the visual and the one who complains that he's the visual

Who is Lay?

♡ Zhang Yixing

where to start i love him so much

♡ Every exo-l is soft for this boy

♡ The most hardworking person on earth


♡ King of China

He is the china line

I wanna cry while hugging him my ot12 feels

♡ “Healing unicorn”

♡ Suho’s precious kid

♡ I’m pretty sure sm hates him

Dance line

♡ Visual

♡ Actor

♡ Basically perfect


♡ Has a separate fan base called Xingmis

♡ Yi(Xing) + Nai(mi)

♡ Yixing’s name + My name

Chanyeol is the biggest xingmi

♡ As you can tell from the name 

♡ He is S O F T

♡ His softness is nothing like ksoo’s softness

♡ We call him unicorn because he is literally unreal

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♡ He is the softest member

♡ He is just pure fluff

♡ Is cute

♡ Really cute

♡ Even if he just stands there doing nothing but existing

♡ he is cute

♡ When he is breathing

♡ When he is smiling

♡ When he’s confused

♡ Is the type of person who would fix the plushie’s bangs when a plushie’s eyes are closed and say

♡ “now you can see”

♡ he is literally an angel

♡ He would do anything for his fans

♡ Literally anything

♡ Reads all the fan letters at the airport

♡ Males sure he performs well otherwise thinks that people’s money go to waste

♡ makes sure everyone has a pic with him before leaving the conference he was on

♡ gives handwritten invitations in chinese and english which he wrote for his bd

♡ translated his album “Lose Control” to japanese,english and chinese

♡ chinese—->cantonese+mandarin

♡ Gives members special bags called “hope bags”so that they won’t meet any troubles

♡ His pureness can’t be explained with words

♡ While we’re talking about how soft he is

♡ I wonder if the blindfold he uses while he’s dancing to artificial love is also soft


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♡ I ain’t joking i’m serious

♡ I feel like he has a dark past coz those moves are pure sin

♡ He often likes to kill exo-ls with kai

♡ As a soft unicorn,he can also turn into a wild stripper on the stage

♡ I see hip thrusts

♡ Once he was performing Lose Control,his belt opened


♡ I mean he is so rude

♡ Has solo’s like Lose control,what u need? and monodrama

♡ Lose control is basically hip thrusts

♡ Along with lay’s heavy gaze and soft voice

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♡ It’s just rude


♡ We ain’t complaining

♡ His looks are everything

♡ He is the visual king

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I have found so many rude gifs u guys have no idea

♡ His smile is everything

♡ When he smiles

♡ The world just stops for a minute 

♡ It becomes a better world

♡ the sun shines a bit brighter

♡ the birds sing a bit happier

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This boy is srsly killing me SOMEONE SEND HELP PLS

♡ As he also works and promotes in china he has lots of photo shoots

♡ He is beautiful

♡ King of serving looks

I’m just gonna put this here coz this is art

♡ He is literally so handsome

♡ I mean he’s breathtaking

♡ Every pic that he has no matter with or without make up

♡ is so precious cause he looks so freaking good in all of them

♡ I S  E T H E R E A L

♡ I really dunno how to express this handsomeness


♡ Also an actor

♡ Played a cutie pie in his movie kung fu yoga w jackie chan

♡ Has a movie where he and his gay husband have a baby from the future lesbians called oh my god


i dunno what to say anymore

♡ Also Operation love where he is a character full of regrets

♡ but returns to the past and tries his best


♡ As i mentioned before,he has his own solo career 

♡ His last album lose control killed all of exo-ls

♡ Has a studio in china

♡ His voice is so soothing

His singing makes me want to punch myself

♡ Sings in many languages

♡ While we mention about languages

♡ His korean is just

♡ bootiful

♡ His korean teacher told him to get a gf


♡ Often makes pronunciation mistakes

♡ “Members wet their pants”

♡ “Jurazil park”

♡ Said penis instead of pepper 

♡ chanyeol was shook

♡ cameraman was shook

♡ exo-l were shook

♡ But its ok since we love him the way he is

♡ and baek often helps and explains him 

♡ There’s a precious friendship called

♡ Baekxing

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♡ Baek often explains him anything in korean

♡ They’re super cute

♡ Precious af

♡ Yixing just loves him so much

♡ Yixing just loves every member so much

♡ Baek is yixing’s nr.1 fan

♡ He also has a super confused side

♡ Always confused

♡ Bbh is his life saver

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♡ Fangirl bbh mode on

♡ You can actually ship lay with any member since he’s a fluff ball

♡ —->sulay

Originally posted by su-lay

♡ He is suho’s most precious kid since he’s innocent and easygoing

♡ —–>xiulay

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♡ —>Layhan

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♡ Even tough they’re former members he still keeps in touch with his brothers from china

♡ And supports them and their movies,music..etc

♡ also meets them in china


♡ also teaches sehun chinese

♡ Since he’s really kind and considerate towards people he’s loved by everyone

♡ His dance is everything you want in your life

♡ He is really passionate about dancing

♡ he is a choreographer

♡ What u need?’s choreo

♡ Lose contol’s choreo

♡ also helped they never know’s choreo

♡ Is close with 1m dance studio’s Kasper

U can actually spot kasper in every sm dance practice video

♡ His moves are so smooth yet delicate

♡ he is an angel dancing

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♡ He also ended saesang fans

♡ “as saesang fans have every information about us including our phone numbers,i’m expecting them to know teacher lee so man’s number too”


♡ He is really hardworking

♡ produced an album in china

♡ Shot 2 movies,one w jackie chan

♡ shot a drama

♡ Promoted exo

♡ promoted his work

♡ performed his solo work

♡ sometimes danced sometimes sang

♡ Joined his brothers for the comeback


♡ Did all those things in half a year

♡ As we can tell

♡ overworks himself

♡ fainted twice

♡ The photos taken today at the airport was showing how tired he was

♡ he works nonstop 

♡ he gotta rest

♡ he was working all the time when the rest of the members had time to rest

I fucking hate sm

♡ He is the most precious kid i’ve ever seen


♡ I swear if they comeback without lay i’ll fly to korea and let the sm building on fire after stabbing lee soo man 384737 times

♡ He is the cutest pls protect him

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This question’s been sitting in my askbox for WEEKS now, apologies for taking so long to respond to this!

To preface this post it’s important to note: I’m not a professional, and don’t have professional experience.  All thoughts are based on personal opinion, preference, and prior experience designing characters for personal projects!

Click the jump for a big post with me rambling about character designs I do and don’t like, and why I do/don’t like them!

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A/N: This monster of a fic is finally finished and i’m actually crying tears of joy rn bc this was such a long fic to write. plus it’s about my favorite underrated trainee from pd101, kim donghan @smols-n-tols bc they know how much pain i’ve been over this fic lmao

Pairing: PD101′s Kim Donghan x Reader

Genre: Angst/Fluff/Humor/Friends to Lovers!AU

Word Count: Roughly 11k (almost made it to 12k r i p)

Scintilla, noun: a barely visible trace

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Colors of Dissonance

Welcome, welcome, audience members, to ‘Colors of Dissonance,’ an interactive story-telling experience brought to you by your favorite master of angst, Reverse! The year is 2070, and our story takes place in a world obsessed with augmented reality. You, the members of the audience, will have the chance to choose your own path within the story, and the outcome, whether good or bad, will depend entirely upon the choices you collectively make. So, choose carefully, and most of all, enjoy!

Mark sprints down the alley with three of them on at his heels, moaning and reaching for him with claw-like fingers. Fear pickling in his chest, Mark curses loudly when realizes that the alley is a dead end. He presses his back to the concrete wall as the zombies lumber closer. He takes a deep breath, squeezes his eyes shut, and prepares himself for…


The words blink in Mark’s mind for a few seconds before he chooses the option to close the game. “Well, that’s all for ‘Zombie Maze,’ guys. I can’t find my way through to the end. I’ve been trying for hours! But if you all want to see more of this game, let me know, but for now, thank you so much for watching. Give me your suggestions in the comments below, and as always, I will see you… in the next video. Buh-bye!”

Mark’s visual display goes dark with a wink of his right eye to cut the feed from his neural cam, and when he opens his eyes again, he peers out at his office through a layer of green gas. The gas drains away slowly from his Tube, the emersion clearing from his mind along with it. Mark removes his wrist and belly sensors, sends the footage off to Kat to be edited, and heads out.

Mark turns his music up a little louder as he boards the hover-train headed home. The train car floods with other people immersed in their holo-screens and ignoring one another. Mark glances up at an advertisement playing over the car’s outdated screens and can’t stop himself from smirking slightly at the advertisement for the newest craze in augmented reality, a YouTube. New experiences, better quality visuals, and now, added sensory details, like the smell of zombies that Mark can’t seem to get out of his nose.

Tubes have become the last word in gaming, boasting the only full-body immersion experience to hit the consumer market and not leave said consumer brain-dead. The only problem is, few people can afford them, and even fewer can afford to use them regularly. Mark, on the other hand, has made a career of it.

When the hover-train reaches his stop, Mark stands, trying to avoid eye-contact with anyone who might recognize him. He doesn’t mind seeing fans in public, but after the day he’s had, he’d rather just get home undisturbed. Neon lights grab at his attention as he shoves his hands deeper into the pockets of his coat and pushes through the crowd headed for the stairs leading down to the road below. When he finally reaches his apartment building, the doorman is whistling as always. “Mr. Fischbach! And how was your day?”

“Crap, Simmons. Absolute crap.” Mark gives the elderly man a smile and a gentle pat on the arm.

“Those headaches again?” Simmons clucks his tongue a few times and shakes his head. “My brother used to have headaches, complained about ‘em every day, and then one day, he just up and died.”

Mark snorts and starts to step inside. “Thanks, Sims. That really makes me feel better.” Mark turns to leave, but the doorman calls after him.

“Oh! There’s a buddy of yours waiting on you in your room! Said he knew you when you were kids?” Simmons shrugs. “I figured you wouldn’t mind if I went ahead and let him go up.” The doorman gives one last smile and goes back to whistling.

Mark furrows his brow. He can’t remember agreeing to have anyone over, especially not someone he knew when he was a kid. Confused and slightly concerned, Mark heads for the elevator and punches the button for the top floor. Not every let’s-player makes the big time, but “Markiplier” is one of the most popular names in the gaming community at present. And the title doesn’t come without it’s perks.

Mark’s large flat is dark and quiet when he enters save for his dog, Chica, who comes running to greet him. “Hey, bub! How’s my girl?” Mark kneels to pet the beautiful golden retriever, but Chica is whining, tail tucked between her legs as she glances nervously behind her. Mark follows the dog’s gaze to find someone standing by the glass wall of the flat overlooking the city below.

“Hello?” Mark stands up, trying to make out the person’s face, but it seems that their back is turned to Mark. “Just who are you?”

The young man standing at the window turns just as the full moon slips out from behind a layer of clouds, illuminating his face. He’s shorter and slight, dressed all in black with a patch over his right eye. A hovercam glows at his shoulder, blinking at Mark like an eyeball. The little green ball hovers nearer, getting right in the other man’s face, and Mark takes a step back as he sees his reflection mirrored in the cam’s black pupil, ringed with electric blue. “Sam?”

Mark glances past the little bot to its owner whose shock of green hair is exposed when he pulls back the hood of his jacket. “Jack?”

The younger man winces at the name, hissing slightly as if it causes him physical pain to hear it. “I don’t go by that name anymore. It’s just Sean, Sean McLoughlin.”

Mark’s jaw drops. He never knew the Irish YouTuber very well, but he’d been another big-name channel. Mark had collaborated with him once, trying out the new ‘group emersion’ along with a few other Tubers, and the two had gotten along pretty well. Well enough even to talk of doing more collabs just between the two of them, but then Mark had gotten the news.

Jacksepticeye was killed in a freak car accident. Only, they’d never found the body.

Now Mark knows why. “You… but… Everyone thinks you’re dead!”

Sean brushes his hair back and sighs. “And I’d like to keep it that way.”

Mark’s mouth drops open, but he’s not sure which of all the thoughts running through his brain is going to fall out first. He finally decides on, “Well then what the crap are you doing here?”

Sean reaches up as Sam, once his channel’s icon, hovers closer. The young Irishman taps his drone carefully so that it’s glow expands to light up more of the room, casting both Mark and Sean in an eerie green light. “I’ve come to warn ya, Mark. Before it’s too late.”

Will Mark… listen to Jack? or call the cops?

(So this one is a bit longer than normal, just to lay the groundwork, but to vote, please send me an ask, anonymous or not, and vote for what path you think the story should take! The new header was made by @all-meh-edits by the way. It’s phenomenal! I hope you enjoy this special event, cutie pies! I know I’m super excited for it!)

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hi. loved your minhyun college!au. can i request for tutor!minhyun whom your mother hired since you're struggling with a certain subject. something like tutor to lover. thank you btw! ♡

hi anon, thank you so much for being the first request i’ve gotten and i’m glad you enjoyed the college!au, it really means a lot to me! <3 Here’s your request, hope you like it! 

Hwang Minhyun Tutor!AU

Originally posted by nuestx

  • it’s your final year of high school and you really want to get into a good university but one of your subjects in particular is dragging you down
  • it’s chemistry btw (i hate chem lol)
  • because your teacher sucks and does not help at all 
  • so you’re complaining to your mum about it and she’s like “I’ll get you a tutor”
  • and you absolutely refuse, you’d rather try learn it all by yourself than get a tutor
  • because one of your friends had a tutor for maths and apparently she was super intimidating and the sessions were overpriced af
  • but nothing stops your mother once she’s decided on something
  • a couple of weeks later you’re coming home from school
  • and your mum is sitting in the kitchen with a young man
  • you don’t think too much of it, like you just assume it’s one of your brother’s friends or someone 
  • but you don’t want to be rude so you just nod your head and give them a smile
  • the guy doesn’t exactly return the smile, but they still give you a nod back
  • it’s a bit awkward and you don’t want to continue the awkward eye contact 
  • because his gaze is so cold and piercing, you’re a bit flustered
  • it’s a Friday afternoon, you’re exhausted and you can’t wait to just relax and enjoy the weekend
  • so you quickly grab an apple from the kitchen bench, and turn to head back to your room, but your mum is like “where are you rushing off to y/n?”
  • and you turn round with your mouth full of apple like ???
  • “this is your chem tutor, Minhyun. Minhyun, this is my daughter, y/n, I hope she pulls her act together for you and….”
  • your eyes widen because you were not prepared for this at all
  • you were not expecting someone….as visually stunning as Minhyun
  • which you then are ashamed of yourself for thinking because hey, tutors can be hot too, you cant just dismiss them like that 
  • but Minhyun is like god level, your ideal type visuals so you’re just a tad stunned

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Hello!! RFAs reaction to MC who casts spells? Like lights candles and casts spells like a little witch. MC started because she found spells online and tried them out, but they actually seemed to work! Whether or not they really do is up to you haha

A/N: guys idk if you know this but i’m actually really into witchcraft- like magick, crystals, spirituality, spells, sO MANY DIFFERENT THINGS and i just im soRRY IM SO EXCITED FOR THIS REQUEST but i toned it down a little to spare y'all ~Admin 404


           -He was the one to bring the idea up in the first place, actually!

           -“MC!!! I can’t remember anything! I’ve studied this same page for the past hour or so and I can’t remember ANY of it. Uhg, why can’t there be any kind of magic to help me with this? You know, kind of like Harry Potter? Or the magic spells in LOLOL!!”

           -Now you weren’t witch-savvy but you were determined to find something that could help him!! Or at least make him feel as if he’s being helped! He needed to pass this upcoming test and seeing him suffer made you feel terrible!

           -So, thanks to the internet, you found a sort of “Study star” spell for him! You explain it to him and he is so!!! ready!!! to try!!

           -You light up an orange candle, as he focuses on the light. You had him draw a seven point star, had him dab a smudge of sage oil in the center of the star and on his forehead between his eyes. You also had him repeat the chant a few times.

           -You had him keep the paper in his hand the whole time he studied, and when he was done, he blew out the candle

           -Neither of you knew if it did anything but he did have to admit that he was excited to try it anyway!!

           -He came home the next day from his test extremely hyper, loud, and just all around excited puppy yoosung


           -He was yelling in excitement, jumping on the other half of the couch as you bounced up and down on the other half due to him. You agreed to do it every time he need to study, so he could get and keep his grades up!


           -He was disappointed about not getting the part he wanted in a play

           -And the moment he walked into your guy’s home, you were practically hit in the face with his negative aura

           -“Oh no, nonono, step back outside”

           -You pushed him out of the front door and he stood there completely confused. Too confused to even ask what was going on, or attempt to re-enter the home

           -He watched as you mixed salt and garlic and sprinkled it along the doorsteps, the windowsills, any entry point to the house

           -“MC what in the world are you doing can I please come inside now?? What are your sprinkling everywhere??”

           -You explained that you protected the house from negative influences, and that now he was able to enter the house

           -“I don’t want your negative energy up in here Zen, so I’m protecting our home. Now, come on inside and tell me what’s wrong, love”

           -HE DIDN’T KNOW YOU WERE INTO THIS KIND OF STUFF???? MC can you give me more protection things? Self-care? BeauTY SPELLS????

           -You just sigh every time he asks but you do secretly draw him an herbal protection bath at least once a month and he just thinks you buy the MOST amazing bath salts because they smell and make him feel a m a z i n g


           -You’ve noticed her stress lately, it’s not like she hides it well

           -And you wanted to help!! But you just COULDN’T think of a spell to help

           -You thought of maybe combining two of them, but suddenly you had an idea!

           -You ran up to her with a bag full of different colour yarn, and told her the meaning of each colour. She was thrown off and wasn’t sure why you were telling her, but she played along

           -“You have to pick one according to how you feel, as in what kind of problems you’re having! Did you pick one? Oh good! Okay, the next thing you need to do is hold it taut. Got it?”

           -She followed your directions silently. She knew you believed in things like spells and magic and she wanted to respect you although she didn’t believe in it herself. Besides, she knows you’re just trying to help, and she can’t complain about that!

           -“Okay now, concentrate on all of your problems you’re having. Really visualize them as you tie knots into yarn. Yes, just like that! You’re tying up the problems and they can’t get away!”

           -She held it out to you when she was done visualizing, “Alright now what? Do we do something about visualizing the same problems and untie the knots, as if we’re letting go of- MC where are you going?”

           -You snatched the yarn from her while she talked, holding it far out in front of you as if it was evil, and you ran outside. She watched as you tried to quickly dig a hole in the dirt and throw the yarn in it, figuratively burying her problems

           -She shook her head and couldn’t help but smile. She didn’t feel any problems go away, but she did get happier knowing you wanted to help her bad enough that you’d run outside and try to dig a hole with one hand


           -He came home one day to find you rubbing some sort of liquid across your wrist, heart, and forehead. And only those places. He was thoroughly confused. You weren’t new to spell casting but he’s never SEEN you do it

           -It smelt like a mix of lemon juice, mint, basil, and a few more that he couldn’t place off the top of his head

           -He asked what you were doing and you just smiled at him, shrugging before you answered

           -“I made a spell! I boiled basil, bay leaves, coriander, lemon juice,-” He watched you list several things off but just tilted his head to the side out of confusion

           -“You…casted… a spell? Like as in magic? And witches?”

           -“Yeah! I casted it because…well.. I just wanted to strengthen our relationship and make sure our love is there and strong at all times…”

           -You looked down at your feet, pouting a little bit, hoping you didn’t freak him out, but he kissed your forehead instead

           -“Oh, MC, you didn’t need a spell for that. The love I have for you is immense, there’s no need to worry”

           -Which wOW you couldn’t tell if that was just him being honest with you or if your spell DID work. You’d have to try another one to see if it worked.

           -“But um, MC? What can I used to wash this mixture off because I really dislike the taste. I probably should have kissed your cheek instead.”


           -Can’t tell me nerd boy hasn’t tried to recreate spells from Harry Potter or the show Charmed

           - i also believe that he’s tried a few protection spells for saeran growing up

           -But lately you’ve noticed he’s had a string of nightmares and you felt terrible! Watching him wake up completely freaked out broke your heart

           -You weren’t sure how to really bring up the idea of performing a spell, so you just blurted it out

           -He just nodded and smiled towards you before saying, “Yeah I was thinking the same thing. Last time they got really bad I tired one and it seemed to help. Maybe with you doing it with me, it’ll work even better!!!!”

           - im sorry last time you whAT

           -You threw your shock out of the window when he pulled out the items you needed- salt, rosemary, rose petals, glass bowl, valerian, and polish moonstone


           -Helped him find a place by the bed to put the bowl where he wouldn’t accidently knock it over

           -Overall you had no real part in this?? He did it all himself??? You weren’t NEW to witchcraft or anything but??? You’re just disappointed that you had nO IDEA HE WAS INTO IT


           -He travels often for his photography

           -But this most recent trip, there was a little hiccup and made the trip a little dangerous

           -And you DID. NOT. LIKE. IT.

           -So you were determined to make sure he was safe every time he left the house

           -You were new to the whole magick aspect, and decided to find something on the internet and see if it would help at all

           -(Or at least help ease your mind about him leaving)

           -You decided to make a “Safe Travel” charm for him!!!

           -Crying a little on the inside as you tore a bit of your red flannel shirt (MC it’s not like it fits anymore, it’ll be okay), placed some dirt, large pieces of rock salt, and one of your favourite silver rings into it. The moment you were done sewing it into a little bag, you rushed to give it to him

           -He was surprised at the gift, but his heart immediately MELTED when you told him what it was, what it’s made of, and why you made it. HONESTLY DIDN’T WANT TO LEAVE ON TRIPS AFTER THAT, how could he worry his MC that much??

           -He swore to be 500% careful when he left the house, and NEVER do anything to make you worry. Neither of you knew if the charm actually worked the way it was supposed to, but it did remind him that he needed to take your feelings into account when he takes trips


           -He’s seen you participate in spells and rituals before

           -He’s even read up about the magick! Mainly because he was interested in the black magick aspect before meeting you

           -Now that he’s met you, and you participate in the white magick, he figures what could it hurt.

           -He’s been pretty down lately, and you felt horrible about it! The both of you knew nothing really caused it, but you still wanted to try to help

           -He was walking into the room to ask you a question about this new movie he saw, but noticed you were sitting at the altar you set up

           -You were sitting in front of 3 yellow candles, he could smell cedar, and he watched you sprinkle some herbs around the candles

           -He kept hearing you mutter to yourself, and he decided not to disturb you. But once you were done, he definitely questioned just what you were doing

           -“You were testing a happiness spell? What for? Are you not happy, MC? Is everything alright?” He actually got REALLY worried like oh nO MY MC IS SAD???

           -“No, no! I wanted to see if it worked because… I mean, if it does work I was gonna suggest you try it. You’ve been down lately and I just want to help but I guess I should have just asked if you wanted help and I’m sor-”

           -He cut you off before you could apologize by hugging you. He muttered a thank you before he kissed the side of your head. He agreed to try the spell with you, as well! that was easy, thought i’d have to fight more

An introduction to Seventeen:

For anyone who just got into Seventeen (also stylised as SVT) :) here are some quick facts about them!

Impt qn that everyone asks: why are they called 17 when there are 13 of them?

Ans: 13 members + 3 units + 1 team/carat = 17
It is also said to signify their median age! (when the name came about)
Interestingly, there were actually 17 members originally XD although members came and went at different times

3 units: Vocal Unit, Hip hop unit, Performance unit (the word unit and team are usually interchangeable~)

Title songs/songs promoted so far: “Adore U (Debut song)”, “Mansae”, “Pretty U”, “Very nice”, “Boom boom”, “Don’t Wanna Cry”.

List of all songs and covers ever: LINK (thanks to mika!)

Vocal Unit: Jeonghan, Joshua, Woozi, Dokyeom, Seungkwan
The playful mischeivous ones.

Jeonghan (Yoon Jeonghan)
Birthday: 10.04.95
Position: Lead vocal, visual line, 95 line
5 facts:
- aka mum-like existence (he cares a lot for the other members)
- the one with the beautiful long hair in 2015-2016
- EXTREMELY athletic but little stamina
- soft, light voice of an angel
- very intuitive, witty person who thinks well on his feet

Joshua (Hong Jisoo)
Birthday: 12.30.95
Position: Vocalist, 95 line
5 facts:
- LA born and raised~
- plays the guitar!
- anime fan <3
- speaks 5 languages
- a gentleman, seems normal at first but is really mischeivous

Woozi (Lee Jihoon)
Birthday: 11.22.96
Position: Vocal unit leader, Lead vocalist, Leader line
5 facts:
- genius producer/writer (even for other artists such as Ailee, I.O.I, Nuest,  Pristin)
- smallest member standing at 164cm
- holds a lot of power, do not disturb!
- sings well, raps well and dances well
- extremely hardworking person, can’t stress this enough :)

Dokyeom (Lee Seokmin)
Birthday: 18.2.97
Position: Main vocalist, 1/3 of Gag trio
5 facts:
- amazing voice/vocal range
- is literal sunshine but cries easily
- doesn’t ever stop singing, members complain that he sings too much aka too noisy XD
- is too innocent and naive for his own good (according to jeonghan)

Seungkwan (Boo Seungkwan)
Birthday: 16.1.98
Position: Main vocalist, 1/3 of Gag trio
5 facts:
- is from jeju, jeju’s pride (he loves jeju)
- another very amazing vocalist
- aspiring MC, variety tree
- anyone would probably love to have his as their bffs
- sensitive soul, cries easily too~

Hip hop unit: S.coups, Wonwoo, Mingyu, Vernon
Unofficial visual unit, the free spirited ones.

S.coups (Choi Seungcheol)
Birthday: 8.8.95
Postion: Seventeen’s Leader, Hip hop unit leader, 95 line, leader line, visual line
5 facts:
- aka dad-like existence
- one of the very first/original Pledis Boys
- looks and is like a puppy (except when with the 95 line)
- leads the team really well, handles all 12 of them like a pro
- has a lot on his shoulders <3

Wonwoo (Jeon Wonwoo)
Birthday: 17.7.96
Position: Lead rapper, visual line
5 facts:
- lowest voice in svt <3
- is an introvert but expresses himself beautifully through lyrics
- has a very cute and endearing side
- is a bookworm and is knowledgeable
- plays games in his free time~

Mingyu (Kim MIngyu)
Birthday: 6.4.97
Position: Lead rapper, visual of the group
5 facts:
- tallest biggest puppy standing at 186cm
- cooks very VERY well, fried chicken, jjajangmyeon, naengmyeon, anything.
- he sometimes styles/fixes members’ hair
- he’s basically mcgyver, great with his hands and brains
- cheerful, extroverted, friendly 

Vernon (Choi Hansol)
Birthday: 18.2.98
Position: Main rapper, visual line
5 facts:
- born in New york moved to korea at 5
- looks like a mini leonardo dicaprio
- very interesting/unique rap flow
- harry potter fan (puts himself in gryffindor)
- easygoing, chill, laid back

Performance unit: Jun, Hoshi, The8, Dino
The passionate hardworking ones.

Jun (Wen Junhui)
Birthday: 10.6.96
Position: Lead dance, sub vocal, visual line, ½ of chinaline
5 facts:
- martial artist (amazing body)
- the one who’s always blocked by the logos
- looks like a mini heechul (they even took a picture tgt)
- child actor in china!
- interesting personality, very 4D, awkward ><

Hoshi (Kwon Soonyoung)
Birthday: 15.6.96
Position: Performance unit leader, main dancer, leader line, 1/3 of Gag trio
5 facts:
- eyes look like 10:10 hence 10:10 is hoshi’s time!
- choreographs most of seventeen’s routines (once sent in his dance routine to pledis anonymously and pledis chose it)
- biggest SHINee fanboy
- black belt in taekwondo
- emotionally expressive, very serious while working but also an endearing hamster (also stage presence is amazing)

The8 (Xu Minghao)
Birthday: 7.11.97
Position: Lead dancer, sub vocals
5 facts:
- B-boy!
- fashionista of the group
- strong personality, doens’t express himself well sometimes since korean isn’t his native language
- beautiful dancer, ballroom dancer body, very light on his feet yet powerful
- left his home country to chase his passion in dancing <3

Dino (Lee Chan)
Birthday: 11.2.99
Position: Maknae, lead rapper, main dancer
5 facts:
- triple threat, dances well, sings well, raps well
- dance runs in the family, his parents are dancers
- big michael jackson fan, you can see hints of michael jackson’s dances in many of svt’s choreography
- very ambitious person, strong headed
- grew up really well, commands the camera so well too

Shows to watch to get to know svt:

Seventeen Project: LINK
Seventeen One Fine Day: LINK
Seventeen One Fine Day in Japan: LINK
Seventeen TV (just youtube to find links :)
Seventeen Andromeda (youtube)

unexpectedly charming

Before Season 2 of Voltron came out, I had read an article that had mentioned there would be several bonding moments between Keith and Allura, and as a pretty invested Klance and Shallura shipper, I was skeptical. I really was. I figured if it happened, it would happen, and I would just deal with it.

The last thing I expected was to like Kallura even a little bit, let alone be completely charmed by it.

(gif credit to the marvelous @flusteredkeith!)

Not only had Keith and Allura barely interacted, I didn’t really have a grasp on Keith (there were assumptions, of course, which I used to inform the way I wrote him in fic)- so going in, I had a lot of reservations. You could even call it a low-key notp, because I didn’t want them to get together just because they had been together in the original series. It didn’t make sense to me, given the interaction they had had up to that point.

But then some of my friends started watching season 2, and when I asked two of them about shipping moments, as I am wont to do, they both mentioned Kallura…and that it was actually kind of cute. And charming. And the all in all, they didn’t hate it.

I was intrigued. So I went into watching Season 2 with an open mind, and I discovered that it really was kind of cute. And the more I thought about it, the further I fell, and I really wanted to figure out why.

So I’ve decided to do the only thing I can do when I’m overwhelmed by feelings about something: write about it.

So here goes: a little meta essay (read: roughly 4,700 words with copious screenshots and gifs inserted for visual interest) on how I fell for Kallura, and why I’m interested in its potential, and why I think it’s worth giving a shot!

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Infinite - Introduction

Kim Sunggyu: Gyuzizi, Gyu-grandpa, Gyu-leader. Oldest in infinite. Voice of an angel. Kontrol is my jam. Used to hate Woohyun but they’re now married. Would sacrifice everything for his 6 children. Princess of Woollim. Can go from oppa to baby in less then 0.01 sec. Hamster-gyu. Needs to be protected and loved. CEO is scared of his whining. Wink master. Changes from being bullied to strict leader when they practice. Refers to the rest of infinite as ‘the kids’. Loves them to death. Always commenting on their instagram posts. RISPECT. Musical king. Raps perfectly. Performed the whole of daydream by himself including the rapping for their concert. Variety king. Weekly Idol = Diss is Sunggyu

Jang Dongwoo: Pure child. Loves his members ass. Give the boy booty. Dances like the ocean. Raps like he’s spitting fire, sings like an angel. Jang angel. Crybaby. Kindest in infinite. Protect the poor child. Loves his parents. And his niece. Jang Dino. Never bring the pure child to a haunted house. The real maknae. Respects Sunggyu. Always finds the booty. Soft. SKINSHIP. Sleeps through anything, including Sungyeol drawing on his face. Abs. TEPUUUNG. His adlibs in Diamond killed me. Nam Woohyun: Fanservice king. Nam-grease. Namu. I am tree. Vocal king. Power vocal. Boi got moves. Unofficial 3rd member of dance line. Disses Sunggyu like there’s no tomorrow. Solo album. FEELS. Part of parent line with Sunggyu. Kkeudeok kkeudeok. Voice like honey. HEARTEU. Hearts for days. Loves Inspirits with all his heart. Nam-Pabo. Probably an exhibitionist but who’s complaining. Best friends with Kibum (Key) from Shinee. Toheart. Abs. Abs flash in Be Mine. NEKOHAJA. High notes on point. Supports and is supported by Sunggyu even though they used to hate each other. Nam Perfect. Lee Howon: MAAAH BIASS. Boi got dance moves for dayss. Two modes, Hosass or Hoaegi. Boy loves purple. Sends selcas to his members. Can’t do aegyo. Has natural aegyo. Dances like a god. Kicked ass on hit the stage. Acting on point. REPLY 1997. Part of the exhibitionist club with Woohyun and Dongwoo. Abs. Loves his members and Inspirits to death. Became more open to affection. Scared of ghosts but wants to meet one ever since they stopped living in their dorm. He’s lonely. Members show him love. Was in Ah-choo. Sasses his members. Loves puns. Boy is so witty. I say ho, you say ya. Lee Sungyeol: Yeol-choding. Competitive af. Inspirits love him. “I’m in charge of being tall.” Inspirits would name all his strengths and wouldn’t be done till next year. Used to be in SM Academy. Visuals on point. NEEDS TO STAR IN A FUCKING DRAMA. Best actor, in my opinion. PIERCINGS. Used to have a ton. A whole row on his left year during chaser era. Has crossdressed more than once. Troublemaker and pick me. Special stage king. Sexy back with Hoya. Must watch. He will chase Inspirits to the other end of the world if we cheat on them. We would never. Disses everybody. Infinite, Woollim, his brother, his father, himself. Never disses his mother. Boi been exercising. Bickers with Sunggyu on instagram. ARIGATOU. Red hair was amazing. I’m as tall as his legs. Yeol-model. Tags irritate his skin. Manly and cute. Kim Myungsoo: L. VisuaL. L-cosplay. Looks like an anime character. Japanese on point. Was in a Japanese drama but played a Chinese character. WOZAIZHELI. Taboo words. Sunggyu almost got hit. Loves his members. SKINSHIP KING. Pure marshmallow. Used to fall over a lot. ACTOR MYUNGSOO. Is adorable. Best aegyo. Would cling onto the members 24/7 if he could. Hyungdon and Defcon are his biggest fans. Apparently watches a lot of porn. Sungyeol and Hoya found out. Soft. Second softest in infinite after Dongwoo. I love him. Straightens his hair. Lee Sungjong: MAKNAE ON TOP. Could beat all his members to a pulp. Anyone insult them and he’ll take out a knife or just give you poisonous lemon candy. LEMON SATANG KING. Visuals. So pretty. Prettier than all the Inspirits. He’s beautiful. He knows it. Used to kick a teddy bear when he was pissed. The bears name was usually Kim Sunggyu or Nam Woohyun. Looks beautiful even with different coloured face paint on his face. Looks amazing with blonde hair. Does girl group dances like he owns them. Loves lovelyzs like his actual dongsaengs. Can’t act. Jjong-victim. Always gets dissed by his hyungs. Jokes on them cause Sungjong is fabulous. And he knows it. 7 visuals. 7 vocals. 7 dancers. 7 rappers. 7 perfect human beings. 7 members. 7 boys who have has our heart forever. This is Infinite.

Now I know that in the Captain Underpants books, the colors of most of the characters’ clothing changed with each issue, but they stuck with specific colors throughout the film for the characters. Color can help tell a story and I notice things like how the interior of the school is a specific shade of blue so that everyone else can pop out, how the amount of color and light in the treehouse contrasts sharply against the darkness and minimal colors of Krupp’s house, etc.

But one thing bugged me for awhile–of all the colors they chose for Krupp’s design, why green for the pants of all colors? The white shirt didn’t surprise me, but the green bothered me for a bit. Then I remembered something–if you don’t remember your lessons on the color wheel from art class (or aren’t aware of this), I can explain.

 Green is a complimentary color to red, which is the color of Captain Underpants’ cape. In most fiction, if red is used as a heroic color then green is usually the automatic color to represent evil (the red of Gryffindor vs the green of Slytherin, the red of Thor vs the green of Loki, etc.) instead of the other way around (the green lightsaber of a Jedi vs the red lightsaber of a Sith). Green is normally used to represent nature and creativity, but on the negative side it can represent greed and sometimes sickness. Meanwhile, the positive use of red can represent energy, royalty, heroism, etc (and of course, the negative version can represent anger, violence, etc.).

Also, the specific shade of green used for Krupp’s pants is a dark green (as best as I can remember) which contrasts greatly with the bright red of CU’s cape. Both personalities also wear white (on different halves of their body) as if to help link the two further together/provide visual contrast. It’s just that the only other major color that makes up their attire happen to contrast against each other on the color wheel. (and yes, I hear some of you complaining about how the traditional color wheel shouldn’t be the true color wheel, but I don’t want to get into an argument over this right now).

The only other character who wears green throughout the entire film appears to be Harold, but that green is a brighter color, which fits the idea of green inspiring creativity. And ironically, while George’s attire is KIND OF similar to Mr. Krupp’s, his tie has the more energetic, bright colors of red and yellow, compared to the varying browns in Krupp’s tie.

And they ALL. WEAR. STRIPES. IN. THEIR. DESIGN! (Not CU, unless he’s in disguise).

So not only is Krupp visually contrasting against his counterpart in terms of color, but he also visually contrasts against George and Harold’s colors as well. I could be looking too much into this, but it’s fascinating how color was used in the film adaptation when you think about it. If a sequel comes out, I wouldn’t be surprised if the color schemes change, but it was still pretty cool for this particular film.

(ADDITIONAL NOTE: Actually, I remembered something funny in regards to character clothing with this film, and it has to do with Edith. Her dress is a sort of pinkish red with dots, right? And what’s that one joke about ‘pink goes perfect with green’ and vice versa? Also dots–who else has dots on part of his choice in clothing and shows an interest in Edith when he mets her? It adds to the idea that Edith is a good match for the two personas that share one body.)

college! Minghao

requested by anon: “could you write a college au of minghao please? if you do, tsym (and please include a reader in it, i’m sorry if it’s too much to ask for)”

Admin note: I wrote and rewrote this and researched and rewrote and deleted and wrote this again so many times, it’s not funny (ok maybe a little). I’m sorry if this wasn’t any good, I legit had such a tough time with this one, well anyway, I hope you enjoy!

  • Minghao is a Performance Music Major
  • particularly with a dance focus
  • when he’s not sitting around in some rehearsal room in the music building practicing his vocals or reviewing for the next postmodernism in dance exam
  • he can usually be found with the other music majors
  • usually sitting in the outside picnic area of campus
  • or running through some of the choreos created for the next final project out on the lawn with Soonyoung, Jun, and Chan
  • with Joshua (vocal performance major) playing guitar
  • or with Jihoon telling Mingyu to stop blaring rap long enough for him to finish composing
  • which causes Mingyu and Vernon (contemporary production majors) to both defend Drake as a musical artist
  • and that Jihoon should stop composing his boring classically arranged piece
  • which Jihoon says he can’t because he’s a freaking music theory and composition major and it’s due soon
  • while the rest are debating the musical merits of the latest pop sensation and whether or not the hook is repeated over and over
  • “‘Despacito’ has the same chord progressions throughout” “Ok no, there’s a modulation in the bridge…” “DEEESSPAAACITOO”
  • and Minghao’s music major friends may seem a bit like a mess
  • but they’re all really close friends
  • they host recitals every winter and spring
  • the whole music and drama department
  • and Minghao is always one of the front performers especially from the dance program
  • though someone should give him more vocal lines in the shows, why can’t the professors realize his vocals are amazing and that he never gets enough lines smfh
  • Minghao’s best classes outside of his major are those relating to liberal arts
  • especially lit and psychology
  • the only two courses you shared with him since they were mandatory for graduation
  • you both have talked before, but mostly just the universal complaining and groaning over homework assignments that characterize every college student ever
  • since your major was in media studies, his in performance arts
  • it was understandable that you didn’t really get a chance to get to know Minghao, since students with the same majors normally spend a lot of time with people from their own departments
  • but that’s how you always saw Minghao
  • since the media studies classes were in the humanities and social science building
  • which is a little past the music building
  • his group of music majors is always sitting on the lawn in between
  • and you’ve noticed little things Minghao does
  • like how he always opens the doors for the instrumentalists carrying in cases in the morning
  • or the way he acts like he’s done with his friends 100% but then ends up buying them breakfast and making sure they eat
  • and while it seems as though Minghao is always rehearsing for one thing or another
  • you sometimes see him skating down the campus on his skateboard or reading in the library
  • stuff not even assigned to him by your lit professor
  • joined by Jun, Wonwoo, and Joshua, or other random music majors
  • they sort of claimed the back corner of the library
  • one day your lit professor decides it’s been too quiet and boring
  • time to assign a huge project that could potentially make or break your grade
  • because college professors like torturing students as hobbies
  • and better yet, it’s a partner research essay and visual presentation
  • which works for you because whoever your partner is, you can just borrow some equipment from the media productions classroom to get the visual presentation part done
  • and as the teacher starts reading off names
  • all you can think about is how you hope you don’t get stuck with someone who won’t do their work
  • the professor calls out Utopia by Thomas More
  • the one book on the list you really wanted
  • and then “Minghao, y/n.”
  • jumping up and silently thanking the heavens for giving you such an easy book to work with
  • so many freaking things you could talk about, you’re so excited
  • you almost forgot that you had a partner as you go up to collect the book and the directions
  • Minghao walks up to you quietly
  • “So when do you want to meet to work on the essay and visual presentation?”
  • “Oh uh, we can do tomorrow at the student café if you want.” you tell him
  • “Alright.”
  • the two of you meet the next day and split the work evenly in half before
  • “I have a postmodernism in dance exam tomorrow so I’ll take-off first.”
  • “That’s fine, we have a whole month, we can chill.” you said smiling
  • Minghao returned the smile and turned around to leave when
  • “Here, call me if you need help with your half, I’ll finish my half of the essay by the end of the week, so we can begin the visual presentation.”
  • he hands you his number and you just nod and assure him he can just leave
  • with Minghao off to study, you decide to go work on your half in the library
  • the library is usually open quite late anyway
  • you start researching the ways More wrote his socio-political satire
  • but with the amount of sleep you’ve been getting, you fall asleep on top of your laptop
  • and sure, the library isn’t for napping
  • but screw it, you’re running on 3 hours of sleep in the last two days, what else can you do?
  • Minghao walks into the library a little while later, looking for a global dance history book when he sees you sleeping on your laptop
  • hair cascading over the table as you breathe slowly in and out
  • he smiles unconsciously
  • he had noticed this before
  • but you’re really pretty
  • while the closest interactions you’ve both had together were the random jokes Wonwoo would tell you and Minghao in psych
  • he knew you were a really nice person, since you and the video production team would always film the shows and performances he did with the rest of his department
  • he had even seen some of your short student films, the ones that he could only describe as art from someone who must really love what they do
  • and seeing you calmly napping was cute
  • so he goes to the nearest vending machine impulsively and buys a can of coffee before he puts it behind your laptop that you’re using as a pillow
  • “What are you doing Minghao?” Jun says giving Minghao a sly smile while coming up behind him
  • “Nothing.” he laughs
  • “Doesn’t look like nothing.” Jun smirks
  • “We have a project for lit, she’s my partner.” he said shrugging his shoulders while looking down at you
  • “Does she always sleep here?”
  • “Not sure.”
  • Jun nods his head slowly, an understanding look on his face 
  • “Yea you like her, imma call it now.”
  • “Yah!” Minghao says punching Jun’s arm
  • “Hey I called it so remember this moment in the future and thank me later.”
  • Minghao shakes his head
  • “Well, Wonwoo and I are ready to go, let’s get something to drink.”
  • when you wake up and shut your laptop you see the can of coffee sitting in front of your closed laptop, with a post-it note
  • “Keep up the hard work partner! Fighting! -Minghao” you read
  • you laugh and take the can with you
  • over the next few weeks, you and Minghao work together on the lit project
  • and when it’s done and you both get an A-
  • you both celebrate with ice cream from the student café
  • he’s cute
  • and funny too
  • he makes you laugh quite a bit by trying poorly to imitate the lit professor
  • the two of you kept texting about random hw assignments even after the project was over about anything like movies you wanted to see or concerts that were nearby
  • you got to know more about his dream to be a performer
  • he was so passionate about it
  • they way he talked about performing was the same way you felt about filming in media studies
  • each a form of art, but each a way to express it in your own style
  • by the time the winter showcase comes along, your professor assigns you to camera 3 on stage for the show
  • and you text Minghao
  • “Hey, break a leg at the concert :)”
  • “Breaking appendages would actually be a bad thing XD” he texts you back
  • “You know what I meant!”
  • “Yea haha, are you coming to watch?” your heart skips a beat a little reading his message
  • you watch as your phone shows that “Minghao is typing” message a few times before it stops
  • “I mean you don’t have to if you don’t want to”
  • “I’m filming so of course I’ll be there ;)” you text back
  • “Oh ok lol”
  • you laughed at his short response
  • when you go to the performance hall the night before opening night to set up the audio systems with some of the other video production crew
  • you see Minghao and one of his friends running through a choreography
  • you stare at him amazed, the choreo included them dancing with a white ribbon connecting the two of them, which should have gotten tangled countless times but didn’t
  • you didn’t really want to intrude on the rehearsal, so you leave him a can of coffee with a post-it note on it by the stage
  • “I believe I owe you a coffee, don’t forget to rest, I believe in you, fighting!-y/n :)”
  • Minghao is internally screaming at how cute you are when he reads it
  • Jun’s trying to work on the choreo and practically yells at Minghao who’s told the guys the story for like the fifth time
  • “Ok but isn’t she so cute? 'don’t forget to rest, I believe in you’”
  • “Minghao, I called this remember?” Jun say laughing
  • Minghao smacks him on the arm again
  • so Minghao decides to finally gather up the courage
  • with you sitting in the desk next to him in lit
  • your knees inches away from each other
  • “Hey y/n wanna grab a dinner after the show or something?”
  • “Depends.” you say heart beat steadily increasing
  • “On what?” Minghao says trying to keep his cool
  • “On whether it’s a date or not.” you want to scream at yourself, where did this courage come from?!?!
  • “And if it is?” he smiles
  • “I’d be happy to.”
  • and when you’re filming the show that night, Minghao catches your eyes while waiting in the wings on stage left
  • and shoots you a wink
  • which nearly causes you to drop your camera
  • and you see him getting smacked by Jun
  • after the show, he brings you backstage
  • “Got the gardening club to get me these” he says handing you a small bunch of white carnations
  • “Aw they’re beautiful.”
  • “I ended up doing a lot of research on the significance of flowers thanks to a lit project, white carnations mean sweet and lovely.” he smiles shyly
  • “They also mean pure love.” you say smiling
  • “Yea, well… they’re just flowers to celebrate a show well-done.” he coughs blushing
  • “Let’s go for dinner, shall we?”
  • when all the other music majors found out
  • it was chaos
  • “HONESTLY Y/N DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY MUSIC MAJORS HAVE ATTACKED ME TODAY WITH QUESTIONS?” your friend from the media production course asked you
  • “It’s like some celebrity is dating you or something from this response!” she says shaking her head
  • and whenever you walk to the humanities building
  • Minghao bounds up and takes your hand
  • in front of both the departments
  • so you have the music majors screaming at Minghao
  • and the media studies majors cheering you on
  • it’s a mess
  • but Minghao just shrugs it off and wraps an arm around you
  • “Want to grab a coffee before lit?”
  • “Sure” you laugh
  • and he holds your hand as you both make your way to the student café
  • and the both of you lay on the lawn after sipping your lattes
  • hands intertwined staring up at the clouds in the sky
  • “Look, they look like white carnations.” you smile and point up at a cluster of clouds
  • just enjoying the light breeze of a spring day
  • when he pulls you closer until you’re laying on his arm
  • and kisses your forehead
  • “Sweet and lovely just like you.”

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~ admin jess


rebuttals to bighit  defenders and jin antis

This so-called “borderline emotional abuse” of calling someone fat is very common in Korea and East Asia as a whole.

Doesn’t mean it still hurts to be called fat. Especially when the standard is to look slim.

This whole business about lines needs to fucking stop. Do you see One Republic fans making a big deal out of “line distribution” because Ryan gets all the “lines”? In fact, I don’t think their fans could give a flying fuck as to how many seconds or how much screen time each member gets on their own instrument.

Um sorry this is one of the worst arguments I’ve seen in my life. 1) The KPop industry and the American music industry are completely different in terms of management and artists (auditioning to be put in a group vs starting off on YouTube) and 2) OneRepublic is a band, BTS is a boyband for lack of better words. You can’t compare the two. Ryan is the lead singer because everyone else has there roles. Jin is a vocalist and visual but he barely gets lines or screen time. You can’t compare the two. 

What is line distribution when it comes to how a song sounds? Is Jin really good enough of a dancer to be at the front? Over Jimin, who majored in dance, and Hoseok, who toughed it out in the underground? Jungkook, who can self-teach himself Chris Martin choreographies? Fans might want Jin to get more lines or more dance parts or more screentime or more attention or more respect but this “A+ for effort” “medal of participation” is not going to work if BTS wants to keep going higher.

Please tell me there are two arguments in this. A song sounds different because of line distribution. Have you ever heard the studio version of “Spring Day” compared to the live version where Hobi actually had lines and Jin had more? And how much happier ARMYs were? I didn’t see fans complain about giving Hobi and Jin more lines, so why can’t we get this all the time? Plus Jin is a “good enough dancer.” He’s not the best like Dance Line, but he keeps up with them, and depending on the choreography, he can be really good. I don’t see you trying to learn the choreography plus sing and remember transitions and positions at the same time. 

Jin has the most popular VLives

y I K E S fam, you need to go fact check. Jin once wanted to completely cancel EatJin because no one was watching. And um, if you actually look on VLive, Jungkook bY FAR has the most popular VLives and HE’S HAD TWO. One is at 3 million and the other is at 2.7 million. 

We have sent nearly abusive hate to BigHit over Seokjin.  

Yeah, but here’s the thing: BigHit is a company, an object, while Jin is a human being with feelings.So what if we sent BigHit nearly abusive hate to Seokjin? As a company needing to sell to people, they respond to what consumers want. And as of right now, ARMYs want more of Jin–which makes perfect sense to send in our complaints. ARMYs want more Jin because they want him to have more love–doing our jobs as ARMYs to love him. Plus it’s not like all fans are respectful anyways, so of course there are some “abusive hate.” Or just the fact that Jin and OT7 stans are sick and tired of seeing Jin robbed of his main roles in BTS: vocalist and visual. It seems like he’s the special backup at this point. Copied from my reply to this post)

Logically saying, BigHit will distribute BTS’ lines according to, first, how many people will be pleased if this person receives these lines; and second, the ability of the member in singing/rapping/expressing that line.

If this is the case, Namjoon should have waaaaaay less lines than he does because he’s always voted as the last favorite member. Don’t believe me? Just look at the amount of fancams and views Namjoon has on his focus videos, vlives, lyric videos, and music videos. They’re always less by hundreds of thousands. And Tae should have waaaaaaay more lines because he’s really really popular with the younger audience, even rivaling with Jungkook (that Billboard poll where Tae beat JK by 6%) So whatever BigHit is doing, it’s wrong anyways. Plus they’re all singers/rappers? They’ve trained for a couple of years and actually debuted? They’re artists? And as artists, changing style to improve is a must, meaning all of them has the ability to sing anything given to them. “Even if it doesn’t fit their voice.” Because look, Jin’s voice is better for ballads right? And it really is, listening to “Arirang” and “Awake.” But where are his lines in “Butterfly”? And Jin absolytely slayed “Come Back Home” when that song “doesn’t fit his voice.” 

bighit WILL distribute lines and mv solos according to a member’s popularity. we cannot expect the company to just hand out equal parts to the members because that’s not how their system works

We have to expect the company to change. Isn’t BTS about fighting for the oppressed? Their whole existence strives on trying to change things for the better. Do you not listen to their songs? They’re always like “fuck the system, I’ll do it my way.” And as an ARMY, we’re here to change how BigHit treats Jin. Especially because he’s someone dear to us. Honestly, what kind of ARMY are you if you’re not defending each and every one of them. 

He’s the visual.

pUHLEEZE We know he’s the visual. So where is his screentime in “Not Today”? If he’s the visual shouldn’t he also be in the middle of the official lineup and appear a little more often center stage when dancing? He’s also a vocalist I hope you’re not forgetting. He’s not just the visual. 

stay in your lane


It’s hard to find a suitable amount of lines for 7 members.

Well rap line is even enough, right? And um, Jungkook usually has 1 minute to a 4 minute song while Jin has 10 seconds (and Tae all the growling parts). I don’t think it’s that hard to do the math there. Heck, switch Jin and Jimin for the high notes so us Jin/OT7 stans and sleep better at night. 

He has the worst vocal technique in the group.

Well that’s debatable to a certain degree because at the end of the day, Jin is still a singer, he debuted with everyone else, and probably can sing better than you. Plus giving Kookie/Jimin more lines isn’t helping them either. It causes them to work harder to preserve their voice while performing and just adds more pressure to them.

Don’t blame other members.

We’re not. Maybe a little bit because they could at least speak up (because what would BigHit be without BTS), but a true ARMY loves all of them to pieces but still acknowledging that they’re still human and can make mistakes as well as decisions. We’re just bringing them into the conversation to compare because it really isn’t fair to Jin to get the least amount of everything. It just strengthens are argument for Jin to receive more love and if it ever gets fixed, we’ll just go back to loving the members all the same.

BigHit is an angel compared to other companies.

yes BigHit is an angel compared to other companies, but it’s not helping your argument. Maybe if SM is treating their groups bad, using BigHit is a wonderful example to convince to SM that they need to change. But this is Jin we’re talking about, a human being chasing after his dreams, not a company. I think that says enough, right?

Rather than complaining, we should be happy that BTS is doing this for us. All the members deserve the same love.

hmmm I don’t see you defending that Jin (and Namjoon and Hobi) needs more love or that you’re giving it to them. Plus what kind of ARMY are we if we’re not happy that they’re doing it for us. 

BTS distributes the lines

yeah um, that’s a lie and you know it. These boys love each other to pieces and constantly hype each other up, do you really think they’d only give Jin two lines each song?

Honestly, just let us protect our boys and give them what they deserve rather than denying straight fact. (Let’s trend #GiveJinMoreLines2k17 okay? :D)


Hello Tokyo! (03/20)

Proofread: Sophia (@aseria) (*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡

Visual Board Tour Event:

Sendai | Sapporo | Hiroshima | Fukuoka | Osaka | Nagoya | Tokyo

Mitsuki: Okay, let’s begin for today! IDOLISH7’s web program…

All: Kimi to ‘Ai'dolish Nai to~!

Sougo: This web program is presented by IDOLiSH7, and it takes place the same time as our tour to seven different cities, “Visual Board Tour.”

Sougo: We started this tour in January, and it felt like it passed by so fast. Thanks to the fans’ warm support, we finally returned back to Tokyo safely.

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The Stunning Brilliance of 2015 Macbeth’s Forest, or “The one time a Shakespeare adaptation made a change and became better than the original play”

2015 Macbeth with Michael Fassbender was VERY fucking good. They respected the script, they blocked scenes like they were actually running a play, they nailed the soliloquies, it had an amazing, claustrophobic aesthetic and they remained in the scope of the original play. A lot can be said about how good it was, but a lot of that praise will return to being praise of Shakespeare so I won’t bother at length. I did particularly liked Macduff’s yelling of “He has no children”, because it was so confusing for a moment, before you realised that the very first thing Macduff was thinking about was killing Macbeth’s kids. Again, that’s implicit in the play itself, but it was acted stunningly well and has stayed with me and horrified me for over a year.

The change I want to talk about is the ending sequence, where they bring Birnam Wood to the castle. In the original play the soldiers pick up the trees and move under camouflage towards the castle, effectively moving the wood and fulfilling the prophecy that the wood must move before Macbeth can die. In the film, instead of doing that, they BURN the wood, and in the wind the smoke and ashes carry the substance of the burning trees over the castle. This struck me as such an incredibly smart decision that I want to break down why it was so good in several points:

1. It was visually awesome. Having soldiers goofily hide under sticks or behind trees might have been silly considering the tone of the film. But instead the final scenes had a serious visual weight: the frame was filled with dark red and black colours, and there was smoke billowing over everyone looking like blood, and it justified the final sword fights appearing in a swirl of chaos. As a cinematic decision it DEFINITELY worked.

2. It was ironic. Macduff kind of throws up his hands as if to say “look, the forest has come to your castle”, in a kind of “fuck this play, I’m going to burn the fucking forest, who cares”. Of course, the point was that the ashes were carried in the wind, which gave this brilliant image of the wood basically being spat into Macbeth’s face, but it also felt like “I don’t care about the prophecy, here’s your “wood” travelling to the castle”, not least because it was a subversion of the audience’s expectation too. They just really wanted Macbeth dead in this film. I just feel like the burning fits the tone so damn well.

3. It mirrored Macbeth’s burning of people earlier.

4. It’s way more aggressive than approaching undercover, which made the whole thing seem a lot angrier.

5. It’s unnatural: one of the big themes of the play is a subversion of nature, or of natural order, of doing gross and violent things that don’t seem acceptable. Burning a wood, destroying nature, and have it fly as satanic ash towards a castle, really fits the bill.

6. It was inspired. I know this is sort of a cop out point, but I just think it was such an unusual thing to think of when they were making the film. 

7. This is the best one: 

Earlier in the play Macbeth complains that he can’t get Duncan’s blood off of his hands, and that the more he washes the more the spot won’t get out. He famously says that he might “the multitudinous seas incarnidine / making the green one red”. It’s unnatural, and gives the idea that his sins are passing on and are unstoppable, that they can’t be purged easily, that the infection is spreading. The eventual consequence is the wood burning, as if his sin has grown into a blaze spreading across the land and destroying things. 

But what do you do when you burn a forest? You turn the green trees into fire, which spreads across the forest to incarnidine it.

Burning a forest makes the green one red: a parallel Shakespeare didn’t think of.



p.s. “Birnam Wood” also sounds like “Burn ‘em wood”

modern college au hcs
  • jack is a visual arts major
  • he gets really stressed out about projects, probably barely sleeps so he can finish them (and will go to sleep without washing whatever paint gets on him/his clothes off, so his sheets end up stained)
  • decides to get a random roommate, ends up with crutchie, and the two hit it off right away
  • they become the pranking duo of their floor, which turns into an all out war amongst the guys
  • (it’s mostly jack & crutchie vs race & spot, though)
  • speaking of race & spot, they got stuck in a triple with albert, but no one minds bc they all get along - though race snores sometimes and it annoys the crap out of the other two
  • davey ends up moving in just a little late bc of family issues. i’m not sure who he’d room with…
  • (and he’s a musical theater major, of course)
  • jack mostly just sees him in passing for the first week or so, only to spend several nights rambling to crutchie about him
    “have you seen ‘im, crutchie? he’s so… ugh, unfair. it’s like he walked right out of a disney movie or somethin’. next he’ll be singin’ and a bird flies into the room n’ harmonizes with ‘im.”
  • crutchie becomes jack’s ultimate wingman to try and set them up
  • he’s friends with katherine bc he joins the newspaper and she also helps
  • (mostly bc he complains to her about how annoying jack is with his pining, and she finds his complaints amusing while simultaneously feeling bad for him, and decides to help)
  • she probably has a book or two on dating tips which they try and follow to a t to set them up
  • and it turns into stereotypical rom-com shenanigans where nothing works
  • but davey and jack are in the same english class, which davey tutors jack in. (bc jack’s more of a visual person, he’s not that good with words.)
  • when the semester comes to an end and jack’s passed his class, he hands davey a booklet of sketches he drew of him as a thank you
  • (and maybe there’s a little poem at the end or something bc while davey was helping jack with english, jack was trying to practice poetry on his own specifically so he could write something for him)
  • davey can’t contain his smile when he finishes looking at them and he nearly knocks jack over when he jumps up to hug him
  • he also kisses him while they’re holding each other bc jack’s sketches and his poem just confirms davey’s suspicions that he had feelings for him
  • and of course he admits that he feels the same way, and jack only kisses him again in response
  • crutchie and katherine are the first to know about them finally getting together
  • the other guys on the floor probably don’t find out till over winter break (in their group chat - either crutchie mentions it or jack and davey just act overly sappy and everyone gets suspicious but they confess soon enough and no one’s surprised)
  • they throw them a party when they come back for the spring semester
  • (race gets a cake that says “congrats on the sex”. jack and davey just blush.)

Also I’m sorry for getting this up late!! But now it is time for the second member of the maknae line, the second half of the Daegu line, the love of my life who is such a cutie like do you ever see someone and just go okay yeah that’s a cute bean bc that’s me every time I see him, he’s just so squishy and smol and bby I love him so much, Kim Taehyung aka V aka tae tae

  • This AU takes place in college!Tae (here) it isn’t necessary to read the both of them together, the college AU is just to help set the scene a bit more
  • Visuals are up first bc I love me some Tae visuals he i s a visual like when they don’t whitewash his photos and you can see his tan YES PLZ SIGN ME UP FOR THAT SHIT
  • Okay so I have to point something out bc I thought about it yesterday and once I had it in my head, it was official it h a d to be done
  • I’m gonna go with the War of Hormone look for player!Tae
  • War of Hormone!Tae is actually just player!Tae there’s no difference
  • He looked s o good with that hair, the cut of it, the color, that entire era was golden with all the black and the leather jacket and the lollipop that was some good shit
  • Forever has a lollipop, why does he need so much sugar no one knows but it looks good so they aren’t complaining (I will never let the lollipop thing go)
  • Player!Tae always has a new hair color, he doesn’t stick with one for long, he’s done green, pink, purple, red, orange all the colors of the rainbow pretty much
  • Tae’s airport fashion is the cutest, he’s always in comfy baggy clothes and I love seeing my bby all comfy and knowing that he’s warm and content but he also makes them look really cute I still have no clue how he made shirts that had random holes in them look nice but he did and it made me wanna wear one too bc damn that’s a cute look
  • T h e player!Tae outfit is one of my favorites, I can’t remember the era but it’s infamous
  • It’s all black!Tae bc you all know how much I love all black outfits, he had black jeans and then a black sweater with “Donald” on it and a lil striped snapback that was faced backwards
  • Side note I just found another all black outfit, black t-shirt, black jeans that are making his legs look so fucking long and then a black leather jacket and now I want to go internally scream for like an hour maybe two
  • He’s a bit of everything, he’s a flirt but he also genuinely enjoys dating
  • His thing is that he’s a free spirit, he’s young, he’s got his acting major to work on and he just doesn’t have a lot of time to put into a relationship and he doesn’t wanna just half ass a relationship bc Tae is a romantic
  • He’s said that he wants to marry his first love, he wants a big family, he’d be the cutest lil boyfriend ever, he doesn’t wanna be trying to balance a bunch of classes and rehearsals and then try to add in a relationship if he knows he won’t be able to give them the attention they deserve
  • So instead, he keeps things casual and friendly
  • He is a v e r y approachable person, similar to hobi, he just gives off that vibe of come talk to me, he’s so friendly he could start up a conversation with anyone and keep it going without any awkward pauses plus he’s really nice looking so not only does he have a great face, he also has a great personality what a gem
  • So people approach him a lot and of course, they’re flirting, he’s flirting everyone’s giggly and happy
  • He really likes flirting actually, he likes making people happy so even if it’s just a quick “hey you’re cute” he knows that person is gonna go home and be smiley bc they got called cute and he loves knowing that he helped make someone’s day
  • Sometimes, when he sees someone that he can tell is just having a rough day, he’ll go over to them and start being all flirty and extra like he does this really exaggerated double take and goes “oh my goD I thought you were a model”
  • He’s one of those people that you can’t fully tell if he’s just being friendly or if he’s being flirty bc he’s really outgoing and affectionate so it’s kinda hard to tell which it is
  • But he kinda uses that to his advantage and keeps things platonic for the most part so that he doesn’t hurt anyone by breaking up with them bc he’s had to do it once and he h a t e d it
  • He never ever intentionally hurts people, he’s got such a soft heart he could never so “breaking up” is not something he likes to do so whenever his date asks what they are he’ll say they’re just friends or that it’s casual so no one catches any feelings
  • He would have so many different date ideas, he’s up for going to the park, the arcade, the beach, a cute dinner date, he’s good with everything
  • He always personalizes the date to them so if someone’s a big fan of seafood, he’ll take them to a sushi place or something like that, just a lil gesture to say hey I put some thought into this
  • You two meet on campus
  • You’re in the library and he comes in to find a book for his class and he sees you in the same section as him so he starts up a conversation
  • You already know exactly who he is and what his reputation is bc pretty much everyone does so you aren’t getting your hopes up when he starts being a bit flirty
  • But he’s also really funny and sweet and you can easily see why so many people go up to him
  • You two get scolded for being too loud so he takes you to the local cafe run by Jin and buys you a drink bc he wants to get to know you
  • You tell him upfront that you aren’t looking for anything casual, you’ve got shit to do, classes to study for and you don’t need someone that’s gonna pop into your life and then pop right back out
  • He reassures you that it’s just a platonic thing, he just wants to be friends that’s all and both of you know that in a month, you’ll be together but for rn, you go with the platonic approach
  • Sure enough, crushes start to develop, he becomes one of your favorite people to be around, you become his but you two are still just friends
  • You start to notice that he’s not flirting with other people as often and eventually it stops completely
  • He asks you out again to see if this time you’ll say yes and you do and he gets s o smiley his entire face just lights up and he looks so beautiful all the time but especially when he smiles
  • “I can be serious”
  • “Tae you’re wearing an adult sized onesie rn”
  • “I can take it off, no problem”
  • “Get ouT”
My thoughts on 5h Angel mv

Before anything else, I need to get these issues out of the way first.


So, yeah, I said before I wanted concept. I wanted plot. I wanted a story. I wanted to see an old school mv with plot and swag. I got swag, i didn’t get the plot. And it’s disappointing. BUT, I’ll just assume that the label didn’t give them enough budget for a full on mv with lots of crew and shit. That’s what I’ll just assume so I would sleep better at night.

Then again, I’ve seen indie videos have mind blowing plot with basically just one lousy camera. And apparently, 5h and the director were aiming for “artsy” so I don’t see any reason for them not to have given us more. But, maybe Angel is just another teaser single. And promo singles don’t need expensive production and shit. I’m thinking that we’ll get more meaty videos AFTER the album is released.

• “5h being hoes”

I keep seeing this on Twitter or YouTube, and a friend also mentioned the male gaze and objectification to me. Tbh, I didn’t see a hint of the male gaze in this mv. Yes they were sexy and were posing provocatively sometimes, but I don’t think it’s on a male gaze level. Male gaze for me is pandering to the male’s visual appetite, particularly zooming in on the boobs and the butt for no reason at all other than to specifically sexualize the women on camera to satisfy the men’s craving for, well, boobs and butts (just check out most hiphop videos.) But what if the girls actually just wanted to pose sexy and wear sexy clothes? I didn’t see boobs or butts close up.

(This is also where people can get confused with Camila. Complaining about how she was complaining about being overly sexualized in 5h and yet she’s being sexy in her dancing and whatever. I’m like bitch no.)

A woman can be sexual and embrace her femininity and sexuality as long as she’s ready and she does it for herself. If she says she feels sexualized, then you can’t take that away from her. If she chooses to be sexual now, then you can’t slut-shame her for embracing her femininity — which is a natural part of being a woman, just like men are privileged to be as overt with their manhood as they want to be. We should stop suppressing women’s celebration of their sexuality, while we celebrate men for basically the same thing.

And this is where my point about the Angel mv video comes in. What I actually saw in the vid are 4 empowered girls who are confident and aware of their sexuality and power and femininity. I didn’t see them being objectified (I guess that’s just a matter of perspective). I think, even before their 7/27 tour, they keep saying that they will wear clothes they like and they will be as sexy as they like. And that to me is what I saw in Angel.

I saw maturity. I saw them growing into women who are (no Angels lol) expressing themselves. And if they wanted to wear sexy clothes, who are we to say they’re hoes? If they are in control of their sexuality and image, then that’s fine. Like, have you seen Lauren and the way she dresses? That’s a person who wears whatever the fuck she wants, and I think that Lauren and the girls are outspoken enough to speak up if they’re uncomfortable with what they’re wearing and how their videos are conceptualized (in this era, at least)… (We saw that in 7/27 Camila. She insisted on wearing extra layers of cloth or pants in her costumes. The girls didn’t. They wore what they chose to wear).


• it’s def better than Down. Down can choke on a hairy dick.

• if this is a promo video, then I guess it’s fine. But this video is all-fluff and no-meat.

• sure, the aesthetics are lit. I love the old-school vibe. It reminds me of 80’s grunge (the film style), and the girls are 100% fine!! Like omg Ally is a fucking stand out! Lauren is Lauren so no surprise. Normani looks like a boss. Like a mafia wife killin’ it. And Dinah is ugh omg she’s soooooo 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

But yeah. The video is nothing. It’s cool yeah, and it’s promising.. but it turned out to be a flat line. Like start to finish there’s nothing happening. But I don’t think it’s bad (they really look cohesive), I just wanted more.

And what’s up with that guy? Is he daydreaming or dreaming? Coz if he’s dreaming then that’s a weird sleeping position 😂😂

Also, what’s up with the random shots of the sky, an ocean, a fence, a lamp post or whatever? Is that a dream-like state? Just random clips interspersed with beauty shots of the girls?

Lauren said the video is artistic. Yeah maybe in a visual sense, it is, but it’s empty.

I needed more.

I can’t even make a proper review of it because it’s severely lacking other than the aesthetics and the girls being immensely beautiful. But we know that already, so can they please give us something more next time? (I think they will. So I need to chill my butt)

In conclusion, if their purpose is to tell us that the girls are no Angels, that they’re hot and sexy and have swag, then yeah the vid is successful.

But to be fair, this video is at least something different from their usually polished bubblegum pop stuff. It’s something gritty in terms of visuals, and I like that 5h3 era is showing us new sides of the girls. They’re exploring and they’re giving us something new. Even if we don’t embrace it the first time, or despite their label’s lack of support, they’re still giving us a part of themselves, and I guess that’s what’s important. I need to chill and be a good fan and just wait for them to do their thing.

The video is a 7/10 for me. 6/10 if I’m in a bad mood. The imagery is cool, but it would have been better if they incorporated something else to balance the meaningless beauty shots.

10/10 just for that one-second clip of Lauren banging the doorframe in sync with the beat. That’s sexy AF and it’s my fave part 😂

And Allysin yeah you’re doing amazing sweetie!!

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[Ask RPedia] Writing Too Much, and When It’s a Problem?

Anonymous asked RPedia: Hi! I was browsing online for random stuff about roleplaying and I found a post about what people find annoying, and one of the points was ‘replies that are too long’ and as a person who writes a lot it kinda made me paranoid? Their point was that it is useless and you should just get to the important parts, especially if you repeat yourself or are too wordy. Is it true that people find it annoying? I never thought of it, I always write long replies to explain what is going on on my OC’s head :/ 

Yep, this is actually a problem, but it’s not a problem for the reasons you’ve listed! Look, I’m gonna give you two sample posts, you tell me which one is more fun and we’ll dissect why. This is actually a very common problem, because a lot of kids really, really, want to impress their partners, but just don’t have the skills (or possibly the ability to frame new details/information) to do so yet. Your content and presentation, essentially, has to mean something, and relate to what you’re talking about in your post. Your wording should add to the story in some way; be that to elicit a response, or explain an idea you want to get across in some way so the other author knows about it. Squish unimportant things together to make them more important bullet points, or don’t say them if at all they don’t add something to the pot. That’s the major concept here. 

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Imagine the world where 98% of the population is autistic, and allism is a disorder. Imagine the world that was built for autistic people and doesn’t support allistic people. Imagine the world where allism is a disability. Imagine a world where an autistic mum finds out that her only son is allistic. Imagine…
A Very Weird World Indeed

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[teaser - working title] 

Uhm, I don’t know what this really is. Consider it a snippet of sorts into an AU story where Raven doesn’t meet the Titans first, and instead, in her search for love and acceptance, succumbs to her father’s will and helps him take over the Earth. Except, unlike how new media interprets Trigon, visualize that disturbing tyranny we see him instill in NTT on planets he’s lording over. Anyways, it’s BBRae, so there’s that. 

I know this portion might come off as vague, but I didn’t want to give too much away. If you’ve got questions, feel free to ask me! 

Moving Forest

It was on a grueling, hot summer day, listening to the chirping of the cicadas in the lonesome woods while relieving himself in a bush, that Garfield Logan came to realize the full extent of what he’d done.

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