, the love story kind of cute, and the soundtrack very faerie-esque. There’s one scene where they just make a bunch of Irish dancers and just… dance? And the Leprechaun boys go to the fairy ball disguised as Leprechauns? This fucking film, man.

Peter Pan (2003)

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This boy is so fae it’s unreal. As well as having a beautiful scene in which Peter and Wendy watch the Faerie Prince and Princess dance, it’s also one of my favourite Peter Pan adaptations. Amazing visuals, soundtrack, cast, and its Tinkerbell is hilariously wonderful.

Part 2 (x)

You like castles, don’t you?


Memory castle is a virtual place for you to build room by room on your PC, Mac or mobile device.
In this place, you can collect your ideas and write notes while navigating freely throughout the tridimensional space you created. 


While studying for my finals I needed a solitary and calm place where I could focus without any distraction from the outside world: I began to imagine myself in an old medieval castle, in front of my desk, with my notes and books. Immersing myself into this alternate world really helped me not only to stay focused but also to remember what I was studying because I could visualize it mentally in my medieval study.
With this idea in mind, I started very recently this project using the game engine Unreal Engine 4 so that I and other people could create a virtual castle.


As a visual tool Memory Castle allows its users to:

  • take notes and write down ideas in a new and compelling way that takes advantage of the tridimensional space;
  • create a memory palace to memorize anything through visualization and spatial memory;
  • concentrate while studying;
  • explore other people castles and read their stories;
  • relax and look at every nook and corner of your creation.


You start by building your castle room by room: choose the style and the shape of each room, there will be a wide range of options and customizable characteristics. 
Once you chose your room, which might be a cozy medieval study, a busy kitchen, a dungeon or a lush courtyard garden, you can furnish and decorate placing any kind of 3D object. 
Every object can store a text or a picture: you write a note and associate it with an item. 
When you need a new room you can place a ‘door’ item, which can be anything from a real door to a mousehole, and use it to create and go to a different space.
You can expand your castle or create multiple ones: in one of them you could keep your ideas; you could use the next one to learn a new language etc.
At this point, you might consider sharing your castle and your stories with others.


As humans, we are not good at remembering complex historical events, series of numbers or the periodic table, but we are good at remembering places. Memory palaces, also known as mind palaces or memory journey are a mnemonic tool that allows practitioners to memorize complex pieces of information taking advantage of spatial memory. You can create one by navigating a familiar place in your mind and choosing several loci (latin for places) you can later use to store what you need to remember through visual association.

More on the subject here

This is relevant to the Memory Castle project because it can actually be a great tool you can use to build palaces. In fact, many people are using video games as memory palaces and find them really helpful given their nature and memorability but this places are not personal or customizable, and can often be problematic to use and this is where the memory Castle project comes in.

That’s all, thank you, everyone, we hope you will find this project interesting and entertaining. 
Please let us know what do you think, we will be glad to hear your thoughts.


We are so fucking lucky to have Beyoncé in our lives jus know that like mama dances in heels, gives us so many fuckin visuals, hits all her notes and then some, and gives it her ALL on stage 100% of the time and literally NOBODY else does that we take her for granted so much and she’s such a hard working person literally her only competition is herself she is so ahead of the game and she has inspired so many people around the world with her music and ALL of her albums are masterpieces like who the fuck can record 14 songs and 17 FUCKKN music videos in secrecy while on tour like how the fuck is that possible her work ethic is unreal and I TRULY believe she is the best of the best like no one will ever be able to do what she has done and she’s not even done yet

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Whats the difference between dissociation and derealization

Dissociation is an umbrella term, including derealization, depersonalization, dissociative amnesia, etc. 

Derealization is referring to just the dissociative symptom of being disconnected from reality/believing reality is fake/false/etc. The DSM defines it as “experiences of unreality or detachment with respect to surroundings (e.g., individuals or objects are experienced as unreal, dreamlike, foggy, lifeless, or visually distorted.“ 


 Henry Joseph Darger, Jr. (/ˈdɑːrdʒər/; c. April 12, 1892 – April 13, 1973) was a reclusive American writer and artist who worked as a hospital custodian in Chicago, Illinois.[1] He has become famous for his posthumously discovered 15,145-page, single-spaced fantasy manuscript called The Story of the Vivian Girls, in What is Known as the Realms of the Unreal, of the Glandeco-Angelinian War Storm, Caused by the Child Slave Rebellion, along with several hundred drawings and watercolor paintings illustrating the story.[2] The visual subject matter of his work ranges from idyllic scenes in Edwardian interiors and tranquil flowered landscapes populated by children and fantastic creatures, to scenes of horrific terror and carnage depicting young children being tortured and massacred.[3] Much of his artwork is mixed media with collage elements. Darger’s artwork has become one of the most celebrated examples of outsider art.


Some tidied-up portfolio pages! Some art that you may have seen, some you may have not, and some totally new stuff as well. 

Going to take this moment to say that I’m really proud of where I am art-wise. I’ve come a long way in these past few years (heck, just in these past couple months!) and I’m really looking forward to gaining more experience and hopefully getting some stories finally hammered out in the near future!

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Why do you need to know math if you want to be a game designer? And what should I learn beside math? What should I do if I want to be a game designer in the future? (Like should I mod? Make games? Which language should I learn etc.) I am currantly 16 and I am study computer science in high school and currently only learning c#.

Why do you need to know math if you want to be a game designer?

Let’s say I’m working on the combat system for the next sword and sorcery RPG. How do the dexterity and agility stats affect my dodge, parry, critical hit rate, attack speed, and accuracy? How does the strength stat affect my damage? How does the vitality stat affect my defense value and health points? If I add one more point of intelligence, how much mana and spell power do I gain?

Let’s say I’m working on a class-based first person shooter. How much damage should this character do per shot? What should its cone of fire be? What’s its accuracy rate? What’s its fire rate? How long should this effect last? How long should its cooldown be? How often should this character reload? How many shots between reloading? How long should reloading take?

Let’s say I’m working on a fighting game. How much health should each character have? How much damage does this character’s light attack deal? How far does it extend? How long is the recovery time on this attack? How many frames of invincibility does this attack have? How do we ensure that there aren’t any infinite combos?

What should I learn besides math?

To be a game designer? Art, history, mythology, geography, and creative writing are pretty good to start with. When you get to college, you should probably consider programming, cognitive science, architecture, and interior design as useful subjects. You want a good understanding of how people understand and expect the world you create to work. You want to understand all the visual shorthand that’s been wired into their brains that they might not even remember. You want to know how to create an experience for the player using both familiar and new elements.

What should I do if I want to be a game designer in the future? (Like should I mod? Make games? Which language should I learn etc.)

Learn to mod games. Make your own games. Create your own levels. Try creating something with Unity, Unreal Engine, the Dragon Age Origins Toolset, the Skyrim Creation Kit, Game Maker, RPG Maker, or something. Try to create a board game or a card game. Playtest it and improve on it. Hiring managers and recruiters really look for that kind of stuff, especially finished projects.

More questions? 

Read the FAQ.

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