the visual album


Pretty Hurts.Those [trophies] were props, and we broke them and got in trouble [laughs]. Because some were rented.” [x]
Ghost/Haunted. [Beyonc
é explains ‘Ghost/Haunted’]
Drunk In Love. [Fastest Rising Chart Leader] / [Best Song of 2014]. [7th Number One] [Chart Performance: 8th Number One] [Nominations]
Blow. [Beyonc
é talks 'Blow’]
No Angel. [x]
Yoncé. [Beyoncé talks Yoncé]
Partition. [Beyonc
é talks 'Partition]
Jealous. [x]
“We really shot it — some people in the video did not know we were filming” *Fun Fact - The guy that bumped into Bey in the video was told to bump into the next person that came around the corner. He had no idea it was her.
Rocket. [x]
Mine. [x]
XO. [x]
***Flawless. [x]
Superpower. [x]
Heaven. [x]
Blue. [Credits]
Grown Woman. [WATCH HERE]

Happy Beyoncé Day. Celebrating 1 AMAZING Year of the Visual Album!