the visual here and what it represents

Todd’s moral progression

Okay so if you have watched the whole show, you know exactly what Todd is hiding from Amanda specifically, and this is obviously what this scene above is referring to. But I like how this has been visually indicated. The shot of Todd show the camouflage jacket behind his left shoulder, which symbolises the lies he is hiding, camouflaging into his life, into his dialogue. The jacket is also placed behind Todd’s left shoulder, which could also be representative of Todd’s “bad side” as the left hand side can be symbolic of the devil, or sin, and Todd is clearly making a bad decision here by lying.

So comparing the camouflage jacket shot and the shot where Todd ‘confesses’ to Amanda in episode six. Now the background shows a window with bright light coming through over Todd’s right shoulder, his symbolic “good side”, as the right shoulder is a person’s “angelic” side, and the bright, pure light represents this. 

Though I definitely don’t think this has to do with religion, it shows Todd’s moral progression throughout the show, and he is no longer hiding behind a camouflage of lies, and is open with his flaws. They are clear now as the light is shone upon them. These two shots show the scared, morally ambiguous and shady side to Todd (also shown by the low level lighting in the first shot) and the brave, honest and true side of Todd and it’s kinda beautiful. 

Interpreting M3LL155X by FKA twigs

hello ladies,

So like everyone else, I was completely snatched by the long awaited M3LL155X today. The visuals were not only wickedly stunning but also so deep with meaning that it’s been driving me crazy. I don’t post much on Tumblr, but I thought i’d do this since no one else has really tried to decode it yet? Here it goes…

Part 1: Figure 8 - Her Twisted Fate & Destiny 

Figure 8 is such an amazing way to start off M3LL155X. Visually, we’re introduced to an angler fish looking woman resembling a witch or psychic? Throughout this whole sequence, she’s pretty much throwing stank faces to the camera and showing how much she despises everything like any other witch would.

From what I see, she is supposed to represent the forces throwing Twigs into her future destiny and fate as an artist. She literally hurls a fetus of Twigs out of her mouth into pitch darkness alone. Clearly anything coming out of this woman is fucked up and demented, so we know what Twigs is in for. 

Let me live / Through your vice / Mass appeal / I feel in 10 breaths, it’s a miracle if we’re still alive / Can you touch it? / Is it real?

These lyrics represent the delusion and paranoia she is feeling about chasing that destiny. She has to live through the vices and prices that come with fame/rising up and enjoy that pain. She has to live and breathe mass appeal if she wants to stay alive in it. But will she ever reach it? Will it actually happen? 

Part 2: I’m Your Doll - The Abuse 

Here comes the pain. You’ve gotta go through hell to reach paradise; You wanna fuck with the eagles, you better learn to fly etc. 

In this part, we see Twigs is sadly diminished into becoming an inflatable sex doll. A typical asshole-ish looking man appears out of no where and she forces herself to seduce him. However, we realize that he’s taking things out of control and completely destroying her apart. 

Twigs is just laying there traumatized and completely out of it. Clearly, this represents the sexual and emotional abuse she had to face to make it through the industry. You could literally feel all her pain and disgust by just watching this sequence. So disturbing. 

I’m your doll / Wind me up / I’m your doll / Dress me up / I’m your doll / Love me rough / I’m your doll

This is pretty self-explanatory. She must become a dress up doll to the industry if she wants to make it. This may also have a context about how she is treated as a woman in the industry, where she is a puppet to their own desires for her work. This continues to follow her into her next path. 

Part 3: In Time - Popstars & Idols

Twigs suddenly wakes up pregnant in the middle of a stage, representing the development of her work and finally being given her platform now. 

However, the platform they give her is commercial pop as hell. Sonically, In Time gives off pretty obvious 90′s R&B vibes. Twigs is styled like any typical R&B all-female group member with her backup girls a la Destiny’s Child or TLC. They’re even doing super routined choreography and walking around like puppets to the cameras. 

Above them, it looks like they’re being watched by their “target audience.” This part of M3LL155X is very much related to the idea behind Video Girl from LP1. She’s clearly shading the cliché routine of the pop music life, which she dealt with when she was a backup dancer for pop stars a while ago. 

We get constant back-to-back shots of Twigs dressed as an R&B pop girl and her pregnant as well. 

Unable to fit in with this lifestyle, the Pregnant twigs begins to feel uncomfortable and suddenly starts bleeding a colorful ass mess from her womb. She begins to slip around and clearly struggle with the mess occurring, symbolizing her failure in this pop lifestyle as she’s being judged by her audience. 

The general public is repulsed whenever an artist wants to be vulnerable and strong in their work. They would much rather see them ‘play it safe’ as Twigs does through her R&B girl alter ego and mainstream choreography than through her more advanced work. 

Part 4: Mothercreep (Intro) - Birth to Herself As An Artist

Flash forward much later and Twigs is about to give birth to her metaphorical child. The child symbolizes the birth of her true artistry, which comes in the form of colorful scarves that mystically develop into the vogue dancers. 

Moments in change / I’m still chasing / I’ll be home soon / I’ll be there soon

These lyrics pretty much describe this entire sequence well. She’s at home now where she belongs in terms of her work after chasing it for so long. Although she has much more to go, she’ll finally have it soon. 

Part 5: Glass & Patron - Her Identity 

Twigs is finally at home and doing what she wants to do. She broke away from that routine pop lifestyle and is with an amazing crew of people. She emphasizes on voguing because of its free form choreography that goes completely against pop choreo, which she had to go through for many years as a backup dancer. 

I wait all week for a moment’s break away from being told who I am / So do you have a lighter? / Am I dancing sexy yet?

Twigs was tired of being told who she was and being a doll to the industry. She gets hella sarcastic, playing along with that conventional image of a trendy popstar. 

“Teach yourself to rise from ashes built from lust and hurt”

Flashback to “I’m Your Doll” and the Abuse sequence. She’s used all that lust and hurt as a muse for her work now. Although she’s finally found the light, she still has a piece of that darkness in her artistic identity. 

Nature plays a wicked game / Swallow spartans for the pain
A nod to “Figure 8″ and the wicked nature that threw her into her bittersweet life now. Although the game is fucking wicked, she’s still a spartan in the end. 

If you’ve ever attended an FKA twigs show (ESPECIALLY CONGREGATA), you’ll definitely understand how intricate she is about everything going on. Every little detail matters so much and M3LL155X is such an amazing example of that. Anyways i’m out and I hope y’all enjoyed this.

Writer's BLOCK

Okay. So I’m working on a villain who’s somewhat representative of Cold War communism. The absolute worst things about the USSR.

Here’s what I know about my villain. He’s a dictator. A brutal dictator. His country is a North Eastern European-Slavic state/country. He has strict isolationist policies in place.

He’s NOT DOCTOR DOOM. He doesn’t wear armor. He doesn’t mingle in magic/sorcery. He’s not an evil scientist. He’s a military leader.

I can’t figure out his power(s) or what sets him apart visually.

That’s what’s frustrating. I don’t want help. I’ve been blocked mentally and it’s very frustrating. This is me just venting.

When you have to bullshit your way through your entire paper because your teacher wants you to discuss why and how poetry is the best art to express love and to then find paintings that represent the love you chose in your poems and you realise that the only form of art you despise more than poetry is visual art… So here I am, doing all the work with an intellectual pov (aka the thing he told us NOT to do) and telling him exactly what I think I shoud say and not what i actually think.. YAY 

Date: June 26th, 20XX
Subject: Arlington Academy’s Uniform and Dress Code

Good Evening,

As a future student at Arlington Academy, you will be expected to share and adhere to our school’s values. Here at Arlington, we build our educational programs based on three core values: discipline, excellence and respect and support for other students.

Therefore, our uniform has been entirely designed and made by members of the alumni of the Fashion Department, delivering you nothing but the best quality of textiles and representing the core of what Arlington stands for.

As of the first day of class, you will have to wear this uniform during class hours and follow the dress code perfectly.


Here is the required uniform for girls: 

And here is the required uniform for boys:

All pieces of the uniform can be bought online on our website. Measurements are included before each purchase. If you want a custom made uniform for you, you will have to take an appointment with the Fashion Department here at Arlington Academy. Extra charges will apply. 

These extra pieces can be purchased separately from the Arlington Academy store and MUST be part of your uniform:

  • Solid black thighs, for girls, to be worn along with the skirt. 
  • Plain brown or black dress shoes for both boys and girls.

You may also wear your department badge with your uniform. It is optional, but many students wear their badges proudly, as it is a part of their identity as Arlington Academy students. 

THE UNIFORM MUST BE WORN AT ALL TIMES DURING CLASS HOURS. A student that comes to class without the proper uniform will be asked to leave. Exceptions include special non-uniform days, certain Fashion and Athletics Departments classes, field trips, and physical education classes. 

After class hours and in dorms, it is permitted to circulate on school grounds without the official uniform.


  • Only simple accessories are permitted. Anything extravagant in a student’s accessories, hairstyle, hair color, makeup, etc. is prohibited. 
  • Students with specific art classes and science labs must wear a coat during those class hours.
  • Any piercings must be small and secure. Keep the number of your piercings reasonable. Big hoops are not permitted. 
  • CLEANNESS is at all times required. 
  • The school staff and the Student Council President have the right to take action on any dress code violation. 

Please note that these rules may change at any moment deemed necessary. You will be advised of any changes. 

If you have any questions concerning the uniform and dress code, be sure to send us an ask!

Lady Amelia Arlington
President & Dean of Arlington Academy


11x19 “The Chitters”
“I found Mattie.”

I have to admit the story of Mattie and Jesse may have been one of my favourite mirror character stories for the main characters in quite a while. Their story had everything. Beauty and tragedy in equal measures and of course that is something the Winchesters know only too well. And I just loved how it was captured by a coin. A coin exchanged between two brothers, a coin that represented taking care of one another, represented escape and getting out, represented getting away.

And what I love even more about this visual is the aspect of “two sides of the same coin” that imo is played with here head on as we are shown both sides of this coin. Not only does it fit the overarching duality theme of the past few seasons, imo it also represents the notion of holding on and letting go. As that is what we see here with Jesse.

He was able to find his brother, properly bury him, make peace. He may not be fixed by having gotten his revenge (major parallel imo to the myth arc with Amara’s quest), but he was able to let go. And it’s all captured in that moment, that coin. Finding his brother, finding this coin, the symbol for their joint escape. I don’t know about you, but I find there’s a tragic beauty about it, that when Jesse is able to hold on to that coin again, it also marks the moment of letting go - two sides of the same coin. I love the symbol of Jesse taking this coin with him and this marking the moment he truly escapes as he walks away from hunting. That coin, Jesse’s brother’s coin, 27 years later, is the symbol once more for him helping his brother to truly walk away (from the life of a hunter and leaving his past behind).

And of course Jesse’s and Mattie’s story to me is just one more major bit of foreshadowing for what will lie ahead for the Winchesters (as there have been SO many nods in that direction strewn across the episode, that both of them know, this fight will not leave both of them unharmed - and given the parallels and set up here it’s Sam having to say goodbye to his brother in some way) at the end of the season: Letting go. After all in 11x04 “Baby” we also had the emphasis on the importance on coins. So yes, in a way to me, paired with the hunter burial at the end of the episode, this coin is the one Mattie can use to pay the ferryman…

anonymous asked:

Saw your tag saying you liked the balcony scene. Really intrigued to know what you liked about it?!

Ok, so I have 10 (not kidding) versions of this question in my inbox. All because of my tags on a photoset I reblogged on Sunday. Ok. so here are a few things I love about the proposal scene:

I love all the contradictions

I love the proposal scene because I’m not a proponent of an Olitz marriage. Not until Fitz is no longer President, if that’s what Olivia wants.

I love the proposal scene precisely because it’s such a lie, and instead of pretending-is-what’s-real that the visuals represent, we get words that preserve the integrity of the Truman balcony in the end. Fitz initially tries to paper over a transactional proposition with flowers and candlelight that not even he believes in for the moment. Clearly we know that Olivia likes romance in the form of candlelight, a warm fire, roses (208, 308, 417). What she didn’t want was some trite proposal fantasy for a wedding she was being handled into. Fitz read the situation incorrectly. And this wasn’t ‘finding another way’ as he said two days earlier. No amount of Coming To America roses was going to make the marriage feel ‘right’ when they were absolutely starting with the wrong purpose. For Fitz it doesn’t matter because all he has ever wanted is Olivia. But it does matter for Liv. She’s fought too long and too hard to finally embrace her love for Fitz to jeopardize it by marrying him when she is not ready for the life that it presently entails. He was robbing her and the both of them of an authentic moment.

I love the song that’s playing–“Aint’ No Way” by Aretha Franklin. The following lines are apt:

I know that a woman’s duty
Is to help and love a man
And that’s the way it was planned

Oh but how can I, how can I, how can I
Give you all the things I can
If you’re tying both of my hands?

Stop trying to be someone you’re not
How cold and cruel is a man
Who paid too much for what he got?
And if you need me like you say, say you do
Oh then please, please
Please don’t you know that I need you?

Olivia can’t be who she is, and she can’t even help Fitz in the way she’s been able to if she becomes his wife while he’s President. Ain’t no way.

I love that Fitz drops the pretense about the ‘do over’ business, when really he’s talking about the fact that he doesn’t want to do some elaborate set up when he knows that this whole marriage thinks is really a distraction just so he can remain President. And the business of that is what he’d rather be doing. But I wanted to punch him for being so gotdamn obtuse about what getting married would mean for Olivia. It’s incidental for him, but not for Olivia. He was thinking about himself. Even that whole elaborate set up was about him, in a way—a means to a goal. As long as Olivia is in his life, that’s all that matters to Fitz. The how/when/where/why? Not so much.  That’s why he thinks it’s marriage writ large that she has a problem with. Ahh, he didn’t see her Vermont dream. Sigh.

I love that Fitz says “No man ever wants to do this.” I think that’s mostly true. They do it because they think that’s what women want. We’ve allowed ourselves to think that proposing marriage to someone must look a certain way in order to be considered ‘legitimate’ or memorable. What a lot of people really want is a good story to tell their friends. Why else are folks making elaborate YouTube videos of their engagements to live in perpetuity. That moment is for no one else but the people getting married.

I love that Fitz twice asks Olivia, “What do you want?” Because there ain’t no way for Fitz to love her the way she wants if he doesn’t know what she wants. She can’t answer the question. She can only deflect by telling him she doesn’t want some teenage girl’s fantasy, when that’s not the question he asked her. That’s very true to character, and it’s also a hard question—believe it or not. We’ve been wondering since 312 what Olivia’s goals and dreams are. Now that she’s realized one of them by embracing Fitz, what else does she want. I identified this, in my poster analysis, as one of her key challenges this season. We’re still waiting, but she’s been busy defending herself since 502. I know she’s going to get there.

Lastly, I love that Olivia and Fitz are both loveable idiots. Sigh.